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Old Schoolhouse, The..
Anonymous 56 | Pelican, The...

.7. Montgomery 444
Old Sea-Port, An

Anonymous 575 Pembroke, Epitaph on the Countess of B. Jonson 816
Old Sergeant, The
B. F. Willson 541 Penseroso, II..

... Milton 710
Old Year, The Death of te A. Tennyson 727


Shakespeare 676
OʻLincoln Family
W. Flag8 439 Pericles and Aspasia

...G. Croly 506
Shakespeare 63 Per Pacem ad Lucem.

...A A. Procter 328
O mistress mine!
.Shakespeare 63 Perseverance......

.....L. da Vinci 699
M. L. Ritter 131 Perseverance..

.R.S.S. Andros 441
One Gray Hair, The
W. S. Landor 715 Petition to Time, A

.B W. Procter 182
One-Hoss Shay, The
0. W. Holmes 879 Pet Naine, The...

E. B. Bronning 35
On Love

.Sir R. Ayton
73 Petrified Fern, The

M. L. B. Branch 754
Only a Woman
D. M. Craik 218 Philip, my King -

..D. M. Craik

Only a Year
.H. B. Stowe 267 Phillida and Corydon.

.N. Breton 144
Only Seven.
H. S. Leigh 909 Phillis is my only joy

Sir Ch. Sedley
Only the clothes she wore .N. G. Shepherd 296 Phillis the Fair.

N. Breton
Only waiting.
A. A. Procter 331 Philomela

M. Arnold 443
Opal, Origin of the

Anonymous 761 Philosopher and his Daughter, The Ch. S. Brooks 894
Shakespeare 700 Philosopher's Scales, The..

..7. Taylor 785
Orator Puff
T. Moore 868 Philosopher Toad, The

..R. S. Nichols 789
Order for a Picture, An
...A. Cary 178 Physics

W. Whewell 895
Organ, The New Church W. M. Carleton 898 Picket-Guard, The

..E. L. Beers 474
Orient, The..
..Lord Byron 413 Picture, On a

d. C. L. Botta 201
Orphan Boy's Tale, The
....A. Opie 248 Pictures of Memory

A. Cary

Orphans, The

Anonymous 249 Pied Piper of Hamelin, The. ...R. Browning 778
0, saw ye bonnie Lesley ?
R. Burns 195 Pilgrimage, The

.Sir W. Raleigh 324
O, snatched away in beauty's bloom. Lord Byron 279 Pilgrims and the Peas, The ..... Dr. Wolcott 863
O swallow, swallow, flying South ..A. ennyson 120 Pillar of the Cloud, The....... 7. H. Newman 326
Othello's Defense....
.Shakespeare 83 Plaidie, The

.Ch. Sibley 136
0, the pleasant days of old ! ....F. Brozin 745 Plain Language from Truthful James..B. Harte 888
Other World, The
..H. B. Stowe 350 Platonic

W.B Terrett 61
0, the sight entrancing
T. More 465 Plea for the Animals.

-7. Thomson 704
Our Boat to the Waves
W. E. Channing 589 Pleasure-Boat, The.

R. H. Dana 619
Our Wee White Rose...
...G. Massey 37 Pliocene Skull, To the.

.B. Harte 892
7. C. R. Dorr 227 Plowman, The

0. W. Holmes 496
Outward Bound
Lord Byron 563 Plow, The Useful

Anonymous 4%
Over the River
.N. W. Prie t 265 Poet

R. W. Emerson 746
O, why should the spirit of mortal be proud ? Knox 301 Poet of To-day, The..

S. 7. Lippincott 733
O winter, wilt thou never go ..........D. Gray 404 Poet's Bridal-Day Song, The ....A. Cunning/ am 169
Owl, The.....
.B. W. Procter 447 Poet's Reward, The

.7. G. Whittier 667
Ozymandias of Egypt
.P. B. Shelley 661 Poland ..

T. Campbell 527
Poor Fisher Folk, The.

......V. Hugo 577
Portrait, A

.E. B. Browning 45
Pack clouds away

R. Burns

.T. Heywood 369 Posie, The
Pæstum, The Grecian Temples at .... Raymond 629 Possession

0. Meredith 158
Palm, The Arab to the
B. Taylor 416 Possession

.B. Taylor 168
Palm-Tree, The
.7. G. Whittier

Anonymous 421
Pamfili Doria, A Day in the

G. Herbert 336
..H. B. Stowe 630 Praise
Pan in Love...

W. W. Story 133

· Anonymous SJÓ
B. Franklin 878 Prayer...

Mary, Queen of Hungary 3:$
Paradise Lost, Selections from.
. Milton 241 Prayer for Life, A

..G. S. Burleigh 342
Parrhasius ..

.N. P. Willis

P. H. Hayne 734

Parting Lovers..
.E. B. Browning 188 Pretty Girl of Loch Dan, The.

.S. Ferguson 43

...R. Herrick 43
Parting Lovers, The..

W. R. Alger 186 Primroses, To
Parting of Romeo and Juliet.

R. Herrick 424
. Shakespeare 186 Primrose,

F. Mahony 637 Primrose, The Early

.H. K. White 424
Passage, The.
L. Uhland 286 Prince Adeb

..G. H. Boker 607
Passing Away
7. Pierpont 660 Private of the Buffs, The

.Sir F. H. Doyle 473
Passing Bell, The.

R. W. Emerson 673
3. Pier pont 660 Problem, The
Passionate Pilgrim's Song, The ...G. Massey 131


E. Young 723
Passions, The
W. Collins 692 Profusion

..... A. Pope 703
Pastoral, A
.A. 7. Mundy 82 Psalm of Life, A..

.H. W. Longfellow 686
Patchwork Verses

A nonymous 915
Pumpkin, The

7. G. Whittier 431
Paul Revere's Ride
.H. W. Longfellow 534 Puritan Lovers, The.

Marian Douglas &4

W. Morris 113
Pauper's Death-Bed, The

Mrs. Southey 256 Pygmalion and the image.
Pauper's Drive, The

T. Noel 257
Ph. Cary 483

Peace, no Peace
Shakespeare 453 Quack Medicines...

G. Crabbe 707
Peace, Ode to..
W. Tennent 484 Quakerdom

..C. G. Halpire 106
Peasant, The .......

....G. Crabbe 672 Quarrel of Friends, The .S. T. Coleridge 59
Pedagogue, The Jolly Old

G. Arnold 656 Quarterdeck, The Earl of ...G. Macdonald 603
Peddler's Pack, The

Shakespeare 664 Quatrains and Fragments R. W. Emerson 746
Peg of Limavaddy
.W. M. Thackeray 647 Queen Mab..

..Shakespeare 705

417 Potato, The

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Quiet from God
A nonymous 352 | Rousseau and Cowper

..C. Wilcox 825
Quiet Life, The...
A. Pope 176 Rousseau's Isle, On

..7. Miller 625
Rover, Song of the

...Lord Byron 584

Royal George, On the Loss of the....W. Cowper 564
Railroad Rhyme
.7. G. Saxe 883 Royal Guest, The.....

7. W. Howe 59
Rainbow, The

...W. Wordsworth 394 Rudolph, the Headsman ..........0. W. Holmes 881
Rain in Summer.
..H. W. Longfellow 390 Rule Britannia !

7. Thomson 515
Rain in Summer, Invocation to....W. C. Bennett 713 Ruling Passion, The

.A. Pope 705
Rain on the Roof
C. Kinney 47 Russian Ice-Palace, A..

W. Cowper 639
Rain, The Latter

.3. Very 395 Rustic Lad's Lament in the Town, The D.M. Moir 198
.B. Harte 804 Ruth

..R. W. Raymond 23
Raven, The
.E. A. Poe 780 Ruth.

T. Hood 49
Razor-Seller, The
Dr. Wolcott 864

Reaper and the Flowers, The..H.W. Longfellow 264
Reaper's Dream, The
T. B. Read 347 Sabbath Morning, The..

.7. Leyden 370
Reason and Instinct
...... A. Pope 700 Sabbath of the Soul, The

A. L. Barbauld 353
Recipe for Salad
.....S. Smith 915 Sabbath, The....

7. Grahame 340
Red Jacket, On a Portrait of Fitz-Greene Halleck 842 Sack of Baltimore, The.

.....T. Davis 792
Reformer, The
7. G. Whittier 550 Said I not so?.

G. Herbert 330
Reichstadt (Napoleon II.) E. C. Embury 822 Sailor's Consolation, The.

.....T. Hood 590
Relic, A.....
..7. B. S. 212 Sally in our Alley

.H. Carey 154
Republic, Battle-Hymn of the. 7. W. Howe 546 Samela.

R. Greene 64
Shakespeare 676 Samson Agonistes .

Milton 241
H. W. Longfellow 260 Sandpiper, The....

C. Thaxter 446
Anonymous 291 | Sands o' Dee, The

Ch. Kingsley 577
Rest, True
.. S. Dwight 503 Satan's Address to the Sun

Milton 805
....T. Warton 366 Satan, The Caliph and.

.7. F. Clarke 789
Retirement, The.
......Ch. Cotton 674 Saturday Afternoon

.N. P. Willis

Retort, The
...G. P. Morris 891 Saying not Meaning ..

W, B. W'ake 862
..H. W. Longfellow 722 Scandal

.....A. Pope 702
..A. Tennyson 235 Scholar and his Dog, A

Marston 855
Rêve du Midi
..R. T. Cooke 370 Schoolmistress, The

W. Shenstone 656
Revere's Ride, Paul. ..H. W. Longfellow 534 Scotland

Sir W. Scott 514
.....G. Herbert 683 Sea, At.

7. T. Trowbridge 563
Rhine, On the
W. L. Bowles 409 Sea-Boy's Farewell, The

Anonymous 573
Rhine, The..
..Lord Byron 409 Sea-Fight, The

Anonymous 565
Rhodora, The
R. W. Emerson 424 Sea-Grot, The

Lord Byron 638
Richmond Churchyard, Yorkshire ..H. Knowles 310 Sea Life...

.7. Montgomery 580
Rienzi to the Romans
M. R. Mitford 512 Sea-Murmurs..

......E. Cook 563
Right must win, The
.F. W. Faber 356 Sea-Port, An Old .....

...Anonymous 575
Rime of the Ancient Mariner ..S. T. Coleridge 783 Search after God..

T. Heywood 353
Rise of Species, The
W. 7. Courthope 893 Seaside Well, The

...Anonymous 701
Ritter Hugo....
..C. G Leland 902 | Seasons, Hymn from the

.7. Thomson 377
Rivalry in Love

W. Walsh
87 Seasons, The Four

Anonymous 378
River Song..
.F. B. Sanborn 755 Seas, The High

..Sir W. Scott 575
Roasted Sucking Pig.
Punck 916 Sea, The

..B. Barton 559
Robert of Lincoln
W.C Bryant 440 Sea, The

B. W. Procter 583
Robin Adair....
.Lady Keppel 103 Sea, The

.R. W. Emerson 562
Robin Goodfellow
......B Jonson 765 Sea, The (Childe Harold)

..Lord Byron 559
Robin Hood and Allen-a-Dale. .... Anonymous 594 Sea, The Fire by the..

.....A. Cary 579
Robinson he, John P...
7 R. Lowell 896 Sea, The Night

.H.P. Spofford 575
Robin, The ..
.7. G. Whittier 438 Sea, To

T. L Beitdoes 589
Robin, The English.
........H. Weir 438 Sea, Twilight at..

..A. B. Welby 474
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep....E. Willard 586 Sea-Weed

..H. W. Longfellow 582
Rock me to sleep..
..E. A. Allen 73 Secret of Death, The

Anonymous 295
Rock of Ages .
........ Anonymous 320 See, O, see!

Earl of Bristol 366
Roman Campagna, A View across E. B Browning 631 Selkirk, Alexander, Verses by ...... W. Cowper 675
Romance of the Swan's Nest, The E B Browning 42 Sempronius's Speech for War

. Addison 511
Roman Father's Sacrifice, The...T. B. Macaulay 794 Seneca Lake, To

7. G. Percival 410
...S Rogers 629 September

...G Arnold 394
Rory O'More
.....S Lover 152 Settler, The

A. B Street 649
W Allston 237 Seven Ages of Man..

.. Shakespeare 723
Rosalind's Complaint
T. Lodge 148 Seven Times Four

.7. ingelow 33

T. Lodge
94 Seven Times One

.. Ingelow 33
Rose and the Gauntlet, The
-3. Wilson 804 Seven Times Six

Y Ingelow 165
Rose-Bush, The..
W.W Caldwell 729 Seven Times Three

.). Ingelow 121
Rose of the World, The
C. Pat more 68 Seven Times Two

- Ingelor 46
Rose, The
...B. Taylor 422 Sevigné, To Madame..

De Montreuil 825
Rose, The
.Sir W. Scott 423 : "Sextant,” To the

A. M. Willson 908
Rose, The
...W. Cowper 423 Shaded Water, The..

W. G. Simms 410
Rose, The Moss ...

W.F. Krummacher 423 Shadwell the Dramatist, --Og... .7. Dryden 818
Rough Rhyme on a Rough Matter, A ..Kingsley 247 Shall I tell you whom I love ?........ W. Browne 74

Shamus O'Brien

7. S. Le Fanu 519 | Song for St. Cecilia's Day, A.. .7. Dryden 694
Shan Van Vocht
Anonymous 578 Song, Indian Death

.A. H. Hunter 290
Shepherd's Life, A
. Shakespeare 177 Song, Körner's Sword-

..C.T Brooks 468
Shepherd's Resolution, The ....G. Wither 147 Song, Labor...

D. F. MacCarthy 502
Shepherd to his Love, The.
C. Marlowe 104 Song, Mignon's.

....Goethe 737
Sheridan's Ride
T. B. Read 539 Song, Nursery

Anonymous 918
She touches a sad string of soft recall. .S. Dobell 196 Song of Clan-Alpine....

Sir W. Scott 467
She walks in beauty

...Lord Byron 67 Song of Donald the Black, Gathering Sir W. Scott 466
She was a phantom of delight W. Wordsworth 67 Song of Gustavus Adolphus, Battle .M. A itenburg 468
Ships at Sea

.R B. Cofin 223 Song of Marion's Men... .....W.C. Bryant 533
Shipwreck, The

W. Falconer 564 Song of Peace, The People's(Centennial)7. Miller 549
Sic Vita
..H. King 301 Song of Steam, The..

.G. W. Cier SOI
Sidney, Sir Philip.
..M. Royden 816 Song of the Camp

.....6. Taylor 741
Siege of Belgrade
Anonymous 916 Song of the Cavalry.

.E.C. Stedman 466
Siesta, The

W. C. Bryant 112 Song of the Emigrants in Bermuda ..A. Marvell 584
Sigh, A
Anonymous 281 Song of the Greek Poet

Lord Byron 525
Signs of Rain
Dr. E. Jenner 389 Song of the Lightning..

G. W. Cutter 761
Silly Fair

W. Congreve 703 Song of the Negro Boatmen 7. G. Whittier 557
Simms, Mr.
H. M. Parker 652 Song of the Rover

Lord Byron 584
Singer, The Idle.
....W. Morris 666 Song of the Sea

.RW. Raymond 760
Sir Marmaduke

.G. Colman, the younger 866 Song of the Shepherd's Wife .......R. Greene 668
Sit down, sad soul.
B. W. Procter 332 Song of the Shirt

T. Hood 254
Skater-Belle, Our.
Anonymous 622 Song of the South

D. M. Moir 415
Skeleton, To a
Anonymous 736 Song of Wood Nymphs..

B. W. Procter 764
Skulls, On some.
· Anonymous 643 Song, River

F. B. Sanborn 755
Skull, The
..Lord Byron 786 Song, Siren's.

..W. Browne 757
Skull, To the Pliocene.
..B. Harte 892 | Song, Sleigh..

G. W. Pettee 622
Skylark, The..

7. Hogg 436 Songstors, Chorus of English. W. 7. Courthope 432
Skylark, To the.
..P. B. Shelley 437 Songsters, The

... Thomson 432
Skylark, To the
W. Wordsworth 438 Song, The Hunter's

B. W'. Procter 6:8
...W. Cowper 556 Song, The Market-Wife's

.....S. Dobell 469
E. B. Browning 677 Sonnet (in prison).

W. L. Garrison 554
.E. Young 677 Sonnets

7 R. Lowell 166

: Dowland 677 Sonnets from the Portuguese....E. B. Browning 140
.. Shakespeare 677 Sonnet to a Clam

7. G. Saxe 890

.Sir Ph. Sidney 677 Sonnets to George Sand .E. B. Browning 837
Sleeping Beauty, The..
.d. Tennyson 124 Sorrows of Werther

W. M. Thackeray 875
Sleeping Beauty departs, The ......A. Tennyson 124 Soul's Cry, The..

R. Palmer 360
Sleeping Beauty, The Revival of the A. Tennyson 124 Soul's Defiance, The

..L, Stoddard 358
Sleeping, To Ianthe.. ......P. B Shelley 680 Soul's Errand, The

7. Sylvester 721
Sleep, Invocation to...... Beaumont and Fletcher 677 Soul, The....

.R H. Dana 332
Sleepless Dreams..

.D. G. Rossetti 708 Spacious firmament on high, The 7. Addison 338
W.Wordsworth 680 Spice-Tree, The ...

.7. Sterling 418
Sleep, The Cave of..
E Spenser 753 Spider, Bruce and the

..B. Barton 512
Sleepy Hollow...

W.E. Channing 752 Spinning-Wheel Song, The 7. F. Waller 122
Sly Thoughts
C. Pat more 135 Spinning-Wheel, The..

Anonymous 498
Smack in School, The.
W. P. Palmer 36 Spinster's Stint, A

. A. Cary 122
Small Beginnings .
Ch. Mackay 697 Spirit-Land, The

7. Very 331
Smile and never heed me.

.....C. Swain
140 Splendid Shillinc, The

7. Phillips 856
Smiling in his Sleep..
H. W. Stillman 22 Sporus, - Lord Hervey.

..A. Pope 818
H. D. Thoreau 736 Spring

...Anacreon 384
:7. Churchill 818 Spring ..

..A. Tennyson 379
Snails, Remonstrance with the
· Anonymous 450 Spring

Charles of Orleans 381
..L. Hunt 918 Spring

E, Elliott 383
Snow: A Winter Sketch.
...R Hoyt 402 Spring

T. Gray 383
.H. W. Longfellow 403 Spring, Return of....

.P. Ronsard 382
Snow-Shower, The
..W.C. Bryant 402 Spring, Song of........

..E l'oul 383
Snow-Storm, A..
.C. G. Eastman 403 Spring, the sweet Spring.

T. Nash 384
Snow-Storm, The..

.R. W. Emerson 402 Spring, The Lawyer's Invocation to. Brownell 896
Snug Little Island, The.
.....7: Dibdin 516 Stabat Mater Dolorosa

Jacopone 315
Softly woo away her breath.. ...B. Il'. Procter 292 Stag-Hunt, The.....

7. Thomson 616
Soldier, rest! thy warfare o'er......Sir W. Scott 481 Stag-Hunt, The

.Sir W. Scott 614
Soldier's Dream, The.
T. Campbell 480 Stammering Wife, The

7. G. Sax 916
Soldier's Return, The..

R. Bloomfield 481 Stanislaus, The Society upon the ......B. Haste 888
Soliloquy on a Grasshopper ....W. Harte 448 Star of Bethlehem, The... W.C. Bryant 356
Soliloquy on Death.
Shakespeare 295 Star-Spangled Banner, The..

F. S. Ady 536

Anonymous St. Augustine, Passage in the Life of N Breton 325

R. W. Raymond 79 Stewart (The Old Admiral) ......E. C. Stedman 847
Song, A Canadian Boat

T. Moore 618 Still Day in Autumn, A .........S. H. #hitnačin 638
Song, Cavalry

.R. W. Raymond 466 Storm at Night on Lake Leman ....Lord Byr on 634
Song, Enid's..
.....A Tennyson 696 Storm, The....

.G. A. Stenens 586
Song, Fairies'
T. Randolph 764 Storm, The

...M. Davidson 392




Stormy Petrel, Lines to the ........ Anonymous 447 Three Fishers, The...

Ch. Kingsley 576
Stormy Petrel, The

.....B. W. Procter 447
Three Loves

..L. H. Hooper

St. Paul, From..
F. W. H. Myers 359 Three Sons, The..

...7. Moultrie

Stream, The Birch
A. B. Averill 639 Three Ships, The..

7. C. R. Dorr 759
Sturge, In Remembrance of Joseph 7.G.Whittier 835 Threnody.

A nonymous 294
Sub Silentio.....
..M. L. Ritter 138 Thrush, The.......

W. Drummond 438
Sufi saint, To heaven approached a ....D. Rumi 327 Thy braes were bonny

-7. Logan 280
Summer Day, The Story of a
A. Hume 388 Tiger, The......

W. Blake 430
Summer Days..
Anonymous 107 Time

E. Young 724
Summer Evening, A.
.....I. Watts 394 Time, What is.

W. Marsden 729
Summer Evening's Meditation, A A.L. Barbauld 393 Tintern Abbey.

W.Wordsworth 361
Summer, Indian
- Anonymous 396 Toad's Journal, The

.7. Taylor 788
Summer, Invocation to Rain in ..W.C. Bennett 713 Toad, The Philosopher .....R. S. Nichols 789
Summer Longings
.D. F. MacCarthy 380 Tobacco, A Farewell to.

Ch. Lamb 491
Summer Moods
.3. Clare 390 To be no more

Milton 713
Summer, Moonlight in
R. Bloomfield 394 Toby Tosspot

..G. Colman 865
Summer Morning.
7. Thomson 387 Toilet, The.

....A. Pope 663
Summer Noon, A
W. Howitt 370 Tomb of Cyrus, The

Anonymous 814
Summer, Rain in
..H. W. Longfellow 390 Tom Bowling

Ch. Dibdin 587
Summer Shower, After a.
..A. Norton 392 Tommy's Dead

...S. Dobell 269
Summer Storm
7 R. Lowell 391 To-morrow

...S. Johnson 724
Summer Time, In
W. W. Cald vell 387 Tonis ad resto mare

...7. Swift 896
Summer Winds, Song of the
.G. Darley 388 Too Late.....

.D. M. Crnik 280
Sun-Flower, The
W. Blake 426 Too Late

..F. H. Ludlow 716
Sunken City, The..
W. Mueller 752 Too late I stayed

.W.R. Spencer 727

.Lord Byron 375 Topside Galah (Excelsior). ..Anonymous 918
P. B. Shelley 372 To Sea!.

T.L. Beddoes 589
Sunset City, The
H. S. Cornwell 754 Toothache, The....

.R. Burns
Swallow, Departure of the
W. Howitt 442 Touchstone, The.....

W. Allingham 748
Swallow, The
...C. Smith 442 Toussaint l'Ouverture, To

W. Wordsworth 835
Sweet, be not proud
.R. Herrick 69 Transient Beauty.

...Lord Byron
Sweet disorder in the dress, A ......R. Herrick 698 Traveler's Vision, The

....F. Freiligrath 757
Sweetly breathing, vernal air ...T. Carew 383 Treason.....

.Sir 7. Harrington 855
Sweet Meeting of Desire3
C Pat more 119 Treasures of the Deep, The

.F. Hemans 572
Sweet stream that winds

W. Couper
50 Tree, On Miss Maria

...H. Luttrell 833
Swell's Soliloquy
· Anonymous 908 Trooper's Death, The

.R. W. Raymond 467
Lord Byron 621 Troth-Plight

.L.C. Moulton
V S. Knowles 529 True and the False, The.

W. Scott

Sword-Song, Körner's
C. T. Brooks 468 True Growth, The

B. Jonson 665
..Sir T. N. Ta'fourd 688 True Lent, A ...

R. Herrick


.T. Moore 413 Trumpets of Doolkarnein, The .....L. Hunt 600
Truth (Chain Verse)

Anonymous 917

Truthful James, Plain Language from..B. Harte 888
Tacking Ship off Shore
W. F. Mitchell 571 Tubal Cain

....Ch. Mackay 488
Take, 0, take those lips away . Shakespeare 225 Twins, The....

....H. S. Leigh 891
Tale of Drury Lane, A.
..H. Smith 910 Two Anchors, The

..R. H. Stoddard 180
Tam O'shanter
R. Burns 776 Two Pictures

.A. D. Green 728
Tear, A..

....S. Rogers 762 Two Waitings, The ........ 7. W. Chadwick 205
Tell me, my heart, if this be love Lord Lyttelton 70 Two went up to the Temple to pray R. Crashaw 324
Tell me, ye winged winds... Ch. Mackay 352 Two Women........

N. P. Willis 251
Telltale. The
Anonymus 440

Temperance, Old Age of

.Shakespeare 494
Una and the Lion

.E. Spenser 753
Tempest, The
.7. T. Fields 585 Uncle Jo..

....A. Cary 297
Temple to Friendshi), A

....T. Moore 61
Unco Guid, To the..

...R. Burns 708
Terrace at Berne, The

M Arnold 202
Under my Window

T. Westwood

Terrestr al Globe, To the

W. S. Gilbert 914
Under the Cross

W. C. Richards 241
W. C. Bryant 308 Universal Prayer, The

... A. Pope 333
Thanksgiving for his House, A ...R. Herrick 323

Unrequited Love....

Shakespeare 210
The day return3, my bosom burn3......R Burns 167


Anonymous 157
The forward violet thus did I chide Shakespeare 64

Until Death

Anonymous 159
The kis3, dear maid

Lord Byron 184
Up Hill....

.....C. G. Rosetti 326
The merry summer months ...... W. Motherwell 385 Useful Plow, The ....

.....Anonymous 496
There is a garden in her face.
.R. Allison 64

There's nae luck about the house.. W. 7. Mickle
There was silence in heaven ........ Anonymous 352 Vagabonds, The...

.7.T. Trowbridge 492

7. Moore 59
The sun is warm, the sky is clear ..P. B. Shelley 237 Vale of Avoca, The

T. Moore 414
They are dear fish to me

· Anonymous 272 Vale of Cashmere, The
Those ev ning bells
...T. Moore 237 Valley Brook, The

7. H. Bryant 410
Those Eyes..
B. Jonson 132 Vanity...

H.P. Spofford 684
.C. P. Cranch 666 Vanity of the World, The

...F. Quarles 719

. Anonymous 836
Thou hast sworn by thy God....A.Cunningham 159 Vaux, Henry Brougham, Baron..
Thread and Song.
7. W. Palmer 46 Vegetable Girl, The

...M. Taylor 890



T. Campbell 513 Wish, A

..S. Rogers 628 When the lamp is shattered.....

P. B. Shelley 224
Veni Creator Spiritus... .Pope Gregory I. 318 When the Sultan goes to Ispahan..T. B. Aldrich 150
Veni Sancte Spiritus..
.. Robert II. 317 When to the sessions of sweet silent thought

Verses written in an Album
...T. Moore


Vexilla Regis

V. Fortunatus 319
Where are the men ?..

Talhaiarn 481

R. Burns 103
Vicar of Bray, The
..Anonymous 857 Whistle and I'll come to you

..R. Story 150
View across Roman Campagna, A E.B.Browning 631 Whistle, The..

Anonymous 64
View from the Euganean Hills ....P. B. Shelley 404 White Rose, The..
Villa Franca.....
7. R. Lowell 530 White Squall, The

B. W. Procter 588
Village Choir, The Old
B. F. Taylor 693 White Squall, The

W. M. Thackeray 588
Village, The Deserted
...0. Goldsmith 634 Whittling .

.7. Pierpont 881
Violet in her hair, A
Ch. Swain 68 Why, lovely charmer?


.R. Herrick 425 Why so pale and wan?. .Sir 7. Suckling 226

.H.W. Sewall 357
Violet, The
W. W. Story 425 Why thus longing ?,

..S. Lover 156
Virginius, Lament of

-7. Webster 796 Widow Machree..
Virgins, The Foolish

..A. Tennyson 717
Widow Malone..

Ch. Lever 905
Virgins, To the
...R. Herrick 727

F. Locker 246

Widow's Mite, The.
Virtue Immortal.

.G. Herbert 302 Wife, Children, and Friends.... W. R. Spencer 170
Virtuoso, The
M. A kenside 859 Wife to her Husband, The

· Anonymous 199
Vision of Beauty, A.

B. Jonson
65 Wilkeson, Lieut. Bayard.. M. L. Ritter 851

.....W. Miller 24
Vision, The Inner..
W. Wordsworth 667 Willie Winkie .........

Visit from St. Nicholas, A

C. C Moore 43

Will you love me when I'm old ? ....Anonymous
Voice of the Grass, The.. ....S. Roberts 427 Winged Worshipers, The ...C. Sprague 442
Vow, The..

:7. H. Bryant 400
Meleager 184 Winter

W. Cowper 397
Winter being over, The

...A. Coliins 351

7. G. Whittier 393
Waiting for the Grapes .

Winter, New England in
W. Maginn 142
Winter Pictures.

.7 R. Lowell

Waken, lords and ladies gay
.Sir W. Scott 617 Winter Scenes

....... Thomson 401
Wake of Tim O'Hara, The. R. Buchanan 653 Winter's Evening Hymn to my Fire, A ,Lowell 179
Wants of Man, The
7. Q. Adams 668

.L. Hölty 397

Winter Song
..P. B. Shelley. 484 Winter Walk at Noon

W. Cowper 420
War, Civil
.Ch. D. Shanly 475 Winter! wilt thou never go?

........D. Gray 404
War for the sake of Peace

3 Thomson 453

..C. Pat more 682
Warning, Lochiel's..

....S. Rogers 175
Warnings, The Three

H. L. Thrale 730 Wishes for the supposed Mistress...R. Crashar 146
Warren's Address
7. Pierpont 534 Without and Within

....P. A. D. B. Asetastasio 732
Warres in Ireland, Of the. ..Sir J. Harrington 465 With whom is no variableness ....A. H. Clough 324
War's Loud Alarms

..... Talhaiarn 466
Wolsey's Fall

Shakespeare 242
J. R. Lowell 84: Wolsey's Speech to Cromwell

Shakespeare 243
Washington, Ode to..

W.C. Bryant Ixx

Anonymous 878
Washington, George

....Anonymous 842

. . Calidasa


..E.C. Judson 679
Woman's Inconstancy

Sir R. Ayson 231
Water-Drinker, The

E. Yohnson 494
Woman's Love, A

... Hay 234
Waterfowl, To a..
W.C. Bryant 445 Woman's Question, A

.A.A. Procter 79

Lord Byron 460
Woman's Will...

7. G. Sare 833
Waterloo, The Charge at
Sir W. Scott 462

..G.P. Morris

Waters, Living

Woodman, spare that Tree

.C.S. Spencer 698
Way, the Truth, and the Life, The .. Th. Parker 352

Wood of Chancellorsville, The....D. R. German 541

F. Hemans 825

Wordsworth, To..
We are seven.
IV. Wordsworth 34

Webster, Daniel

Wordsworth, On a Portrait of ..E. B. Browning
.......0. W. Holmes 844

W. Wordsworth 361
Webster (Ichabod)

.7. G. Whittier 844

....F Locker 8;7

World, The.......
Weehawken and the New York Bay F. G.Halleck 633

...F Quarles 719
We have been friends together ....C. E. Norton

World, The Vanity of the

W. C. Bennett 172
Welcome, The ......

T. Davis 100

Worn Wedding-Ring, The..
Wounded to Death..

.7. W. Watson 477
Welcome, welcome, do I sing .....W. Browne 78

.H. W. Longfellow 823
Wreck of the “Grace of Sunderland" 7. Ingelow 564

..C. Wesley 334
Well of St. Keyne, The

Wrestling Jacob

... R. Southey 865 Writers that carp at other Men's Books
We parted in silence.
Mrs. Crawford 192

Sir y Harrington 855
Were I as base as is the lowly plain .7. Sylvester 85
Westward Ho!
......G. Berkeley 531

We watched her breathing. ..... 7. Hood 293 Yarn of the "Nancy Bell," The.... W. S. Gilbert 873
What can an old man do but die ?...... T. Hood 243 Year, The Closing

G D. Prentice 72
What constitutes a State ?.........Sir W. Fones 551 Year, The Death of the Old

..A Tennyson 727
What the Winds bring

E.C. Stedman
413 Years, The Flood of.

W. C. Bryant lxiv

.S. A. Woolsey 343 Ye Mariners of England ...T. Campbell 587
When I am dead
Anonymous 294 You meaner beauties..

Sir H H'otion 68
When icicles hang by the wall...... Shakespeare 401 Young Gray Head, The..

C. B. Sonthey 798
When I do count the clock ...........
..Shakespeare 727 Young May Moon, The

T. Moore 151
When in the chronicle of wasted time .Shakesp.

FR. Lowell 684
When shall we all meet again ? .... Anonymous 244
When the hounds of spring ....A.C. Swinburne 380

When the Kye come Hame
:7. Hoge 109 Zimri

7. Dryden 816

63 Yussouf

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