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Back, back ;-he fears not foaming flood

Who fears not steel clad line :No warrior thou of German blood,

No brother thou of mine. Go earn Rome's chain to load thy neck,

Her gems to deck thy hilt; And blazon honor's hapless wreck

With all the gauds of guilt.

But wouldst thou have me share the prey ?

By all that I have done,
The Varian bones that day by day

Lie whitening in the sun ;
The legion's trampled panoply,

The eagle's shattered wing,
I would not be for earth or sky

So scorned and mean a thing.

Ho, call me here the wizard, boy,

Of dark and subtle skill, To agonize but not destroy,

To torture, not to kill.

When swords are out, and shriek and shout

Leave little room for prayer, No fetter on man's arm or heart

Hangs half so heavy there.

I curse him by the gifts the land,

Hath won from him and Rome,
The riving axe, the wasting brand,

Rent forest blazing home.
I curse him by our country's gods,

The terrible, the dark,
The breakers of the Roman rods,

The smiters of the bark.

Oh, misery, that such a ban

On such a brow should be!
· Why comes he not in battle's van

His country's chief to be?
To stand a comrade by my side,

The sharer of my fame,
And worthy of a brother's pride,

And of a brother's name?

But it is past!—where heroes prass

And cowards bend the knee, Arminius is not brotherless,

His brethren are the free. They come around :-one hour, and light

Will fade from turf and tide, Then onward, onward to the fight,

With darkness for our guide.

To-night, to-night, when we shall meet

In combat face to face,
Then only would Arminius greet

The renegade's embrace.
The canker of Rome's guilt shall be

Upon his dying name; And as he lived in slavery,

So shall he fall in shame.




SLEEP, Mr. Speaker, 't is surely fair
If you may n't in your bed, that you should in your

chair. .
Louder and longer now they grow,
Tory and Radical, Ay and No;
Talking by night and talking by day.
Sleep, Mr. Speaker, sleep while you may!

Sleep, Mr. Speaker ; slumber lies
Light and brief on a Speaker's eyes.
Fielden or Finn in a minute or two
Some disorderly thing will do ;
Riot will chase repose away-
Sleep, Mr. Speaker, sleep while you may !

Sleep, Mr. Speaker. Sweet to men
Is the sleep that cometh but now and then,
Sweet to the weary, sweet to the ill,
Sweet to the children that work in the mill.
You have more need of repose than they-
Sleep, Mr. Speaker, sleep while you may !

Sleep, Mr. Speaker, Harvey will soon
Move to abolish the sun and the moon;
Hume will no doubt be taking the sense
Of the House on a question of sixteen pence.
Statesmen will howl, and patriots bray-
Sleep, Mr. Speaker, sleep while you may !

Sleep, Mr. Speaker, and dream of the time,
When loyalty was not quite a crime,
When Grant was a pupil in Canning's school,
And Palmerston fancied Wood a fool.
Lord, how principles pass away,
Sleep, Mr. Speaker, sleep while you may.

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