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promised proportionate to mine, fell short of the com position :- i. e. contract or bargain. JOHNSON.

66 –informal women-] informal signifies out of their senses.

67 —like the forfeits in a barber's shop,] Barbers' shops were, at all times, the resort of idle people:

Tonstrina erat quædam: hìc solebamus ferè

Plerumque eam oppeririwhich Donatus calls apta sedes otiosis. Formerly with us, the better sort of people went to the barber's shop to be trimmed; who then practised the under parts of surgery: so that he had occasion for numerous instruments, which lay there ready for use; and the idle people, with whom his shop was generally crowded, would be perpetually handling and misusing them. To remedy which, I suppose there was placed up against the wall a table of forfeitures, adapted to every offence of this kind; which it is not likely would long preserve its authority.

WARBURTON. 63 That brain'd my purpose :] We now use in conversation a like phrase, This it was that knocked my design on the head.

JOHNSON. 69 Till he did look on me ;] The duke has justly observed that Isabel is importuned against all sense to solicit for Angelo, yet here against all sense she solicits for him. Her argument is extraordinary :

A due sincerity govern'd his deeds
Till he did look on me : since it is so,

Let him not die.
That Angelo had committed all the crimes charged


against him, as far as he could commit them, is evident. The only intent which his act did not overtake, was the defilement of Isabel. Of this Angelo was only intentionally guilty.

Angelo's crimes were such, as must sufficiently justify punishment, whether its end be to secure the innocent from wrong, or to deter guilt by example ; and I believe every reader feels some indignation when he finds him spared. From what extenuation of his crime, can Isabel, who yet supposes her brother dead, form any plea in his favour? Since he was good till he looked on me, let him not die. I am afraid our varlet poet intended to inculcate, that women think ill of nothing that raises the credit of their beauty, and are ready, however virtuous, to pardon any act which they think incited by their own charms. JOHNSON.

-perceives he's safe ;] As Dr. Johnson well observes, it is strange that Isabel is not made to express either gratitude, wonder, or joy, at the sight of her brother.




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