Gazetteer of the Bombay Presidency ..., Volume 9, Part 1

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Printed at the Government Central Press, 1901 - Bombay (India : State)

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Page 42 - Darbha, the learned proclaim a divinity not subject to age or death ; thee they call the armour of India, the preserver of regions, the destroyer of enemies ; a gem that gives increase to the field. At the time when the ocean resounded, when the 'clouds murmured, and lightnings flashed, then was Darbha produced, pure as a drop of fine gold.
Page 217 - them off by holding a dagger in his hand, and if they do not attend to him, he stabs himself in a place that is not mortal, and taking the" blood from the wound throws it at the assailants with imprecations of future woe and
Page 180 - clothes for the Europeans either men or women, according to every mode that prevails, and fit up the commodes and towering headdresses for the women with as much skill as if they had been an Indian fashion or themselves had been apprentices at the
Page 288 - boldest and most experienced strikes his lance into the first he reaches, then dips a cloth in the blood which at the end of his lance he thrusts close to the nose of the next, and, wheeling about, sets off at speed followed by the whole herd lured by the scent of blood and the example of their leader.
Page 531 - and in truth. But Shankar realized that such a faith is for the few. To those who could not rise to so high a conception of the Godhead, he allowed the practice of any rites prescribed by the Veda, or by later orthodox teachers to whatsoever form of the Godhead, they might be addressed.
Page 209 - have taken place in the family since his last circuit, as well as to chronicle all other events worthy of remark which have occurred to affect the fortunes of his patron ; nor
Page 211 - It consisted of two younger brothers and a beautiful sister, all under eighteen years of age. He first stabbed the unresisting damsel to the heart, instantly plunged the dagger into the breast of one brother and desperately wounded the other before he could be prevented ; indeed the whole horrid deed was in a manner instantaneous.
Page 38 - you must observe religious exactness ; you must sip a mouthful of water before taking food ; you must not sleep during the day ; you must control your speech; you must keep alight the sacred fire and cleanse your mouth after taking food. The
Page 308 - Mahals the mother makes a circle of flour, piles little heaps of flour on all sides, and sits in the middle of the circle when her female relations make her presents of money or clothes. On the tenth day the father and mother name the child. On the twelfth day in the
Page 308 - done in the Panch Mahals. At five years old the child's head is shaved. The child's aunt takes the hair in her lap, and, wrapping it in her clothes, receives a cow buffalo or other present from the

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