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ALEXANDER, Samuel, of Needham Market, Suffolk, where he was born in the


An address to the Members of the Two Monthly Meetings,

constituting the Quarterly Meeting of Friends of the County
of Suffolk. Ipswich : Printed by King and Savage, at the
County Press.

8vo. 1812 } Re-printed.—The 2nd edition. (with some alterations.)

York: Printed by Thomas Wilson and Son, for William
Alexander, and sold by him ; sold also by Darton, Harvey
and Darton; and William Phillips, London.

8vo. 1812 }
Serious Thoughts on the Fall and Restoration of Man; with
some remarks on the Doctrines of Predestination and Original
Sin. By Aquila. Printed for the Author, and sold by Long-
man, Hurst, Rees and Co., London.

12mo. 1814 24 Remarks on the Loan Fund. Dated, Needham, 6th Month, 13th, 1814

4to. 1814 1 Republished at the end of George Harrison's “Memoir

of the Origin, nature, and purpose, of a Loan Fund, &c."
2nd edition

12mo. 1822 Query, if in 1st edition, 1821. See George Harrison. Tender caution and counsel to such as join the Society of

Friends through convincement. York : Published and sold by:
William Alexander, sold also in London by Darton and Co.,
W. Phillips, and W. Darton, Jun.

12mo. 1818
Brief remarks on the discipline among Friends, particularly as
it relates to Tythes, and to those who pay them. York: Pub-
lished and sold by William Alexander, sold also in London by
Darton and Co., W. Phillips, and W. Darton, Jun. 12mo. 1818 1
Remarks on Dr. Adam Clarke's Discourse on the nature, insti-
tution, and design of the Holy Eucharist, commonly called the
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. By Verax. Printed for the
Author, and sold by J. Lomax, Stockport, &c.

12mo. 1819 22 See also “ Anonymous.” A Letter to Friends of Great Britain. London: Printed and

sold by Harvey and Darton, 55, Gracechurch Street ; sold also
by W. Alexander, York

810 1820 1 He died the 15th of 12th month, 1824, Aged 75 years. For a further account

of him, see “Piety Promoted,” Part 11, page 331.
ALEXANDER, Sarah, Wife of Samuel Alexander, of Leominster.
- A Voice from the Wilderness ; being a brief review of the Calling,

Progress, and Present Decline of the Society of Friends. By
Sarah Alexander. Gloucester : Printed by John Bellows, Com-
mercial Road. Birmingham: White & Pike. 8vo. [1860] 4

She died soon after, the 22nd of 4th month, 1860, Aged 51 years.


ALEXANDER, William, Needham Market, Suffolk, afterwards of

York, where he carried on the business of a Bookseller for
many years. Son of Dykes and Martha Alexander.
The Silent Pause, and other verses ; addressed to the Girls at a

boarding school for Friends' Children. Written on different
occasions. York: Printed by C. Peacock, for W. Alexander,

8vo. 1811 21
The Powers of Britain. Respectfully addressed to the Legis.
ture and People of the United Kingdom. (A Poem.)

York; Printed for the Author, and sold by William
Alexander, York, &c.

8vo. 1813 2
See Anonymous.
Christian Discipline, Public Religious Worship, and Gospel
Ministry, briefly considered.
York; Printed for the Author and sold by him; sold also by

M.M. and E. Webb, Bristol ; and by Darton, Harvey and

Co., W. Phillips and W. Darton, Jun., London. 12mo. 1814 5 “The 1st Part of this work treats on the nature of Christian Discipline,

as practised in the Primitive Church.—The 2nd offers, under a feel-
ing of much deference and tenderness, a few Hints on the Exercise
of Gospel Ministry among the Society of Friends :-- and the 3rd Part
takes a brief view of Christian Discipline as exercised amongst
Friends, in reference to the different Offices in the Church, the care
of the Poor, and the conducting of Meetings for Discipline."

Note in W. A.'s Catalogue, 1824.
A Brief Historical Catechism of the Holy Scriptures, designed
for the use of Children and young persons.

Part I.
York: Printed for the Author, und sold by him ; sold also

by Darton, Harvey and Co., W. Phillips, and W. Darton,
Jun., London.

16mo. 1815 2
Reprinted — The 2nd edition, enlarged and improved, York :
Printed and Published by W. Alexander and Son, f'c. fic.

16mo. 1822 2 The same, Part 2

16mo. 1819 3
Reprinted,—The 2nd edition.
Observations on the construction and fitting up of Meeting

Houses, &c., for Public Worship, illustrated by Plans, Sections,
and Description, including one lately erected in the City of
York; embracing in particular, The Method of Warming and
Ventilating. York: Published and Sold by William Alexander,
sold also by Harrey and Darton, Wm. Phillips, and Wm.Darton,
Jun., London ; C. Bentham, Dublin, J. Robertson, Edinburgh;
and M. M. and E. Webb, Bristol

Large 4to. 1820 81
The Little Osage Captive, an authentic narrative; to which are
added, some interesting letters, written by Indians. ГВу
Elias Cornelius.] (Frontispiece.) York: Printed and Pub.
lished by W. Alexander & Son, Castlegate, &c. 18mo. 1824 182 pages.

Edited by W.A., but without his name.




ALEXANDER, William,-continued.

Collectitia : or, Pieces, Religious, Moral, and Miscellaneous, ad-
apted to the Society of Friends. Volume first, (all published)
York: Printed and Published by W. Alexander and Son,
Castlegate; sold also by Harrey and Darlon, and W. Phillips,
London ; C. Bentham, Dublin.

8vo. 1824 N.B.—This work was published in four numbers or parts, on the Covers

of which is this Advertisement. “The object and design of this
work are exhibited in the Preface to the First Number; and cannot
easily be explained within the limits of an advertisement. They may
however be briefly stated to be to rescue many valuable pieces
from oblivion, to revive others that have long lain in obscurity, and
to notice passing events and other objects of interest to the Society,
by a publication, not issued at any stated period, but occasionally,
as materials may be furnished.”


Letters and Epist'es, with Notices of

page 3
Letters and Epistles, with Notices of

the Writers, viz. - Dorothy Hutch-
inson and Letter

the Writers, viz.-Introduction to

John Claus and Epistle..

253 Colchester Series

9 William Dewsbury

Extracts from Ancient Publications. 12

259 George for, the younger


An Epistle of Charles Marshall
Josiah Coale

Narrative of the Sufferings of R. Seller 265

George Rose

Richard Hubberthorn

On Missionary Labours

William Caton

Review of an Appeal to
33, 42, 62

Stephen Crisp..

Catherine Johnson..

Converted Jew, an affecting Narrative 303
The Jews' Society.

John Biaykling,

45 Humphry Smith

Christianity universal in its requisitions 307 48

310 John Higgins ..

Principles of Peace

56 A Preface by Stephen Crisp..

Early Missions in the Society of

Friends, Narrative of the Ship.
Anonymous to Stephen Crisp

Extracts from Ancient Publications.

"Woodhouse," and Robert Fowler's
Voyage to New England..

Geo Fox's (Jun.) Lamentation 73

321 -General Epistle ..

Some Account of Buenos Ayres..

84 Miscellaneous

331 Tract Lending Libraries

Poems by Bernard Barton.- Silent

That established by Friends
Worship. - Napoleon..

Keport on Tract Lending by the Me-
thodists at York

Hints relative to some Principles dis-

One Talent improved

played by Creative Influence in the
Formation and Organization of our

British Society for Female Prisoners 310
Ohio Yearly Meeting Advice


Dr. White on Swearing

Biblical References

Plague of Locusts ..

Tract Library Association..

Poetry.-Sudden Death


Shall we receive good, &c. 358
Letters and Epistles, with Notices

Be still

859 of the Writers, viz. - Colchester

Bird of Paradise

Series continued

The Sweeps

William Caton

i22, 127, 133

Robert Duncon

Peter Hendricks

Letters and Epistles, with Notices of the

Writers. Colchester Series continued 361
Benjamin Furley ..

1 +9

Robert Barrow
John Lodge
151 Colchester Meeting

William Dewsbury


Extracts from Ancient Publications.
George Whitehead

Katherine Evans & Sarah Chevers, 159, 161

Epistle of George Fox the Younger.. 373

John Camm to Oliver Cromwell 384

Jobannes Kimber..

Wm. Penn's Travels in Holland and

Extracts from Ancient Publications.

Humphry Smith on the Plague and

To the King of Poland
Fire in London..

Letter from Buenos Ayres

The Captives' Return":

190 The System of Vagrancy exposed 414 Miscellaneous.

427 Abolition of Slavery

95, 97


.. 361



Early Missions of Friends
Refine Weeke's Plea

435 A Memorial of James Naylor, the Re- Hester Browning's Deed of Release of proach and Glory of Quakerism.

445 By Bernard Barton

Impropriate Tithes

224 Biblical References

Christianity of the Apostles, or Hints

228 The Indian Chief ..

on the first Centuries of the Church 449 231 Frederick Smith's Address

468 Elegy on William Tukë, bij Charlotte Indian Anecdote

474 Richardson 232

176 Early Missions among Friends:.

Letters to and from Indians

234 Retreat, Dear York

Anecdote of Archbishop Usher 239

The Cockpit

478 480


ALEXANDER, William, continued.

Remarks on temporary accommodations for holding Meetings

for Worship; principally extracted from observations on the
construction and fitting up of Meeting Houses, &c.
York: Printed by W. Alexander and Son, Castlegate; sold also

by Harvey and Darton, W. Darton, and E. Fry, London ;
K. Peart, Birmingham

Small 12mo. (about 1825) }
Fruits of Piety, exhibited in a collection of Narratives respecting

children and young persons. Part 1st. " Train up a child in
the way he should go ; and when he is old he will not depart
from it.” Prov. xxii. 6. York: Printed and sold by Alexander
and Son, Castlegate, fc.

18mo. 1824 7 The same.

Part 2. York: Printed and sold by Alexander and
Son, Castlegate, &c. &c.

18mo. 1825 7! The same.

Part 3rd. York: Printed by W. Alexander and Co.
Castlegate, &c.

18mo. 1833 8.}
Speech of William Alexander, at the 11th Annual Meeting of
the Peace Society, in “ The Herald of Peace," vol. 6, part 1.
New Series, page 71.

8vo. 1827 -The Race-Ground, and a Sabbath Day's Excursion. Printed and Sold by W.Alexander and Son, Castlegale, York, c. 12mo. 1827 }

An affectionate Salutation to the Ministers and Elders of the
Society of Friends. Written and dated York, 9th Month, 1826.
York : Printed and Sold by W. Alexander and Son, Castlegate.

12mo. 1826 1 Reprinted. --York: Printed by W. Alexander & Son, Castlegate.

12mo. 1828 1
Prospectus of a revised edition of the authorized version of the
Holy Bible.
I suppose W. A. did not receive sufficient encouragement to bring out

the whole of the Bible, as the work does not appear to have been

proceeded with beyond the following,-
The Pentateuch, or the Five Books of Moses; principally de-
signed to facilitate the audible or social reading of the Sacred
scriptures; illustrated with notes, Historical, Geographical,
and otherwise explanatory, and also pointing out the fulfilment
of the Prophecies. York: Printed and published by W.
Alexander and Son, Castlegate, fc.

8vo. 1828 493 Memoirs of the late Mrs. Susan Huntington, of Boston,

Massachusetts, consisting principally of extracts from her
Journal and Letters; with the Sermon occasioned by her death.
By Benjamin B. Wisner, Pastor of the old South Church in
Boston. With her Portrait.

York: Printed by W. Alexander and Son, Castiegate, &c. 8vo. 1828
This edition was edited by W. A., it is a remarkably instructive Memoir

of a very pious individual, though not a Member of our Society.

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ALEXANDER, William,-continued.

The Juvenile Gleaner : or, Anecdotes and Miscellaneous Pieces,
designed for Amusement and Instruction. By the Author of
“a Brief Historical Catechism of the Holy Scriptures,” &c.&c.
With a Frontispiece.

18mo. 1825 ?
Economist of Time.
Remedy for Typhus and Scarlet fevers; and means of preventing

Hints on education.
A Scrap for the New Year; or the cause of National Distress
briefly considered.

York: Printed by W. Alexander and Son, Castlegate, &c. 8vo. 1830 1
The Honey-Comb, containing the Life of Taulerus, Young's
Poem on Resignation, a Hymn, by Addison. (Edited by Wm.
Alexander.) York: Printed by W. Alexander and Co. Castle-
gate ; sold also by Harvey and Darton, and E. Fry, London ;
D. F. Gardiner, Dublin.

32mo. 1831 9

10 The Hymn by Addison, is “Confidence in Divine Providence." The Life of Thomas Story, abridged by John Kendall, revised and considerably enlarged from the folio edition written by himself. By William Alexander. In 2 vols. York: Printed

by William Alexander and Co. Castlegate, &c. &c. 12mo. 1832 Capital Punishments. (Anonymous)

York, 12mo, 1838 }
Quakerism unmasked: comprising a Glance at J. Wilkinson's
"Quakerism examined,” By Amicus.
York : Printed and Sold by William Alexander. Sold also by

Harvey f. Darton, and E. Fry and Son, London. 8vo. 1839 26
Dominion of the Prince of Peace; with its application to the
Slave Trade and Slavery. , 5th month, 1840. York, 8vo. 1840 33

Not Published.
A Brief History of Tithes, especially in relation to the English
System. Printed by W. Alexander and Co., Castlegate, York.

Foolscap, 8vo. No Date. 1 - Truth and No Fiction : or a short, but very interesting History.

Printed by W. Alexander and Son, Castlegate, York. 12mo. No Date } -- The Christian Sabbath briefly explained; or the Sabbath Breaker

tenderly warned.

W. Alexander & Co., Printers, Castlegate, York. 12mo. No Date. Duties of the Sabbath, being a sequel to “ The Christian Sabbath briefly explained," &c.

W. Alexander g. Co., Printers, Castlegate, York. 12mo. No Date. }
Bible Histories, or 'I'racts in Scripture Language.
Converted Jew: a Striking Narrative.
Family Worship in the Society of Friends.
N.B.— The 7 above are all“ Anonymous.” William Alexander has issued

several Catalogues of his Publications. He died at York, the 2nd of 4th Month, 1841, Aged 73 years. For a further account of him, see “ The Annual Monitor," No. 30 for 1842.

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