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Date, Sheets.

A.J.C! Remarks upon a Letter from a Gentleman in the Country to his

Friend in London ; and upon a Relation of some Norfolk Clergy,
of a Conference between them and some Quakers, at West-
Dereham Church, in Norfolk, December the 8th, 1698. And a
Certificate relating to the Challenge: with some farther Ac-
count of the said Conference. By an Eye and Ear Witness
of the whole, J.A.

4to. 1699 1 London, Printed and Sold by the Booksellers of London and Westminster.

A copy in the Library of Wandsworth Meeting. + ABBOT, Abigail (alias Smith), of Moeg, near Charleville, Ireland, — A Paper of Condemnation, inserted in “Rutty's History of Friends in Ireland.”

4to. 1751 1 Reprinted. See John Rutty. She died in the year 1717. ABBOTT, Ann, of Ives, Huntingdonshire, Wife of John Abbott.

An Account of Ann Abbott, written by herself, and found after
her decease among other papers. Inserted in “The Irish Friend,”
Vol. 2, page 60.

1839 ABBOTT, John, of Ives, Huntingdonshire.

To Farmers and Graziers, or those whom it may particularly
concern.—Advice concerning Drinking at Harvest, &c.
No Printer's name, place or date. Small B, about 1794 !

ABBOTT, Margaret, of London.

A Testimony against the false Teachers of this Generation. By
one who is come from under them, unto the true Teacher and
Shepherd of the Soul. No Printer's name, place, or date. 4to. 1

She died of a consumption the 1st of 2nd month, 1669.
ABELL, John, of Wellesley Lodge, near Limerick, Ireland.
- Cholera and Spirituous Liquors. To the Editor of the Limerick

Chronicle. George M'Kern and Sons, Printers, George Street, Limerick. Fol. [1849] ? Vol. I.



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ABELL, John,-continued.

The Turkish Bath an Antidote for the Cravings of the Drunkard.

R.D.Webb,Printer,177, Great Brunswick Street, Dublin. 8vo. (1859] ! The Death bed of T. Paine. (From “The Annual Monitor" of 1817)

Guy f. Co., Printers.

12mo. (1860] He died at Cork, 15th of 8th mo., 1861, aged 71 years. ABELL, Joshua, of Dublin, Secretary of the Hibernian Peace Society.

Address on the Establishment of a Peace Society in Ireland. (In
the Dublin Morning Post,” for Nov. 11th, 1824) 8vo. 1824 3

Reprinted in “The Herald of Peace," Vol. 3, New Series, p. 203.
Address to the Anniversary

Meeting of the Hibernian Peace So-
ciety. In the “ Herald of Peace,” Vol. 4, New Series,p.195 8vo. 1825
Address to the Second Anniversary Meeting of the Hibernian

Peace Society, with a Letter to Dr. Doyle, dated “82, Dame
Street, 11 mo. 7, 1826,” also Dr. Doyle's Answer. In “ The
Herald of Peace," Vol. 5, New Series, p. 193

8vo. 1826 3
Speech of, at the Third Anniversary of the Hibernian Peace
Society. “ Herald of Peace," Vol. 6, part 2, p. 343, New

8vo. 1828 £ He died 3rd of 2nd month, 1846, aged 50 years. ABELL, Richard, of Cork, Ireland. -9 Deceit made manifest, or the hipocrit hireling and false profet

found out in ye height of profession; his garment stript of, and
his spirit tried, and being compared, is found to be one with the
World's teachers, who agree with all the false prophets in the
dayes of old, also some of ye rest of that fellowship (so called)
are tried, and their fruits declared ; so that you may clearly see,
that the Spirit is one by which they are all guided, and the way
of worship which they lead their people into, to be that which
is an abomination to the Lord. Also some stumbling blocks
removed, and the way of Truth declared, and all people sum-
monsed to come in to it. Set forth for the simples sake
chiefly among the Baptists, but is to goe through all the World.
By one of the least of the Lord's Servants, named in the flesh,
Richard Abell.

4to. Printed in the yeare, 1659 3.} This pamphlet consists of queries on religious subjects and letters requesting scriptural answers to those queries, addressed to Wm. Fox, a Baptist Teacher, and Chaplain to one of the Regiments of Oliver Cromwell's Army, to which the Author belonged at the time of his convincement of Friends' Principles; they were written at the forts of Bantry and Crookhaven in the County of Cork; and as W. Fox did not answer them, R. Abell then addressed this book to

the Baptists, and included the queries, &c. before-mentioned. Richard Abell is supposed to have died about 1690, as there is a record

in very old-fashioned writing as follows, “Richd Abell, of County

of Clare, died 22nd of 7th mo. 1690, and was buried in Limerick. ABORIGINES Publications of the Meeting for Sufferings.


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ACCOUNTS of the Times and Places for holding the Meetings for

Worship and Discipline in Great Britain, Ireland, and Ame-

ACKWORTH SCHOOL, Books and Papers relating to. See Schools.
ACROYD, John, of
- Something concerning him

1726 Query,—whether printed ? ADAMS, John, of Yorkshire.

An Account of some remarkable visions and passages of John
Adams, of Yorkshire, a little before and in the time of his
travels in Holland and Germany: supposed to be in the 2nd
and 3rd months, 1712. Inserted in “The Irish Friend,” vol. 4,
page 150, No. 10.

1841 ADAMS, John Till, M.D., of Bristol. -| An Elegy: sacred to the Memory of that Patron of virtue, the

truly admired and pious John Till Adams, M.D., of Bristol,
whose Heaven-born soul, leaving its Earthly shrine, fled to its
native Home, and was received to Rest on Monday the 20th day
of February, one hour P.M. or Afternoon (1786.)
Bristol: Printed for E. Sibly, Castle Street; and sold by T.

Mills, in Wine-street; A. Browne and Son, Tolzey; W.
Meyler, Bath; and M. Sibly, Goswell-street, London.

With a Frontispiece. 8vo. 1786
By an " Anonymous” Author, not a Friend.
Stanzas written on the early and much-lamented death of John
Till Adams, M. D., by Wm. Matthews. See his Miscel-
laneous Companions," Vol. 1, page 13

1786 ADAMS, M. - A Warning to the Inhabitants of England, and London in parti

cular: for so it rise often in my heart to write, even a Warning,
that the Inhabitants might hear and fear the Judgments of the
Lord, that are ready to fall upon this Nation speedily, unless
they repent of the Evil of their doings, and return from their
Iniquities that God may yet show mercy upon


By M. A.

4to. Printed in the year, 1676 1 ADAMS, Simon, Prisoner at Colchester.

Concerning the observation of the First Day to be kept above any
other day, which is the World's old Idol, wherein they satisfie

their Lusts in Pride and Idleness. 4to. No Printer's name or place.1663 1 ADAMS, Thomas, Prisoner at York Castle.

An Exhortation to all People that have a desire to know the
Truth, that the Truth may make them free. At the end of
Richard Farnworth’s “ Easter Reckoning, &c.” and “ General
Good to all People," &c.

4to. 1653 and 1656




|| ADAMSON, M. (An assumed name.)

A Friendly Epistle to Neighbour John Taylor, of the City of
Norwich; occasion’d by looking over his Sermon preached at
the opening of his New Chappel; containing an earnest Invita-
tion to him to join the Quakers, and not to attempt to raise up
a New Sect when there are so many already in the world ;
by M. Adamson, an English Protestant, the 2nd edition. To
which is added by way of Postscript, a short Dialogue between
Mr. Timothy Tell-Truth and Obadiah Friendly.
London : Printed for John Wilkie, behind the Chapter-House,
St. Paul's Church Yard. Price 6d.

8vo. 1757 25
I am inclined to believe the author of this was not a Friend,

and expect it rather is “adverse." ADAMSON, William, of Liverpool, Lancashire.

An Answer to a Book Titled "Quaker's Principles Quaking,"
subscribed by the name of one Ralph Hale, with an Epistle
(so called) to the Reader, subscribed with the name of one
Zachariah Crofton. A principle of darkness, deceit, and con-
fusion in Ralph Hale, and his Fellow labourer in Sathan's work
Zachariah Crofton, is discovered by the Quakers principle, and
the Quakers principle doth stand against the power of dark-
ness, and all the false principles in the World, them to discover
and lay open, &c.

London : Printed for Giles Calvert, and are to be sold at his

shop at the Black-Spread Eagle, near the West end of Pauls. 4to.1656 43 ADAMSON, William. Part by Leonard Addison and others.

The persecution of them people they call Quakers in Lanca-

4to. No Date. 2

Reprinted, 4to. 1656 2
ADDISON, Leonard, of Rampside, n? Swarthmore, was buried the 8th

of 4th month, 1686.

ADY, John, of London. Recording Clerk of the Society.

The Final audit : or, Day of Retribution. A Poem. London:

Printed for the Editor by J. Fry and Co. Letter Founders, and
Printers, Queen Street, Upper Moor fields.

12mo. 1777 11
The enclosed Extracts from the Training Act, lately passed, are
sent by direction of the Meeting for Sufferings, &c. London,
8th of 8th Month, 1806. Phillips and Fardon, Printers, George
Yard, Lombard Street.

Small 4to.
The Harmony of the Divine Will, and the Heavenly Doctrines

of the Old and Testaments, illustrated in the Fulfilment of
many of the ancient Prophecies of the Servants of the Most
High, under the Patriarchal, Mosaical, and Prophetical Dis-
pensations ; relating to the History and Ministry of our Lord
and Saviour Jesus Christ. Compiled from the Sacred Writings.
London: Printed for the Editor, by Henry Fry, Basinghall
Street ; and sold by W. Phillips, George Yard, Lombard Street ;
Darton and Harvey, Gracechurch Street; J. and A. Arch,
Cornhill ; W. and T. Darton, Holborn ; and S. Burton,

8vo. 1807 228

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ADY, John, of London, continued.

An Exordium to the reading of the Sacred Writings of the Old
and New Testaments. (Signed “ J. A.”)

Fry, Printer, 78, Sun Street, Bishopsgate, (London) 8vo. about 1807 1
He died the 17th of 11th mo. 1812, aged 68 years, and was buried on the

22nd of the same mo., in Friends’ Burial-ground, Bunhill Fields. A.J. Joseph ADY, of Southwark, London.

Sermons of several of the People called Quakers, taken in short
hand, as they were spoken in their Meeting Houses, and made
publick to prevent the clamour and misunderstanding of many
people, about their manner and method of Preaching.
London : Printed for Joseph Ady, and sold by John Ady, Comb

Maker, over against the South Sea House; and ai Joseph

Ady's, in Marshall Street, the Bank-side, Southwark, 8vo. 1738 7}
CONTENTS. - Ist.-A Sermon preached by Mr. Thomas Story, at Grace-

church Street Meeting, the 29th January, 1737.
2nd. - Mr. Thomas Story's Discourse in the Meeting at Horslydown, on

the 26th day of February, 1737.
3rd. - Samuel Scott's Testimony at Gracious Street, the 27th of Nov-

ember, 1737.
4th.-A Sermon or Declaration by Benjaminah Padley, at Gracechurch

Street Meeting, about the 8th month, 1737.
5th.- Deborah Bell's upon the Lord's Prayer.
Eth. -Lydia Lancaster's Farewell Sermon at Gracious Street, December

17th, 1738, with her Prayer after Sermon.
N.B.—The Titles of these Sermons may be found under the respective

names of the individuals. The 1st, 3rd, and 5th, are reprinted in
Vol. 3 of “Scripture Truths demonstrated,” &c. York, 1824.

*ADY. Joseph, of 105, Fenchurch Street, London, Son of John Ady.

To Her most Gracious Majesty the Queen. The Humble Petition
of Joseph Ady, sheweth, " That your Petitioner is 76 years of
age, and has been unjustly imprisoned.” &c. 8vo. August 29, 1850 $
He was interred on the 22nd day of the 7th month, 1852, in Friends'

Burial Ground, Whitechapel, aged 77 years.
AGGS, Henry Gurney. Son of Henry Aggs, of Tottenham.

A Memoir of Henry Gurney Aggs, Printed for private circulation.
Richard Barrett, Printer, 13, Mark Lane, London. 4to. 1847 24 pages
For a further account of H. G. Aggs, see " The Annual Monitor,"

No. 6, New Series for 1848. Also a work called “Youthful Pilgrims,”
Published in 1854 and 1855. He died at Saffron Walden, the 13th

of 12th month, 1846, aged 19 years
ALDAM, Thomas, of Warnsworth, near Doncaster, in Yorkshire.
A few words of exhortation and Reproof

4to. 1652 } And others. False Prophets and false Teachers described.

(Signed at the end by Thomas Aldam, Elizabeth Hooton, William
Pears, Benjamin Nicholson, Jane Holmes, Mary Fisher, Prisoners
of the Lord at York Castle.) 4to. No Printer's Name or Place. [1652] 1
A Tract with a similar Title is placed in John Whiting's Catalogue,

under George Fox's name, which I believe is an error.
And Benjamin Nicholson, John Harwood, and Thomas Lawson.
A Brief Discovery of a threefold Estate of Antichrist now extant
in the World :-Viz. a Description of (1) The True and False
Temple ; (2) the False Ministery, and (3) the false Churches,
whereunto is added the trial of one George Fox, in Lancashire,

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