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E. Venables.

A., T. G. See Appleton, Thomas Gold.
AACHEN, Prussia, See Freeman, E. A. Historical and architectural

931.18 AARON Trow. [A story.) Trollope, A.

523.9 ABÆLARDUS, or Abailard. See Abélard, Pierre. ABANDONED. [Mysterious island.] Verne, J..

676.6 ABBE, Cleveland. Meteorology and allied sciences. [Smithsonian institution. Reports, 1881.] ....

P. D. Abbé Tigrane, The, candidate for the papal chair. Fabre, F.

678.22 ABBEY, Edwin A. Sketching rambles in Holland. See Boughton, George H. ABBEYS. Bonney, T. G. Cathedral churches of England and Wales. 1884. 976.19 Hunnewell, J. F. Historical monuments of France. 1884.

925.49 Timbs, J. Abbeys, castles, and ancient halls of England and Wales. . 922.11 Note. The Encyclopædia Britannica has an important article on Abbeys, by

See also Monasteries, Netley abbey, St. Albans, and Westminster abbey. ABBOT, Ezra, D.D., American scholar and biblical critic, b. 1819, d. 1884.

Authorship of the fourth gospel: external evidences. Bost., 1880. 8° 1546.34 Literature of the doctrine of a future life. See Alger, William R.

Note. See tributes to Dr. Abbot in the Unitarian review, vol. 21 and 22,

and the Literary world, vol. 15. ABBOT, George, archbishop of Canterbury, b. 1562, d. 1633. See Lodge, E. Portraits of illustrious personages of Great Britain.

v. 3 of 326.9 ABBOT, The: a sequel to the Monastery. Scott, Sir W.

. v. II of 512.5 ABBOTSFORD, home of Sir Walter Scott. Howitt, W. Homes and haunts of the British poets.

.V. 2 of 316.39 Hunnewell, J. F. The lands of Scott. [1871.) .

915.29 Irving, W. Abbotsford. [Visit to Sir Walter Scott in 1817.].

577.23 ABBOTT, A. O. Prison life in the South, 1864–65. With illustrations. New York, 1866. 120

226.16 ABBOTT, Benjamin Vaughan. Judge and jury: explanation of leading topics in the law of the land. New York, (1880.] 12°

1465.14 ABBOTT, Charles, lord Tenterden, lord chief justice of England, b. 1762, d.

1832. Campbell, J., lord. Lives of the chief justices. V. 4 of 323.16 Jerdan, W. National portrait gallery of eminent personages. v. 2 of 328.15 ABBOTT, Charles C. A naturalist's rambles about home. N.Y., 1884. 12° 1046.24

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611.3 6114 611.5

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ABBOTT, Ro. Edward History of Cambridge, Mass. [Drake, S. A., ed.
History of Middlesex county.)

• v. 1 of 265-19 Memorial sketch of Jacob Abbott. See Abbott, J. The young Christian. 1535-25 ABBOTT, Edwin. Concordance to the works of Alexander Pope. With an introduction by E. A. Abbott. New York, 1875. 80...

R. L. ABBOTT, Edwin Abbott. How to write ciearly. Boston, 1881. 120 1124.10

Onesimus: memoirs of a disciple of St. Paul. Boston, 1882. 16° . . 1551.6
Philochristus : memoirs of a discip.e of the Lord. Second edition.
Boston, 1878. 16° ..

1551.7 ABBOTT, Jacob, American dicine and author, b. 1803, d. 1879. The August stories. August and Elvie. New York, X. D. 160

611.24 Hunter and Tom. New York, x. D. 160

611.25 The schooner Mary Arn. New York, N. D. 160

611.26 Granville valley. New York, x. D. 16°. .

611.27 Florence stories. Ficrence and John. (Irustrated.] N.Y., N. D. 160 611.17 Grimkie. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 16°

611.18 Excursion to the Orkney islands. [Illustrated.] N.Y., N. D. 16° 611.19 The Eng:ish channel. [Iliustrated.] New York, x. D. 160 611.20 Visit to the Is.e of Wight. (Illustrated.) New York, x. D. 160. 611.21

Fiorence's return. [Illustrated.] New York, X. D. 169.... 611.22 Franconia stories. Malleville. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 160.

Wallace. [Tilustrated.] New York, N. D. 16° .
Mary Erskine. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 16°
Mary Bell. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 16°

Beechnut. [Illustrated.] New York, x. D. 16°.
Rodolphus. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 160

611.8 Ellen Linn. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D.


611.9 Stuyvesant. [Iliustrated.] New York, N. D. 160

611.10 Caroline. (Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 160

611.11 Agnes. [Illustrated.] New York, x. D. 16°.

· 611.12 History of Alexander the great. [Illustrated.] N.Y., (c. 1876.] 16o. 661.8 History of Alfred of England. (Illustrated.] N.Y., (C. 1877.] 160. 662.15 History of Charles I of England. [Illustrated.] N.Y., [c. 1876.] 160 662.17 History of Charles II of England. [Illustrated.] N.Y., (C. 1877.] 16° 662.8 History of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt. [Illustrated.] New York, (C. 1879.) 16° . .

661.12 History of Cyrus the great. [Illustrated.] New York, (c. 1878.] 160 661.15 History of Darius the great. [Illustrated.] New York, [c. 1878.] 160 History of Genghis Khan. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 160 .. 661.10 History of Hannibal the Carthaginian. [Illustrated.] New York, (C. 1876.] 160.

661.13 History of Julius Cæsar. [Illustrated.] New York, (c. 1877.] 160 661.9 History of Margaret of Anjou, queen of Henry vi of England. [Illustrated.] New York, x. D. 160.

662.12 History of Mary, queen of Scots. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 160 662.13 History of Nero. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 16° . .

ббI.II History of Peter the great. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 160 661.16 History of Pyrrhus. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 16.

661.14 History of queen Elizabeth. [Illustrated.] New York, [c. 1876.] 160 062.14 History of Richard I of England. [Illustrated.] N.Y., 1857. 16° . 662.9 History of Richard II of England. (Illustrated.] N.Y., N. D. 160.662.10



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ABBOTT, Jacob, continued.
History of Richard in of England. [Illustrated.] N.Y., N. D.


662.11 History of Romulus. [Illustrated.] New York, [c. 1880.] 16° 661.5 History of William the conqueror. [Illustrated.] N.Y., [c. 1878.] 16° 662.16 History of Xerxes the great. [Illustrated.] New York, (c. 1878.] 16° 661.6 Marco Paul's voyages and travels. Marco Paul in New York. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 16°

611.43 Marco Paul on the Erie canal. [Illustrated.] N.Y., N. D. 160

611.44 Marco Paul in Maine. (Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 16°

· 611.45 Marco Paul in Vermont. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 160

611.46 Marco Paul in Boston. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 160

611.47 Marco Paul at the Springfield armory. [Illustrated.] New York, N.D. 160

611.48 Rollo's tour in Europe. Rollo on the Atlantic. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 16o.

611.30 Rollo in Paris. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D.


611.31 Rollo in Switzerland. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 160

611.32 Rollo in London. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 160 Rollo on the Rhine. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 16°

611.34 Rollo in Scotland. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D.

611.35 Rollo in Geneva. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 160

611.36 Rollo in Holland. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 160 Rollo in Naples. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 16°

611.38 Rollo in Rome. [Illustrated.] New York, N. D. 16o. Science for the young. [Illustrated.] New York, 1872–75. 4 v. 12° 666.39

Contents. Vol. I. Heat. II. Light. III. Water and land. IV. Force.
Young Christian series. The young Christian. A memorial edition,

with a sketch of the author [by E. Abbott]. Illustrated.
New York, 1882. 12o. .

· 1538.25
The corner stone. Enlarged and improved. [Illustrated.] New
York, (c. 1880.] 120.

1538.24 Abbott, E. Biographical sketch of Jacob Abbott. [1882.)

1538.25 Griswold, R. W. Prose writers of America. [1870.]

1145.27 ABBOTT, John Stevens Cabot, American divine and author, b. 1805, d. 1877.

American pioneers and patriots. Adventures of La Salle and

his companions. Illustrated. New York, (1875.) 12o. 411.15 Benjamin Franklin. Illustrated. New York, (c. 1876.] 12° 411.37 Captain William Kidd, and the buccaneers who ravaged America. Illustrated. New York, (1874.] 12°

411.16 Christopher Carson, known as Kit Carson. Illustrations. New York, (1873.) 12°

411.17 Daniel Boone, the pioneer of Kentucky. Illustrated. New York, (1872.] 120

411.18 David Crockett: his life and adventures. Illustrated. New York, [1874.) 120

Ferdinand de Soto, the discoverer of the Mississippi. Illustrated.
New York, (1873.) 12°

George Washington. Illustrated. New York, (1875.) 12° 411.27
Life and adventures of John Paul Jones, commonly called Paul
Jones. Illustrated. York, (1874.) 120

411.20 Life of Christopher Columbus. Illustrated. N.Y., (1875.] 120 411.23

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