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And lo! from the heart of that far-floating

gloom, Like the wing of the cygnet '—what gleams

on the sea ? Lo! an arm and a neck glancing up from the

tomb ! Steering stalwart and shoreward. O joy,

it is he ! The left hand is lifted in triumph ; behold, It waves as a trophy 10 the goblet of gold !



And he breathèd deep, and he breathed long, And he greeted the heavenly delight of the

day. They gaze on each other—they shout as they

throng“He lives-lo, the ocean has rendered its

prey !

And safe from the whirlpool and free from

the grave,

Comes back to the daylight the soul of the

brave !"

And he comes, with the crowd in their clamour and glee;

85 And the goblet his daring has won from the

water, He lifts to the king as he sinks on his kneeAnd the king from her maidens has beckoned

his daughter. She pours to the boy the bright wine which

they bring,


And thus spoke the Diver—" Long life to the

King ! “Happy they whom the rose-hues of daylight

rejoice, The air and the sky that to mortals are

given! May the horror below nevermore find a voiceNor man stretch too far the wide mercy of

heaven! Nevermore, nevermore may he lift from the

sight The veil which is woven with terror and night! Quick brightening like lightning, the ocean

rushed o'er me, Wild floating, borne down fathom-deep from


the day;

Till a torrent rushed out on the torrents that

bore me,


And doubled the tempest that whirled me

away. Vain, vain was my struggle—the circle had won

me, Round and round in its dance the mad ele

ment” spun me. “ From the deep, then I called upon God, and

He heard me; In the dread of my need, He vouchsafed to

mine eye

A rock jutting out from the grave that interred

me ;


sprung there, I clung there, and death

passed me by.
And lo! where the goblet gleamed through the

abyss, By a coral reef saved from the far Fathomless. “ Below, at the foot of that precipice drear, Spread the gloomy, and purple, and pathless

Obscure ! A silence of horror that slept on the ear, That the eye more appalled might the Lorror

endure ! Salamander, 12 snake, dragon-vast reptiles that

dwell In the deep-coiled about the grim jaws of

their hell.



“Dark crawled, glided dark the unspeakable

swarms, Clumped together in masses, mis-shapen and

vast; Here clung and here bristled the fashionless

forms; Here the dark moving hulk of the hammer

fish passed; And with teeth grinning white, and a mena

cing motion, Went the terrible shark-the hyena of ocean. s. There I hung, and the awe gathered icily

o'er me, So far from the earth, where man's help

there was none !

I 20

The one human thing, with the goblins before


Aloue—in a loneness so ghastly— ALONE ! Deep under the reach of the sweet living

breath, And begirt with the broods of the desert of



Methought, as I gazed through the darkness,

that now IT saw-a dread hundred-limbed creature-its

prey !

And dárted, devouring; I sprang from the

bough Of the coral, aud swept on my horrible way; 130 And the whirl of the mighty wave seized me

once more ; It seized me to save me, and dash to the shore.”

On the youth gazed the monarch, and mar

velled ; 13 quoth he, “Bold diver, the goblet I promised is thine; And this ring I will give, a fresh guerdon to thee

135 Never jewels more precious shone up from

the mineIf thou'lt bring me fresh tidings, and venture

again, То say

what lies hid in the innermost main!”

Then out spake the daughter in tender


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