The Christian Observer, Volume 12

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W. Wells and T. B. Wait, 1814
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It is indeed a scholarly work. Lot of time and hard work atone could produce such a voluminous treatise. But assumptions in certain topics are contradictory to historical facts. As for instance, Buchanan claims that the Black Jews came to Cochin at the time if the Babylonian Diaspora. Nebuchadnezzar ordered all the Jews to be taken to Babylon. Jeremiah was a witness to the fall of Jerusalem.It is quite clear from Biblical accounts and contemporary chronological records that the Jews did not flee to any other country. They accepted their fate and settled down by doing work according to their skills. As times passed, by some Jews went back to Judea. When Cyrus liberated them, many Jews were not prepared to go their homeland. It is sheer fantasy to say that Jews cam to Cochin which was very far from Babylon (Iraq) and Jerusalem. There is no historical evidence about their arrival at Cochin. It is mere assumption. Buchanan's reference to black is not due to their earlier arrival but mainly because of intermarriage. White Jews would have local concubines and their descendants were black. Since they were born to White Jews they were brought up in Jewish tradition and were also known as Jews. Both White Jews and Black Jews lived in the same locality, attending local synagogue and using the Torah as religious literature. Buchanan's reference to the book he got from the Black Jews cannot be cited as an evidence for their arrival from Babylon. All Jews had a common religious book for devotional reading. It is ridiculous to say that Black Jews had the Torah belonging to Babylonian period. How could it survive for such a long period,--. from the days of Nebuchadnezzar to 19th century? So it is a ridiculous assumption.. . 


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