Yearbook of Pharmacy: Comprising Abstracts of Papers Relating to Pharmacy, Materia Medica and Chemistry Contributed to British and Foreign Journal...with the Transactions of the British Pharmaceutical Conference

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John Churchill & Sons, 1878 - British Pharmaceutical Conference
Includes the transactions of the British Pharmaceutical Conference at its 7th-64th annual meetings.

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Page 636 - PROCESSES, AND COLLATERAL INFORMATION IN THE ARTS, MANUFACTURES, PROFESSIONS, AND TRADES, INCLUDING MEDICINE, PHARMACY, AND DOMESTIC ECONOMY ; designed as a General Book of Reference for the Manufacturer, Tradesman, Amateur, and Heads of Families.
Page 651 - WOOD stated that DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE was undoubtedly the inventor of Chlorodyne, that the whole story of the Defendant Freeman was deliberately untrue, which he regretted to say had been sworn to.— See Times, July 13, 1864.
Page 636 - THE DRUGGIST'S GENERAL' RECEIPT-BOOK : comprising a copious Veterinary Formulary and Table of Veterinary Materia Medica ; Patent and Proprietary Medicines, Druggists
Page 244 - Cleghorn states that it is also exported from Pangi, on the upper Chenab, to the plains. The loads of it when passing scent the air to some distance. A great part of the imports into the Punjab pass through to be sent to China. Davies' " Trade Report " gives twenty maunds as exported to Afghanistan via the Bolan.
Page 243 - The roots are dug up in the months of September and October, when the plant begins to be torpid ; they are chopped up into pieces from 2 to 6 inches long, and exported without further preparation.
Page 190 - ... an antiseptic ; and hence I think there can now be no doubt that the healthy influence of eucalyptus trees is, to some extent at least, and probably more than we imagine, due to the volatile emanations from the leaves under the influence of air and moisture, possessing direct disinfectant and antiseptic properties, and thus destroying the injurious effects of paludal miasms.
Page 532 - Pharmaeeutically the infusion (j^ss to the pint) and proof spirit tincture (1 to 10) appear to be the best preparations, the dose of the former being one ounce, of the latter one to two drachms. An aqueous extract, of which it yields one-third its weight, contains all the astringent properties, but an alcoholic extract contains the acrid resin on which I presume its discutient properties more or less depend.
Page 40 - the subliming cell" — the subliming cell is placed on the surface of an iron plate, which carries a cup of mercury in which is inserted a thermometer, and the plate is fitted in the ordinary way to a retort stand. This method of sublimation, in all its essential features, is identical with the one proposed and employed years ago by Dr. Guy. On heating the iron plate, first...
Page 347 - The tonic action of quinetum is similar and perhaps even greater than that of quinine. 8. The action of quinetum in cases of masked or larval malaria, and especially in rheumatic affections due to malarious influences, is incomparably greater than that of quinine.
Page 210 - In that form of dysmenorrhoaa with menorrhagia, caused by fibroid growths, it has been given in combination with ergot, with gratifying results. The writer would designate viburnum prunifolium as a uterine sedative, whose action is as pronounced as is that of ergot in causing uterine contraction. The form of the viburnum used is the fluid extract made from the bark of the root and bark of young shrubs, and newly grown twigs.

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