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7241 FABBRONI, Gi. Antichità, vantaggi e metodo della pittura encausta. Ven. 1800. 8°. FABELBUCH, see BONER. 7242 FABER, Ant. Jurispr. Papinianæ scientia. Lugd. 1658. fol. De errorib. pragmaticor. et interpretum juris. ib. 1658. fol. 2 voll. Comm. in Pandectas. ib. 1659-63. fol. 6 parts in 3 vols. Codex Fabrianus. ib. 1661. fol. Conjecturæ juris civ. ib. 1661. fol. Hi. BORGIE investigatt. juris civ., in conjecturas Ant. Fabri. Neap. 1678. fol. 2 voll. 7243 FABER, Bas. Thesaurus eruditionis scholasticæ, post Buchneri, Cellarii et Gesneri curas iterum recensitus, emendatus, locupletatus (a J. H. Leichio). Lps. 1749. fol. 2 voll. (8 d.)

The best edition, which contains much that is wanting even in Gesner's Thesaurus.-F. O. Menckenii obss. lat. linguæ liber ad augend. inprimis et emendand. Fabri Thesaurum. Lps. 1745. 8°. (1 d. 8 gr.) J. Gf. Hauptmanni obss. in Fabri thes. in Acta soc. lat. Jen. I. 29, etc. 7244 FABER, G. Stanley. origin of pagan idolatry, ascertained from historical testimony and circumstantial evidence. Lond. 1816. 4°. 3 vols., with 3 plates and 1 map (61. 158.).


7245 FABER Stapulensis, Jac. (anon.) Agones martyrum mensis Januarii, libro primo contenti. Without place or date. fol.

A copy on vellum 80 fr. Gaignat, 84 fr. Vallière, 100 fr. M'Carthy.

7246 Musica libris IV demon

strata. Par. 1551 or 52. 4°. 7247 FABER, J. Sermones consolatorii super Turcor. Tyranni altera

imminenti obsidione urbis Viennensis. Vienna, J. Singrenius, 1532.4°. Count Melzi of Milan has a copy on vellum.



FABER, J., see URSINUS. 7248 FABER, Pt. Agonisticon s. de re athletica ludisque veterum gymnicis, musicis atque Circensibus spicilegior. tractatus, tribus libris comprehensi. Lugd. 1592 or 95. 4°. Enlarged in Gronovii Thes. ant. gr. VIII. 1758, etc.

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7249 semestrium in jus civ. liber I. Par. 1570. Liber II. ib. 1575. Liber III. Lugd. 1595. 4°. 7250 FABER, Tanaquil. Epistolæ. T. I. Ed. II. auct. Salmurii, 1674. T. II. ib. 1665. 4°. 2 voll.

Interesting in a philological point of view. Vol. I. at first, 1659.

7251 FABIUS Pictor. Some account of the Roman history of Fabius Pictor, from a MS. lately discovered in Herculaneum. Lond. 1749. 8°.

An idle fabrication.

7252 FABLE, the, of the bees, or private vices made public benefits, with an essay on charity and charity-schools, and a search into the nature of society (by Bern. de Mandeville). Lond. 1725-29. 8°. 2 vols. Ed. VI. with a vindication of the book. Lond. 1732-33. 8°. 2 vols.

Irreligious and immoral. In French, Lond. (Amst.) 1740. small 8°. (also on large paper), which edition is better than that of 1750.

7253 FABLES et contes en vers (par Mérard de Saint-Just). Without place (1791). 12°. 2 parts in I vol. Vellum paper.

Only 25 copies are said to have been printed, and 3 on vellum. These last, 100 fr. (1798) 48 fr. (1799), and 81 fr. McCarthy.

7254 FABLIAUX ou contes des 1 2e et 13e siècles, trad. ou extraits (par Pt. J. Bt. le Grand d'Aussy). Par., Onfroy, 1779. 8°. 3 voll.Contes dévots, fables et romans

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anciens, par le Grand. Par. 1781. 7262


The edition, Par. 1781. 12°. 5 vols. is enlarged with a diss. sur les troubadours, and a table générale. The dissertat. is also printed by itself in 8°. as an appendage to the first edition.-Le Grand d'Aussy edited the work only from the extracts of the marquis de Paulmy and Sainte Palaye, and without having the original before him, and has consequently often fallen into gross mistakes; see Notices et extraits, T. IX. P. II. p. 6. note 1.


Erzählungen aus dem 12n bis 13n Jahrh., mit hist. u. krit. Anmerkk. aus dem Franz. (von Sm. Cp. Abr. Lütkemüller). Halle, Ruff, 1795-97. 8°. 4 voll. (3 d. 6 gr.)

7256 fabliaux or tales abridged from French manuscripts by le Grand. Selected and transl. into English verse by Gr. L. Way, with a preface, notes, and appendix by G. Ellis. New Ed. Lond., Shakspeare-press, 1800. 8°. 2 vols. with woodcuts.

The finest edition, but scarce. Reprinted, Lond. 1815. 8°. 3 vols. with woodcuts (11. IIS. 6d.).

FABLIAUX, see BARBAZAN. 7257 FABRE. Essai sur la manière la plus avantageuse de construire les machines hydrauliques, et_en particulier les moulins à blé. Par. 1783. large 4°. with plates (15 fr.). In German by A. F. Lüdicke. Lpz. 1785. large 8°. (2 d.)

7258 - essai sur la théorie des torrens et des rivières, à l'usage des ingénieurs. Par., an 5 (1797). large 4°. with plates (14 fr.).

7259 traité complet sur la théorie et la prâtique du nivellement. Draguignan et Par. 1812. large 4°. with plates.

7260 FABRETTI, Rph. De aquis et aquæductib. veteris Romæ dissertatt. III. Romæ, 1680. 4°. with plates.

Also in Thesaur. ant. Rom. IV. 1677, etc.-Ed. II. notis aucta. Romæ, 1788. 4°. (2 scudi.)

7261 de columna Trajani syntagma. Romæ, 1683 or 90. fol.

inscriptionum antiquar., quæ in ædib. paternis asservantur, explicatio et additamentum. Romæ, 1702. fol.

The edition, ib. 1699. fol. is somewhat inferior.

7263 FABRI, Dm. (anon.) Lettere familiari d'alcuni Bolognesi del nostro secolo. Bol. 1744. 8°. 2 voll. Also, Ven. 1745. 8°. 2 vols.

7264 FABRI, Girol. Memorie di Ravenna antica. Ven. 1664. 4°. 2 voll. Effemeride di Ravenna antica. Ravenna, 1675. 4°. Ravenna ricercata. Bol. 1678. 8°. 7265 FABRICA, J. de.

Tractatus super declaratione indulgentiarum concessar. pro animabus in purgatorio. Without place or date. fol. Gothic letter.

8 leaves with 43 lines, without signatures, catchwords, and pagination. Dibdin in Bibl. Spenc. III. 317, has proved that it is from Fust and Schöffer's, not Mentelin's press.

FABRICA linguæ arab., see GER


7266 FABRICIUS ab Aquapendente, Hi. Opera chirurgica. LB. 1723. fol. with plates. Opera omnia anatomica et physiologica, c. præf. Bn. Siegfr. Albini. LB. 1737. fol. with plates.

7267a FABRICIUS, G. Rerum Germaniæ magnæ et Saxoniæ universæ memorabilium mirabiliumque volumina duo, studio Jac. Fabricii, acc. rer. Misnicar. libri VII. Lps. 1609. fol.

7267b-originum Saxoniæ libri VII. Jen. 1597 (new title, 1598.). fol. Therein, N. Reusneri icones imperatorum, etc. ib. 1597. El. Reusneri genealogia stemmatis Witilibri VII. ib. 1597. fol. chind. ib. 1597. Fabricii rer. Misn.

Different from the preceding work. 7267c Saxoniæ illustratæ libri IX curav. Jac. Fabricius. Lps. 1606. (new title, 1607). fol.

It is a new title to the Origines, but without the appendages, and on that account enlarged with two books, and continued to 1606. See also POETÆ.

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This work, an industrious performance, contains rather scientific than bibliographical reviews of 916 books (without reckoning those bound up with them), of which certainly almost the half consists of antiquated theological works. It was formerly transcribed with eagerness, and even now may be profitably used by any one who is not a mere material bibliographer. The arrangement is according to the sizes. Folio commences; Quarto follows, T. III. p. 323; and Octavo, T. VI. p. 144. Two vols. remaining in MS. have not appeared. 7269 FABRICIUS, J. Alb. Bibliotheca græca s. notitia scriptor. vett. græcor., quorumcunque monumenta integra aut fragmenta edita extant. Ed. III. Hmb. 1718-28. 4°. 14 voll.

A combination of knowledge of things and of literature, which since that time has scarcely appeared again, an immense acquaintance with books, and a multifariousness not satisfied with the mere object which he is discussing, are the character of all the works of this learned man, who was an honour to his country. On account of the mass and fulness of the notices, often given incidentally and not always in correct order, they can be used under continually fresh points of view, and even on account of this inexhaustibleness they are deserving of the most careful study of every one.


Ed. IV. curante Thph. Cp. Harles. Hmb., Bohn, 17901809. large 4°. 12 vols. (68 d. 16 gr., on writing paper 92 d. 16 gr.)

Harles has shewn, in the composition of this edition, which is enlarged to about half, extraordinary industry, yet but little judgment; consult the solid review of the 2nd vol. in the Allg. litt. Anz. 1796, No. 40 -45. It requires to be thoroughly digested, is deficient in arrangement and accuracy, much that is incorrect is copied from the commonest sources, and an unnecessary prolixity prevails throughout. My own experience has taught me, that the bibliographical part especially, as far as it belongs to Harles, is full of mistakes, and is very little to be depended upon. It is not yet finished. The

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bibliotheca latina nunc melius delecta, rectius digesta et aucta diligentia J. A. Ernesti. Lps., Weidmann, 1773-74. large 8°. 3 voll. (3 d. 16 gr., on writing paper 4 d. 16 gr.)

The superintendence of this new edition was at the commencement undertaken by Cp. Saxe, who was hindered in it by his promotion in Holland, and often shews his dissatisfaction with Ernesti's performance in the Onomasticon. Mercier de St. Léger has also written on the title of his copy: Editio castrata, interpolata floccique faccienda; in illa tamen extant additiones alicujus momenti ( Millin Magas. encycl. 1815. VI. 276). In fact Ernesti has allowed himself in omissions and contractions, which are not compensated by his additions. The book is also very incorrectly printed, and the indices are wanting. Beck, counsellor and knight, has promised to give a 4th volume. It were desirable that he would be pleased to give instead a new edition of the entire work.

7273 bibliotheca latina mediæ et infimæ ætatis, cum supplemento Mansi correcta, illustrata et aucta. Ch. Schöttgenii. Editio a J. Dm. Patavii, 1754. 4°. 6 voll.

At first, Hmb. 1734-46. 8°. 6 vols. Mercier de St. Léger made collections for a new edition. His copy enlarged with many additions is still in the library of S. Genevieve at Paris. (Millin Magas, encycl. 1795, III. 179 not. 1815, VI. 277). A new edition or at least a serviceable abridgment is greatly to be desired, as Mansi's edition is scarce.

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