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Deific! For her poetic allegories inspire imploration into the unknown or undefined, yet skillfully link everything that one might encounter during the course of one’s seemingly uneventful life back to the sacred realities of our times. Words by verse, the poet reveals invasive and treacherous ways of our kind while offering a divine gift of 'dreams'. Meanwhile, you're here to encounter a deeply personal revelation-what is the cost of these dreams? 'Loneliness' so whispers our masterful Monster. Her seraphic spirit echoes as Germanic heathens could therefore say, along with William Blake, 'For everything that lives is holy, life delights in life; Because the soul of sweet delight can never be defil'd'.
Looking forward to read more of her poems and parables, myths and legends.
Best wishes,

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Absolutely loved each and every poem by the young soldier. The intricate details of the poem have amazed me as to how such a young person can have a keen eye for things, we as adults fail to acknowledge.
Soulful as a morning breeze, Prisha has made sure that this book leaves the reader delighted and refreshed.

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I have gone through few of them. Nice writing Prisha. At a very young age you seem to be aptly sensible and concious to others sufferings and happiness wonderful choice of words. Well done and best of the poetry again.
SreedevI. Konidena

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