hungary and transylvania

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Page 471 - Should I turn upon the true prince? Why, thou knowest, I am as valiant as Hercules : but beware instinct ; the lion will not touch the true prince. Instinct is a great matter; I was a coward on instinct. I shall think the better of myself and thee, during my life; I, for a valiant lion, and thou for a true prince.
Page 400 - ... by seizing our castles, lands, possessions, and in any other manner they can, till the grievance is redressed according to their pleasure; saving harmless our own person, and the persons of our queen and children ; and when it is redressed, they shall obey us as before.
Page 206 - Pest about the end of May, and in autumn at Parendorf near Presburg — and are so well attended, that it is evident they suit the taste of the people, and it is highly probable that they will one day form a part of the national amusements.
Page 292 - ... generally only of one chamber, where the whole family must live. Attached to the house is a shed for the oxen and pigs ; horses and sheep they have none. I must confess, I cannot speak so minutely of the interior of the cottages here as at Z , for, in going towards one of them, I stepped tip to the knees in a mess of putrefying hemp; which, with the filthy appearance of the children crowding the threshold, effectually cooled my curiosity. Such are the varieties to be found among the Hungarian...
Page 69 - Csejta stands, was a small cottage inhabited by two old women, and between the cellar of this cottage and the castle was a subterranean passage, known only to one or two persons, and never used but in times of danger. With the aid of these crones and her steward, the poor girl was led through the secret passage to the cottage, where the horrid deed was accomplished...
Page 443 - I have learned in travelling to place little trust in others' eyes ; but I have myself seen enough, even in this short visit, to say that there are few mountain chains possessing more wild beauty and more savage grandeur than the Tatra of Hungary. Our route now lay through the county of Zips, passing the towns Kesmark, Leutschau, and Eperies. In Kesmark there is nothing remarkable, except the ruins of an old castle which formerly belonged to the family Tokoly, by whose restless ambition and warlike...
Page 132 - Under liberal governments, where they might enjoy protection and justice, they are scarce ; but in Turkey, where I have seen an angry Moslem cut off a Jew's ears because he could not bargain with him, every second man you meet is a Jew. In Hungary, the greater part of the trade is carried on by means of Jews, who from their command of ready money in a country where that commodity is scarce, enjoy peculiar facilities. The Jew early in spring makes his tour round the country, and bargains beforehand...
Page 193 - ... a few minutes we were again under weigh. As I saw the long tables laid out along both sides of the deck, and a merry party of not less than a hundred persons sit down to a comfortable dinner, as well served as was possible on such an occasion, I could not help contrasting our present position, and its well-ordered society, with a voyage on the Danube before the introduction of steam-boats, and the strange incidents and odd companions to which it introduced the traveller. It was but three years...
Page 400 - ... five-and-twenty barons shall, together with the community of the whole land, distrain and distress us in all possible ways, namely, by seizing our castles, lands, possessions, and in any other way they can, until redress has been obtained as they deem fit, saving harmless our own person, and the persons of our queen and children; and when redress has been obtained, they shall resume their old relations towards us.

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