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1861 1878 1878 1880

ABÉLARD (Petri), Ouvrages inédits, pour servir à l'histoire de la Philosophie
Scolastique en France, publiés par V. Cousin, 4to (Doc. sur l'Hist. de France) 1836

Opera, hactenus seorsim edita nunc primum in unum collegit, textum ad
fidem librorum editorum scriptorumque recensuit, notas, argumenta, indices
adjecit V. Cousin, adjuvantibus C. Jourdain et E. Despois, 2 vol. 4to (Doc.
sur l'Hist. de France)

Abelard, by Prof. G. C. Robertson.-Encyc. Brit., I.
ABERCROMBIE (Dr. John), The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings, 6th edit., 12mo 1841

Inquiries concerning the Intellectual Powers, and the Investigation of
Truth, 11th edit., 8vo

ABERCROMBY (Lord), Account of the Life of.—Mackenzie's Works, VII.
ABINGDON, MONASTERII DE, Chronicon, ed. by the Rev. J. Stevenson, 2 vol. roy.
8vo (Chronicles)

ABNEY (Capt. Wm. de W.), Photography.-- Encyc. Brit., XVII
ABOUT (Edmond) :
La Grèce Contemporaine, 2nde édit., 12mo

Nos Artistes au Salon de 1857, 12mo ..
Tolla, ke édit , 12mo

La Question Romaine, 8vo

Brux. 1859
Les Mariages de Paris, 12mo

Rome Contemporaine, onde édit., 8vo..
Maitre Pierre, 12mo ..

Le Nez d'un Notaire, lle édit., 12mo
Le Roi des Montagnes, 15e édit.,

L'Homme à l'Oreille Cassée, 3e édit., 12mo
Germaine, 3e édit., 12mo

Madelon, 8e édit., 12mo
ABRANTÈS (Mme. Junot, Duchesse d'), Mémoires de ; ou, Souvenirs Historiques

sur Napoléon, la Révolution, le Directoire, le Consulat, l'Empire et la Re-
stauration, 18 vol. 8vo

1831-35 ABULCACIM TARIF, Historia verdadera del Rey Don Rodrigo en la Qual se Trata

la Causa principal de la pérdida de España, y la conquista que de ella hizo
Miramamolin Almancor, Rey que fuè de el Africa, y de las Arabias ; y vida
del Rey Jacob Almancor, nuevamente traducida de Lengua Arabiga por
Miguel de Luna, septima impression, sm. 4to

Madrid, [1676]
Histoire et Mémoires de Litterature de l'Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, depuis son

établissement (plates and fucsimiles), 50 vol. 4to. (The Indices are in Vols. 11, 22, 33, and

Tableau Raisonné et Methodique des Ouvrages contenus dans ce recueil, 4to
Table des Matierès depuis Tome XLV. jusques le Tome L., 4to

Institut de France.
ACADIA, Limits of, 2 vol. 4to

1755 Vol. 1. Memorials of the English and French Commis.


Vol. 2. Concerning St. Lucia.
saries concerning the limits of Nova Scotia or Acadia.
ACHILLES Tatius. The Loves of Clitopho and Leucippe.-Greek Romances.
ACKERMANN (R.), A History of the University of Oxford, its Colleges, Halls,
and Public Buildings (ports, and coloured plates), 2 vol. imp. 4to

The History of the Colleges of Winchester, Eton, and Westminster; with
the Charter-house, the Schools of St. Paul's, Merchant Taylors, Harrow, and

Rugby, and the Free School of Christ's Hospital (coloured plates), imp. 4to ... 1816
ACLAND (T. D.), Account of the New Oxford Examinations for the title of

Associate in Arts and Certificates for the year 1858, also Letters from J.
Hullah, W. Dyce, J. Ruskin, G. Richmond, and Rev. F. Temple, and Papers
relating to the West of England Examination, 2nd edit., to which are appended

the Regulations adopted by the Universities of Cambridge and Durham, 8vo 1858 Acosta (J. de), Testimonies concerning the River Amazones.Hakluyt's Voy., IV.

Observations touching the naturall Historie of the Heavens, etc.Purchas'
Voy., III.

Mexican Antiquities.-Purchas' Voy., III.
ACROPOLITA (Georg.).—Annales (T. Dousae et L. Allatii Notæ]. Gr. et Lat., cum
Indice recog. J. Bekkerus, 8vo (Byzant. Script., XV.)

Вопп. . 1836


1791 1843






ACTON (R.), Australia.--Encyc. Brit., III.
ACTS OF PARLIAMENT.Parliament, Statutes.
ADAIR (R. A. Shafto), The Militia of the United Kingdom, 8vo

... [ ] Militia Sketch-Map of England and Wales, 1855. Plan of an Artillery Defence of East Suffolk, 1855 (in case), 8vo

1 ADAIR (Sir Robert), Historical Memoir of a Mission to the Court of Vienna in 1806, 8vo ...

1844 Negotiations for the Peace of the Dardanelles in 1808-9, being a Sequel to the Memoir of his Mission to Vienna in 1806, 2 vol. 8vo

1845 ADALBÉRON, Dialogue avec le Roi Robert.-Guizot, Coll. des Mém., VI. ADAN BLAIR.—[Lockhart.] ADAM OF COBSAM, The Wright's Chaste Wife, a merry tale A.D. 1462, ed. by F. J. Furnivall, 8vo (Early Eng. Text Soc.)

1865 ADAMS (Clement), The Discoverie of Muscovia by R. Chancelor. Hakluyt's Voy.,

1. ; Pinkerton's Voy., I.
ADAMS (Prof. C. K.), Michigan.- Encyc. Brit., XV.
ADAMS (John).- Ulloa.
ADAMS (William), Voyage by the South Sea to Japan.—Purchas' Voy., I. ; Adven-

tures in Japan.Harris' Voy., I.
ADAMSON (Mich.), A voyage to Senegal, the Isle of Goree, and the River Gambia.

-Pinkerton's Voy., XVI.
ADAMSON (Prof. Robert), Bacon.Encyc. Brit., III.; Berkeley, III.; Bishop Butler,

IV. ; Category, V. ; Erigena, VIII. ; Fichte, IX. ; Gassendi, X.; Hermann,

XI. ; David Hume, XII. ; F. H. Jacobi, XIII. ; Kant, XIII. ; Logic, XIV. ADDERLEY (C. B.), Essay on Human Happiness, 12mo

1849 Tracts (Adderley). ADDINGTON (Rt. Hon. Henry, first Viscount Sidmouth).-Sidmouth. ADDIS (William E.) and ARNOLD (T.), A Catholic Dictionary containing some ac

count of the Doctrine, Discipline, Rites, Ceremonies, Councils, and Religious Orders of the Catholic Church, 2nd edit., 8vo

1884 ADDISON (Joseph), Miscellaneous Works, 4 vol. 8vo



Vol. 1. Poems ; Translat ons ; Essays; etc.
Vol. 2. Rosamond ; Cato; The Drummer ; The Whig

Examiner; The Lover.
Vol. 3. The Evidences of the Christian Religion ;

Dialogues upon the Usefulness of ancient Medals,

especially in relation to the Greek and Latin Poets;
The present state of the War; Trial of Count
Vol. 4. Remarks on several parts of Italy.

Plays.- Theatre (Brit.), IV., XIV.
Poems.Poets (Eng.), IX.
Addison, by W. J. Courthope, p. 8vo (English Men of Letters)

1884 Addison, by W. Spalding, LL.D.Encyc. Brit., I.

Ovidius, Spectator.
ADDISON (Lancelot), An account of West Barbary.Pinkerton's Voy., XV.
ADELUNG (Johann, Christoph.), Mithridates oder allgemeine Sprachenkunde, mit

dem Vater Unser als Sprachprobe in bey nahe fünfhundert Sprachen und
Mundarten, mit wichtigen Beyträgen von Dr. J. S. Vater, 4 vol. 8vo Berlin, 1806-17

Grammatisch-Kritisches Wörterbuch der Hochdeutschen Mundart, mit beständiger Vergleichung der übrigen Mundarten besonders aber der Oberdeutschen, mit D. W. Soltau's Beyträgen, revidirt und berichtiget von F. X. Schönberger, 4 vol. 4to

Wien, 1811 Historical Sketch of Sanscrit Literature, with copious Biographical Notices of Sanscrit Works and Translations from the German, with numerous additions and corrections, Svo

Oxford, 1832

ADLER (Prof. F.).-Schliemann.
ADOLPHUS (John), The History of England from the accession to the decease of
King George the Third, 7 vol. 8vo

1840-45 “ADVENTURE" (The) Voyage of.—Fitzroy. ADVENTURER (The).-Essayists (Brit.), XIX.-XXI. AEHRENFELD (Mosig von).-Schafarik. ÆLIANUS.—De Natura Animalium, varia Historia, Epistolæ, et Fragmenta, Por

phyrii Philosophi De Abstinentia et De Antro Nympharum, Philonis Byzantii De Septem Orbis Spectaculis. Recognovit adnotatione critica et Indicibus instruxit R. Hercher, roy. 8vo

Paris, 1858 ÆSCHINES.-—-Orationes. --Oratores Græci, III., IV. ÆSCHYLUS :

Tragoediæ.-Dramatici Graeci, I. II.
Tragedies, traps., with Critical and Illustrative

Notes, and an Introduction by T. A. Buck-
ley (port.), 12mo (Bohn's Class. Lib.)

The Agamemnon, trans. from the Greek by W.
Peter, 18mo

Philadelphia, 1852
I. Persiani, tradotta: -- Alfieri, xxi.
Æschylus, trans. into English Prose by F. A.
Paley, 8vo..

Canıb. 1864
Agamemnon of, and the Bacchanals of Euripi.

des, with passages from the Lyric and Later Poets of Greece, trans, by H. H. Milman, D.D., 8VO


The Agamemnon, transcribed by R. Browning,
fcp. Svo

1877 Æschylus, by R. S. Copleston, D.D., fcp. Svo

(Collins' Anc. Classics), 1870 .. reprint 1830
Æschylus, by J. S. Blackie.-Encyc. Brit., 1.
Outline Illustrations of.-Flaxman.
The Eumenides of Æschylus, as performed by

Members of the University at the Theatre
Royal, Cambridge, December, 1885, drawn
and etched by R. Farrer, ob. 4to Camil, 1886

ÆsopiCAE Fabulae Collectae, ex recognitione C. Halmii, sm. 8vo Lipsiae, 1881

Fables of Æsop, and other Eminent Mythologists, with Morals and Reflections by Sir Roger L'Estrange. (A Reprint of the Third Edition, corrected and amended, 1669), imp. 8vo

[1879) Dissertation upon the Fables of.—Bentley's Works, II.

ÆTHELWEARD, Chronicon.--Monumenta Hist. Brit.
AFFLECK (Dr. James 0.), Anæsthesia. — Encyc. Brit., I.; Apoplexy, II. ; Bron-

chitis, IV. ; Cholera, V. ; Croup, VI.; Diphtheria, VII. ; Epilepsy, VIII. ;
Fever, IX.; Goitre, X.; Gout, XI.; Hydrocephalus, XII.; Hydro-
phobia, XII.; Jaundice, XIII.; Measles, XV.; Neuralgia, XVII. ;
Paralysis, XVIII.; Phthisis, XVIII.; Pleurisy, XIX.; Pneumonia,

XIX; Rheumatism, XX.; Rickets, XX.
AGAPIDA (Fray Antonio).- Irving.
AGASSIZ (Louis), Études sur les Glaciers, roy. 8vo,

Neuchatel, 1810
Atlas de Planches, fol

... [ ] An Essay on Classification, 8vo

1859 Agassiz, by Prof. W. C. Williamson.-Encyc. Brit., I.

AGATHIAS. - Historiæ et Epigrammata. [B. Vulcaniis Notæ.] Gr. et Lat., cum
Indice, recens. B. G. Niebuhr, 8vo (Byzant. Script., I.)

Bonn, 1828 AGINCOURT (Seroux d’), History of Art by its Monuments, from its Decline in the

Fourth Century to its Restoration in the Sixteenth Century, trans. from the
French (plates), 3 vol. in 1, fol

Vol. 1.--Architecture. Vol. 2.-Sculpture. Vol. 3.-Painting.
AGLEN (Rev. A. S.), Eschatology.- Encyc. Brit., VIII.
AGNELLUS (Arch. Thomas).—De Morte et Sepultura Henrici Regis Angliae

Junioris.-Radulphus Coggeshall. AIAZZI (G.).—Rinuccini.



AIDE MÉMOIRE a l'usage des Officiers d'Artillerie, 2nde edit. (1844), 8vo Strasbourg, 1851

to the Military Sciences, framed from Contributions of Officers of the Different Services, and ed. by a Committee of the Corps of Royal Engineers, 1853 (plates and woodcuts), 2nd edit., 3 vol. roy. 8vo

1853-62 AIDS to FAITH, ed. by Dr. W. Thomson, Bp. of Gloucester and Bristol, 8vo 1861 1. On Miracles as Evidences of Christianity, by H. 5. The Mosaic Record of Creation, by Dr. A. M'Canl. L. Mansel.

6. On the Genuineness and Authenticity of the Pen. 2. On the Study of the Evidences of Christianity, by tateuch, by G. Rawlinson. Dr. W. Fitzgerald.

7. Inspiration, by E. H. Browne. 3. Prophecy, by Dr. A. M'Caul.

8. The Death of Christ, by Dr. W. Thomson. 4. Ideology and Subscription, by F. C. Cook,

9. Scripture, and its Interpretation, by C. J. Ellicott. AIKIN (John), Essays on Song writing, with a Collection of English Songs, new edit., by R. H. Evans, 8vo

1810 AIKIN (Lucy), Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth, 3rd edit. (port.), 2 vol. 8vo

1819 Memoirs of the Court of King James the First, 2nd edit. (ports.), 2 vol. 8vo 1822 Memoirs of the Court of King Charles the First (port.), 2 vol. 8vo

1833 AILLY (Baron d').- Bourlier. AINGER (Alfred).-Lamb. AINSLIE (Herbert), Autobiography of.-[Maitland.] AINSWORTH (W. F.).-Xenophon. AINSWORTH (William Harrison), Rookwood, 12mo (Standard Nov., LXI.)

1837 The Tower of London (plates), 8vo...

1840 AIRD (Dr. A.), Forge.- Encyc. Brit., IX. AIREY (Sir R.), Opening Address, before the Board of General Officers, assembled

at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, together with the Summing-up Address, and a written Memorandum handed in to the Board on Supplies of Camp Equipage (plan), 8vo

1856 AIRY (G. B.).-Scientific Enquiry. AIRY (Osmund), Marvell.— Encyc. Brit., XV. ; Duke of Monmouth, XVI. ; Ormonde, XVII. ; John Owen, XVIII. ; Penn, XVIII. ; Pepys, XVIII.

Camden Misc., VIII. ; Gardiner ; Lauderdale Papers.

and BRIGGS (Rev. Prof. C. A., D.D.), Presbyterianism.- Encyc. Brit., XIX.
AKENSIDE (Dr. Mark), Poems.—Poets (Eng.), XIV.
ARERMAN (J. Y.).—Charles II.
ALARCHONE (Fernando), Voyage to the Gulfe of California, 1540.Hakluyt's

Voy., III.
ALARCON (Don Juan Ruiz de).—Teatro Español, IV.
ALBEMARLE (George Thomas, Earl of), Fifty years of my Life, 2nd edit. (port.), 2
vol. 8vo

ALBERT D'AIX, Histoire des Croisades.Guizot, Coll. des Mém., XX., XXI.
ALBERTI DE VILLENEUVE (François d'), Grand Dictionnaire Français-Italien (et
Italiano-Francese), 2nde édit., 2 vol. large 4to

Milan, 1840-41 ALBIGEOIS, Histoire de la Croisade contre les Hérétiques-écrite en Vers Pro

vençaux par un Poëte Contemporain, traduite et publiée par C. Fauriel, 4to (Doc. sur l'Hist. de France)

1837 ALBINOVANUS (C. Pedo).—Consolatio ad Liviam de Morte Drusi. ---Corpus Poet

arum Latinorum.
ALBON (William), Register.-S. Albani Monast., XI.
ALBUQUERQUE (Alfonso d’), Transactions of the Portuguese in India, 1509-1515. —

Kerr's Voy., VI.
ALCAEUS.Fragmenta.-Poeta Minores Greeci, III.




ALCALÁ (J. de), A Grammar of the Spanish Language, 2nd edit., 12mo

1840 ALCAZOVA (Simon d’), Expedition to the South of Peru in 1534.--Burney's Disc., I. ALCIDAMAS.-Oratores Græci, VIII. ALCINOUS.- Plato. ALCIPHRON, Rhetor, Epistolae cum adnotatione critica editae ab A. Meinekio, 8vo

Lipsiae, 1753 ALCOCK (Sir Rutherford), Japanese Art.Encyc. Brit., XIII. ALCOCK (Thomas), Voyage, 1563.-Cheinie. ALDERSEY (Laurence), Voyage to Jerusalem and Tripolis, 1581.-Hakluyt's Voy., II.

Voyage to Alexandria and Cairo, 1586.Hakluyt's Voy., II. ALEMAN (Mateo), Vida y Hechos del picaro Guzman de Alfarache (plates), 2 vol. 8vo

Amberes, 1681
ALEMANNI (Niccold).- Procopius, Rivius.
ALEMBERT (J. L. d'), Correspondance avec Mme. Du Deffand.Du Deffand.

Correspondance avec Voltaire.- Voltaire, Euvres, LXVIII., LXIX.
ALEXANDER VI. (Pope), by Dr. R. Garnett.— Encyc. Brit., I.
ALEXANDER THE GREAT, Life and Expeditions.-Arrianus, Curtius, Kinnier, Rollin,


Alexander the Great, by the Rev, Sir G. W. Cox.Encyc. Brit., I.
ALEXANDER (P. P.), Golf.- Encyc. Brit., X.
ALEXANDER (W. Lindsay, D.D.), Calvin.--Encyc. Brit., IV.; Channing, V.;

Habakkuk, XI.
ALEXANDER (Sir William), The King's Patent to, for the Plantation of Nova
Scotia, in America.—Purchas' Voy., IV.

ALFIERI (Vittorio, da Asti), Opere (port.), 13 vol. in 7, 8vo

Padova, 1809
Vol. 1. Filippo.
Vol. 6. Saul.

Vol. 11. L'Etruria vendicata.


Metro 2. Virginia. 7. Bruto primo.

L'America libera. 3. Agamennone.

Panegirico di Plinio a
Bruto secondo.

8. Filippo.

Parigi shastigliato, Ode. 4. Ottavia, Polinice.

Le Mosche e le Api.

13. Elogio a Alfieri di A.
9. Del Principe delle

Buccellini. 5. Maria Stuarda.


Lettere di 0. Falletti di
La Congiura de' Pazzi.
10. Della Tirannide.

Don Garzia.

Opere Postume, 22 vol. in 10, 8vo ...

Brescia, 1809 Vol. 1-2. Vita.

Vol. 8-11. Virgilio, Eneide tradotta. 3. Rime : Sonetti, Abéle tramelogedia.

12-17. Terenzio, Commedie tradotte. 4. L'Alceste di Euripide, Alceste seconda.

18-20. Sallustio Guerra di Catilina ed Guerra di 5. L'Uno-J. Pochi.

Guigurta, tradotta. 6. J. Troppi - L'Antidoto.

21. Eschilo, I Persiani ; Sofocle, Il Filottéte 7. La Finestrina-Il Divorzio.


22. Aristofane, Le Rane tradotta-Satire. ALFORD (Dean Henry), Quebec Chapel Sermons, 7 vol. 12mo

1856-57 Dean Alford, by C. Kent.Encyc. Brit., I.

Bible (Greek Text), Tracts (Alford).
ALFRED'S (King) Version of the Pastoral Care.Gregory.
ALGER (William Rounseville), The Solitudes of Nature and of Man; or, the
Loneliness of Human Life, 12ino

Boston, 1867
The Friendships of Women, 12mo

ib. 1868 ALHACEN, The Arabic History of Tamerlane, done into French by Jean Du

Bec.-Purchas' Voy., III. ALHOY (Maurice).- Robert Macaire. ALI PASHA, Life.- Davenport.

12. Versi






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