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Warton, Bentham, Grose, and Milner, royal 8vo. 12 plates, bds. 8s

fices," par Legrand (pub. at £10. 10s) hand- | ESSAYS ON GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE, by somely hf. bd. morocco, £6. 6s Bruxelles, 1839-42 A work interesting to every inan of taste, and indispensable to the architect. DURAND ET LEGRAND, Essai sur l'Histoire Générale de l'Architecture, pour servir de Texte explicatif au "Recueil et Parallèle des Edifices, 8vo. neatly hf. bd. 10s 6d

DURAND, Partie Graphique des Cours d'Architec-
ture, faits à l'Ecole Royale Polytechnique, 4to.
34 folding plates of Plans, Elevations,and Sections,
neatly hf. bd. russia, 18s
Paris, 1821
DUTENS, Recherches sur l'Usage des Voutes
chez les Anciens, 4to. hf. bd. calf, 2s 6d 1805
tham-Boisserée-Brown-Cathedrals, page 83-
Clarke - Coney Petrie - Storer, page 194—
and Documents relative to the, 4to. with 2 fine
plates, (pub. at £1. 1s) bds. 7s
See Smeaton.
-Denon, Voyage dans l'Egypte-Description de
l'Egypte, puge 97 - Norden's Travels in Egypt
and Nubia, page 157—Vyse's Pyramids of Gizeh,

page 211.


ELMES' Life of Wren-See Wren.
ELTHAM PALACE. Dunnage and Laver's Plans,

Elevations, Sections, Details and Views of the
Great Hall of the Royal Palace of Eltham, in
Kent, impl. 4to. 20 plates, (pub. at £1. 1s) bds.



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tory of the same, 1769-Homer on Roads,
Oxford, 1767-Pownall on Drainages and
Canals, 1775-8vo. hf. bd. 5s

DUTENS (T.) Memoires sur les Travaux
Publics de l'Angleterre, 4to. with 14 folding
plates of Canals, Bridges, Ports, &c. bds. 15s

Paris, 1819

ELEVEN TRACTS and Reports on Canals and
Inland Navigation and Levels, printed between
1770 and 73, mostly with large coloured plans,
folio, boards, 10s

FULTON'S Treatise on Canal Navigation,
17 plates, 1796-Chapman on the various Sys-
tems of Canal Navigation, 4 plates, 1797-
Playfair's Method for saving two-thirds of
the Water usually employed in working Locks,
3 plates, in 1 vol. 4to. calf, 14s
ENGINEERS, Vol. 1. 4to. 29 plates, (pub. at
£1. 10s) bds. £1. 4s


Vol. 2. is pub. at £1. 8s-Vol. 3. at £2. 68, and may

be had.

THE CIVIL ENGINEER AND ARCHITECT'S JOURNAL, 2 vols. 4to. cloth, £1. 10s 1837-40 See Brees- Busson-Dugdale-Parnell-Rennie


ERDMANNSDORF'S Architectonische Studien, imperial folio, containing 4 large Details and Measurements of Capitals and Columns of Buildings at Rome, sewed, 10s 6d 1805 ESSAYS ON ARCHITECTURE AND PAINT

ING: Principles of Design in Architecture, 1809 Da Vinci's Treatise on Painting, by Rigaud, with a Life by Hawkins, 23 plates and other figures, 1802-in 1 vol. 8vo. neatly hf. bd. russia, 10s 6d

1808 ESSEX, ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS, Engravings and Views, illustrative of, by W. Hillyer, atlas folio, comprising Views, Elevations, and Sections of Designs for B. Gascoyne, Esq. at Barking; Gibbs, Esq. of Horkesley Park; - Holford, Esq.; Chelmsford Gaol and Assize House; Saffron Walden Church, &c. in all 51 plates, hf. bd. £2. 2s EWBANK'S (T.) Hydraulic and other Machines for Raising Water, large 8vo. plates, bds. 18s FALCONER'S Marine Dictionary-See CLASS Mathe

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FISCHER'S HISTORICAL ARCHITECTURE, (the descriptions are in French and German) 4 vols. nearly 100 fine large Views of the most celebrated Ancient and Modern Buildings in all parts of the World, illustrating the Rise, Progress, Decline and Revival of Architecture Divers Vases antiques, Egyptiens, Grecs, Romains et Modernes, avec quelques uns de l'invention de Fischer, 13 engravings of Vases5 vols. in 1, imperial oblong folio, old calf, £1. 16s Leipzig, 1725 the same, folded into half size, folio, old calf, £1.5s

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ORIGINAL DRAWINGS BY THE CELEBRATED LUCA, CARLEVARIIS: L'Architettura Militare o'sia maniera di Fortificare le Piazze, diviso in tre libri; I, della Geometria; II, del Modo di Fortificare; III, d'Espugnare il Fortificato e' defenderlo controgli Espugnatori, folio, 150 Designs and Plans, beautifully executed in Indian Ink,with MANUSCRIPT Descriptions very clearly written, hf. bd. £2s. 2s Venetia, 1704 BORDWINE'S Memoir of a proposed New System of permanent Fortification, IN ENGLISH AND FRENCH, 4to. with 6 folding plates, cloth,


1834 MACAULAY'S Field Fortification, the Atlas only, folio, 12 plates, hf. bd. russia, 7s 1834 PERSON (N.) Martis Labores, oblong folio, 75 Plans and Maps of Fortifications and Fortified Towns in Germany and France, principally along the Rhine, Moselle, Meuse, Schelde, and Danube, &c. old calf, 10s 6d Moguntia, 1692 STRAITH'S Treatise on Fortification, with observations on the Increased Effects of Artillery, 8vo. with folio atlas of 14 plates, hf. bd russia, 18s

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VAUBAN. Les Forces de l'Europe, &c. ou descriptions des principales Villes, avec leur Fortifications, particulièrement celles de la France, dont les plans ont été levez par Monsieur de Vauban, 14 parts in 2 vols. oblong folio, containing 317 plates of Views of fortified Towns and Military Machines and Instruments for Attacking and Defending Fortifications, by De Fer, old French calf, 18s Paris and Amsterdam (1700?) -See CLASS Mathematics-" Military Sciences." FOSSE (J. C. DE LA) Algemeen Kunstenaar's Handboek. A Collection of Designs for Fountains, Monuments, Tombs, Pedestals, Medallions, Tablets, Vases, Doors, Chimneys, Chandeliers, Clusters of Military, Pastoral, Hunting, Fishing, Musical and Amatory Attributes, with Descriptions in Dutch and French, 2 vols. in 1, folio, 103 fine plates, hf. bd. rare, £1. 15s Amst. FOULSTON'S PUBLIC BUILDINGS erected in the West of England, as designed by Foulston, imperial 4to. 117 plates, consisting of Plans, Elevations, and very elaborate Details of several of the largest public Buildings erected of late Years in Plymouth and Devonport, (pub. at £4. 4s) cloth, bds. £2. 2s 1838 FRANCINE (Al. Florentin) Livre d'Architecture, contenant plusieurs Portiques sur les cinq ordres de Colomnes, folio, portrait, and 40 plates of Ornamental Porticos, Triumphal Arches, &c. limp vellum, £1. 1s Paris, 1631

New Book of Architecture, folio, portrait and 40 plates of ornamental Gates,&c. old calf, 15s 1669 FREART DE CHAMBRAY Parallèle de l'Architecture Antique et Moderne, 44 plates, first impressions, Paris, 1650-Palladio, Quatre livres de l'Architecture, numerous woodcuts, Paris,1650 -2 vols. in 1. folio, old red morocco, gilt edges, French Royal Arms on sides, £1. 1s


Parallèle de l'Architecture Antique et Moderne, folio, 54 plates, very neat in calf, 10s 6d Paris, 1706 See Androuet-Blondel· De L'Orme-Detournelle-Francine- FreartKrafft-Le Pautre-Mariette-Marot-Wiebeking. FREZIER, Theorie et Pratique de la Coupe des Pierres et des Bois, pour la Construction des Voûtes et autres parties des Bâtimens, ou Traité de Stéréotomie à l'Usage de l'Architecture, 3 vols. 4to. 113 plates, hf. bd. uncut, 15s Par. 1737 the same, 3 vols. 4to. French cf. 18s ib. 1754-69 FRONTINUS de Aquaeductibus Urbis Romae, cura Poleni, 4to. plates and maps, neat in calf, 15s Patavii, 1722 FURNITURE See Hope-King-Schinkel-Shaw'CLASS Books of Prints, Moyen Age, page 156. FINIS PYRAMIDIS; or, disquisitions concerning the Great Pyramid of Giza, or Ancient Memphis in Egypt, Linear Measure, etc. 8vo. hf. bd. 1805

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3s 6d GANDY'S Rural Architecture, consisting of various Designs for Country Buildings, with Estimates, 4to. 42 plates, (pub. at. £2. 2s) bds. 10s GARDENS-See Landscape Gardening. GAUTHIER (P.) les plus beaux Edifices de la Ville de Gênes, folio, numerous plates, £6. 6s

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Paris, 1818-31

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Fischer-Klenze-Moller-Romberg Schinkel

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the same, imperial folio, fine plates, rough calf, £2.2s GLASS-MAKING.



ART DE LA VERRERIE, de Neri, Merret, Kunckel, etc. avec un Memoire sur la manière de faire le Saffre, et le Secret des vraies Porcelaines de la Chine et de Saxe, 4to. 16 plates of GlassBlowing, Porcelain Manufacture, &c. old calf, Paris, 1752 - BLANCOURT, Art of Glass, showing how to make all sorts of Glass, Crystal and Enamel, likewise the making of Pearls, Precious Stones, China, and Looking-Glasses, &c. 8vo. plates, old calf, 6s


GLOSSARY OF TERMS used in Grecian, Roman, Italian, and Gothic Architecture, new edition (being the Fourth), very greatly enlarged, 2 vols. 8vo. illustrated by nearly 1200 woodcuts, cloth, £1. 12s 1846

Companion to the Glossary, containing a Chronological Table, and a General Index, with Le Keur's plates to Britton's Architectural Dictionary, Wood-cuts, etc. 8vo. cloth, 16s 1846 GOODWIN'S DOMESTIC ARCHITECTURE, a Series of New Designs for Mansions, Villas, Rectory Houses, Parsonage Houses; Bailiff's, Gardener's, Gamekeeper's, and Park-Gate Lodges Cottages and other Residences, in the Grecian, Italian, and Old English style of Architecture, designed with strict reference to the practicability of Erection, and with due attention to the important consideration of uniting economy with elegance, convenience, and domestic comfort, with specifications and accurate estimates to each design, and Observations on the choice of Site, new edition, with 12 supplementary Plans of Labourers' Cottages, 2 vols. royal 4to. 96 plates, (pub. at £5. 5s) elegantly bound in cloth, £2. 12s 6d 1835

the same, WITH THE PLATES COLOURED, (pub. at £8. 8s) cloth bds. £4. 4s

The late Mr. Goodwin established a deservedly high reputation for the elegance of his designs, which are familiar to those who have travelled through the midland counties, and in Ireland. Lissadell Court was built by him, and the details are included in these volumes. GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE, Essays and Examples: Whittington's Ecclesiastical Antiquities of France, plate, 1811 - Milner's Ecclesiastical Architecture of England, during the Middle Ages, 10 plates, 1811-Haggitt on Gothic Architecture, 5 plates, Cambridge, 1813- Miller's Description of Ely Cathedral, 10 plates, 1808— Britton's Redcliffe Church, Bristol, 12 plates, - Hawkins' on the Origin of Gothic Architecture, 11 plates, 1813 - Gunn on the Origin and Influence of Gothic Architecture, 6 plates, 1819-Lascelles' Heraldic Origin of Gothic Architecture, 1820-together in 3 vols. 8vo. uniformly hf. bd. in russia, £1. 16s See Betham


- Bloxam · Carter Caveler

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HIRT'S History of the Architecture of the Ancients, (in German) 3 vols. 4to. and an atlas of 33 plates, in folio, (pub. at £7. 10s) sewed, £1. 16s

ib. 1821 HIRT'S History of the Architecture of the Ancients, the plates only, 2 parts, atlas folio, 10s 6d

GRECIAN ARCHITECTURE, a Set of, containing Stuart's Athens-Wood's Palmyra and Balbec-Inedited Antiquities of Attica-Ionian Antiquities—Inwood's Erechthecon-Major's Pastum, and Le Roy Ruines de la Gréce, see page 119-See also Canina Inwood-Ionian-Stuart's Antiquities of Athens, page 196- Unedited Anti-HITTORFF ET ZANTH, ARCHITECTURE Moquities of Attica, page 69-Wilkins. LA SICILE, imperial folio, 76 fine engravings, comprising Views, Elevations and Sections, (pub. at £8.) £4. 10s


Architettura Civile,

folio, 186 plates, bds. uncut, £1. 8s Torino, 1737 GUNN'S Inquiry into the Origin and Influence of Gothic Architecture, 8vo. 6 plates, (pub. at 15s) bds. 5s 1819 GUTENSOHN E KNAPP, Monumenti della Religione Cristiana, o Basiliche Cristiane di Roma, 6 parts in 1 vol. impl. folio, consisting of 42 plans and designs of Churches, built from the fourth to the thirteenth centuries at Rome, bds. £3. 13s 6d Roma, 1823 GWILT'S Elements of Architectural Criticism, for the Use of Students, Amateurs, and Reviewers, royal 8vo. cloth bds. 5s 1837 Examples of Shadows. 8vo. plates, bds. 6s 1839 Rudiments of Architecture, royal 8vo. with 17 plates of the Orders, their parts, proportions, etc., bds. 12s 1839 Encyclopædia of Architecture, historical, theoretical, and practical, 1 thick vol. 8vo. with 1100 wood-cuts by Branston, from drawings by Seb. Gwilt, cloth bds. £2. 8s


Account of St. Paul's Cathedral Church, 8 engravings by Pugin and Le Keux, royal 8vo. not published, only 25 copies printed, bds. 8s 1823 HABERSHON'S Ancient Half-timbered Houses

of England, impl. 4to. 36 plates, and 6 on the letter-press, hf. bd. uncut, £1. 16s 1836 HALFPENNY'S GOTHIC ORNAMENTS IN THE CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF YORK, 105 plates, fine old impressions, 1795-Fragmenta Vetusta, or the Remains of Ancient Buildings in York, 34 plates, 1807-together 2 vols. impl. 4to. 139 plates, neatly half bound russia, marbled edges, £5. 15s 6d York, 1795-1807 Fragmenta Vetusta, or the Remains of Ancient Buildings in York, impl. 4to. 34 plates, (pub. at £3. 3s) bds. £1. 5s ib. 1807 Rural Architecture in the Chinese Taste, being designs for the Decoration of Gardens, Parks, Forests, Insides of Houses, &c., 8vo. 60 plates, very neat, 5s


HALL'S (SIR JAMES) Essay on the Origin and Principles of Gothic Architecture, read at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, April 6th, 1797, 4to. 5 plates, calf, 5s


Essay on the Origin, History and Principles of Gothic Architecture, enlarged, impl. 4to. with 60 plates, (pub. at £5.5s) bds. £2. 15s 1813 the same, impl. 4to. 60 plates, hf. bd russia, £2. 18s HARDING'S (T. D.) Architectural Drawings of Cottages-See page 121.


HART'S Practical Treatise on the Construction of
Oblique Arches; second edition, with additions,
impl. 8vo. 11 plates, cloth bds. 8s
HAWKINS (J. E.) on Gothic Architecture, royal
8vo. plates,(pub. at 18s) cloth lettered, 4s 6d 1813
HESSEMER'S Arabische und Alt-Italienische

Bau-Verzierungen, (Moorish, Gothic, and
Italian Architectural Ornaments), 9 parts,
folio, 90 plates, printed in colours and gold,
with German letter-press, (pub. at £4. 10s)
£3. 3s
Berlin, 1836-39


Paris, 1835 the same, impl. folio, 71 plates: without letterpress, hf. bd. morocco, £2. 12s 6d Architecture Antique de la Sicile, 8 parts, impl. folio, (all published) fine plates, £3. 13s 6d HOPE'S HISTORICAL ESSAY ON ARCHIParis, 1826, &c. TECTURE, illustrated from Drawings made by him in Italy and Germany, third edition, with General Index, 2 vols. royal 8vo. with 99 copper-plate engravings, (pub. at £2.) extra cloth boards, £1.8s 1840

"This agreeable and excellent work is the most comprehensive elucidation of the architecture of the middle ages which has ever appeared in this country. The history of one of the noblest of the fine arts is investigated with the research of the antiquary, the learning of the scholar, and the caution of the philosopher, and at the same time the composition displays in its language the elegance and refinement of the polished gentleman. What a loss has the science experienced in the death of one who, unfettered by the trammels of a professional education, free from the prejudices of the architect's narrow school of instruction, and at the same time endued with a mind liberal and enlarged, is enabled to take the widest and most extended view of his subject! By such men, and by such alone, can its remote history and origin be traced and developed. To the elucidation of the Architecture of the Middle Ages, the style sacred to the uses of the most sublime region, Mr. Hope has dedicated a large portion of his work, in this respect shewing how far his superior taste has outstripped so many of the puny writers on architecture, who, ensconced in pedantry, can see nothing beautiful in any work of the middle ages, or can even condescend to examine a sculpture which was not the work of a classical period. The plates are generally elevations, with some plans and details; there is much valuable information in the mass of documentary evidence which has been thus adduced upon the Byzantine, Lombard, and Pointed styles. They are beautifully executed in outline, and afford very good ideas of the buildings presented."-GENT.'S MAG.

Architecture, Analytical Index to, by E. Cresy, royal 8vo. sewed, 4s

Household Furniture and Interior Decoration, impl. folio, LARGEST PAPER, 60 plates (pub. at £10. 10s) bds. £2. 2s


HOPPER'S (Tho.) Letter to Lord Duncannon, in explanation of the Proceedings of the Architects, competitors for Building the New Houses of Parliament, 4to. with 2 very large folding plates, sewed, 5s

1837 HOT HOUSES, &c. Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle, Partie contenant les SERRES CHAUDES, Galerie de Minéralogie, &c. &c.,atlas folio, with 5 architectural plates of houses suited to Horticultural and Zoological Gardens, with Details, HOWARD'S (John) Account of the Prisons in unbound, 10s 6d Paris, 1837 England and Wales, and of the principal Lazarettos in Europe, 2 vols. royal 4to. best edition, 37 plates, russia extra, gilt edges, by Staggemeier, fine set, £1. 11s 6d 1791-2 the same, 2 vols. in 1, royal 4to plates, very neat in russia, 166


ARCHITECTURE, adapted to Modern Habitations, with Illustrative Details, selected from ancient Edifices, and Observations on the Furniture of the Tudor Period, royal 4to. 37 plates, (pub. at £2. 2s) neatly hf. bd. morocco, £1. 4s

1836 "A series of admirable illustrations of the most convenient and practicable combinations of modern arrangement with antique impressiveness and solidity. To all who are engaged in building we can recommend this volume as a pleasant and safe gnide. The author has displayed great knowledge and skill in all the departments of his work."-ECLECTIC REVIEW. HUNT'S ARCHITETTURA CAMPESTRE,

displayed in Lodges, Gardeners' Houses, and other Buildings, composed of simple and economical forms in the moderu or Italian style, introducing a Picturesque Mode of Roofing, royal 4to. 12 plates, (pub. at £1. 1s) neatly hf. bd. morocoo, 14s


"Of the ability and taste displayed by Mr. Hunt on architectural subjects, we have already expressed our utmost admiration. His designs are fine in their forms, and so sweetly lithographed by Mr. Hullmandel, that without a word of the text, we should be very art to buy the book for the sake of the pictures." LITERARY GAZETTE. HUNT'S HINTS ON PICTURESQUE DOMESTIC ARCHITECTURE, in a Series of Designs for Gate Lodges, Gamekeepers' Cottages, and other Rural Residences, 4to. 13 plates, (pub. at £1. 1s) neatly hf. bd. morocco, 14s 1833

"No common degree of interest has been excited by Mr. Hunt's designs. The term picturesque assumed so often, had lost somewhat of its original gusto. This work, however, will contribute to restore it to its wonted vigour and freshness; it assimilates, indeed, with those sentiments which, to the cultured mind, still associate with genuine old English architecture. The abounding variety of examples, the characteristic distinctions, the fitness, and above all, the practicability of the subjects which form this volume, are too evident to need extraneous comment. Mr. Hunt has completely illustrated, by his designs, all he has professed upon this very interesting department of art. As a work of lithography it is of surpassing


HOUSES, ALMS HOUSES, &c. with Examples of Gables and other curious Remains of Old English Architecture, royal 4to. 21 plates, (pub. at £1. 1s) neatly hf. bd. morocco, 14s HYDRAULICS.

DU BUAT, Principes d'Hydraulique, vérifiées par un grand nombre d'Expériences faites par ordre du Gouvernement, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, neatly hf. bd. calf, 10s 6d Paris, 1786 GUGLIELMINI, della Natura de' Fiumi, trattato fisico matematico, 4to. 18 plates, hf. bd. 9$ Bologna, 1739 "Ce traité, rempli d'une multitude de vues nouvelles, non moins ingénieuses qu'utile, est digne d'être médité par tous ceux qui s'occupent de cette partie de l'hydraulique."--Montucla. MATTHEWS' HYDRAULIA, an account of the Water Works of London, and the contrivances for supplying other great Cities, in different ages and countries, 8vo. 18 plates, (pub. at. 18s) cloth bds. 7s 1835

MEYER, L'Arte di restituire à Roma la tralasciata Navigatione del suo Tevere. folio, with 67 plates of Schemes for making the Tiber navigable, vellum, 12s Roma, 1685

the same, folio, old calf, 10s 6d WEIDLERI Tractatus de Machinis Hydraulicis, sm. 4to. with 5 folding plates, contains also an English treatise on the London Water Works, with a plate of the Engine for raising Water by

Fire, the first stage towards the invention of steampower, hf. bd. vellum, 7s 6d Vitemberga, 1728 See Barattieri-Belilor - Ewbank-FrontinusProny- Raccolta-Tartini-Tredgold — Wiebeking. INSTRUMENTA ECCLESIASTICA, edited by the Cambridge Camden Society, complete in 12 parts, 4to. 72 plates, £1. 10s 1846 INWOOD'S (H. W) Erechtheion at Athens: Fragments of Athenian Architecture and a few Remains in Attica, Megara, and Epirus; illustrated with Outline Plates, and a descriptive Historical View; combining also under the divisions Cadmeia, Homeros, Herodotos, the origin of Temples and of Grecian Art, of the Periods preceding, imperial folio, plates, with the letter-press, which is sometimes deficient, (pub. 1827 IONIAN ANTIQUITIES, by Chandler, Revett, at £4. 4s) bds. £1. 8s

and Pars, published by the Society of Dilet-
tanti, 2 vols. impl. folio, original edition, up-
wards of 100 fine plates and vignettes, with the
additional chapter (viz. Ch. IV. in Vol. 1, contain-
ing the TEMPLE AT JACKLY), russia extra, leather
joints, gilt edges, £7. 17s 6d

the same, 2 vols. in 1, with the additional
chapter, old russia, marbled edges, by Staggemeier,
£6. 16s 6d
the same,
2 vols. original edition, with the
additional chapter, old half binding, £5. 15s 6d

the same, 2 vols. second edition (with the additional chapter) newly hf. bd. russia extra, gilt edges, £7. 7s 1797-1821 IRELAND. Capt. Corneille's Reports on the Improvement of Dublin Harbour, folio, with 5

large folding maps, hf. bd. 5s Dublin, 1800-2 ITALIAN ARCHITECTURE - See Canina Guarini -Hittorff- Rome-Rossi-Ruggieri — Stern Taylor-Wiebeking.

JESUIT'S PRACTICAL PERSPECTIVE, applied and exemplified in Landscapes, Gardens, and Buildings of divers Kinds, from the French, by Chambers, seventh edition, 4to. containing 150 plates, calf, 16s JONES'S (E.) Principles and Practice of Levelling, 12mo. with cuts, cloth bds. 3s


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Some Designs of Inigo Jones and Wm. Kent, engraved by John Vardy, folio, 53 fine plates, of Chimney-pieces, Candelabra, Vases, &c. &c. vellum, neat, Hor. Walpole's copy, £1. 4s 1744 STONEHENGE-See English Books.

KENDALL'S GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE. An Elucidation of the Principles of Gothic Architecture, usually denominated Gothic, 8vo. illustrated by 23 fine plates, engraved by Storer, (pub. at 15s, cloth bds. 5s 1842 the same, LARGE PAPER, 8vo. (pub. at £1. 4s) extra cloth boards, 6s

the same, LARGEST PAPER, INDIA PROOFS, (Intended to match Storer's, Britton's, and Winkles' 4to. works on Cathedrals,) 4to. in 2 parts, 8s.

KING'S (T.) Cabinet Maker's Sketch Book of Plain and Useful Designs, 2 vols. royal 4to. 60 plates, (pub. at £2. 5s) bds. £1. Is

Shop Fronts and Exterior Doors, consisting of the most approved of Modern execution, and selected as being those of the best taste and greatest variety, for the use of the Architect, Builder, and Joiner, drawn to a scale by accurate measurement, oblong folio, 18 plates, (pub. at 16s) hf. bd. 9s

Original Designs for Cabinet Furniture, oblong royal 8vo, 46 coloured plates, (pub. at £1. 1s) cloth, 12s

Original Designs for Chairs and Sofas, with Music Stools, Foot Stools, Ottoman Seats, &c. oblong royal 8vo. 32 coloured plates, (pub. at £1. Is) cloth bds. 12s

Modern Style of Cabinet Work exemplified, Supplementary Plates to, 4to. 28 plain and coloured plates, (pub. at £1. 1s) hf. bd. 8s Upholsterer's Sketch Book of Original Designs for Fashionable Draperies, royal 4to. 16 plates, (pub. at 12s) sd. 5s 1839

Working Ornaments and Forms, full size, for the use of the Cabinet Manufacturer, Chair and Sofa Maker, &c. 3 parts, royal folio, 30 plates, (pub. at £1. 10s) sd. 15s

KIRBY'S PERSPECTIVE OF ARCHITECTURE, deduced from the Principles of Dr. Brook Taylor, and performed by two Rules only, of Universal Application; I. of the Architectonic Sector; II. a new Method of Drawing the five Orders, 2 vols. imperial folio, A very valuable and useful work, with 73 fine plates,very neat in calf,marbled edges, £2. 2s 1761 KLENZE'S Sammlung Architectonischer Entwürfe,


(Architectural Designs, most of which have been executed), 6 parts, atlas fol. 36 plates, comprising chiefly the new Buildings and Monuments in Munich, with their Plans, Sections, and Elevations, (pub. at £3. 15s) sd. £2. 2s München, 1830 the same, in 1 vol. hf. bd. red morocco, gilt edges, £2.18s KNIGHT'S (HENRY GALLY) Ecclesiastical Architecture-See pages 132-4. KNIGHT'S (F.) Unique Fancy Ornaments for Silversmiths and Ornamental Manufacturers, 4 parts, 4to. 30 plates, (pub. at 16s) sd. 7s 1834 KNOWLES' Elements and Practice of Naval Architecture, atlas folio volume of Plates, and a 4to. vol. of Text, hf. bd. £6. 6s KOPP'S Architectonische Entwürfe, 3 parts, imp. folio, 15 plates of Designs for Churches in the Gothic style, 7s 6d Dresden, 1832-36 KRAFFT, Recueil d'Architecture Civile, imperial folio,121 plates, comprising several hundred Plans, Elevations, and Sections of Chateaux, Villas, Cottages, English Gardens, Temples, Bridges, &c. situated in the Environs of Paris, with letter-press Descriptions, (pub. at £6.6s) bds. £2.8s Par. 1812 the same, half bound green vellum, £2. 12s 6d Plans, Coupes et Elévations de diverses productions de l'Art de la Charpente, exécutées tant en France que dans les Pays étrangers, royal folio, upwards of 500 plates, (pub. at £7. 10s) bds. £4. 14s 6d ib. 1805

Portes Cochères, Portes d'Entrée, etc. imp. oblong 4to. 50 architectural plates of Gates and Entrances in Paris, with Details, 158 ib. 1809 Choix de Maisons et d'Edifices Publics de Paris et de ses Environs; levés, mesurés, et dessinés, avec un Texte historique et critique, oblong impl. 4to. 96 plates, bds. £1. 16s ib. 1838

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KRAFFT JARDINS-See Landscape Gardening. KUHN'S Zeichnungen von der Burg Rheinstein, imperial folio, 9 plates, comprising Views, Elevations, and Details of the Castle of Rheinstein, sewed, 5s Düsseldorf. LABORDE, Projets d'Embellissemens de Paris, et de Travaux d'Utilité Publique, concernant les Ponts et Chaussées, imperial folio, 12 plates of Public Fountains, with Details, bds. 15s

Paris, 1816 MONUMENS DE LA FRANCE, classés Chronologiquement, et considérés sous le Rapport des Faits Historiques et de l'Etude des Arts, 2 vols. imperial folio, with above 270 engravings of the Antiquities of France, including those of Nismes; many with architectural details, (pub. at £40. unbound) red morocco extra, broad borders, £25. ib. 1825


ELEMENTS OF MODERN GARDENING: or the Art of laying out of Pleasure Grounds, &c.Historical View of the Taste for GardeningMiscellanies on Ancient and Modern Gardening-3 tracts, 8vo. 4s 1785


FRENCH TRACTS ON LANDSCAPE GARDENING, viz. Théorie des Jardins, (par Morel) Paris, 1776— Essai sur les Jardins, par Watelet, ib. 1774Essai sur la Nature Champêtre, (par le Marquis de Marnézia), ib. 1787 Description de Montmorenci, ib. 1784-Coup d'Oeul sur Beloeil, 1781-Le Jardin Anglois, par Masson, Paris, 1788 Description de Chantilly, par Mézières, ib. 1783 and various others, in 3 vols. 8vo. plates, old calf, £1. 4s FUELCKEN Neue Garten Lust und Ornament, oblong folio, 67 plates, Designs for Parterres, Grottoes, Ornamental Gateways, Cascades, Fountains, Orangeries, &c. engraved by Pfeffel, hf. bd. vellum, £1. 16s Augspurg, (1720 ?) GIARDINI INGLESI, dell' Arte di, 2 vols. 8vo. with 40 plates of Landscape Gardening, sewed, 10s Milano, 1813 GILPIN'S (W. S.) Practical Hints upon Landscape Gardening, with some remarks on Domestic Architecture, 8vo. plates, (pub. at £1.) boards, 12s 1832 JARDIN DE MONCEAU, près de Paris, appartenant au Duc de Chartres, atlas folio, with 18 fine large engravings of this celebrated Ornamental Garden, hf. bd. £1. ls Paris, 1779 KRAFFT (J. C.) Plans des plus beaux Jardins Pittoresques de France, de l'Angleterre et d'Allemange. Plans of the most picturesque Gardens in France, England, and Germany; with buildings, monuments, and other objects which contribute to their embellishment, oblong impl. 4to. 96 plates, with Descriptions in French, English, and German, (pub. at 150 francs) bds. £2.2s ib. 1809 the same, oblong 4to. the plates coloured, neatly hf. bd. morocco, gilt, £2. 12s 6d ib. 1809 the same, with a Supplementary volume, 2 vols. oblong imperial 4to. 192 plates, bds. £3.13s 6d ib. 1809-10 LOUDON'S Treatise on Forming, Improving and Managing Country Residences, and on the Choice of Situations appropriate to every Class of Purchasers; with Strictures on Repton's Landscape Gardening, 2 vols. 4to. with 32 plates, (pub. at £4. 4s) cloth boards, £1.10s 1806

the same, slightly discoloured, cloth, £1. 4s

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