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Heraldic Manuscripts, illuminated.

nearly twenty thousand names, with short heraldic
descriptions, neatly written on 490 pages, by Wm.
Stephens of Gainsford, formerly of Cambridge,
folio, hf. bd. red morocco, (from the library of
Geo. Allan of Darlington), £5. 5s
ARMS OF PEERS, from the time of William the
Conqueror to James I., folio, containing above
500 illuminated Coats of Arms, with old Manu-
script Descriptions, and an alphabetical Index,
neatly written, calf gilt, a fine volume, £10. 10s

the Time of Queen Elizabeth, small folio, consisting of 66 drawn Coats of Arms, with quarterings and supporters, beautifully drawn and illuminated, a fine old MS. hf. bd. russia, £3. 3s CHRONOLOGICAL SURVEY OF THE ENG

LISH NOBILITY, from William the Con-
queror to 1628, including the Bishops, sm. 4to.
accompanied by neatly written descriptions; a fine
old Manuscript, from the library of Horace
Walpole, £11. 11s

RUM, or, the Coats of Arms of all the Nobility in
England, Scotland, and Ireland, in their proper
Colours, with their several Titles, Names, and
Mottoes, all in Alphabetical order, 12mo. a
beautiful Manuscript, written in 1728, containing
450 drawings, emblazoned in gold and colours, old
red morocco, gilt on the back and sides, gilt edges,
£4. 14s 6d
NOBLE'S (Mark) Genealogical Particulars of
George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence, and his
Descendants, especially the illustrious Family of
POOLE, 8vo. MS. of 72 pages, with Pedigrees,
written for the Earl of Leicester in 1806, bds.

10s 6d
Pedigree of the Family of Don Francisco
Pasqual, (Ambassador from Charles II. of
Spain to William III. of England) and of Anne
Frampton, his Wife, from 990 to 1704, ON A
ROLL OF VELLUM, 6 ft. 8 in. long, by 2 ft. 1 in.
wide, the Names in letters of gold, with nearly
100 coats of Arms very richly emblazoned, £5. 5s
PEMBROKE FAMILY. The Creation and Suc-

cessions of the Earles of Pembroke, from the
Conquest until the Year 1621; gathered and
collected by Rich. Thomlins of Denbighe, folio,
with 25 large Drawings of Coats of Arms, ac-
companied by neatly written Descriptions, in old
red morocco, £7. 7s

VISITATION of the County of MIDDLESEX, be

gun in the year 1663, by Wm. Ryley, Lancaster
Herald, and Henry Dethick, Rouge Croix;
copied by Philip Absalom, 1821, folio, con-
taining 88 Pedigrees, with as many beautifully
illuminated Coats of Arms, hf. bd. calf, £4. 4s

ALBIZII (Ant. Nobilis Florent.) Principum Chris-
tianorum Stemmata, royal folio, with 45 fine
large Genealogical Tables, mostly with Portraits,
engraved by Dom. Custos, vellum, gilt edges,
August. Vindel. 1608
£1. 11s 6d
the same, wanting plate 16, folio, vellum, 10s 6d
ARMA REGNI POLONIÆ, (coll. Marc. Am-
brosius) sm. folio, consisting of 150 large and bold
plates of Armorial Bearings, (apparently wood-
blocks) hf. bd. calf, extremely rare, not in the British
Museum, and not known to Bibliographers, £4. 4s
Antverpiæ, 1562
different Branches of Yvery, Luvel, Perceval,
and Gournay, 2 vols. royal 8vo with all the
portraits and plates, and two additional ones, re-
markably tall and fine copy in the original calf
binding, calf gilt, very rare, £13. 13s

"This valuable genealogical work was printed (but
not originally intended for sale) by the second Earl of
Egmont, and is illustrated by many
Tables, Portraits, and Coats of Arms."-Moule. Mad-
dison's copy produced £29. Brockett's £23. Dent's
£21. 108. Nassau's £22.

Royal Genealogies, or the Genealogical Tables of Emperors, Kings, and Princes, from Adam to these Times, folio, best edition, old calf, 1736 £1. 10s ANSELME, Histoire Généalogique et Chronologique de la Maison Royale de France; des Pairs, Grands Officiers, anciens Barons, etc. 9 vols. folio, numerous engravings of arms, very Paris, 1726-33 neat in calf, £7. 17s 6d


An account of the Ancestry of many of our great English Families will be found in this authentic work. ANSTIS'S HISTORY OF THE ORDER OF THE GARTER, 2 vols. folio, plates, fine copy, old gilt russia, from the Duke of Sussex's Library, £2. 12s 6d the same, 2 vols. royal folio, LARGE PAPER, ruled with red lines, all the plates and vignettes coloured, old red morocco, gilt edges, £3. 10s the same, MR. ANSTIS' OWN COPY, WITH LARGE ADDITIONS IN MANUSCRIPT, evidently prepared for a new edition; also several original drawings, and two long Autograph Letters from Tho. Baker the Antiquarian, in 3 vols. folio, indifferent binding, £12. 12s


ORDER OF THE BATH, 4to. the Author's own copy, with very extensive additions in Manuscript; also several Autograph Letters of Eminent Literary Men, including Geo. Holmes, D. Wilkins, James West, etc. with a Manuscript Index, the whole evidently prepared for a new edition, culf, 1825 uncut, £10. 10s

"The Observations contain all which could be collected on the Order of the Bath, from the earliest period to the time when its learned author wrote, and exhibit proofs of great industry and research."-Lowndes.

ARMS of the Incorporated Companies of the City of London, being above a hundred Coats of Arms, with letter-press cut out of old books, and mounted in small folio, unbound, £1. Is


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ART HERALDIQUE, contenant la Manière d'apprendre facilement le Blason, Nouvelle edition, par A. Playne, 12mo. with upwards of 500 Coats of Arms, chiefly French, old French red morocco, gilt edges, Arms on sides, 10s 6d Paris, 1717 ASHMOLE'S HISTORY OF THE ORDER OF THE GARTER, with other matter relating to Honour and Noblesse, folio, portrait, and many fine plates by HOLLAR, with the engraved Arms of the Knights complete to No. 476, very neat in old russia, £5. 5s 1672

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the same,
olive morocco extra, borders, and gilt
edges, by Clarke, fine copy, £6. 16s 6d 1672
the same, fine portrait, and all the plates, ex-
cepting the last plate of engraved Arms, folio, old
calf, £2. 12s 6d

the same, wanting nearly all the plates, but the letter-press is complete, folio, old calf, £1. 5s 1672 BANKS' (T. C.) Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England, with the continuation to 1837, 4 vols. 4to. Genealogical tables, (pub. at £9. 9s) cloth bds. £2.8s 1807-1837 same, 4 vols. 4to. very neat in calf, £3. 8s the same, 4 vols. royal 4to. LARGE PAPER, (pub. at £13.) cloth bds. £3.


the same, 4 vols. LARGE PAPER, hf. bd. russia, £3. 10s

the same, vol. 4, separately, to complete sets

bds. 15s

the same, vol. 4, LARGE PAPER, royal 4to. bds. £1. 1s

This volume is necessary to complete the three voInmes previously published, and contains Supplements, Indexes, and Corrections, &c. It is also published as a complete work in itself, under the following title. GENEALOGICAL AND HERALDIC GLEANINGS, illustrative of the History and Descent of English Nobility, 4to. (pub. at £3 3s) cloth, 15s 1837

the same, LARGE PAPER, royal 4to. (pub. at £5. 5s) cloth, £1 1s

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General Observations on the Law of Descent of Titles.

BELTZ'S (G. F. Lancaster Herald) Review of the Memorials of the Order of the Garter from its Foundation to the Present Time, with Biographical Notices of the Knights in the Reigns of Edward III. and Richard II., royal 8vo. (pub. at £1. 10s) hf. bd. mor, uncut, 18s 1841 BERNARD, Généalogie de la Maison Royale de Bourbon, depuis le Roy S. Louis, jusques à Louis le Juste, folio, with a large folding plate, containing 40 fine portraits, from Louis IX. to Henry IV. in a Genealogical tree, beautifully engraved, hf. bd. calf, from the Duke of Susser's Library, £1. 4s Paris, 1644

BERRY'S Encyclopædia Heraldica, or complete Dictionary of Heraldry, 3 vols. 4to. plates, (pub. at f14. 5s bds.) very neat, £4. 10s

1828 - Pedigrees of the Families in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Surrey, engraved in lithography, folio, (pub. at £5. 5s) bds. £1. 8s 1837


BEVY (C. T. de) Histoire de la Noblesse Héréditaire et Successive des Gaulois, royal 4to. (Moule "all published") LARGE PAPER, very neat in culf, 15s Liege, 1791 BETHAM'S Genealogical Tables of the Sovereigns of the World, from the earliest to the present Period, folio, very neat, £1. 10s Baronetage of England, or the History of the English Baronets, and such Baronets of Scotland, as are of English Families, 5 vols. 4to. with Genealogical tables, and Engravings of Armorial Bearings, bds. £1. 15s

the same, very neat, £2. 2s



the same, 4to. very neat in russia, £3. 13s 6d Dignities Feudal and Parliamentary, and the Constitutional Legislature of the United Kingdom, Vol. 1, (all published) 8vo. (pub. at 15%) bds. 8s

1830 BOISSAT (Sieur de) Histoire des Chevaliers de l'Ordre de S. Jean de Hierusalem, avec les Statuts, les Ordonnances, etc. augmentée par Baudoin et Naberat, 3 vols. in 1, folio, containing 56 Portraits of the Grand Masters of the Knights of St. John at Malia, vellum, calf back. £1. 1s Paris, 1659 BOLTON'S Elements of Armories, sm. 4to. wants title, and damaged at end, limp vellum, 6s 1610 BOSSEWELL'S Works of Armorie: the Concordes of Armorie, the Armorie of Honor, and of Cotes and Creastes, sm. 4to. with numerous coats of arms hf. bd. calf, the first leaves damaged, 5s


Precedents of Adjudicated Cases on points of Doubt BOOK OF THE COURT; exhibiting the History, Difficulty, &c.

The Trial of Peers.

Form of Proceeding on the King's Warrant for sum-
moning of the Peers to Parliament.

Formulæ of Practice on Cases of Claim, with the
Nature and Rules of Evidence, &c.

Barones Rejecti; or, Omissions of Dugdale, Collins,
Edmondson, &c.

Extinct Royal Families of England, from the Nor-
man Conquest to the Accession of the House of


BILI DI GENOVA, 3 vols. folio, (consisting of Pedigrees), sewed, scarce, £4 4s Genova, 1825-33 BEATSON'S Political Index-See English Books. BEAUMONT, ARMES DES GOUVERNEURS, des

Lieutenans de Roy, des Provôts des Marchands et Echevins, des Procureurs et Avocats du Roy, etc. DE LA VILLE DE PARIS, folio, consisting of 117 fine plates, richly bound in old red morocco, gilt and marbled edges, Arms on sides, £2, 16s Paris, (1776) BEAUREGARD Mémoires Historiques sur la Maison Royale de Savoie, avec Tables Genealogiques, 3 vols. 8vo. sewed 10s 6d Turin, 1816

Duties and Privileges of the several Ranks of the English Nobility and Gentry, particularly of the Great Officers of State, and Members of the Royal Household, including Tables of Precedency, &c. with an Introductory Essay on Regal Ceremonial, and a full Account of the Coronation Ceremony, 8vo. (pub. at 16s) cloth gilt, 7s


This is a very useful book, giving information almost indispensable to a well-bred Englishman, yet which comparatively few possess. We can scarcely take up an historical work of any extent, or a newspaper, without reading of Public Officers and appointments, of which we have little or no information. How many are there who could correctly define the following offices -Avener, Yeoman Hanger, Yeoman Bedguer, ete., or even the better known offices of Almoner, Groom of the Stole, etc.

Had such a volume been in the hands of the editor of the "Commerce," a leading French newspaper, he would not, the other day, have made the following Judicrous blunder respecting the Chiltern Hundreds."Lord Stanley, Minister for the Colonies, has accepted the title of Lord Chiltern Hundreds, which is incomeatible with that of member of the Eleve Chamber, because it is attached to the household of the Queen."

BROOKE'S (Ralph) Catalogue and Succession of BURKE'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HERAL

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the same, second edition, sm. folio, .coats of arms; covered with interesting Manuscript Notes, very neat, from Canon Neuling's library, £1. 10s 1622 BROUN'S (Sir Richard) Baronetage of Great Britain for 1844: being a Genealogical Account of the Families forming the Sixth Degree of Dignity Hereditary, or High Nobility, fcap. 8vo. woodcuts, (pub. at 7s 6d) gilt cloth, 3s BRYDGES' Memoirs of the Peers of England

during the Reign of James I., vol. 1. imp. 4to. LARGE PAPER, interleaved and illustrated by upwards of 150 portraits, many of them scarce, hf. russia, uncut, £3. 3s 1802

This volume was lately sold for £8. 8s. Ataviæ Regiæ, royal 4to, a Genealogical work compiled for private use, and of which only 60 copies were printed, cloth bds. £1. Is

Florence, 1820

An imperfect copy was sold in Mr. Hanrott's sale for £7. 78. The work consists of a series of Genealo gical tables, with biographical memoranda of the families of Burgess and Egerton from the Norman Kings, Plantagenets, Scotland, Aquaitaine, Angouleme, Provence, Castille and Leon, France, Hainault, and Flanders, with interesting Memoirs of the author. Papers respecting the Chandos Peerage Claims, (being unpublished Fragments,) folio, the au thor's own copy, cloth bds. 15s 1822, etc.

Stemmata Illustria, royal folio, with 9 plates of Seals and Arms, one of which comprises three hundred quarterings, and is quite a curiosity, extra cloth bds. £1. Is Paris, 1825 Only 100 copies printed for private distribution. The present came from Lee Priory.

"This work is one of extraordinary character; the nature of its subject, and the limited impression, (109 copies) will always render the volume of rare occurrence. Sir E. B. was most scrupulously cautious and particular in his distribution of them. The miscellaneous, historical, biographical, and genealogical matter, will surprise the reader." A copy has been sold by auction for £10. 10s.

LEX TERRE, a Discussion on the Laws of England, (Letters, Notes, and Poems relating to his Family and his Claims) 14 Nos. printed at different times, forming in all 480 pages, with folding Table of Contents, 8vo. half bound, Geneva, 1830-31

rare, £1. Is

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DRY, OR GENERAL ARMORY OF ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, AND IRELAND, comprising a Registry of all Armorial Bearings, Crests and Mottoes, from the earliest period to the present time, including the late Grants by the College of Arms. With an Introduction to Heraldry, and a Dictionary of Terms. Third Edition, with a Supplement; one very large vol. imp. 8vo. beautifully printed in small type in double columns by Whittingham, embellished with an elaborate frontispiece, richly illuminated in gold and colours; also woodcuts, (pub. at £2. 2s) extra cloth boards, full gilt back, £1.5s


The most elaborate and useful work of the kind ever published. It contains upwards of 30,000 armorial bearings, and incorporates all that have hitherto been given by Guillim, Edmondson, Collins, Nisbet, Berry, Robson, and others; besides many thousand names which bave never appeared in any previous work. This volume, in fact, in a small compass, but without abridgment, contains more than four ordinary quartos.

This book is interesting to every man in society. The contents not being merely of the day, there is no danger of its becoming obsolete, but like its prototype Edmondson, it must always remain a library book.

HISTORY OF THE COMMONERS AND LANDED GENTRY OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, enjoying Territorial Possessions or high Official Rank, but uninvested with heritable honours, 4 vols. large 8vo. complete to the present time, with fine portraits and woodcuts of coats of arms, (pub. at £3. 12s) bds. £2. 12s 6d


the same, 4 vols. 8vo. hf. bd russia, £3. the same, LARGE PAPER, 4 vols. royal 8vo. (pub. at £6. 6s) bds. £3. 3s

the same, russia extra, £4. 4s


BY DOUSE, 4 vols. royal 8vo. russia extra, gilt edges by Hering, £24. 1833-38

Mr. Douse, the late celebrated herald painter, received upwards of sixty guineas for emblazoning this copy, which is UNIQUE.

Genealogical and Heraldic History of the extinct and dormant Baronetcies of England, Ireland, and Scotland, medium 8vo with beautifully illuminated title, portrait of James I. and armorial bearings, ( £1.16s) extra cloth bds. 10s 1841 Knightage of Great Britain and Ireland, revised edition, 18mo. engraved frontispiece, (pub. at 5s) cloth gilt, Is 6d


Peerage and Baronetage for 1846, royal 8vo. bds £1. 18s


BUTTNER, Genealogien der Lüneburgischen Patritien Geschlechter, folio, containing many Genealogical Tables of the Nobility of Luneburgh, with their Coats of Arms, etc. hf. bd. neat, from the Duke of Sussex's library, rare, 18s Lüneburg, 1704 CAMPANILE (Fil.) L'Armi overo Insegne de' Nobili, folio, with numerous cuts of Italian coats of arms, old calf, 15s Napoli, 1610 CARLISLE'S (N.) Collections for a History of the Ancient Family of Carlisle, 4to. bds. privately printed, £1. 10s



the same, 4to. calf gilt, £1. 15s Collections for a History of the ancient Family of Bland, 4to. bds. privately printed, £1. 8s 1826 the same, 4to. hf. bd. calf, £1. 10s


CARLISLE'S Inquiry into the Place and Quality of the Gentlemen of his Majesty's most honourable Privy Chamber, royal 8vo. Large Paper, (pub.| at £1.) bds. 14s 1829 Concise Account of the several Foreign Orders of Knighthood, and other marks of honourable distinction, especially of such as have been conferred upon British Subjects, together with the Names and Achievements of those gallant Men who have been presented with Honorary Swords or Plate by the Patriotic Fund Institution, royal 8vo. (pub. at £1.) cloth, 10s 6d 1839 CARO DE TORRES Historia de las Ordenes Militares de San-Jago, Calatrava, y Alcantara desde su Fundacion hasta el Rey D. Filipe II. folio, engraved title, slightly wormed, limp vellum, Madrid, 1629


another copy, folio, neat, 12s

ib. 1629 another copy, folio, wants the title, limp vellum, 6s ib. 1629 | Containing curious matter respecting Pizarro, England, &c. and quoted by Robertson. Praised by Meusel, vol. vi. part 2, p. 436.

CARTER'S (M.) Honor Redivivus; or Analysis of Honor and Armory, 12mo. plates, neat, 5s



the same, 12mo. plates, neat, 9$ CATALOGUE des Chevaliers Commandeurs et Officiers de l'Ordre du Saint Esprit, avec leurs Noms et Qualités, depuis l'Institution sous Henry III. en 1578, jusqu'à present, folio, LARGE PAPER, with upwards of 1000 finely engraved coats of arms by Gravelot, fine copy in old French calf gilt, and marbled edges, arms on sides, £2.8s Paris, 1760

of the Heralds' Visitations, with References to many other valuable Genealogical and Topographical Manuscripts in the British Museum,

8vo. bds. 5s

1825 CATTON'S ENGLISH PEERAGE, with an Account of such Titles as have become extinct, 3 vols. royal 4to. with numerous beautifully engraved coats of Arms, hf. bd. calf, £1. 16s 1790 the same, 3 vols. very neat in calf, £2. 2s 1790 the same, 3 vols. in 4, impl. 4to. LARGE PAPER, bds. £1. 16s 1790 the same, 3 vols. imp. 4to. LARGE PAPER, very neat in old russia, joints, gilt edges, by Kalthoeber £3. 38. 1790

A favourite book with herald painters and engravers, on account of its tasteful examples of shields and supporters.

"This is really a very handsome work. The third voJume consists wholly of plates of the Atchievements of the Nobility, engraved by F.Chesham, from the designs of Charles Catton, R. A. a herald painter, who ranked high in his profession. He was certainly an able artist, excelling in his knowledge of the human figure, and in his delineations of auimals."-MOULE. CHASOT DE NANTIGNY, Les Généalogies Historiques des Rois, Empereurs, etc. et de toutes les Maisons Souveraines qui ont subsisté jusqu'à présent, exposées dans des Cartes Généalogiques, 4 vols. 4to. with numerous wood-cuts of Arms, calf, very scarce, £4. 14s 6d

Paris, 1736-38 CHEVILLARD, Dictionnaire Héraldique, 12mo. with 194 sheets of arms, arranged as an Ordinary, with an alphabetical index, neat, 8s Paris, 1723

CHAMPAGNE, faites sous sa direction par Ch.
D'Hozier, 2 vols. impl. folio, with 515 Genea-
EMBLAZONED, old calf, (from the LamoignoS
Library) £10. 10s
Chalons, 1673

"C'est le seul Nobiliaire que nous avons de la Province de Champagne, et dont on a toujours fait le plus grand usage."-De Bure.

"Cet ouvrage, un des plus recherchés dans la classe des Généalogies, et devenu plus rare que jamais, ne peut qu'augmenter son prix.”—Brunet.

Many copies of this splendid work were destroyed during the French Revolution, and it is now excessively


CHICHELE. Stemmata Chicheleana; or, a Geneзlogical Account of some of the Families derived from Thomas Chichele, of HighamFerrers in the County of Northampton; with the Supplement, (by Dr. Buckler) 2 vols in 1, 4to. very neat in calf gilt, £2. 2s Oxf. 1765-75 CHIFLET, les Marques d' Honneur de la Maison de Tassis, folio, with fine portraits and coats of Arms, engraved by C. Galle & Pontius, vellum, £1. 1s Anvers, Plantin, 1645 CLARK'S (Hugh) Concise History of Knighthood, containing the Religious and Military Orders which have been established in Europe: to which is added the antient Ceremonies used at Duels, Combats, Justs, and Tournaments, 2 vols. 8vo. with 82 plates, very neat, 10s 6d 1784 Short and Easy Introduction to Heraldry, 12mo. numerous coloured plates, (pub. at £1. 1s)

bds. 10s 6d


CLEAVELAND'S Genealogical History of the Noble and Illustrious Family of Courtenay, folio, genealogical tables, very neat in calf, fine copy, £1. 16s


For a detailed account of this work, see Moule's Bibliotheca Heraldica, page 347.

COLLINS'S (Arthur) Peerage of England, genealogical, historical, and biographical, 8 vols. 8vo. numerous coats of Arms, neat, £1. 1s 1779 the same, greatly augmented, and continued to the present time, by Sir Egerton Brydges, 9 vols. 8vo. (pub. at £9. 9s) bds. £3. 10s the same, 9 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £4. 14s 6d A valuable work." Sir George Naylor, York Herald, (the late Garter) furnished copies of all, or most of the Pedigrees of the New Peers which have been entered at the Heralds' Office."-MOULE.


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the same, broken binding, 14s

English Baronage, or an Historical Account of the Lives of our Nobility, 4to. (all published) several fine monumental plates, old calf, 12s 1727

"To the industry of Collins this country owes a history of its Nobility, which few others can show, and certainly none more correct in genealogical detail." DALLAWAY.

CORBINELLI, HISTOIRE GENEALOGIQUE DE LA MAISON DE GONDI, 2 vols. 4to. many fine Heraldic plates, and beautifully engraved portraits, by Duflos; in old calf, £2. 2s Paris, 1705 the same, 2 vols. 4to. red morocco, gilt edges, £3. 10s

One of the most elegant and esteemed of the French Family Histories. The celebrated DUC DE RETZ was of the Family of Gondi, and his portrait is inserted; also that of Paule de Gondi, DUCHESSE DE Retz.


HERALDIQUE des Pairs de France, des Grands Dignitaires de la Couronne, des Principales Familles Nobles du Royaume, et des Maisons Princieres de l'Europe, 12 vols, royal 4to. plates, (pub. at 540 francs) sd. £8. 8s Paris, 1822-33 CRAIG'S (Sir Thomas) Right of Succession to the Kingdom of England, folio, neat, 8s 1703 CRAWFURD'S (G.) Genealogical History of the Royal Family of the Stewarts, with a description of the Shire of Renfrew, folio, old binding, Ritson's copy with his Autograph, £1. 4s

Edinb. 1710 CROKE'S (Sir Alex.) GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE CROKE FAMILY, originally named Le Blount, 2 vols. 4to. with 78 Pedigrees, Portraits, Seals, coats of Arms, and Views of Castles, ManorHouses, Family Relics, etc. blue morocco, gilt edges, from Mr. Hanrott's library, (privately printed,) £5. 5s Oxford, 1823 CUMBERLAND-Arms of the Nobility and Gentry of Cumberland, royal 4to. 8 plates, containing 121 coloured coats of Arms, 10s 6d DALE'S (R.) Exact Catalogue of the Nobility of England, with all their Titles of Honour, Coats of Arms, &c. 12mo. front. table, and appendix,


neat, 4s 6d DALLAWAY'S Inquiry into the Origin and Progress of Heraldry in England, royal 4to. coloured plates, bds. £1. 1s Gloucester, 1793

the same, neat in calf, £1. 10s

"This elegant and erudite work is most appropriately dedicated to Charles, Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal of England. Mr. Dallaway has here, with the pen of a Tacitus, accurately defined, in a most comprehensive manner, its rise and progress from the earliest through the most interesting periods of British History, accommodating the study to modern system."-MAULE. DEBRETT'S Baronetage of England, Revised, Corrected and Continued by Collen, 8vo. (pub. at £1. 8s) extra cloth, 98 1840


Genealogical Peerage of Great Britain and Ireland, Revised, Corrected, and Continued by Henry Collen, Esq. thick 8vo, wood-cuts of arms; cloth, leather back, £1. 8s DEL' ISLE (CLAUDE) Tables Généalogiques et Historiques des Patriarches, des Rois, des Empereurs, et autres Princes, depuis la Création du Monde, royal 4to. calf, neat, from the Duke of Sussex's Library, 18s Puris, 1718 DESBOIS, Dictionnaire de la Noblesse, contenant les Généalogies, etc. des Familles Nobles de France, 12 vols. 4to. very neat in French calf gilt, from the library of the Duke of Sussex, £6. 6s ib. 1770-78 DESORMEAUX, Histoire de la Maison de Bourbon, 5 vols. 4to. fine portraits, French red morocco, fine set, £4. 14s 6d ib. 1772-88

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Histoire de la Maison de Montmorenci, 5 vols. 12mo. old French calf neat, 10s 6d ib. 1764 the same, 5 vols. 12mo. French veau fauve, 15s ib. 1764 DOUGLAS' (SIR R.) Peerage of Scotland; containing an historical and genealogical Account of the Nobility of that Kingdom, enlarged and continued by J. P. Wood, 2 vols. folio, with plates of the Armorial Bearings of the Peers, engraved expressly for the work, (pub. at £12. 12s) bds. £3. 10s

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Edinb. 1813

the same, 2 vols. folio, very neat in calf, marbled edges, £4. 10s ib. 1813

historical and genealogical Account of the Gentry of that Kingdom, folio, plates, neat, £2. 2s Edinb. 1798 DRUMMOND'S Genealogie of the most Noble and Ancient House of Drummond, 4to. PRIVATELY PRINTED, bds. £2. 2s ib. 1831 the same, 4to. crimson Turkey morocco extra, very elaborately tooled on back and sides, gilt edges, by Hayday, £3. 10s ib. 1831

DU BOUCHET, Histoire Généalogique de la Maison Royale de Courtenay, folio, plates, (with the suppressed dedication to Louis XIV. containing an Eloge of Cardinal Mazarini), neat in calf, £1. 10s Paris, 1661

Brunet calls this work, " Ouvrage le plus important qui ait paru sur cette illustre famille." DUBUISSON, Armorial des Principales Maisons et Familles du Royaume, particulièrement de celles de Paris et de l'Isle de France, 2 vols. 12mo. with upwards of 4000 Coats of Arms. French calf, 18s


ib. 1757

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Histoire de la Maison de Chastillon sur Marne, avec les Généalogies et Armes des illustres Familles de France et des Pays Bays lesquelles y ont esté alliées, folio, coats of arms, numerous MS. corrections and observations, old blue morocco, gilt and marbled edges, arms on sides, £1.8s ib. 1621 Histoire Généalogique de la Maison Royale de Dreux, folio, numerous heraldic plates, old stamped calf, £1. 5s ib. 1631 DUGDALE'S BARONAGE OF ENGLAND, 3 vols. in 1. folio, russia, joints and gilt edges, fine copy, £8. 8s 1675-76

the same, LARGE PAPER, bound in 2 vols.
folio, large sound copy in old calf, rare, £12. 12s

Ancient Usage in bearing of Arms, with a
Catalogue of the present Nobility of England,
12mo. neat, 7s
Oxford, 1682
the same, with additions by T. C. Banks,
folio, bds. £1. 5s
Lond. 1811

Perfect Copy of all the Summons of the
Nobility to Parliament, from the XLIX.
of Henry III. until these present times, folio,
old calf, £1. Is

the same, very neat, £1. 4s EDMONSON'S Baronagium Genealogicum, or Pedigrees of British Peers, 6 vols. royal folio, above 500 fine large plates of Arms and engraved Pedigrees, very neat in old calf, £7.7s 1764-84 the same, Vol. 6, (the Supplemental volume, wanting in many sets) plates, uncut, £1. 16s 1784 A work of infinite labour. The plates of Arms are very well executed, some are engraved by Bartolozzi. Many of the large quartered coats were presentation plates, contributed by the Peers at their own expense.

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