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Arabic, Persian, Sanscrit, and Hebrew Languages.

For Dictionaries and Grammars of the Oriental and Jewish Languages, see the class Language. Voyages and Travels, and Works on Oriental Subjects in living languages will be found in subsequent Classes.

ABD-ALLATIF, Relation de l'Egypte, suivie de divers Extraits d'Ecrivains Orientaux, et d'un Etat de l'Egypte dans le XIVe siècle, traduit et enrichi de notes par Silvestre de Sacy, 4to. neat in russia, £1.8s Paris, Impr. Roy. 1810 ABULFEDÆ Annales Muslemici, Arabice et Latine, studiis J. J. Reiskii, edidit J. G. C. Adler, 5 vols. 4to. neat, scarce, £10. 10s Hafnia, 1789-94 "Ouvrage important, et difficile à trouver complet." Brunet. "The best general guide to inquiries into Moslem History, with which we are acquainted." Mill's Muhammedanism. ABULFEDEÆ Historia Ante-Islamica, Arabice et Latine, e duobus Codicibus Bibliothecæ Reg. Paris. edidit, Notis et Indicibus auxit H. Ŏ. Fleischer, 4to. sd. 13s 6d Lips. 1831

- Tabulæ Geographicæ, Arabice et Latine, cum Notis Wüstenfeld, 8vo. sd. 7s Gott. 1835 ABULPHARAGII sive Bar-Hebræi Chronicon Syriacum, Syriace et Latine, e Codicibus Bodleianis descripserunt, verterunt, notisque illustraverunt P. J. Bruns et G. G. Kirsch, 2 vols. 4to. bds. £1. 11s 6d Lips. 1789 the same, 2 vols. 4to. hf. bd. calf neat, £1. 16s ih. 1789

"Ma di tutte queste opere, la piu grande, la piu dotta, la piu utile, la piu stimata, quella che fa piu onore al suo nome e alla sua memoria, è certamente la sua Cronica."-De Rossi.

Historia compendiosa Dynastiarum, Arabice et Latine, cum supplemento ad nostra tempora, edente Pocockio, thick 4to. fine copy, vellum, 15s Oxon. 1663 idem, 4to. old calf, (presentation copy to R. Pocock, with Autograph), 15s

Specimen Historiæ Arabum, Arab. et Lat. cum Notis Ed. Pocockii, Oxon. 1648 & 50-Boecleri Elogium Christ. Forstneri, Argent. 1669.Lersner, de Congressibus et Colloquiis principum, Argent, 1669-Geneva Restituta (written anonymously by Fred. Spanheim) 1665-in 1 vol. sm. 4to. neat in vellum, 14s

The Arabians say Abulpharagius was the prince of sages, the most excellent of the excellent, the model of his times, the glory and phoenix of the age. ABU MANSSUR Abdu'lmelik Ben Mohammed Ben

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Ismail, Ettseâlebi aus Nisabur; Der vertraute Gefährte des Einsamen, etc.; übersetzt und erläutert durch G. Flügel und J. von Hammer, (in Arabic and German) 4to. (sells for £2. 5s) sd. £1. 1s Wien, 1829 AHMEDIS ARABSIADÆ Vitæ et Rerum gestarum Timuri, qui vulgo Tamerlanes dicitur, historia, Arabice et Latine, edidit S. H. Manger, 2 vols. 4to. hf. bd. calf, uncut, £1. 8s Leov. 1767 the same edition, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. 4to. very neat in Dutch calf, £1. 18s Franeq. 1767

AL ASHBAHO wa al Nazair, a Treatise on Mohammedan Law, originally compiled by Zein al Abdin Ibne Najim, edited by Munshi Ramdban Sen; in Arabic, royal 4to, very neat, £1. 4s

Calcutta, 1826 ALCORANUS, Arabice et Latine, cum Notis atque Refutatione Marraccii, 2 vols. folio, old calf, £3. 3s Patavii, 1698 the same, 2 vols. fine copy in calf, £3. 13s 6d the Refutatio and Text, without the Prodromus, folio, Oriental binding, £1.5s ib. 1698 Arabice, ad optimorum Codicum fidem edita ex Museo Abr. Hinckelmanni, Hamb. 1694 Michalis (C. B.) Dissertatio Philologica de Historia Linguæ Arabicæ, Halæ, 1706—in 1 vol. 4to. vellum, £1. 10s

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the same, in 1 vol. 8vo. (pub. at 12s) cloth, 7s "You will surely be attracted to a second consideration of the work of Sale, by the candour, the reasonableness, and the great knowledge of the subject which that excellent author appears everywhere to display."-Smyth's Lectures.

LE CORAN, traduit de l'Arabe, précédé d'un abrégé de la Vie de Mahomet, par Savary, 2 vols. 12mo. uncut, 6s Amst. 1786 TURPIN, Histoire de l'Alcoran, 2 vols. 12mo. old French red morocco, royal arms on the sides, gilt edges, beautiful copy, 16s Lond. 1775

The Koran contains most sublime poetical passages, far surpassing European poetry."-Byron. ALI EBN ABI TALEBI, Sententiæ, Arabice et Latine; e codicibus manuscriptis descripsit, Latine vertit, et annotationibus illustravit Cornelius van Waenen, 4to. calf gilt, marhled edges, £1. ls Ox. 1806

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ALI'S Hundert Sprüche, Arabisch und Persisch | BIBLIA HEBRAICA, cum Punctis, cum Var. paraphrasirt von Reschideddin Watwat; he- Lect. Kennicotti et De Rossi, ed. Doederlein et rausgegeben, übersetzt und mit Anmerkungen Meisner, 2 vols. sm. 4to. LARGE PAPER, hf. bd. begleitet von Fleischer, 4to. sd. 7s Leipzig, 1837 russia, £1. 4s Lips. 1793 AMERICA.-Relation de l'Amerique; Ouvrage Hebraica (sine Punctis), or the Hebrew ScripTurc, composé sur diverses relations des Eu- tures of the Old Testament, without points, ropéens, in Turkish, small 4to. with curious wood- after the text of Kennicott, accompanied with cuts, bds. £1. 16s Constantinople, N. D. English Notes, selected from the most approved ARABIAN NIGHTS, in Arabic.-Tausend und Biblical Critics, by Boothroyd, 2 vols. in 1, eine Nacht, Arubisch, nach einem Tunes. MS. 4to. hf. bd. calf, £1. 5s Pontefract, 1810-16 herausgegeben; nebst Verzeichniss der in den Wörterbüchern fehlenden Wörter, von. M. Habicht, 12 vols. 12mo. sd. £4. 10s Berl. 1825-33

in English-See English Books. ARA-ISH-I MUHFIL, or the History of Hatim-I Ta, EE. in Hindoostanee, 4to. calf, 7s 6d Calcutta, 1805

ASIATIC JOURNAL-See English Books. AVICENNÆ Opera (Libri V. Canonis Medicina) Arabice, 2 vols. folio, Oriental binding, £2. 10s Roma, 1593

"Edition rare en France.”—Frunce.

AYEEN AKBERY; or the Institutes of the Emperor Akber, translated from the original Persian (of Abul-Fazel) by Gladwin, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £1. Is 1800

A description of the whole Indian Empire, written by order of the Emperor Akber. "Perhaps no book in the republic of letters contains so much information in so small a compass."-Clarke. BABER'S Memoirs-See English Books. BESCHI'S Adventures of the Gooroo Paramartan;

a Tale in the Tamul Language, with an English Translation, and a comprehensive Vocabulary, by Benj. Babington, 4to. hf. bd. 18s Lond. 1822 BIBLIA HEBRAICA, cum Targum Commentario Rabbinico, Megilloth, in one thick volume, folio, first Hebrew Bible with a Rabbinical Commentary, fine copy, in the original wooden binding, extremely rare, £3. 3s Venetiis, Bomberg, 1517 Hebraica, cum Punctis, recensita variisque Notis illustrata a Van der Hooght, thick 8vo. very neat, £1. 16s Amst. 1705 Hebraica, (sine Punctis) accurante Nath. Forster, bound in 2 vols. 4to. red morocco extra, joints, gilt edges, £1. 11s 6d Oxon. 1750 "The most elegant and correct of the Anti-Masoretic Bibles."-Dr. Adam Clarke.


Hebraica, cum notis criticis et versione Latina, ad notas criticas facta; accedunt libri Graeci, qui Deutero-Canonici vocantur, authore C. F. Houbigant, 4 vols. folio, calf, very neat, £5. 5s Paris, 1753

"Cette édition estimée, et dont l'exécution est belle, n'a été tirée qu'à 500 exemplaires.”—Brunet.

The Old Testament, English and Hebrew, with Remarks critical and grammatical on the Hebrew, and corrections of the English, by A. Bayly, 4 vols. royal 8vo. neat in calf, £2. 2s

London, 1774

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"This edition is peculiarly interesting to the Hebrew scholar and critic, as it contains, in a condensed form, the substance of the most valuable and expensive works. The type is very clear, and the poetical part of the Hebrew Scriptures are printed in Hemistichs, according to the arrangement proposed by Bp. Louth, and adopted by Abp. Newcome."-Horne.

Hebraica, cum Punctis, recensita atque illustrata a Van der Hooght, editio nova recognita et emendata a J. d'Allemand, thick 8vo. cloth bds. 15s Lond. 1844

the same, bound in russia, £1. 4s the same, FINE PAPER, cloth, £1. 1s Hebraica, sine Punctis, Leusdeni, 18mo. very For Bibles in other Oriental Languages-See Class neat, 10s 6d Amst. 1701 Language.

BIDPAY-See Pilpay.

BOHADINI F. Sjeddadi Vita et Res gestæ Sultani Saladini; nec non Excerpta ex Historiis Abulfedæ et Saladini, Arabice et Latine, edidit Alb. Schultens, folio, neat, £1. 5s Ludg. Bat. 1732 BUTTRISH Singhasun, or the Thirty-two imaged Throne, in Bengulee, 8vo. calf, 7s 6d

Serampore, 1802 CAAB Ben Soheir, Carmen in laudem Muhammedis: una cum Motenabbii Carm. grat. et Carmine ex Hamasa, utroque inedito; curavit Freytag, Arabice et Latine, 4to. bds. 7. Halae, 1823 CASIRI, Bibliotheca Arabico-Hispanica Escurial.— See Bibliography.

CASTRO, Biblioteca Española-See Bibliography.

BOOK of Chinese Mythology and Scripture History, all the leaves fastened together at the sides, so as to form one sheet of nearly 100 feet length, folded up in a long narrow 4to. volume, with numerous fine woodcuts of Chinese Saints, £1.11s6d CONFUCIUS, the four books of, 5 parts, 8vo. in a handsome Chinese silk case, £1. 11s 6d URHYA, or ULHYA, an Illustrated Chinese Dictionary, 3 vols, folio, with numerous woodcuts of Sporting, Furniture, Natural History, etc. sd. £2. 12s 6d

SEVEN MISCELLANEOUS volumes, some with the pronunciation, 4to. 8vo. and 16mo. in a parcel, £1. Is

See also Books of Prints, pages 84 and 261. CHINESE Chronicle by Abdalla of Beyza, by S. Weston, 8vo. bds. 3s 6d 1820 CHRISTA-SANGITA, or the Sacred History of Jesus Christ, in Sanscrit Verse; book I. the Infancy, with an Introduction in English, 8vo. hf. bd. 7s Calcutta, 1831 EDRISII Descripcion de España de Xerif Al Edris, con traduccion y notas de Don J. A. Conde, small 8vo. sd. 5s Madrid, 1779

EISEN MENGER'S Entdecktes Judenthum, 2 vols. 4to, neat, £1. 5s

Königsberg, 1711

ELIÆ Levitæ Thisbites, edidit Velocianus, Hebraice | HITOPADESAS, id est Institutio Salutaris, Sanet Latine, small 4to. bds. edges cut, 7s

s. l. e. a. (1680?) EUSEBI Chronicon bipartitum, Armenice, Grace, et Lat. cura Aucher, 2 vols. in 1, royal folio, sd. £l. 8s Venet. 1818 EPHRAEMI Syri Opera-See Gr. and Lat. Miscel


lanies. FAN-HY-CHEU, a Tale, in Chinese and English, and a short Grammar of the Chinese Language, royal 8vo. bds. 5s FIRDOUSI Le Livre des Rois par Abou 'Lkasim Firdousi, Manuscrit Persan inedit de la Bibliotheque du Roi; publié, traduit et commenté par Jules Mohl, (Persian and French), Vol. I. royal folio, a most splendidly printed book, the pages surrounded with engraved borders, (pub. at £4. 10s) bds. £2. 2s

Paris, Impr. Roy. 1838 FRANK'S Vjāsa, über Philosophie, Mythologie Literatur und Sprache der Hindu, 3 parts, 4to. sd. 10s 6d München, 1826-30 FREYTAGII Selecta ex Historia Halebi e Codd. Arab. bib. Regiæ Parisiensis (Arab. et Lat.) royal 8vo. sd. Paris, 1819 HAMMER PURGSTALL'S Geschichte des Osmanischen Reichs, 4 vols. 8vo. second edition, sd. £2. 8s Pesth, 1836 Geschichte der Osmanischen Dichtkunst, mit Blüthenlese aus 2200 Dichtern, 4 vols. 8vo. sd. £2. 18s ib. 1836-38 Geschichte der schönen Redekünste Persiens, mit Blüthenlese aus 700 Dichtern, 4to. sd. 16s Wien, 1818 Gemäldesaall der Lebens-Beschreibungen grosser Moslemischer Herrscher, 6 vols. 8vo. sd. £1. 15s Darmst. 1837-9 Geschichte der Ilchane, d. i. der Mongolen in Persien, 2 vols. 8vo. £1. 8s ib. 1842-4 Geschichte der Goldnen Horde in Kiptschak, das ist die Mongolen in Russland, 8vo. sd. £1. Pesth, 1840

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Fundgruben-See Mines.
HARRIRII MAKAMAS: or, the Adventures of,
Aboo Zyde of Surooj; in 50 Stories, written
by the celebrated Aboo-Moohummudin-Il-

Kausim-Ool-Hûreereeyo, edited by Lumsden,
in Arabic, with a Vocabulary, 3 vols. in 2, royal
4to. including the Supplement, Oriental binding,
back and corner damaged, £2. 8s

Calcutta, 1809-14 "Ouvrage précieux pour les Orientalistes."


HARIRI Consessus Eloquentiæ Arabicæ, Arabice edidit Caussin de Perceval, 4to. hf. bd. 10s 6d Paris, (1830?) HEDAYAH, or Guide, a Commentary on the Mussulman Laws, in Arabic, 2 vols. imperial 4to. slightly wormed, neat, rare, £2. 2s Calcutta, HEDAYA, or Guide, a Commentary on the Mussulman Laws, translated by C. Hamilton, 4 vols. 4to. slightly wormed, old russia, gilt, £4. 4s Lond. 1791 the same, 4 vols. 4to. bds, uncut, £5. 15s 6d ib. 1791 See Inayah. HERBELOT, Bibliothèque Orientale-See Bibliography.

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scrite et Latine; Textum Codd. MSS. collatis recensuerunt, Annotationes criticas adjecerunt A. G. a Schlegel et C. Lassen, 2 parts, 4to. si. 183 Bonne, 1829-31 HYDE (T.) Historia Religionis veterum Persarum, eorumque Magorum; Zoroastris Vita, ejusque et aliorum Vaticinia de Messiah; Primitive Opiniones de Deo; Originale Orientis Sibylla, etc. 4to. best edition, plates, neat, £1. 11s 6d Ozon. 1760 the same, 4to. hf. bd. uncut, with numerous MS. notes, £1. 16s ib. 1760


"The most learned work upon the religion of the ancient Persians which has yet appeared."-Buller. Syntagma Dissertationum quas olim auctor doctiss. separatim edidit: accesserunt nonnulla ejusdem Opuscula hactenus inedita, cum appendice de Lingua Sinensi, etc. à G. Sharpe, 2 vols. 4to. plates, neat, £2. 10s Oron. 1767 de Ludis Orientalibus libri II., 2 vols. in 1, sm. 8vo. plates, neat, 10s 6d ib. 1694

These volumes comprise all that has been written on the Game of Chess by the Orientalists, in the original languages, with Latin Translations.

CHALLIKANI Vitæ illustrium Virorum; e pluribus Codd. MSS. inter se collatis nunc primum Arabice edidit, var. Lect. Indicibusque locupletissimis instruxit F. Wüstenfeld, 10 parts, 4to. sd. £3. 13s 6d Gott. 1835-37 INAYAH, a Commentary on the Hidayah, a work on Mobummudan Law, compiled by Mohummud Akmulooddeen, Ibn Muhmood, Ibn Ahmudonil Hunufee, edited by Moonshee Ramdhun Sen, 3 vols. 4to. in Arabic, sd. £4.4s Calcutta, 1830-37 INCERTI Auctoris Liber, de Expugnatione Memphidis et Alexandriæ, vulgo adscriptus Abo Abdalla Mohammedi; Arabice, cum Annotat. edidit. Hamaker, 4to. new calf gilt, £1. Is Lugd. Bat. 1825 JABLONSKI Pantheon Ægyptiorum-See Language Egyptian."

JONES (Sir W.) Poeseos Asiaticæ Commentarii, 8vo. neat, 8s Lond. 1774

Works See English Books.

KEMPFERI Amanitates Exotica-See Natural History.

KHALFA (Haji) Lexicon Bibliographicum et Encyclopædicum, Arab. et Lat. Commentario et Indicibus instruxit G. Fluegel, 2 vols. 4to. sd. £3. Leipzig, 1835-38 the same, translated into English-See Oriental Translation Fund, No. 59. KHIRUDUFROZ; a translation of the Uyar Danish of Abool Fuzi into Hindostanee, 4to. calf, 7s 6d Calcutta, 1805 KIEN-LUNG, the Conquest of the Miao-Tse, by Weston, royal 8vo. 6 plates of Chinese characters, bds. 5s KHRISHNA Misri Prabodha Chandrodays, Comoedia, Sanscrite et Latine, edidit H. Brockhaus, fasciculus prior continens Textum Sanscritum, 4to. sd. 3s 6d Lips. 1835 LAILI Magnum, a Persian Poem of Hatifi, sm. 4to. printed in imitation of Manuscript, ruled with red and gold lines, with illuminated borders, richly bound in old red morocco, gilt edges, £1. 11s 6d Calcutta, 1788


LANGLES, Monumens de l'Hindoustan-See Books of Prints.

LOWTH, de Sacra Poesi Hebræorum, subjicitur
Metrica Harianæ, brevis confutatio, 4to. neat in
old calf, 78 6d
Oron, 1753
Lectures on Hebrew Poetry, 8vo. aloth, 7s 1839

"A most learned and elegant work, admired both at home and abroad."-Lowndes. LUTAIFI Hindee, or Hindoostanee Jest Book, containing a choice Collection of Humorous Stories, in the Arabic and Roman Characters, edited by W. C. Smyth, 8vo. bds. 5s 1821 MAHABHARUT, a Bengalee Poem, 4 vols. 16mo. bds. £1. 16s Serampore, 1801-3 MAILLA (J. A. M. de) Histoire générale de la Chine, traduite du Tong-Kien-Kang-Mou, | publiée par l'Abbé Grosier, 11 vals. 4to. several hundred fine plates; with the autograph of William Beckford, Esq. French calf, neat, £2. 2s Paris, 1777-80 MAIMONIDIS More Nevochim, id est Doctor Perplexorum ad dubia loca S. Scripturæ ; Latine conversus a Buxtorfio, 4to. vellum, 12s

Basil. 1629 "One of the most valuable works of the learned Jewish Rabbi Maimonides; particularly for his exposition of the Mosaic laws."-Towneley's Bib. Lit.

Porta Mosis, sive Dissertationes in varias
Mishnaioth, Hebraice et Latine, edidit Pocock,
2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. calf, 7s Oxon. 1654-55
De Sacrificiis liber; accesserunt ABARBANELIS
Comment. in Leviticum, Hebraice et Latine; et
MAIMONIDIS Tractatus de Consecratione Calen-
darum, ed. De Veil, 4to. calf, 7s Lond. 1683
Constitutiones de Primitivis, Hebraice et Latine,
edidit J. R. Cramer, 4to. calf, 5s Lugd. Bat. 1702
· Constitutiones de Jurejurando, Hebraice et
Latine, ed. Dithmar, Lugd. Bat. 1706-Ejusdem
Constitutiones de Anno Jubilæo, Hebraice et
Latine, ed. M. Beke, ib. 1708-in 1 vol. 4to.
calf, 5s

Tracts, relative to Language, Statistics, etc. 8vo.
sd. 5$
Bencoolen, 1822
MARIGNY, Histoire des Arabes sous le Gouverne-
ment des Califes, 4 vols. 12mo. very neat in
French calf, 14s
Paris, 1750

the same, 4 vols. 12mo. morocco, 18s ib. 1750
MARMOL, l'Afrique, traduction de N. Perrot
d'Ablancourt; avec l'Histoire des Chérifs, de
Diego Torres, revue par P. Richelet, 3 vols.
4to. maps, vellum, 18s
Paris, 1667
MASSUD Ben Omar, Abridgment of, in Arabic,
imperial 4to. Oriental binding, 158
MAURED Allatafet, Rerum Ægyptiacarum Annales

ab anno 971, usque ad 1453, Arabice et Latine,
edidit J. D. Carlyle, 4to. bds. 9s Cantab. 1792
MÉMOIRES Concernant les Chinois-See Early
Voyages, article “China."
MEYER (Joh.) Chronicon Hebræorum Majus et

Minus, Hebr. et Lat.; Comment. perpet., cui
Notæ in V.T.lib. Hist. et plerosque Prophetas
min. insertæ sunt, illustravit: acced. Dissert.
tres. I. De Hist. S. divina Orig. et Infallib. II.
De ejusd. Integritate adv. R. Simonii Hist.
Cric. V. T. III. De Codice et Calculo Hebr.
præferendo Samaritano et Græco, thick 4to. neat
vellum, 10s 6d
Amst. 1706

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"In this highly esteemed work are inserted various treatises by Danzius, Rhenferd, Scheidius, and others, who have applied themselves to the illustration of the New Testament from the Jewish writings."-Horne. MICHAELIS Spicilegium Geographiæ Hebræoru exteræ post Bochartum, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. neat, Goett. 1769-80

the same, 4to. calf extra, 10s 6d ib. 1769-80 Orientalische und Exegetische Bibliothek, 24 vols. (including the Index)-Neue Orientalische Bibliothek, 8 vols.-together 32 vols. in 16, sm. 8vo. hf. bd. calf, £2. 8s Frankf. & Gött. 1771-91 MIGNOT, Histoire de l'Empire Ottoman, depuis son origine jusqu'à la paix de Belgrade en 1740, 4 vols. 12mo. map, very neat in French calf, 14s Paris, 1771 MINES D'ORIENT exploitées par une Société d' Amateurs, in 6 vols. folio, £9. 98

Vienne, 1809-18 the same, (wanting vol. 4 and four sheets in vol. 1) £5. 5s

An important Repertory of Eastern Literature, consisting of curious fragments in the Persian, Arabic, and Turkish Languages; Dissertations on their various Dialects; Translations and Essays, in German, French, Latin, and English, by Von Hammer, De Sacy. Rosenmuller, Eichhorn, Ramussen, J. C. Rich, etc. MIRCHONDI Historia Gasnevidarum, Persice et Latine, Ex Cod. Berol. aliisque nunc primum edidit, Lect. Var. instruxit, Annotat. illustravit F. Wilken, 4to. sd. £1. 14s Berol. 1832 MISHCAT-UL-MASABIH; or a Collection of the most authentic Traditions of the Actions and Sayings of Muhammed; exbibiting the Origin of the Manners and Customs, the Civil, Religious, and Military Policy of the Muslemans; translated from the Arabic, by Capt. Matthews, 2 vols. impl. 4to. bds. uncut, £2. 5s

Calcutta, 1809-11 the same, 2 vols. impl. 4to. calf extra, marbled edges, £3. 8s ib. 1809-11

These traditions constitute the second authority of Musselman law, and are considered as a supplement to the Koran. "The only complete work in the English language on these traditionary laws is a translation of the Mishcat-ul-Masabih, a class-book in Musselman colleges. It contains the most important and authentic traditions of Muhammed, compiled from all preceding collections."-Mills.

"Peu commun et três recherché."-Brunet.

7s 6d

MOSIS CHORENENSIS Historia Armeniaca Libri III. et Epitome Geographiæ, Armeniace et Latine, cum notis Whistoni, 4to. mup, calf, rare, £1.8s Lond. 1736 MUNAKIB Hyderea, Arabice, sm. folio, hf. bd. Lucknow. NALA and Damayanti, and other Poems, translated from the Sanscrit into English Verse, impl. 8vo. bds. 10s 6d Oxford, 1835 NIZAM (Sheikh) Futawa Alemgiri; a Collection of Opinions and Precepts of Mohammedan Law, compiled by command of the Emperor Aurungzeb Alemgir, 6 vols. 4to. in Arabic, bds. scarce, £7. 7s Calcutta, 1828-35 NORBERG, Codex Nasaræus, Liber Adami appellatus, Syriace et Latine, 3 vols. - Lexicon Codicis Nasaræi, 1 vol.-Onomasticon Codicis Nasaræi, 1 vol.-together 5 vols. in 2, 4to. bds. neat, £1. 16s Hafnia, 1815-17


Oriental Translations-continued.

Oriental Translation Fund, Publications of: 1*TRAVELS OF IBN BATUTA, translated from the Arabic, with Notes, by the Rev. S. Lee, 4to. £1. 1829 2 MEMOIRS OF THE EMPEROR JAHANGUEIR, written

by Himself, translated from the Persian by Major D. Price, 4to. 12s


3 TRAVELS OF MACARIUS, PATRIARCH OF ANTIOCH, written by his Attendant Archdeacon, Paul of Aleppo, in Arabic, translated by F. C. Belfour, 6 parts, 4to. £4. 1829-35 4 HAN KOONG TSEW; or, THE SORROWS OF HAN, a Chinese Tragedy, translated from the Original, with Notes, and a Specimen of the Chinese Text, by John Francis Davis, 4to. 5s

1829 5 HISTORY OF THE AFGHANS, translated from the Persian of Neamet Ullah, parts I. and II. by Bernhard Dorn, 2 vols. 4to. £1. 8s 1829-36 6 THE FORTUNATE UNION, a Romance, translated from the Chinese, with Notes and Illustrations; to which is added, a Chinese Tragedy, by J. F. Davis, 2 vols. 8vo. 16s 1829 7 YAKKUN NATTANNAWA, a Cingalase Poem, descriptive of the Ceylon System of Demonology; to which is appended, the Practices of a Capua or Devil Priest, as described by a Budhist; and KOLAN NATTANNAWA, a Cingalese Poem, descriptive of the Characters assumed by Natives of Ceylon in a Masquerade, Illustrated with Plates from Cingalese Designs, translated by J. Callaway, 8vo. 8s



17 THE ALGEBRA OF MOHAMMED BEN MUSA, ARABK AND ENGLISH; edited and translated by Fred. Rosen, 8vo. 10s





1829 23

8 ADVENTURES OF HATIM TAI, a Romance, translated from the Persian, by Duncan Forbes, 4to. 16s 1830 9*LIFE OF SHEIKH MOHAMMED ALI HAZIN, written by Himself, translated from two Persian Manuscripts, and Illustrated with Notes explanatory of the History, Poetry, Geography, &c. which therein occur, by F. C. Belfour, 8vo. 10s 6d






For the Persian Text of this Work-See No. 15. 10 MEMOIRS OF A MALAYAN FAMILY, written by themselves, and translated from the Original, by W. Marsden, 8vo. 2s 6d 1830 11 HISTORY OF THE WAR IN BOSNIA, during the Years 1737-8 and 9, translated from the Turkish, by C. Fraser, 8vo. 4s 12*THE MULFUZAT TIMURY; Or, AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIRS OF THE MOGHUL EMPEROR TIMUR, 27 written in the Jagtay Turkey Language, translated by Major Charles Stewart, with a Map of Transoxania, 4to. 12s 1830 13 *THE HISTORY OF VARTAN, AND OF THE BATTLE OF THE ARMENIANS; containing an Account of the Religious Wars between the Persians and Armenians, by Eliseus, Bishop of the Amadunians, translated from the Armenian, by C. F. Neumann, 4to. 10s 1830 14 THE LIFE OF HAFIZ UL MULK, HAFIZ REHMUT KHAN, written by his Son Nuwab Must'ujáb Khán Bahadar, and entitled Gulistan-i-Rehmut; abridged and translated from the Persian by Charles Elliott, 8vo. 5s 1830 15*THE LIFE OF SHEIKH MOHAMMED ALI HAZIN, written by himself; edited from two Persian Manuscripts, and noted with their Various Readings, by F. C. Belfour, 8vo. 10s 6d 1831 For the English Translation of this work-See No. 9.



TURKS; translated from the Turkish of Haji Khalifeh, by James Mitchell, part 1. 4to. 7

1831 TRANSLATIONS FROM THE CHINESE AND ARMENIAN, by Charles F. Neumann, 8vo. bds. 12 1831

I. History of the Pirates who infested the China Sea from 1807 to 1810. Translated from the Chinese Original, with Notes and Illustrations.

II. The Catechism of the Shamans; or, the Laws and Regulations of the Priesthood of Buddha, in China. Translated from the Chinese.

III. Vahram's Chronicle of the Armenian Kingdom in Cilicia, during the time of the Crusades. Translated from the Armenian.


THE SHAH NAMEH OF THE PERSIAN POET FIRDAUSÍ; translated and abridged in Prose and Verse, with Notes and Illustrations, by James Atkinson, 8vo. 15s

TEZKEREH AL VAKIAT; or, PRIVATE MEMOIRS OF THE MOGHUL EMPEROR HUMAYUN, written in the Persian Language, by Joucher, a Confidential Domestic of his Majesty, translated by Major Charles Stewart, 4to. 10s THE SIYAR-UL-MUTAKHERIN, a History of the Mahomedan Power in India, during the last Century, by Mir Gholam Hussein-Khan, translated by Lieut.-Colonel John Briggs, Vol. I, 8vo. 14s

HOLI LAN KI; or, L'HISTOIRE DU CERCLE DE CRAIE, Drame en Prose et en Vers; traduit du Chinois, par Stanislas Julien, 8vo. 7s SAN KOKF TSOU RAN TO SETS; OU, APERÇI GÉNÉRAL DES TROIS ROYAUMES, traduit de l'Original Japonais-Chinois, par M.J. Klaproth, (ouvrage accompagné de Cinque Cartes), 8vo. 1832


ANNALS OF THE TURKISH EMPIKE, FROM 1591 TO 1659 OF THE CHRISTIAN ERA; translated from the Turkish, by Charles Fraser, Vol. I. 4to. £1. 11s 6d RAGHUVANSA, KÁLIDASA CARMEN, Sanskritè et Latinè, edidit Adolphus Fridericus Stenzler, 4to. £l. Is


CUSTOMS AND MANNERS OF THE WOMEN OF PERSIA, AND THEIR DOMESTIC SUPERSTITIONS, translated from the Original Persian Manuscript, by James Atkinson, 8vo. 5s

30*HISTORY OF THE EARLY KINGS OF PERSIA, to the Conquest of Irán by Alexander the Great, translated from the Persian of Mirkhond, by David Shea, 8vo. 10s



THE TUHFAT-UL-MUJAHIDIN; a History of the First Settlement of the Mohammedans in Malabar, and of their subsequent Struggles with the Portuguese, translated from the Arabic, by Lieut. M. Rowlandson, 8vo. 5s

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