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royal 4to. green morocco extra, gold borders, gilt
edges, fine old set, £6. 6s
the same, 4 vols. imperial 4to. russia
extra, marbled edges, by Hering, an original and
fine set, £5. 10s
ANTITHESIS Christi et Antichristi, videlicet
Papæ Versibus et Figuris venustissimis illus-
trata, 18mo. 36 curious wood-engravings, vellum,
rare, 18s
Apud Rust. Vignon, 1578
ANTONINI (Carlo) Manuale di varii Örnamenti,
tratti dalle Fabriche e Frammenti Antichi, viz.
Rosoni, (ornamental Bosses) 2 vols. Candelabri
Antichi, 2 vols. Il Vignola illustrato, 1 vol.
Vasi Antichi, si di marmo che di bronzo, 3 vols.
-together 8 vols. in 6, folio, with upwards of
400 plates of Vases, Candelabra, Bosses, and
other Ornaments, new in Italian vellum, gilt, fine
set, £6.6s
Roma, 1781-1828
and improved translation, with very copious
Notes, illustrative of the Language, Manners,
and Customs of the Egyptian Arabs, by E. W.
Lane, Esq. many years Resident in Arabia and
Egypt, 3 vols. imperial 8vo. upwards of 1000
wood engravings by the most eminent artists, after
designs by W. Harvey and others. (pub. at £4.4s)
bound in richly gilt cloth, £2. 12s 6d 1840
the same, 3 vols. imperial 8vo. richly
bound in morocco, gilt edges, £4. 4s

"In this entirely new version of the 'Tales of a
Thousand and One Nights,' the chief object of the
translator has been to render these enchanting fictions
as interesting to persons of mature age and education as
they have hitherto been to the young; and to do this
without divesting them of those attractions which have
chiefly recommended them to the latter. The version
which has so long amused us, not made immediately
from the original Arabic, but through the medium of a
French translation, is extremely loose, and abounds with
such errors as greatly detract from the most valuable
quality of the which is that of
a series
of most faithful and minutely detailed pictures of the

manners and customs of the Arabs.

"The engravings considerably assist to explain the text and the notes; and to ensure their accuracy with

respect to costume, architecture, and scenery, the translator supplied the artist with dresses and other requisite materials.

"This is the first time the Arabian Nights have ever been faithfully rendered into any European language. Mr. Lane's style is simple, nervous, and flexible, ad

ARCHITECTURE will be found as a distinct
class, immediately following Books of Prints,
but most of the Books of PICTORIAL ARCHI-
TECTURE are in the present alphabet.
ARMAND, Reflexions sur l'Art de la Peinture,
considérée comme Peinture Héroique, 12mo.
calf extra, 4s
Paris, 1808
ARMOUR. Musée des Armes Rares, Anciennes, et
Orientales, de Sa Majesté L'Empereur de toutes
les Russies, imperial folio, with 72 fine litho-
graphic engravings of ancient armour, hf. bound
red morocco, gilt edges, £5. 58 Carlsruhe,

ARMOUR La Armeria Real de Madrid, par
Achille Jubinal; (the Ancient Arms and Ar-
mour in the Royal Armoury at Madrid,) impe-
rial folio, 80 fine engravings, beautifully coloured,
with descriptive Letter-press: (pub. at £11.11s)
elegantly half-bound morocco, with full gilt back
and gilt edges, £8. 8s
Paris, 1839

"The Royal Armoury at Madrid is one of the most complete and splendid in Europe. The spacious saloon glitters with knightly figures, armed cap-a-pie in richly inlaid suits, with horses equipped in all the gorgeons trappings of tilting, with banners, pennons, shields, crests, casques, badges, blazonings, and cognizances, and all the heraldic pomp of gentle deeds of arms and tournament. This collection has too long remained com paratively unknown to the antiquarians and genealogists of Europe.

"This magnificent work describes the most remarkable of these authentic and interesting relics of art and antiquity."- Quarterly Review. ARMOUR-See Carter-Costume-Cotman's


-Meubles-Meyrick-Moyen Age-Roccheggiani-Stothard-Turnier Buch.

ARNALD'S (G.) Picturesque Scenery of the River Meuse, from Liege to Mezieres, folio, 31 fine Mezzotints, (after the manner of the Liber Veritatis) by Reynolds, Turner, Lupton, etc. with descriptions, (pub. at £5. 5s) hf. bd. morocco, £1. 5s 1828

ARTISTS OF NURENBERG-History of, (in German,) folio, curious plates of Middle Age art, hf. bd. 18s Nurnberg, 1730 ARTIST'S Repository and Drawing Magazine, exhibiting the principles of the Polite Arts, in all their branches, 4 vols. 8vo. illustrated by 218 engravings, after Cipriani, Mortimer, Cosway, and others, neat in calf, 15s 1784-8

mirably suited to his subject, and to the shifting and ARUNDALE'S (F.) Illustrations of Jerusalem and

variable demands of the original. But the most important part of this new edition is the notes. Mr. Lane's residence in Egypt has enabled him to acquire so complete a knowledge of the manners and customs of the Egyptian Arabs, that he has succeeded in giving us, in a series of illustrative notes appended to the several chapters, a faithful, and, as it were, & LIVING PICTURE OF THE EAST. Indeed, we know of no traveller or writer who has let us so fully into the privacy of domestic life among the Arabs; his notes on the baths, on dress and furniture, on the meals and manner of eating, on hunting and hawking, are invaluable; his historical illustrations are also numerous and well selected; in fact, THE BOOK IS THE MOST COMPLETE MANUAL OF EASTERN MANNERS EVER PUBLISHED. Mr. Lane has

availed himself of numerous manuscripts brought from Egypt, to perfect many tales which had been either garbled or abridged by former translations. THESE

ARABIAN NIGHTS. Les Mille et une Nuits,

Contes Arabes, trad. par Galland, avec une Dis-
sertation par le Baron Silvester de Sacy, EDITION
ILLUSTRÉE, 3 vols. imperial 8vo. with upwards
of 1000 beautiful wood engravings by eminent
artists, calf super extra, gilt edges, £2. 8s
Puris, 1839

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ATKINSON'S Picturesque Representation of the Naval, Military, and Miscellaneous Costumes of Great Britain, royal folio, with 50 etchings mounted on card board, £1. 16s

London, Miller, 1807 The above was the artist's own copy. ATKINSON (J. A.) and J. Walker's Picturesque Representation of the Manners, Customs, and Amusements of the Russians, with Descriptions in English and French, 3 vols. in 1, royal folio, 100 COLOURED PLATES. (pub. at £15. 15s in bds.) russia, gilt edges, £2. 18s 1803-4 the same, coloured, morocco, gilt edges, 1803-4 the same, 3 vols. in 1, russia extra, leathe joints, marbled edges, arms on the sides, (from "Sir Simon Taylor's library) £3. 5s 1803-4

£3. 3s

the same 3 vols, royal folio, 100 coloured plates, bds. £1. 16s. 1803-4

Atlases, Maps, Charts, &c. ARMSTRONG'S (M. J.) Scotch Atlas, engraved on 30 plates by H. Ashby, 4to. hf. bd. 7s 1777 ARROWSMITH'S (A.) Holland, from a Map at the Dutch Military Depot, 6 plates,-Map of France, Belgium and Switzerland, 6 plates,Map of the Physical Divisions of Germany, 6 plates,-in 1 vol. atlas folio, 18 very large folding plates, mostly coloured, hf. bd. russia, 18s


Atlas to Thompson's Alcedo, or a Dictionary of America and the West Indies, atlas fol. containing 19 large folding maps and charts, (pub. at £8. 8s) hf. bd. russia, £2. 12s 6d Lond. 1816 ATLANTE Marittime delle due Sicilie da D. Gio. Ant. Rizzi-Zannoni, elephant folio, 23 charts, calf, neat, 15s Napoli, 1792 ATLAS Anglois: A fine old English County Atlas, containing 40 large maps, each ornamented with arms of the principal families; engraved by P. Scheull, Valk, and probably Kip, imperial folio, £1.5s Lond. 1715 ATLAS Cœlestis: an old Celestial Atlas on a large scale, imp. fol. containing 29 plates, finely illuminated in gold and colours, in which the Hypotheses of Ptolemy, Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, and others are given; vellum, £1. 5s (Amst. 1750?) ATLAS Curieux, ou Le Monde dans les Cartes, par Etats et Provinces, avec Plans et Descriptions des Villes, Capitales, et des plus superbes Edifices, Jardins, Fontaines, &c. par N. de Fer, 2 vols. oblong folio, 251 plates, many of which are Views of Palaces, Gardens, Churches, &c. neat in calf, £1. 11s 6d Paris, 1700 ATLAS de France, ou Cartes détaillées des Gaules, de la France en 1789, des 86 Départements et des Colonies Françaises, accompagné de Tableaux Statistiques, etc. par Perrot et Dupich, obl. folio, nearly 100 large coloured maps, (pub. at £8. 8s) hf. bd. £2. 12s 6d Paris, 1827 BODE (J. E.) Uranographia sive Astrorum Descriptio, eleph. folio, with 20 plates, (pub. at 120 francs) hf. bd. calf, £3. 13s 6d Berol. 1801 the same, hf. bd. russia, £4. 48 BRYANT'S Large Map of Lincolnshire, coloured, mounted on canvas, and folded into a handsome leather case, imperial 8vo. 18s 1828



Large Map of Northamptonshire, coloured, mounted on canvas, and folded into a handsome russia case, imperial 8vo. 18s BUTLER'S (Bp.) General Atlas of Ancient and Modern Geography, 4to. 23 maps, with an Index, (pub. at £1. 4s) hf. bd. 18s 1843 BUY DEMORNAs, Atlas méthodique de Géographie et d'Histoire, 4 vols. in 2, royal folio, 263 folding plates, the maps coloured and surrounded by historical descriptions, calf gilt, very neat, £2. 12s 6d Paris, 1761-62 This very elaborate and systematic Atlas was undertaken by the advice and with the assistance of the President Henault. CARY'S Improved Map of England and Wales,

with a considerable portion of Scotland; planned upon a scale of two statute miles to one inch, mounted on canvas, and folded into divisions, in 8 royal 8vo. cases, half. bd. russia, marbled edges, lettered in vols. (pub. at £13. 13s in sheets), a very handsome set, £9.9s 1832 CASSINI, ATLAS DE LA FRANCE, 2 vols. elephant folio, containing 178 maps, on a very extensive scale, French calf, £10. 10s Paris, 1744-93 "Cette Carte très bien exécutée est fort recherchée. Vend. 1050 fr. Le Gendre."-Brunet.

Atlases, Maps, Charts, &c. COUNTY ATLAS of England and Wales, divided into Hundreds, with the District Divisions, &c. imperial folio, 44 coloured maps, (pub. at £2. 2s) CRAMER'S (J. H.) Map of Ancient and Modern hf bd. neat, 15s (1836) Italy, two large sheets mounted on canvas, folded D'ANVILLE'S Atlas of Antient Geography, 12 into an imperial 4to. case, 15s Oxford, 1825 large maps, published by Laurie; with letterpress by the Editor of the Military Chronicle, 2 vols. DEVONSHIRE, Map of, with the City and imperial folio, hf. bd. calf, not uniform, 14s 1821 County of Exeter, by B. Donn, engraved by Jefferys, with Index to the Seats, &c. consist ing of 13 large sheets, BEAUTIFULLY PRINTED ON VELLUM, hf. bd. £5. 5s 1765


Believed to be unique in this state. EDINBURGH ATLAS of the World, containing 69 large coloured maps, accompanied by an extensive Geographical and Historical Letter-press, and complete Indexes, calf' extra, £3.3s Edinb. 1838 EGYPTE, Description de l'-Atlas Geographique de l'Egypte levée pendant l'Expédition de l'Armée Française, gravée à l'Echelle de 1 Millimètre pour 100 Mètres, par Ordre du Gouvernement, elephant folio, 53 extremely large maps, hf. bd. red morocco, uncut, £3. 3s Paris, 1818-28 This is the last published portion of the great French FADEN'S General Atlas, imperial folio, 55 large work on Egypt, and is deficient in many sets.


coloured maps, hf. bd. russia, £2. 1791-1804 This is a capital collection of maps on a very large FLAMSTEED'S Atlas Cœlestis, oblong imp. folio, with portrait by Vertue, and 27 large plates, FLINDERS' Charts to his Voyage to Terra Ausstained, indiff. binding, 16s 1729 tralis, large atlas folio, 18 folding charts and views, also 10 relating to Botany, bds. £1. 11s 6d


GELL'S (Sir W.) Large Map of Rome and its Environs, from a Trigonometrical Survey, mounted on canvas, in a case, 10s


This map is most beautifully engraved (similar to the Ordnance maps), on a very large scale, and exhibits the only perfect trigonometrical survey which exists of this classic ground. Many places are here laid down which are not so much as named in later times: and the localities of others are materially changed upon well established proof. The expense of surveys and measureGREENWOOD'S County Atlas of England and ment alone cost upwards of five hundred pounds.

Wales, from actual Surveys, with Views of the Cathedrals, &c. corrected to the present time, atlas folio, 60 large folding maps, newly hf. bd. HALL'S (Sidney) New General Atlas, with the calf, neat, £3.38


Divisions and Boundaries carefully coloured, constructed entirely from new Drawings, royal folio, 53 large coloured maps, beautifully engraved, (pub. at £10.) hf. bd. russia, £5. 15s 6d 1830 HALL'S (Sidney) English County Atlas, 4to. 54 coloured maps, hf. bd. morocco, 18s 1834 HEATHER'S (Wm.) Complete Pilot for the Eastern Coasts of England and Scotland, atlas folio, 4 plates, sewed, 5s HUMBOLDT (Alex. de) Atlas Géographique et Physique du Royaume de la Nouvelle Espagne, atlas folio, 20 plates and charts, bds. 14s Paris, 1808 ib. 1808

the same, hf. bd. morocco, 16s


Atlases, Maps, Charts, &c
ORDNANCE Map of Kent, with parts of Surrey,
Sussex, Essex, Middlesex, and Berkshire, 13
large sheets, coloured, and mounted on canvas, in
a 4to. case, £1. 11s 6d

Atlases, Maps, Charts, &C
KRUSENSTERN (M. de) Atlas de l'Ocean Paci-
fique, publié par ordre de Sa Majesté Impériale
Alexandre I. corrigé jusqu' en 1835; atlas
folio, containing 49 finely engraved charts, (pub.
at £6. 6s) bds. £1. 11s 6d Petersburg, 1827-35
LE SAGE, Atlas Elémentaire, Géographique, His-
torique, Chronologique, et Généalogique, folio,
10 plates, (pub. at 18s) hf. bd. 7s Paris, 1831
LIZA RS' General Atlas of the World, compiled,
drawn, and engraved from the latest and most
authentic Sources, including all the Railroads
in England, Ireland, and Scotland, the maps of
the new British Colonies upon an extra large scale,
1 vol. roy. folio, 69 double maps, (pub. at £6. 6s)
hf. bd. morocco, £2. 12s 6d
Edinb. 1841

This capital Atlas is upon a large scale, contains all the late geographical improvements, is very clearly engraved, carefully coloured, and has an extensive Index, by which every City on the Map may be referred to in an instant.

LOPEZ, Atlas de Espana y Portugal, folio, 94 coloured maps, hf. bd. russia, £3. 13s 6d Madrid, 1792-1810 The best Atlas of Spain, very scarce even in Madrid. It is priced in a recent Spanish catalogue at £20. LUFFMAN'S (J.) Select Plans of the Principal Cities, Harbours, Forts, etc. in the World, 2 vols. 4to. 160 coloured plans (pub. at £5. 5s) scarce, 15s 1801 MACARTNEY'S Embassy to China, Maps and Plates to, large folio, 95 plates, bds. 15s 1797 MAPS of the Battles, Sieges, and Campaigns of the Wars in Germany, &c. 1756-62, called the SEVEN YEARS' WAR, with short Descriptions in German, oblong folio, 160 coloured plates, calf, 10s 6d Nürnberg.

MAP of London and Southwark, on a large sheet; 'Wenceslaus Hollar delin. et fecit Londini et Antverpiæ, 1647,' lithographed by Robert Martin in 1832, 15s

MAP of London and Westminster, as it was near the beginning of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, 8 sheets, oblong folio, re-engraved by Vertue, 10s 6d 1737 NEPTUNE Francois, ou Atlas Nouveau des Chartes Marines, gravées exprès pour l'usage des Armées de Mer, elephant folio, 107 plates of Shipping, including all the French Men-of-War of the time, Naval Flags, Charts, etc. on a very large scale, old calf, £1. 11s 6d Paris, 1693 COLLECTION of Old Maps of Spain and Portugal, including Plans of Madrid, Gibraltar, Malta, etc. chiefly by the French Geographers of the time (Nolin, Robert, &c.) 2 vols. royal folio, 28 maps, calf, and hf. bd. russia, 15s

ib. 1704 ROME. Nolli (G.) Nuova Pianta di Roma. A complete and highly decorative Plan of Rome and its suburbs, on a very large scale, imp. folio, 14 folding plates, hf. bd. 12s Roma, 1748 OLD ILLUMINATED DRAWING ON VELLUM, a Map of the World, on 5 large sheets, inscribed "Francis Oliva me fecit, Marsilia," royal folio, 10s 6d

ORDNANCE Maps of Devon and Cornwall,

16 large sheets, divided into Sections, and mounted on canvas, enclosed in 2 handsome blue morocco cases, royal 4to. in fine condition, £5. 5s 1809-13 This is less than half the original cost.

The reduced published price of these maps, without the mounting, is £4. 2s 6d. PARIS-Plan Perspective de la Ville de Paris, imp. folio, 20 plates, in fine old red morocco, gilt edges, arms on sides, £1. 11s 6d Paris, 1734-9

These 20 large well engraved folio plates, contain a complete bird's eye view of Paris, its houses, streets, churches, palaces, etc. etc.

PELET (Lieut.-Gen.) Atlas des Mémoires Mili-
taires rélatifs à la Succession d'Espagne sous
Louis XIV. large atlas folio, consisting of 32
maps, and numerous plates, in a portfolio,
£1. 11s 6d Paris, Imprimerie Royale, 1838
PETTY'S (Sir Wm.) Map of Ireland, 31 maps,
mounted on canvas, and folded into a 4to. size
rare, £5. 5s
PILOTE de Saint-Domingue.-Seven large Charts
and Plates of Headlands, Straits, &c. of the
Island of St. Domingo, atlas folio, neat in calf,
10s 6d
Paris, 1787
PINKERTON'S Modern Atlas of the World (on a
large scale), from the latest and best Autho-
rities, 60 large folding maps, coloured, atlas folio,
(pub. at £20.) hf. bd. russia, £4. 14s 6d 1815
PLAN de la Ville de St. Petersbourg, large sheet,

(4 feet square), with 20 Views of Palaces, Ca-
thedrals, etc. round the border, mounted on canvas,
in a case, 10s


PLANS of Towns, Fortresses, and Battles, in Ger-
many, Netherlands, France, Turkey, etc. cele-
brated bythe Military Achievements of Frederick
the Great, atlas folio, 34 large coloured maps,
chiefly published in Germany between 1760
and 1795, hf. bd. 15s

REICHARD and Stieler's Hand-Atlas über alle
Theile der Erde, oblong royal folio, containing
73 elaborate maps, beautifully engraved, hf. bd.
calf, 188
Gotha, 1831
RENNELL'S (Major) Bengal Atlas, containing
Maps of the Theatre of War, published by
order of the East India Company, royal folio,
21 coloured maps, neat in calf, 14s

1781 1781

the same, hf. bd. calf, 10s 6d SAXTON'S County Maps of England and Wales, the original maps, with additions and corrections by R. Lea; also Maps of Scotland by Gordon, and of Ireland epitomised from Petty, royal folio, 50 maps, hf. bd. russia, £1. 5s

SMITH'S (C.) New English Atlas, being a complete set of County Maps, divided into Hundreds, in which are delineated all the Direct and Cross Roads, &c. with an Index Villaris, containing upwards of Forty Thousand Names imp. folio, 45 finely engraved maps, coloured, (pub. at £7. 7s) hf. bd. £1. 7s


SMITH'S (W.) Mineralogical Survey, or Delineations of the Strata of England, Wales, and part of Scotland, in 16 large coloured maps, with the addition of Arrowsmith's Map of England and Wales, and part of Scotland, 4 maps, all flat, in elephant folio, hf. bd. russia, £2. 8s 1813-15 TANNER'S American Atlas, containing 22 fine large coloured maps of all the States of the Union, atlas folio, neat in calf, £2. 2s Philadelphia, 1823


Atlases, Maps, Charts, &c.
2 vols. atlas folio, containing 45 large folding
charts, finely engraved-Derrotero de las Costas
de España en el Mediterraneo, y su correspon-
diente de Africa, en el Océano Atlantice y de
las Islas Azores ó Terceras, 2 vols. 4to. toge-
ther 4 vols. old Spanish red morocco, gilt edges,
with the Royal Cypher, being a presentation copy
from the Spanish Government, £5. 5s

Madrid, 1786-89

Atlas Maritimo de España, 2 vols. atlas folio, 45 large folding charts, Madrid, 1786-8— Tofino's Spanish Coasting Pilot, (being a translation of the "Derrotero de las Costas," with improvements) by Dougall, 4to. maps, London, 1812-together £2. 12s 6d

Atlas Maritimo de España, 2 vols. atlas folio, 45 large folding maps, one vol. calf, the other sewed, £2. 2s


Madrid, 1786-8 Spanish Coasting Pilot, (chiefly descriptive of the Charts in the large Atlas Maritimo,') 4to. bds. 15s ATLAS Universel de Géographie Physique, Politique, Statistique, et Minéralogique, sur une grand Echelle, par Ph. VANDERMAELEN, 6 vols. imp. folio, with 400 maps and plates, hf. bd. £6.65 Bruxelles, 1827, &c. This is called the Great Brussels Atlas, and was published at upwards of THIRTY GUINEAS. It is the most extensive and complete series of maps ever published, and taken from the best authorities.

UNIVERSAL ATLAS: A Collection of 184 fine and very large Maps and Charts of the various parts of the World (mostly coloured) by Faden, Arrowsmith, Cary, D'Anville, Ferraris, Jefferys, Kitchen, Rennell, Zanoni, and others; evidently collected at great expense from every possible source, with Manuscript Indexes; forming a most complete Universal Atlas on a large scale, 3 vols. atlas folio, whole bound in russia, £6. 6s

WILKINSON'S General Atlas of the World, imp. 4to. 46 very clearly engraved, and carefully coloured Maps, with appropriate Tables, (pub. at £1. 16s) hf. bd. £1. 5s


This work is uniform in size with the Classical Atlas, and is very distinctly engraved, and on a larger scale than any other of the modern portable Atlasses. It has been corrected and completed to the present time. WILKINSON'S Classical and Scriptural Atlas, being a Collection of Maps of the Countries mentioned by the Ancient Authors, both Sacred and Profane; with their various Subdivisions at different periods, accompanied by Historical and Chronological Tables, imp. 4to. containing 53 maps, clearly engraved, and carefully coloured, (pub. at £2. 4s) hf. bd. £1. 11s 6d


This is the most comprehensive Classical Atlas of the present day, containing about double the number of Maps of any other, and on a larger scale.

It has long and deservedly enjoyed the highest reputation, and should be in the hands of every Student, as well as in every Library. The TABULE CHRONOLOCICE are peculiar to this Atlas, and being extremely useful, as well as ingenious, give it a great superiority over its contemporaries.

[blocks in formation]


Atlases, Maps, Charts, &c.
First Age, or the Ante-dilu- Fourth Age, including the
Judges and High Priests.
Fifth Age, including the High
Priests, with the Kings of
Judah and Israel.
Sixth Age, to the Messiah,
including the Sovereigns of
the Maccabees, &c.

vian Patriarchs.
Second Age, or Post-diluvian
Patriarchs, including the
Foundation of Nations, & c.

Third Age, from Abraham to
the Exodus, or the Israel-
ites leaving Egypt.

Patriarchati Orientales.
Patriarchatus Occidentalis.
The Dioceses of England with

their Alterations to the pre-
sent Time.

[blocks in formation]

tiquum. The World, according to the

Idea of Herodotus.

Reditus decem Millium GræAlexandri Magni Itinera in


Succession of Bishops, with the Alterations of Dioceses, and contemporary Sovereigns.

[blocks in formation]

which have professed the Faith of Mahomet. Saxon England.

The Empire of Charlemagne. The Kingdom of Jerusalem, with its Environs, at the time of the Crusades.

Expeditione. Imperium Parthicum tempore Arsacidum. WILKINSON'S (Sir G.) Topographical Survey of Thebes and the Pyramids, a very large map, (6 ft. by 4 ft. 6 in.) mounted on canvas, in a leather 1830 case, imp. 4to. £1. 11s 6d

ATTICA, Unedited Antiquities of, comprising the

Architectural Remains of Eleusis, Rhamnus, Sunium, and Thoricus, by the Society of Dilettanti; imp. folio, numerous fine plates, original edition, neatly bound in vellum, (from Sir F. Chantrey's library), £5, 15s 6d

copy, £5. 5s


the same, hf. bd. russia, gilt edges, fine 1817 the same, russia extra, leather joints, marħ. 1817 edges, £6. 16s 6d the same, 2nd edition, royal folio, plates, 1833 hf. bd. calf, £2. 2s AULDJO (Jean) Vues de Vesuve avec un Précis de ses Eruptions principales, 8vo. 17 coloured prints, sewed, 5s Naples, 1832 AUTOGRAPHS.-Collection of 443 Facsimile Letters and Autographs of Kings, Princes, and Eminent Men of all Countries, from the time of Charlemagne to 1825, taken from Originals, chiefly in the National Library of France, 2 vols. 4to. hf. bd. calf, £2. 12s 6d AUTOGRAPH Letters, a Collection of, between

the years 1756 and 1807, including several by Sir W. and Lady Hamilton, and their Family; Dr. Symmons; Pomare King of Taheite, and others; in a portfolio, 10s 6d BAILLIE'S (Captain) Works; a Series of 52 Fine

Prints and Etchings, after Rembrandt, Ostade, Teniers, Gerard Dow, Terburg, Poussin, and other old Masters, atlas folio, mostly proofs, mounted on drawing paper, hf. bd. calf, £2. 2s

BAILLIE'S (Captain) Works; a Series of 225 fine | Prints and Etchings, after Rembrandt, Ostade, Teniers, Gerard Dow, Terburg, Poussin, and other old Masters, capitally mounted on drawing paper, and bound in 2 vols. atlas folio, very neat in old russia, gilt, £10. 10s 1792

An extraordinary and unique set; from the collection of Alderman Boydell, the publisher, with his autograph. Many of the plates are in four states, viz. Prints, Engraver's Proofs, Proofs on India Paper, and Coloured Proofs.

BALDINUCCI (Filippo) Opere, (Notizie de' Pro

fessori del Disegno, da Cimabue; Storia dell' Arte dell' Intagliare in Rame; Vocabulario Toscana del Disegno, etc.) 14 vols. 8vo. sewed, £2.8s Milano, 1808-12 BALLET MASTER, the Complete, under the title of "DELICIE THEATRALES" by Lambranzi, sm. folio, 50 curious pantomimic plates, with Music, and letter-press in Italian and German, hf. bd. vellum, £1. 1s Nürnberg, 1716 BARBAULT (Jean) les plus beaux Edifices de Rome Moderne, imp. folio, 44 large folding plates, and numerous large vignettes, with historical descriptions to each, hf. bd. £2. 2s Rome, 1763

Recueil de divers Monumens Anciens en Italie, imp. folio, 166 plates of Friezes, BasReliefs, Statues, Vases, Patera, Sarcophagi, &c. hf. bd. vellum, neat, (with the initials of Sir F. Chantrey), £2. 2s Rome, 1770 BARBERINE EDES a Comite Tetio descriptæ, folio, with upwards of 50 fine engravings of Ceilings, Statues, Busts, and other decorations, by Bloemaurt, vellum, (Horace Walpole's copy) 18s Roma, 1642

the same, vellum, gilt edges, fine copy, £1. 1s


the same, with 20 additional plates, fine copy in old morocco, £2. 5s BARLANDI Ducum Brabantiæ Chronica, item Brabantiados Poema Melch. Barlæi, folio, with 36 finely engraved whole length portraits, including many of the Kings of France, Spain, &c. vellum, 168 Antv. ex Off. Plantin. 1600 BARLOW'S Birds and Beasts, 67 Prints drawn from the Life, and engraved by Barlow, Hollar, and others, oblong folio, hf. bd. neat, 10s 6d 1775 BARRY'S (the Historical Painter) Works, containing his Correspondence-Lectures on Painting-Observations on Works of Art in Italy and France-On the Paintings in the Orleans Gallery, etc. 2 vols. 4to. portrait and plates, (pub. at £5. 5s) bds. £1. 8s 1809

the same, 2 vols. 4to. hf. bd. £1. 10s 1809 Cartoons; A Series of Etchings, from his original and justly celebrated Paintings in the Great Room of the Society of Arts, Adelphi, atlas folio, containing 15 very large and highly finished etchings, with a fine etching of Barry's picture of Pandora by Schiavonetti (pub. at £6. 6s) neatly hf. bd. russia, £2. 5s 1808-10 BARTOLI et BELLORI OPERA ANAGLYPTICA, a Series of BAS-RELIEFS and FRIEZES, viz. Admiranda Romanarum Antiquitatum ac Veteris Sculpturæ Vestigia, 83 plates-Columna Antonina, 77 plates-Colonna Trajana, 126 platesVeteres Arcus Augustorum Triumphis Insignes, 52 plates-Picture Antiquæ Cryptarum Romanarum, 95 plates-Sigismundi Augusti Triumphus, 26 plates-together 459 fine large plates, in 3 vols. folio, red turkey morocco, gilt edges, fine set, £12. 12s Roma 1690-1704

BARTOLI et BELLORI OPERA. an Extensive Collection of apparently all their engraved Works, containing 634 plates of Bas-Reliefs, Friezes, Lamps, and other Antiquities, cut out and mounted on drawing paper, in 2 very large vols. atlas folio, bound in old vellum, (from the Strawberry Hill Library), £7. 7s Roma, 1690-1704

et Bellori Admiranda Romanarum Anti

quitatum ac Veteris Sculpturæ Vestigia, oblong
folio, 83 plates of Bas-Reliefs, oblong, old calf,
ib. 1693

Pitture Antiche delle Grotte di Roma,
e del Sepolcro de' Nasoni, descritte da G. P.
Bellori e M. H. Causei, small folio, 75 plutes of
ancient Frescoes, Mosaics, &c. hf. bd. vellum, neat,
Roma, 1706

et Bellori Picturæ Antique Cryptarum Romanorum et Sepulchri Nasonum, cum Appendice cont.20 fig. Musivorum, imp. folio, containing 95 plates of the ancient Frescoes, Mosaics, Arabesques, Vases, &c. in the Baths of Titus, the Tombs of the Nasi, and other places in Rome, very neat in calf, £1. 11s 6d Roma, 1750 et Bellori Veteres Arcus Augustorum Triumphis Insignes, imp. folio, 52 plates of Triumphal Arches and their Bas-Reliefs, neat, £1. 1s Roma, 1690 the same, neat in vellum, (from Sir F. Chantrey's library, with his initials), £1. 4s ib. 1690 the same, old red morocco, gilt leaves, £1. 11s 6d ib. 1690 the same, royal folio, with some additional plates inserted, hf. bd. £1. Is ib. 1690

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the same, slightly wormed, old calf, 15s et Bellori Colonna Trajana, con l'historie della Guerra Dacica, da Ciaccone, etc. containing a large view of Trajan's Pillar, and 125 fine engravings of the numerous Bas-Reliefs and Statues which adorn it, imp. obl. folio, fine copy in old red morocco, £2.8s Roma, 1616

the same, neat in calf, £1. 16s

the same, broken binding, £1. 5s

et Bellori Columna Cochlis, M. Aurelio Antonino Augusto dicata, ejus rebus gestis in Germanicâ atque Sarmaticâ expeditione Insignis; accedunt Stylobates, royal oblong folio, 80 plates, neat in culf, £1. 11s 6d Roma, 1704-8

Sigismundi Augusti Mantuam adeuntis Profectio ac Triumphus, a Julio Romano depictus, oblong folio, 26 fine plates of the Triumphal Entry of the Emp. Sigismund into Mantua; modelled by Primaticcio from the drawings of Julio Romano, in vellum, £1. 5s BARTOLI, Museum Odescalchum, sive Thesaurus Antiquarum Gemmarum, 2 vols. folio, 103 plates of Gems, hf. bd. cf. neat, £1.8s Roma, 1751

ib. 1680

ib. 1751-2

the same, 2 vols. 103 plates, hf. bd. vellum, (from Sir F. Chantrey's library, with his initials) £1. 10s the same, 2 vols. in 1, cf. £1. 5s BARTOLI, Antiche Lucerne Sepolcrali, figurate raccolte dalle Cave Sotteranei e Grotte di Roma, con l'espos. de Bellori, folio, 116 plates, old calf, 188 Roma, 1691 the same, 116 plates, bds. uncut, 12s ib. 1729 Veterum Lucernæ Sepulchralis, &c. (being the preceding work, with Latin letter-press, with 116 plates-Veterum Sepulcra seu Mausolea Romanorum, 110 plates, 2 vols. royal folio, hf. bd, calf, 18s Lugd. Bat. 1728

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