Management : A Global, Innovative, and Entrepreneurial Perspective

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Management, in its 14th edition, integrates the managerial aspect of innovation with the global and entrepreneurial perspectives. Based on the famous systems approach to management, the comprehensively written text encapsulates the latest trends in management in a very dynamic manner. 

Salient Features: 

•  Inclusion of Innovative Perspective along-with existing Global and Entrepreneurial Perspectives 

•  Coverage on topics of interest such as Business Analytics, Blue Ocean Strategy, Product, Service, & Process Innovation, and Value & Supply Chain Management 

•  Real-time examples and cases on India and China providing an Asian perspective of managing 

•  New chapter-end cases on companies such as, Walmart, Google, and Apple 

•  Part-end running Global Car Industry Case to help in analyzing different aspects of the car industry 

•  More than 150 Perspective boxed items, some based on exclusive interviews with leading executives, venture capitalists, and technologists, there by providing global, innovative, and entrepreneurial perspectives from leading companies such as Apple, Ford, The Tata Conglomerate, Wipro, Walmart, and Infosys among many others

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