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Full of mercy, full of love,
Look upon us from above!
Thou who taught'st the blind man's night
To entertain a double light,
Thine and the day's, (and that thine too):
The lame away his crutches threw;
The parched crust of leprosy
Return'd unto its infancy;
The dumb amazed was to hear
His own unchain'd tongue strike his ear:
Thy powerful mercy did ev'n chase
The Devil from his usurped place,
Where thou Thyself shouldst dwell, not he;
Oh let Thy love our pattern be!
Let Thy mercy teach one brother
To forgive and love another;
That, copying Thy mercy here,
Thy goodness may hereafter rear
Our souls unto Thy glory, when
Our dust shall cease to be with men!


R. H.

Lo the lilies of the field,
How their leaves instruction yield ?
Hark to Nature's lesson given
By the blessed birds of Heaven !
Every bush and tufted tree
Warbles sweet philosophy ;

Mortal, fly from doubt and sorrow :
God provideth for the morrow !


Than we

Say, with richer crimson glows
The kingly mantle than the rose ?
Say, have kings more wholesome fare


citizens of air?
Barns nor hoarded grain have we,
Yet we carol merrily.
Mortal fly from doubt and sorrow !
God provideth for the morrow!

“ One there lives whose Guardian eye
Guides our humble destiny;
One there lives who, Lord of all,
Keeps our feathers lest they fall ;
Pass we blithely then, the time,
Fearless of the snare and lime,
Free from doubt and faithless sorrow :
God provideth for the morrow !"


No. 1.

R. H.

WAKE! not, oh mother! sounds of lamentation !

Weep not, oh widow ! weep not hopelessly! Strong is His arm, the Bringer of Salvation,

Strong is the Word of God to succour thee!

Bear forth the cold corpse, slowly, slowly bear him :

Hide his pale features with the sable pall : Chide not the sad one wildly weeping near him :

Widow'd and childless, she has lost her all ?

Why pause

the mourners ? Who forbids our weeping? Who the dark pomp of sorrow has delay'd ? Set down the bier,—he is not dead but sleeping ! Young man arise !"— He spake, and was obey'd !

Change then, oh sad one! grief to exultation ;

Worship and fall before Messiah's knee. Strong was His arm, the Bringer of Salvation;

Strong was the Word of God to succour thee !


No. II.

H. H. M.

When our heads are bow'd with woe,
When our bitter tears o'erflow;
When we mourn the lost, the dear,
Gracious Son of Mary, hear!

Thou our throbbing flesh hast worn,
Thou our mortal griefs hast borne,
Thou hast shed the human tear:
Gracious Son of Mary, hear!

When the sullen death-bell tolls
For our own departed souls ;
When our final doom is near,
Gracious Son of Mary, hear!

Thou hast bow'd the dying head;
Thou the blood of life hast shed ;
Thou hast fill'd a mortal bier :
Gracious Son of Mary, hear!

When the heart is sad within
With the thought of all its sin;
When the spirit shrinks with fear,
Gracious Son of Mary, hear !

Thou the shame, the grief hast known,
Though the sins were not Thine own,
Thou hast deign'd their load to bear,
Gracious Son of Mary, hear !


H. H. M.

Great God of Hosts ! come down in Thy glory!

Shake earth and heaven with Thine awful tread : Seal Thou the book of our world's dark story;

Summon to judgement the quick and the dead !

Great God of Hosts! come down to rule o'er us!

Long have we pray'd for Thy peaceful reign : Change this sad earth to an Eden before us;

Make it the mansion of bliss again!

Great God of Hosts ! the dreadful, the glorious !

Come and set up Thy kingly Throne:
Over the legions of Hell victorious,

Rule in the world of Thy saints alone!

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