The Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science, Volume 36, Issues 71-72

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Hodges and Smith, 1863 - Medicine

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Page 369 - As diagnostic of hereditary syphilis, various peculiarities are often presented by the other teeth, especially the canines, but the upper central incisors are the test-teeth.
Page 370 - When first cut, these teeth are usually short, narrow from side to side at their edges, and very thin. After a while a crescentic portion from their edges breaks away, leaving a broad, shallow, vertical notch, which is permanent for some years, but between twenty and thirty usually becomes obliterated by the premature wearing down of the tooth. The two teeth often converge, and sometimes they stand widely apart.
Page 262 - A MANUAL OF OPHTHALMOSCOPIC SURGERY ; being a Practical Treatise on the Use of the Ophthalmoscope in Diseases of the Eye.
Page 261 - PRACTICAL LITHOTOMY AND LITHOTRITY ; or, An Inquiry into the best Modes of removing Stone from the Bladder.
Page 235 - Again, the capillary vessels become over-distended with blood, and the exudation of liquor sanguinis to an unusual amount takes place, constituting inflammation. How is this to be treated ? In the early stage topical bleeding, if directly applied to the part, may diminish the congestion, and the application of cold will check the amount of exudation. But the exudation having once coagulated outside...
Page vi - ON LONG, SHORT, AND WEAK SIGHT, and their Treatment by the Scientific Use of Spectacles.
Page 318 - ... for the purpose of hoisting the loaded buckets, and lowering the empty ones. The method followed in working the apparatus was found to be so simple in detail, as to be perfectly intelligible to all the workmen employed. The pumps being set in motion, the flap of one of the air locks, and the door of the other, were closed. A few strokes compressed the air within the pile sufficiently to seal the joints ; and whilst the pumping was in progress, the men passed through the air locks to their respective...
Page 261 - A MANUAL FOR THE COLLEGE OF SURGEONS; intended for the USe of Candidates for Examination and Practitioners.

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