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The book is having a very good insight of mystique cults, happenings and descriptions. One who wants to know about the pilgrimage should read this book. This reminds me Geoffrey Chaucer's book 'The Canterbury Tales.' This should be bed side book to every one.
Lingaraju D S
Bangalore-72 (India)

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I was amazed with the details about the shrines, sacred traditions and popular cultures with we may relate to the 'pilgrimage'. But, I was shocked to notice a serious mistake on page 191, the entry about Gandhi, where it is mentioned as 'On January 30, 1948, Gandhi was assasinated by a Muslim.'
The facts surrounding the assasination of Gandhi are well established. The assasin was duly tried and punished. He name was Nathuram Godse, a Hindu extrimist. NOT a Muslim. You can find some quick information at the link: Hundreds of books have been published on Gandhi since his assasination. I have never come across such a mistake in any one of those books.
Why I am serious about this mistake:
1. Serious communal tensions still exist among the Hindus and Muslims in India. Such mistake, included in an otherwise dependable book, can mislead many first time readers.
2. Wrong information about a person of world repute, (correct version of which is widely available without much effort), has diminished the credibility of the book which is supposed to be named rightly as an enclopedia.
I believe the writers will correct the error in the second edition of the book.
A K M Zahidul Islam
London, UK

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I am amazed at the depth of information.
I was researching Wu Tai Shan and was able to find information here to a depth required.
There is a wealth of information here for the researcher and reader

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