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ral state grand chapters, are bound to the performance of the same duties, and are invested with the same pow. ers and prerogatives, throughout their respective jurisdictions, as are prescribed to the general grand officers, in the 4th section, 1st article of this constitution.

SECT. 13. The jurisdiction of the several state grand chapters shall not extend beyond the limits of the state in which they shall respectively be holden.



Sect. 1. All legally constituted assemblies of royal arch masons are called CHAPTERS; as regular bodies of mark mas. ters, past masters and most excellent masters, are called Lodges. Every chapter ought to assemble for work, at least once in every three months; and must consist of an high priest, king, scribe, captain of the host, principal sojourn. er, royal arch captain, three grand masters, secretary, treasurer, and as many members as may be found convenient for working to advantage.

Sect. 2. Every chapter of royal arch masons, and lodge of mark master masons, throughout this jurisdiction, shall have a warrant of constitution from the grand chap ter of the state in which they may respectively be holden, or a warrant from one of the general grand officers. And no chapter or lodge shall be deemed legal without such war. rant, and masonic communication, (either public or private) is hereby interdicted and forbidden, between any chapter or lodge under this jurisdiction, or any member of either of them, and any chapter, lodge or assembly, that may be so illegally formed, opened or holden, without such warrant, or any or either of their members, or any person exalted or advanced in such illegal chapter or lodge. But nothing in this section shall be construed to affect any chapter or lodge which was established before the adoption of the grand royal arch constitution, at Hartford, on the 27th day of January, A. D. 1798.

SECT. 3. Whenever a warrant is issued for instituting a chapter of royal arch masons, with a power in said warrant to open and hold a lodge of most excellent past and mark master masons, the high priest, king and scribe, for the time being, of such chapter, shall be the master and war. Hens in said lodge, according to seniority.

Sect 4. All applications for the exaltation or advancement of candidates, in any chapter or lodge under this jurisdiction shall lie over, at least one meeting, for the consideration of the members.

SECT. 5. No mason shall be a member of two separate and distinct bodies, of the same denomination, at one and the same time.

Sect. 6. No chapter shall be removed, without the knowledge of the high priest, nor any motion made for that purpose in his absence; but if the high priest be present, and a motion is made and secunded for removing the cbapter, to some more convenient place, within the limits prescribed in their warrant, the high priest shall forth with cause notifications to be issued, to all the members, informing them of the motion for removal, and of the time and place when the question is to be determined; which notice shall be issued at least ten days previous to the appointed meeting. But if the high priest, after motion duly made and seconded as aforesaid, should refuse or neglect to cause the notices to be issued as aforesaid, the officer next in rank, who may be present at the next regular meeting following, upon motion made and seconded for that purpose, may in like manner issue the said notices.

Secr. 7. All mark master masons' lodges shall be regulated, in cases of removal, by the same rules as are prescribed in the foregoing section for the removal of chapters.

Seot. 8. The high priest, and other officers, of every chapter, and the officers of every lodge of mark master masons, shall be chosen annually, by ballot.

SECT. 9. The high priest of every chapter, has it in special charge, as appertaining to his office, duty and dignity, to see that the by-laws of his chapter, as well as the general grand royal arch constitution, and the general re. gulations of the grand chapter, be duly observed; that all the other officers of his chapter, perform the duties of their respective offices faithfully, and are examples of diligence and industry to their companions; that true and exact records be kept of all the proceedings of the chapter by the secretary; that the treasurer keep and render exact and just accounts of all the monies belonging to the chapter; that regular returns be made by the secretary, annually, to the grand chapter of all admissions of candidates or members; and that the annual dues to the grand chapter be regularly and punctually paid. He has the special care and charge of the warrant of his chapter. He has the right and authority

of calling his chapter at pleasure, upon any emergency or occurrence which in his judgment may require their meet. ing, and he is to fill the chair when present. It is likewise his duty, together with his king and scribe, to attend the meetings of the grand chapter when duly summoned by the grand secretary, either in person or by proxy.

Secr. 10. For the preservation of secrecy and good harmony, and in order that due decorum may be observed while the chapter is engaged in business, a worthy royal arch mason is to be appointed from time to tiine, for tyling the chapter. His duty is fixed by custom, and known in all regular chapters. He may be elected annually, but is to continue in office only during good behaviour, and is to be paid for his services.

Sect. 11. All lodges of mark master masons are bound to observe the two preceeding articles, as far as they can be applied to the government of a lodge.

SECT. 12. No chapter shall confer the degrees of mark master mason, past master, most excellent master, and roy. al arch mason, upon any brother, for a less sum than twenty dollars-And no lodge of mark master masons, shall advance a brother to that degree for a less sum than four dollars.

SECT. 13. When either of the officers or members of the general grand chapter, or of any of the state grand chapters, cannot personally attend their respective meetings, they shall severally have the authority to constitute a proxy, which proxy shall have the same right to a seat and vote as his constituent.

[blocks in formation]

Sect. 1. When a warrant of constitution is granted, by either of the general grand officers, or either of the state grand chapters, for constituting a new chapter of royal arch masons, the grand officers respectively, shall appoint a day and hour for constituting the same, and installing the new officers. On the day and hour appointed, the grand or deputy grand high priest, (or the presiding officer for the time being) with his officers, meet in a convenient room, near the place where the new cliapter is to be constituted. The offi. cers of the new chapter are to be examined by the deputy grand high priest, or some companion appointed for that

purpose; after they are approved, they are to return to the ball, and prepare for the reception of the grand chapter. When notice is given by the grand marshal, that they are prepared, the grand chapter walks in procession to the hall, when the officers appointed for the new chapter, resign their seats to the grand officers, and take their several stations on the left; the necessary cautions are then given from the chair, and the ceremony commences by performing an anthem or ode, adapted to the occasion.* The officers and members of the new chapter then form in front of the grand high priest.

The deputy grand high priest, then informs the grand high priest, that “A number of companions duly instructed in the sublime mysteries, being desirous of promoting the honor of the art, have applied to the grand chapter for a warrant to constitute a new chapter of royal arch masons, which having obtained, they are now assembled for the purpose of being constituted, and having their officers installed in due and ancient form."

The grand high priest then directs the grand secretary to read the warrant, which being done, he asks the members of the new chapter if they still approve of the officers nominated therein; this being signified accordingly, the grand high priest rises and says,

“By virtue of the high powers in me vested, I do form you, my worthy companions, into a regular chapter of royal arch masons; from benceforth ye are authorised and empowered to open and hold a lodge of mark masters, past masters, and most excellent masters, and a chapter of royal arch masons; and to do and perform all such things as there. unto may appertain; conforming in all your doings to the general grand royal arch constitution, and the general regulations of the state grand chapter; and may the God of your fathers be with you, guide and direct you, in all your doings.”

Grand Honours.

The Furniture, Jewels, Implements, Utensils, &c. belonging to the chapter (having previously been placed in due form, covered in the centre) are then uncovered, and the new chapter is dedicated, in ancient manner and form, as is well described in the most excellent master's decree. The

*See an appropriate ode, page 254.

deputy grand high priest then presents the first officer of the new chapter to the grand high priest, saying,

Most Excellent Grand High Priest, I present you my worthy companion

-nomi. nated in the warrant, to be installed high priest, of this new chapter; I find him to be skilful in the royal art and attentive to the moral precepts of our forefathers, and have therefore no doubt but he will discharge the duties of his office with fidelity.”

The grand high priest then addresses him as follows:

Most Excellent Companion, I feel much satisfaction in performing my duty on the present occasion, by installing you into the office of high priest of this new chapter. It is an office highly honora. ble to all those who diligently perform the important duties annexed to it; your reputed masonic knowledge however, precludes the necessity of a particular enumeration of those duties; I shall therefore only observe, that by a frequent recurrence to the constitution, and general regulations, and a constant practice of the several sublime lectures and charges, you will be best able to fulfil them; and I am confident, that the companions who are chosen to preside with you, will give strength to your endeavours, and support your exertions—I shall now propose certain questions to you, relative to the duties of your office, and to which I must request your unequivocal answer.

1. Do you solemnly promise that you will re double your endeavours, to correct the vices, purify the morals, and promote the happiness of those of your brethren who have obtained this sublime degree:

2. That you will never suffer your chapter to be opened unless there be present nine regular royal arch masons:

3. That you will never suffer either more or less than three brethren to be exalted in your chapter at one and the same time:

4. That you will not exalt any one to this degree, who has not shown a charitable and humane disposition; or who has not made a considerable proficiency in the foregoing degrees:

5. That you will promote the general good of our order, and on all proper occasions be ready to give and receive in

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