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Sect. 3. Every Subordinate Encampment shall yearly make a return to the Grand Encampment, at the stated meeting thereof, of the names of all the members, and also of all candidates accepted or rejected by them, respectively, together with the fees required by the 4th Section of the 2d Article of this Constitution.

SCET, 4. Every candidate who shall at any time hereafter be admitted and created a Knight Templar in any Encampment under this jurisdiction, shall pay, for the use of the Grand Fund, the sum of Three Dollars, in addition to the ordinary fees, all which said dues and sums shall be made good, and paid to the Grand Recorder, by the said. Encampment, at the yearly Grand Encampment; and the Grand Recorder shall pay the same over to the Grand Treasurer.

Sect. 5. No candidate shall be admitted and created a Knight Templar for a less sum than Seven Dollars, exclusive of the Grand Encampment fees required by the foregoing section.

The several Encampments now represented in this Grand Convention shall be furnished with Charters of Recognition, on paying into the hands of the Grand Recorder the sum of Five Dollars.

No alteration or amendment shall be made to this constitution, unless notice be given of the proposed alteration or amendment at a stated meeting previous to that on which they shall be convened.


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By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations, of the Grand, and the

Subordinate Encampinents. 1. When three or more Encampments are present, either by representatives or proxies, and the Most Eminent General Grand Master, Most Eminent Grand Generalissimo, or other presiding Sir Knight, has taken the chair, and has given due notice, the Sir Knights shall take their seats; the Grand Masters, or their Proxies, and Past Grand Masters, of each Encampment, taking place on the left hand of the Most Eminent General Grand Master, according to the seniority of their respective Encampments: and in like manner, the Generalissimos and Captain-Generals of the severał Encampments taking place on the right band of the Most Eminent General Grand Master. Visiters shall sit in a second row, on the right hand of the Most Eminent General Grand Master, unless invited to other seats by the Most Eminent General Grand Master, or other presiding Sir Knight.

2. As the institution of the Most Illustrious Order of Knight Templars acknowledges revealed religion, and positively inculcates the devout worship of Almighty God, being the Most Holy and Undivided Trinity, Three in One, and One in Three, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the only true God, blessed for ever more, whose creatures we are, by whose grace we are upheld, by whose bounty we subsist, and on whose mercy we ought always humbly to depend for present prosperity and future happiness; and being thus dependant, it well becomes us to acknowledge our obligations for His beneficence, to confess our manifold and aggravated sins, to humbly solicit his pardon, to invoke his blessing to preserve us from the pollutions of the world, and to return our thanks, with heart-felt gratitude, in all humility, for favours received, and devoutedly asking all in the name, and for the sakė, of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Therefore, after the opening of this Grand Encampment, and before any business shall be proceeded upon, a suitable address shall be made to the Deity, by the Most Eminent General Grand Master, or otlier presiding Sir Knight, and the same shall be followed by an appropriate address to the Sir Knights present, unless dispensed with by order of the Grand Encampment.

8. Every Sir Knight, offering himself as a representative from any Encampmeut under the jurisdiction of this Grand Encampment, before he shall be permitted to act as such,

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shall produce to the Grand Recorder a Certificate of the Recorder of such Encampment, in the following form.

I certify, that -was duly elected, on the day sof—,184, -of Encampment, in the of

In testimony whereof, I have hereuuto annexed ssthe seal of the said Encampment, and subscribed my name sofficially, thereto.

Recorder." 4. Every Sir Knight, who shall offer himself as a Proxy for any Grand Master, Generalissimo, or Captain General, of any Encampment under the jurisdiction of this Grand Encampment, before he shall be permitted to act as such, shall produce to the Grand Recorder a warrant in the following form, in addition to the foregoing warrant:

“I A. B. [Grand Master, Generalissimo, or Captain “General, as the case may be] of Encampment No. —, “holden in

do, by these presents, constitute and “appoint my beloved Sir Knight X. Z. my Proxy, to re“present me, and the Encampment aforesaid, in the Penn"sylvania Grand Encampment of Knight Templars, at their 6next meeting in the city of Philadelphia, hereby conferring on my said Proxy all the powers vested in me, by “virtue of my said office. Given under my hand, and the sóseal of the said Encampment, this day of , 18.

“A. B. Which said warrant shall be sealed with the seal of the Encampment, whereof the Sir Knight making the same shall be an officer, and attested by the recorder of the said Encampment, in the margin, or on the back, or at the foot of the said warrant, in the following form:

“I certify the seal, hereunto affixed, to have been made “after the name of A. B. was subscribed to this warrant.

“P. Q. Recorder." 5. Every Encampment holden under this Grand Encampment shall have a Seal, the device thereof to be made at the pleasure of the Sir Knights for whom it shall be made; an impression of which said seal, in wax, shall be deposited with the Grand Recorder, and the device of the same described, in writing, in a book to be kept by him for that purpose; and no papers or documents presented to this Grand Encampment, as credentials or evidences from any such Encampment, shall be received as such, unless there is a sufficient similarity between the impression thereon and the one deposited as aforesaid. And if the Grand Recorder shall entertain doubts on the subject, be shall re


present the same to the Most Eminent General Grand Mas.' ter, who may take the sense of the Grand Encampment on the same.

6. It being the duty of every Encampment under the jurisdiction of this Grand Encampment to be represented at an early period of each session thereof, in order to support its respectability, and to become informed of all proceedings and doings, and to aid by their wisdom in the deliberations and counsels, that the general interest may be advanced, good order prevail, and the true state of every branch of this Grand Encampment be well understood; it is therefore hereby declared, that an omission of a duty so important to the well-being of this institution deserves severe censure; it is therefore hereby strongly enjoined on all such persons to be prompt in their performance of the dnties aforesaid; to be early at the said sessions, with their returns of the officers, members, and dues, of the respective Encampments.

7. The monies paid into the funds of the Grand Encampment being to defray the necessary expences in the administration of its government, and to support the dignity and respectability thereof, and also for charitable purposes, it is therefore declared, that no disbursements shall be made, unless by a vote of the Grand Encampment; and that no monies shall be drawn, except by an order signed by the Most Eminent General Grand Master, or, in his absence, or by reason of his inability, then by the Most Eminent Grand Generalissimo, or Grand Captain General, and countersigned by the Grand Recorder, or his Deputy.

8. The Grand Recorder shall have the care of the archives. He shall keep fair records of all the transactions of the Grand Encampment. He shall keep a register, for the particular purpose of entering all warrants, dispensations, certificates, the names of every member of each Encampment, and the returns from the several Encampments: and shall transmit all the necessary communications to the Encampments under this jurisdiction, and to other Grand Encampments. He shall furnish the first named Sir Knight on every committee, as soon as possible, with a copy of the minutes and papers which relate to the business of such committee, for which he shall take a receipt: and the Sir Knight so first named shall call the committee together, and be answerable for the papers, which he shall return with the report. He may appoint a deputy, subject to the approbation of the Grand Encampment,

The fees of the Grand Recorder shall be as follow:
For making out and recording each warrant
or charter,

$ 5 00 For making out and recording each dispensation,

2 00 For each certificate,

1 00 For registering the names of Sir Knights returned to the Grand Encampment, and by him registered, he shall be paid out of the Grand Fund, one-eighth of a dollar for every Sir Knight.

9. Every Encampment under the jurisdiction of this Grand Encampment shall, on or before the second Friday in June, in every year, transmit to the Grand Recorder, a complete list of all their members, with the time of their having been initiated, or admitted members; a copy of their by-laws, and a copy of such alterations or additions as shall have been made to their by-laws since the last copy may have been so transmitted; a list of deaths, rejection of candidates, and expulsion and suspension of members; together with a return of their election of officers for the ensuing year. Every Encampment refusing or neglecting to make a return as aforesaid shall be liable to forfeit their warrant, unless satis. factory reasons shall be given and admitted.

10. Each Encampment under the jurisdiction of the Grand Encampment shall pay annually into the hands of the Grand Treasurer, at the rate of fifty cents for every Sir Knight of which it may consist.

11. Any Encampment in arrears with this Grand Encampment for two years dues, shall be notified thereof by the Grand Recorder; and if such dues are not discharged within six months from the date of such notice, the General Grand Master shall declare the warrant of such Encampment to be vacated.

12. The Grand Recorder shall keep a book, to enter in a correct manner the rough minutes of the Grand Encampment, and they shall be read before the closing of the same, that the Sir Knights may have an opportunity to correct mistakes, rectify omissions, &c. He shall at each annual meeta ing, make a report in writing of all monies which he shall have received and paid over to the Grand Treasurer in the recess, which report shall be entered in the minutes.

It shall also be the duty of the Grand Recorder, to procure to be printed a sufficient number of blank warrants and certificates, agreeable to the form in section 3 and 4 of these rules, and also devise a saitable form for annual returns,

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