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lodge, felt his heart influenced by the benignant principles of his order.

All minor considerations were forgotten in the importance of the object to be attained, and all local prejudices and discordant feelings were abandoned, for that pure and holy delight, which a union of brethren in love and charity, must always excite in the heart of every honest human being

Having taken this rapid sketch of the necessity of union in the masonic family, we beg leave, respectfully, to recommend to the right worshipful grand lodge, the propriety of annexing to this report, the articles of union between the two grand lodges in this state, and the proceedings had thereon; and likewise, so much of the report of the union, which has recently, so happily been effected in England, as shall be deemed necessary; and that the same be published for the information of the craft in the United States. And further, that the corresponding grand secretary shall congratulate the grand lodges in this country, upon the happy union of the whole masonic family throughout the world; and particularly, that this great and happy event has been offected without the smallest dereliction of principle.

T. W. BACOT, G. M. Chairman of the Committee. [Here follows the articles of union, as adopted by the two grand lodges of South Carolina, but as the same principles are acknowledged to be recognized in the general union in England, &c. &c. we pass on to record that important event.





London, March 16, 1814, R. W. BROTHER, DEAR SIR,

I avail myself of this opportunity to forward you the details on the union of the masons in England, under sanction of his royal highness the duke of Sussex: a circumstance that will doubtless be received with satisfaction and delight by the whole communion of masons, throughout the globe.

I am prevented, for want of time, from enlarging, but shall be most happy to be favoured by you, or the corres.

ponding officer of your grand lodge, with every masonic communication.

Believe me, dear Sir, very faithfully,
Your obedient servant and brother,

EDWARD HARPER, G. S. JERVIS H. STEPHENS, Esq. Deputy Grand Master,

of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina, Charleston.

Articles of union between the tow Grand Lodges of free

masons of England.

IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN. The most worshipful his royal highness Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, Earl of Dublin, Kright Companion of the most Noble Order of the Garter and of the most illustrious Order of Saint Patrick, Field Marshal of His Majesty's forces, Governor of Gibraltar, Colonel of the first or Royal-Scotts Regiment of Foot, and Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons of England, according to the old institutions; the right worshipful Thomas Harper, Deputy Grand Master; the right worshipful James Perry, Past Deputy Grand Master; and the right worshipful James Agar, Past Deputy Grand Master, of the same Fraternity: for themselves and on behalf of the Grand Lodge of free masons of England, according to the old institutions: being thereto duly constituted and empowered:on the one part-and

The most worshipful his royal highness Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, Earl of Inverness, Baron Arklow, Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, and Grand Master of the Society of Free and Accepted Masons under the constitution of England; the right worshipful Waller Rodwell Wright, Provincial Grand Master of masons in the Ionian Isles; the right worshipful Arthur Tegart, Past Grand Warden; and the right worshipful James Deans, Past Grand Warden, of the same fraternity: for themselves and on behalf of the Grand Lodge of the society of free masons under the constitution of England: being thereto duly constituted and empowered:-on the other part,

Have agreed as follows:1st. There shall be, from and after the day of the festival of Saint John the Evangelist next ensuing, a full, per,

fect, and perpetual union, of and between the two fraterni ties of free and accepted masons of England above describ ed; so as that in all time hereafter they shall form and constitute but one brotherhood, and that the said community shall be represented in one Grand Lodge, to be solemnly formed, constituted, and held, on the said day of the festival of Saint John the Evangelist next ensuing, and from thence forward for ever.

II. It is declared and pronounced, that pure ancient masonry consists of three degrees, and no more; viz. those of the entered apprentice, the fellow craft, and the master ma. son, including the supreme order of the Holy Royal Arch. But this article is not intended to prevent any lodge or chapter from holding a meeting in any of the degrees of the orders of chivalry, according to the constitutions of the said orders.

III. There shall be the most perfect unity of obligation, of discipline, of working the lodges, of making, passing and raising, instructing and clothing brothers; so that but one pure unsullied system, according to the genuine landmarks, laws, and traditions of the craft, shall be maintained, upheld and practised, throughout the masonic world, from the day and date of the said union until time shall be no more.

IV. To prevent all controversy or dispute as to the gen. uinc and pure obligations, forms, rules and ancient tradi. tions of masonry; and further, to unite and bind the whole fraternity of masons in one indissoluble bond, it is agreed, that the obligations and forms that have, from time immemorial, been established, used, and practised, in the craft, shall be recognised, accepted, and taken, by the members of both fraternities, as the pure and genuine obligations and forms by which the incorporated grand lodge of England, and its dependent lodges in every part of the world, shall be bound, and for the purpose of receiving and communicat. ing due light and settling this uniformity of regulation and instruction, (and particularly in matters which

can neither be expressed nor described in writing) it is further agreed, that brotherly application be made to the grand lodges of Scotland and Ireland, to authorise, delegate and appoint, any'two or more of their enlightened members, to be present at the grand assembly on the solemn occasion, of uniting the said fraternities; and that the respective grand masters, grand officers, masters, past masters, wardens and brothers,

then and there present, shall solemny engage to abide by the true forms and obligations (particularly in matters which can neither be described nor written) in the presence of the said members of the grand lodges of Scotland and Ireland, that it may be declared, recognised, and known, that they all are bound by the same solemn pledge, and work under the same law.

V. For the purpose of establishing and securing this perfect uniformity in all the warranted lodges, and also to prepare for this grand assembly, and to place all the inemberg of both fraternities on the level of equality on the day of re-union, it is agreed that as soon as these presents shall bave received the sanction of the respective grand lodges, the two grand masters shall appoint each nine worthy and expert master masons or past masters, of their respective fraternities, with warrant and instructions to meet together at some convenient central place in London, when each party having opened, in a separate apartment, a just and perfect lodge, agreeably to their peculiar regulations, they shall give and receive mutually and reciprocally the obligations of both fraternities, deciding by lot which shall take priority in giving and receiving the same; and being thus all duly and equally enlightened in both forms, they shall be empowered and directed, either to hold a lodge under the warrant or dispensation to be entrusted to them, and to be entitled the Lodge of Reconciliation, or to visit the several lodges holding under both the grand lodges, for the purpose of obligating, instructing and perfecting the master, past masters, wardens, and members, in both the forms, and to make a return to the grand secretaries of both the grand lodges, of the names of those whom they shall have thus enlightened. And the said grand secretaries shall be empowcred to enrol the names of all the members thus re-made in the register of both the grand lodges, without fee or reward, it being ordered that no person shall be thus obligated and registered, whom the master and wardens of his lodge shall not certify by writing under their hands, that he is free on the books of his particular lodge. Thus on the day of the assembly of both fraternities, the grand officers, masters, past masters, and wardens, who are alone to be present, shall all have taken the obligation by which each is bound, and be prepared, to make their solemn engagement, that they will thereafter abide by that which shall be recognised

and declared to be the true and universally accepted obligation of the master mason.

VI. As soon as the grand masters, grand officers and members, of the two present grand lodges, shall, on the day of their re-union, have made the solemn declaration in the presence of the deputation of grand or enlightened masons, from Scotland and Ireland, to abide and act by the universally recognised obligation of master mason, the members shall forth with proceed to the election of a grand master for the year ensuing; and to prevent delay, the brother so elected, shall forth with be obligated, pro tempore, that the grand lodge may be formed. The said grand master shall then nominate and appoint his deputy grand master, together with a senior and junior grand warden, grand secretary, or secretaries, grand treasurer, grand chaplain, grand sword bearer, grand pursuivant, and grand tyler, who shall be duly obligated and placed; and the grand incorporated lodge shall then be opened in ample form, under the stile and title of the UNITED GRAND Lodge of ANCIENT FREE MASONS OF ENGLAND.

The grand officers who held the several offices before (unless such of them as may be re-appointed) shall take their places, as past grand officers in the respective degrees which they held before; and in case either, or both of the present grand secretaries, pursuivants, and tylers, should not be re-appointed to their former situations, then annuities shall be paid to them during their respective lives out of the grand fund.

VII. The United Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masons of England, shall be composed, except on days of festival, in the following manner: as a just and perfect representative of the whole masonic fraternity of England; that is to

say: of

The grand master, past grand masters, deputy grand masters, past deputy grand masters, grand wardens, provincial grand masters, past grand wardens, past provincial grand masters, grand chaplain, grand treasurer, joint grand secretary, or grand secretary, if there be only one, grand sword bearer, twelve grand stewards, to be delegated by the steward's lodge, from among their members existing at the union; it being understood and agreed that, from and after the union, an annual appointment shall be made of the stewards if necessary.

The actual masters and wardens of all warranted lodges, past masters

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