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Grand Lodge of Delaware, At a grand communication of a majority of the lodges, estar blished in the state of Delaware, at the 'Í'own Hall, in the box rough of Wilmington, on Friday, June 6, A. D. 1806, A. L. 5806, it was

Resolved unanimously, “That the several lodges of ancient masons in the state of Delaware, here represented by deputies properly authorised, consider it as a matter of right, and for the general benefit of masonry, that they ought to form a grand lodge within the said state; and do now proceed to form and organize themselves into a grand lodge accordingly, to be known and dis, tinguished by the name of The Grand Lodge of Delaware,

List of Subordinate Lodges. 1 Washington, Wilmington 6 Hiram,

Wilmington, 2 St. John's, Newcastle. 7 Union,

Dover 3 Hiram, Newark, 8 Union,

Fort Penn 4 Hope Lodge, Laurel, Sussex co. 9 Temple,

Milford, Cantwell's bridge, Newcastle county.

Grand Lodge of Virginia. The grand lodge of Virginia began its operations October 30, A. D. 1778. It meets annually, at the city of Richmond, on the second Monday in December. The mode of address is, “The Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, Richmond.”

List of Subor dinate Lodges. 1 Norfolk,

Norfolk. 35 Paris, now under the jurisdiction of the 1 Kilwinning Cross,

Port Royal. Grand Lodge of Kentucky. 3 Blandford, Blandford. 36 St. John's,

Richmond, 4 Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg. 37 Hick's Ford,

Greensville co. S St. Tammany's, Hampton. 38 Buckingham Union,

Dormant. • Williamsburg, Williamsburg, 39 Marshall,

Lynchburg, 7 Potetourt, Cloucester Co. 40 Stevensburg,

Culpepper county. s Cabin Point, Dormant. 41 Lebanon,

Dormant. 9 York, Dormant. 42 Bath Union,

Warm Springs. 30 Richmond, Richmond. 43 Fairfax,

Culpepperco. JI Northampton, Dormant 44 Door to Virtue,

Dormant 12 Kempsville, Kempsville. 45 Aberdeen,

Dormant. 13 Staunton,

Staunton 46 Now under the jurisdiction of the Grand 14 Manchester,

Manchester. Lodge of Kentucky. 15 Petersburg,

Dormant. 47 Now under the jurisdiction of the Grand 16 Lodge of Wisdom

Norfolk. Lodge of the District of Columbja. 27 Charlotte, Dormant. 48 Abingdon,

Washington co. 18 Smithfield Union, Smithfield. 49 Green Briar,

Greenbriar co. 19 Richmond Randolphen Richmond. 50 Dumfries,

Dumfria. Scotville, Dormant. 61 Paineville,

Dornant. 1 Winchester Hiram, Winchester, 52 Brunswick,

Brunswick co. 19 Alexandria Washington, Alexandria. 53 Chuckatuck,

Isle of Wight co. 13 Dinwiddie, Didwiddie co 34 Jerusalem,

Richmond. 14 Pittsylvania, Dormant. 55 Wythe Fraternal,

Wythe co. 35 Lexington, Kow under the Grand Lodge 56 Lodge of Naphtali,

Norfork. of Kentucky.

57 Now under the jurisdiction of the Grand 36 Washington,

Dormant. Lodge of Kentucky. 37 Rockingham Union,

58 Day,

Dormant: 98 Cumberland, Extinct. 59 Hiram,

Wostmoreland co. 29 No lodge of this number.

60 Widow's Son,

Milton. 30 Solomon's, Suffolk, 61 Chester,

Dormant 31 Columbia, Dormant. 62 Lodge of Harmony,

Dormant. 32 George,

Warminster. 63 Fredericksburg American, Fredericksburg. 33 Warren, Warren. 04 Madison,

Madison counts: 94 Benevolent, Dormant. 65 Jefforegn,

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Grand Lodge of Kentucky. The Grand Lodge of Kentucky was established on the 15th day of October, A. D. 1800. and has the following number of regular lodges under its jurisdiction:

List of Subordinate Lodges 1 Lexington Lodge, Lexington. 4 Hiram's,

Frankfort 9 Paris, Paris. 5 Solomon's

Shelbyvilk, 3 Georgetown, Georgetown. 6 Washington,

BaninowD. 7 Harmony, Natchez, M. T. 18 St. Andrews,

Cynthiana. 8 Abraham's, Louisville, 19 Washington,

Washingtoa. Jerusalem, Henderson, 20 Winchester,

Winchester. 10 Unity, Millersburgh. 21 Madison,

Huntsville, Mis 11 Jt. Sohn, Flemingsburgh. 22 Davies,

Ledington 12 Philanthropic, Davidson co. Tenn, 23. Montgomery,

Mount Sterling 13 Cincinnati, Cincinnati, o. 24 Allen,

Glasgow 14 Mount Vertion, Georgetown, 25 Richmond,

Riebrond. 15 Vincennes, Vincennes, Ind. 26 Maysville,

Maysville 16 Paris Union, Paris 27 Columbia,

Columbia 17 Russellville, Russellville, 28 Union,

Madison, Ind.

Grand Lodge of North Carolina. The grand lodge of North Carolina was first constituted by virtue of a charter from the grand lodge of Scotland, A. D. 1771. It convened occasionally at Newbern and Edenton, at which latter place the records were deposited previous to the revolutionary war. During the contest the records were destroyed by the British army, and the meetings of the grand lodge suspended.

The members of the craft convened at Hillsborough in this state, A. D. 1787, and compiled certain regulations for the govern. ment of the grand lodge, and again set to work. In the same year they appointed a committee to form a constitution for their future government, which was accordingly done, and in the year following, the said constitution was formally adopted, and ratified at the city of Raleigh, at which place the grand lodge meets annually.

List of Subordinate Lodges. 1 St. John, Wilmington, 15 Washington,

Beaufort munty. 2 Royal White Heart,

Halifax 17 American George Murfreesborough
Newbern. 18 King Solomon,

Jones county 5 Royal Edwin,

24 Hiram,

Williamsborough 8 Phönix, Fayetteville. 25 Pansophia,

Moore county. 10 Jokinson Caswell, Warrenton, 27 Mount Moriali,

Sidell county.

3 St. John,

so St. Tammany, 31 Phalanx, 33 Freeland, 39 Davie, 40 Hiram, 45 Liberty, 47 Drange, 53 Hall, 54 Unanimity,


Rowan eounty.

Bertie county.
City of Raleigh
Lincoln county.
Indian Town.


50 King Solomon,
57 St. Andrews,
58 Concord,
59 Perseverance,
62 Union,
63 Caunden
64 Kilwinning,
as Friendship

Northampton C. H.

Louisburg Tarborough.

Plymouth. Waynesborough.


Waydesborough. St. Stephen's, Mississippi.

Grand Lodge of South Carolina. The Grand Lodge of the State of South Carolina was instituted and established at Charleston on the 24th day of March, A. D. 1787.

The general grand communication is holden in Charleston annually, on St. John the Evangelist's day; and the quarterly communications on the last Saturday in March, June and September, and on the next Saturday but one preceding St. John the Evangelist’s day.

List of Subordinate Lodges. Xo. 2, Marine Lodge,

Charleston. 4, Union Kilwinning Lodge,



Charleston. No. 55, Kershaw Lodge

Camden. No. 14, Orange Lodge, Charleston. No, 56, Marion,

Georgetown. No. 36,

No. 68,


No. 7, No. 9, No. 12,


ditto ditto ditto ditto

No. 3,
No. 6,
No. 43,
No. 46,


Grand Lodge of Tennessee. The Grand Lodge of Tennessee, has the following number of regular Lodges under its jurisdiction.

List of Subordinate Lodges. 2 Tennessee Lodge Knoxville. 6 King Solomon's

Gallatin 3 Greenville, Greenville, 7 Hiram,

Franklin. 4 Newport, Newport. 8 Cumberland,

Nashville 6 Overton, Rogersville. 9 Western Star,

Port Royal

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Grand Lodge of Ohio. The Grand Lodge of Ohio was instituted b a convention of Delegates from all the lodges within the state, assembled at Chilicothe, on the first Monday of January, A. D. 1808–A. L. 5808, and elected their grand officers on the 7th of the said month. The first communication of the grand lodge was holden at Chilicothe on Monday the 2d day of January, A. D. 1809—A. L. 5809.

List of Subordinate Lodges. 2 Nova Ceserea Harmony,

10 Meridian Orb,

Painesville. 3 Erie,

11 Centre Star,

Grandville. 4 New-England, Worthington. 12 Unity,

Ravenna 5 Amity,

13 St. John's,

Dayton. 6 Sciota,

14 Franklin,

Troy. 7 Morning dawn, Galliopolis. 15 Concord,

Cleaveland. 8 Harmony,

16 Belmont,

St. Clairsville, 9 Monat Zion,






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24 Amy Lodge
25 Paramutha,

Athens. 28 Lebanon

Lebaner 27 Morning Star,

Springfield 28 Temple,

Harperdiald. 29 Clermont Amity,

Wilinastrg. 30 Ohio, Columbus and Franklinton.

Grand Lodge of Georgia. The Grand Lodge of Georgia is holden “by virtue, and in pursuance of, the right of succession, legally derived from the most noble and most worshipful Thomas Thyne, lord viscount Weymouth, grand master of England, A. D. 1750, by his warrant, directed to the right worshipful Roger Lacey; and by the renewal of the said power by Sholto Charles Douglas; lord Aberdour, Grand master of Scotland, for the years 1755 and 1756; and grand master of England for the years 1757 and 1758, as will appear in his warrant, directed to the right worshipful Grey Elliott.”

On the 16th day of December, A. D. 1786, a convention of the several lodges holden in the state, assembled at Savannah, when the permanent appointments which had been heretofore made by the grand master of England, were solemnly relinquished, by the right worshipful Samuel Elbert, grand master, and the other officers of the grand lodge; and certain regulations adopted, by which the grand officers are now elected annually by the grand lodge,

List of Subordinate Lodges.
I Solomon's Lodge,
Savannah. 22 La Constance,

Savannais. 2 Hiram 's Lodge,

23 Harmony,

Darien. 8 St. Patrick's,

24 Franklin,

Warrentors 10 Union

25 Royal Lodge,

Boorke Sparta. 28 San Fernando

Fernanding 18 Social, Augusta.

Amelia, EE. Effingham.

Elbcrtoti RO Stephen's,


Grand Lodge of Louisiana. List of Lodges in Louisiana, formerly under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

List of Subordinate Lodges. 20 La Parfaite Union, New Orleans. 118 La Perseverance,

ditto 93 La Charite Lidge,

129 L'Etoite Polaire,

dinto 119 La Concorde Lodge;


ditto Louisville, Savannah.

17 Stith,

19 Houston,



GRAND LODGE OF MARYLAND. Until the year 1783, the lodges in Maryland, which had become numerous, derived their authority from, and were subordinate to the grand lodge of Pennsylvania; on the 17th day of June in the same year, a convention was called, who heid their session at Talbot Court House, to take into consideration the propriety of establishing a statistical jurisdiction. Among the eminent characters who attended this meeting, we find, on perusing the documents to which we have been kindly admitted free access, the late Rev. brother William Smith, D. D. Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, Hon. Levin Winder, late governor of Maryland, and others. Among other proceedings, a resolution was unanimously passed, that the convention deemed it a matter of right, and that they ought to form a grand lodge for the state of Maryland, independent of any other jurisdiction.

At a grand convention held at the same place, on the 31st of July, in the same year; the respective representatives being clothed with full powers, proceeded to the formation of a grand lodge, by electing grand officers, when the following respectable selection was made: viz. Brother John Coates, G. M, who was pleased to appoint Brother James Kent, D. G. M. brother Thomas Bourke was chosen S. G. W. brother William Forrester, J. G. W. brother Charles Gardiner, G. S. and brother William Perry, G. T.

An interesting correspondence was then opened between the grand master elect and the constituted authorities of the grand lodge of Pennsylvania, on the subject of the separation. We regret that we cannot, without transcending our limits, publish these letters at large, which are in their kind very excellent.

The grand lodge of Maryland continued to hold their sessions at the town of Talbot, until the year 1794, when masonry having by this time extended its benign influence throughout the state, a number of lodges having been established in the town of Baltimore and on the Western Shore of the state, it became convenient to remove the grand lodge to Baltimore: the first session under this new arrangement was held in the month of May, in the above year, and has since continued to meet there semi-annually in the months of May and October.

Under the auspices of the late venerable and revered Jolm

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