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Crawford, M. D. who for a long series of years presided as grand master, masonry continued to flourish in this state. The death of this venerable seer was attended with sucha circumstances as will not soon be eradicated from the minds of his brethren, who, with the community at large with whom he associated, were wont to respect him for his Christian and masonic virtues: perhaps, since the days of the celebrated Howard, that man has not appeared on the stage of life, whose character has no nearly approached that celebrated philanthropist as the late Dr. Crawford.

The circumstances above alluded to are as follows: at the last session he delivered, as was his custom, an original charge, lengthy and luminous, the production of his own rich imagination, couched in the most affectionate and pa. rental language, at the conclusion of which, he intimated to his brethren his wish to retire from office, pleading his long services and advanced age; be then resigned the oriental chair to his associate, and passing through the adjacent room, gave the tyler an affectionate shake by the hand ob. serving, that the door which had just closed upon him would never again be opened for his reception; wishing bim, at the same time, happiness here and hereafter.

The first act of the grand lodge, and it was the spontaneous act of each individual composing it, was to give him an unanimous vote of continuance, but heaven had decreed what the venerable subject of our history seemed to have a full presentiment of, that his work was finished; for the same grand lodge who heard his valedictory* address, who unani. mously recalled him to the chair, where called upon before the session adjourned, to follow his remains to the tomb.

On this occasion the present grand master of Maryland, Tobias Watkins, M. D. delivered an oration, which it was our intention to have incorporated in this work; the reasons why we have not done so are too obvious to require expla. nation.

The grand lodge passed a resolution, and appropriated the necessary sun to erect a monument to his memory, which is completed, and is to be placed in the vestibule of the masonic ball, which has been commenced in Baltimore.

It is a triangular pedestal of stone, on a triangular base, with marble pannels; on the top an urn, from which proceeds

*It is to be regrettes that the excellent charges of this excellent man, hare been either destroyed by himself or have been otherwise so disposed of as that they camot be published for the editieation of posterity.

a flame of incense; on the respective 'sides, a heart pierced with a dagger, the hour-glass, and friendship represented by the two hands closely grasped.

The following is the inscription:

To the Memory of JOAN CRAWFORD, a citizen of Baltimore. He was born in Irelanı, on the 3d May, 1746, and rendered up his soul to his creator, on the 9th May, 1813,

Aged LXVII years. He received the degree of Doctor of Medicine from the faculty of Leyden; served as surgeon in chief, in the employment of the British government, in both the Indies; was for many years Physician General

to the Dutch colony of Demerara; a member of the Medical and Chirurgical faculty of Maryland; and for XIII. years GRAND MASTËR of Masons in this state: In these employments, self was wholly forgotten,

in his zeal to be useful.
His virtues rendered him worthy of a father,

who was a model for all Christians;

bis talents rendered him worthy of his illustrious brother ADAIR, one of the most brilliant ornaments of Medicine and Philosophy in England:

his urbanity sustained the honour
of the distinguished family from which he sprung; and
his unwearied charity, his forgetfulness of injuries,
and his social virtues, rendered him

a model for all ranks.
His time, his labours, his cares and his fortune,
were devoted to the cause of suffering humanity.

Hie name alone will constitute his eulogy.
He was the father of the poor, the brother of the stranger,

the friend of the friendless, His MASONIC BRETHREN of the state of Maryland,

have raised this monument to bis memory,
as a testimony of their respect and

eternal regard.

Cassia Lodge, No. 45, within the same jurisdiction, voted a sum to have his portrait engraved, which has since been presented to the compiler to ornament this work; it fronts page 119; the plate was engraved from a portrait painted by Charles Peale Polk, about twenty-five years before the Docs

tor's death; making the necessary allowance for age, it may be considered a capital likeness.

Let us not be charged with partiality to our place of abode, by being thus verbose; want of imformation more than a desire to do general justice, is our apology for not having noticed all the different grand lodges more at large. Besides, Crawford has done more for masonry, by the pattern he has left us, than would the laboured productions of the most euridite writer.

List of Lodges Subordinate to the Grand Lodge of Maryland. 3 Washington Lodge, Baltimore. 50 Philanthropic,

Newmarke. 13 Concordia, Baltimore. 51 Warren,

Baltimore. 25 Amicable, Baltimore. 52 la Verite,

Baltitare, 26 Temple, Reister's Town. 53 Harmony,

West Noringtan. 33 Mount Moriah, Hagerstown. 54 Corinthian,

Baltimore. 34 St. John's, Baltimore. 55 Worcester,

Worcester Co. 39 Philadelphos, Taney Town, 56 Phoenix,

Baltimore 44 Mount Aararat, Belle Air. 57 Salisbury Lodge,

Salisbury. 45 Cassia, Baltimore, 58 Columbia Lodge,

Frederiektoad. 46 Door to Virtue, Pipe Creek. 59 Washington Lodge,

Denton 48 Union, Elkton. 60 Union Lodge,

Baltimore, 49 Sommerset,

Princess Anne.

Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. On the 11th day of December, A. M, 5810, a convention was called, and delegates attended from most of the lodges in the District of Columbia, they held their session in the city of Washington. The following lodges were duly represented, viz:

BROOK LODGE, No. 47, city of Alexandria.
Washington Naval Lodge, No. 41.

POTOMAC LODGE, No. 4. These lodges had heretofore worked under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodges of Maryland and Virginia.

The convention proceeded to the choice of a chairman, when brother Alexander M-Cormick was chosen.

A number of resolutions were passed, among others, one es. pressive of the right and expediency of establishing and organking a Grand Lodge at the seat of the national government.

On the 8th day of January, the convention proceeded to the

election of officers, when the following brethren were duly chosen, viz:

John KINCAID, R. W. D. G. Master.
Joseph Cassin, Jr. R. W. J. G. Warden.

CHARLES Jones, R. W. G. Secretary. The grand lodge thus organized continued to meet by adjourn. ment, froin time to time, during the intervals of which a correspondence was entered into with the Grand Lodges of Maryland and Virginia, on the subject of the contemplated separation, when at a stated meeting held on the 14th of January, A. L. 5812, the following brethren were elected to the respective offices attached to their names, viz:

Alexander M:CORMICK, R. W. G. Master.
Amos ALEXANDER, R. W. D. G. Master.
Joseph Cassin, R. W. S. G Warden.
James Hewitt, W. G. Secretary.

Thomas HALIDAY, W. G. Treasurer. The lodge then proceeded to the election of the subordinate of ficers, by nomination, when the following brothers were duly elected, viz:

SHADRACH Davis, J. G. Deacon.
William O-Neal, G. Marshal.
P. D. Stelle, G. Pursuivant.


Lodges subordinate to the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. Federal Lodge, No. 1.

Potomac Lodge, No. S Brook Lodge, No. 2.

Union Lodge No 6. Columbia Lodge, No. 3.

Lebanon Lodge, No. 7. Washington Naval Lodge, No. 4.

The meetings of this Grand Lodge are held semi-annually, in January and July.*

The Grand Royal Arch Chapter for the State of

Maryland and District of Columbia, Is holden annually, on the second Monday in November, alter

nately at Baltimore and the City of Washington. We have been the more particular in recording a history of this Grand Lodge, for notwithstanding it is held at the seat of the Grand National Council, it is the youngest Grand Lodge in the Union, and has not until now, been noticed in any of the standard books.



Grand Lodge of Novia Scotia, &c.
R. W. John George Pike, Esq. grand master.
R. W. Hon. Andrew Belcher, deputy grand master.

List of Subordinate Lodges.
Annapolis Royal,

Annapolis. Fidelity, 7th Regiment foot. Halifar. Cornwallia Halifax. Harmony,

Sidney. Chester, Chester. Hiram,

Shelburne. Digby, Digby. Hibernin,

Liverpool Parr, Shelburne. Solomon's,

Frederickston, (N. B) Royal Fdwin, Halifax. St. John's,

Charlottetown St. Andrews, Halifax, Trinity,

Halifer St. John's, Halifax. Temple,

Guysborough St. George, Cornwallis, Union,

Halifax. St. George, Maugerville. (N. B.) Virgin,

Halifa Sun,

Sussex Vale, (N. B.)

Grand Lodge of Upper Canada.
M. W. William Jarvis, Esq. grand master.
R. W. Robert Kerr, Esq. deputy grand master.

List of Subordinate Lodges.
No. 1, Newark,


No. 9. Bertie,
No. 4, Newark,

No. 5,
No. 6,

No. 2,
No. 3,

No. 7,
No. 1,


No. 10,
No. 11,
No. 12

Fort Frie:

Barton. Mohawk Village


Grand Lodge of Lower Canada. M. W. bis Royal Highness Prince Edward, &c. &c. grand master. R. W. George Lewis Hamilton, D. G.M.

List of Subordinate Lodges. No. 9 In the 4th Bat. R; Artillery at Quebec. No. 5, Royal Edward, Edwardsburg No. 40,

Quebec, No. 6, Richlieu, at William Henry, L C. No, 241, do. These three on the registry of No. 7, Fidelity, 7th Reg. of foot. England.

No. 8, Union,

Montreal. No. 1, Glengary Lodge, in the 2d Bat. R. C. No. 9, Select Surveyors at Minisquoui Bay. Volunteers,

No. 10, Zion,

Detroit, No. 2, Royal Rose, in the 7th Reg. of foot.

No. 11,

Chambly. No. 3, St. John's, Lower Canada, No 12, St. Paul's

Montreal. No. 4, 2d Bat, 60th Regiment,

No, 48, No. 77, No. 87,

The Charters of the following Lodges in the West Indies were granted by the Grand Lodge of the State of Pennsylvania.

Aux Cayer

St. Dominge St. Domingo.

Ditto No. 88, St: Marque. No. 99,

Ditto No. 42, Island of St. Helena, by the Grand Lodge of South Carolina; and Choven Prienda, Denea ma, West Lodien, by New-York Grand Lodge.

Port au Prince.


No. 89,
No. 95,
No. 97,

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