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As man throughout for shelter sought,

In vain from place to place did roam,
Until from heaven, from heaven he was taught
To plan, to build, to fix his home.

Hail! mysterious, &c.

Hence illustrious rose our art,

And now in beauteous piles appear;
Which shall to endless, to endless time impart,
How worthy and how great we are.

Hail! mysterious, &c.

Nor we less fam'd for ev'ry tie,

By which the human thought is bound;
Love, truth, and friendship, and friendship socially,
Join all our hearts and hands around.

Hail! mysterious, &c.


Our actions still by virtue blest,

And to our precepts ever true,
The world admiring, admiring shall request,
To learn, and our bright paths pursue.

Hail! mysterious, &c.

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