Torreya, Volume 8

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Torrey Botanical Club., 1908 - Botany

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Page 21 - Whereas it has been found, by experience, that the blasting of wheat and other English grain, is often occasioned by Barberry Bushes...
Page 21 - Bushes are, first giving three months' notice of his intention so to do, to the owner or occupant thereof, and to cut them down, or pull them up by the roots, and then to present a fair account of his labour and charge therein to the owner or occupant of the said land ; and if such owner or occupant shall neglect or refuse, by the space of two months next after the presenting...
Page 124 - Women announces the offer of a second prize of one thousand dollars for the best thesis written by a woman, on a scientific subject, embodying new observations and new conclusions based on an independent laboratory research in biological, chemical, or physical science.
Page 152 - We urge the continuation and extension of forest policies adapted to secure the husbanding and renewal of our diminishing timber supply...
Page 289 - ... Custom-house the officers, who are always suspicious of smuggling, wished to empty the hat, for they would not believe but that something more valuable in their eyes lay hid beneath the moist mould. They thought of lace or of diamonds, and began to thrust their fingers into the soil. But our poor traveller implored them so earnestly to spare his tree, and talked to them so eloquently of all that we read in the Bible of the Cedar of Lebanon, telling them of David's house and Solomon's Temple,...
Page 39 - For the best memoir presented a prize of sixty dollars may be awarded ; if, however, th« memoir be one of marked merit, the amount may be increased to one hundred dollars, at the discretion of the committee. For the next best memoir, a prize not exceeding fifty dollars may be awarded.
Page 237 - Hillia parasitica of Jacquin, though perhaps not meant, is an equally just one upon our pompous Sir John Hill. I mean not to approve of such satires : they stain the purity of our lovely science. If a botanist does not deserve commemoration, let him sink peaceably into oblivion. It savours of malignity to make his crown a crown of thorns ; and if the application be unjust, it is truly diabolical.
Page 233 - Cupressus disticha stands in the first order of North American trees. Its majestic stature is surprising; and on approaching it, we are struck with a kind of awe, at beholding the stateliness of the trunk, lifting its cumbrous top towards the skies, and casting a wide shade upon the ground, as a dark intervening cloud, which, for a time, excludes the rays of the sun.
Page 21 - Province, he or they shall cause the same to be extirpated or destroyed on or before the thirteenth day of June, Anno Domini One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty. ' ' Be it further enacted that if there shall be any Barberry Bushes standing or growing in any land within this Province, after the said...
Page 22 - ... and another, that then an action may be brought, as aforesaid, against the owner of said fence, or the person occupying the land to which such fence belongs ; and if the fence in which such bushes grow is a divisional fence between the lands of one person or community and another, and such fence hath not been divided, by which means the particular share of each person or community is not known, then an action may be brought, as aforesaid, against either of the owners or occupants of said land...

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