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91 AMERICA.-Histoire et Commerce des Colonies Angloises dans l'Amerique Septentrionale, 12mo. half calf, very neat, 4s 6d 1755 92 AMERICA.-Itineraire Pittoresque du Fleuve Hudson et des parties laterales de l'Amerique du Nord par Milbert, royal folio, 55 plates, new and elegant in half green morocco, marbled leaves, £1. 11s 6d

Paris, 93 America.-Statement respecting the Earl of Selkirk's Settlement upon the Red River, and of its Destruction in 1815 and 16, and of the Maseacre of Governor Temple and his party, 8vo. map, bds. 38


94 America. The History of the District of Mayne, by James Sullivan, 8vo. (no map) neat, 4s 6d Boston, 1795 95 AMERICA.-View of the United States of America, particularly the Western Parts, thick 8vo. bds. 28 1821

96 AMERICA.-Voyage a la Guiane et a Cayenne avec un Vocabulaire Francais et Galibi par M. B. 8vo. plates, half calf, 48 6d Par. 1798 97 AMERICA.-Voyage et Decouverte de quelques pays et Nations de l'Amerique Septentrionale par le Pere Marquette et Sr Joliet, 1681, 12mo. map, morocco extra, gilt leaves, 10s 6d Reprint, 1845

Only 125 copies printed, and very few left.

98 AMERICA.-Voyage a la Louisiane par B. D. 8vo. map, bds.


Par. 1802

Many other works relating to America are distributed through these sheets.


99 AMOURS of Messilina, late Queen of Albion, (Queen of James II.) with the Secrets of the Imposture of the Cambrian Prince, 4 parts, 12mo. half calf, 58 100 ANACREONTIS et Aliorum Lyricorum aliquot poetarum Odæ cura Stephani, 12mo. neat, 2s 6d 101 ANACREON'S Odes, by Thomas Moore, 4to. first edition, with a series of 26 designs to illustrate the same, by Sir R. Ker Porter, engraved by T. J. Vendramini, very scarce, both in bds. 188

Par. 1556


102 ANCIENT and Present State of the County of Down 8vo. large map, neat, 4s 6d Dub. 1757

103 ANCIENT and Modern Scots Songs, Heroic Ballads, &c. with Notes by Herd, 12mo. calf, 48


104 ANCIENT Scottish Poems from the MS. of George Bannatyne, 12mo. half calf, 58


105 ANCIENT History, English and French, exemplified in a regular Dissection of the Saxon Chronicle, with a Glossary, 12mo. bds. 4s 6d


106 ANDILLY (Arnauld d') Vies de plusieurs Saints illustres de divers siecles, thick folio, neat and clean, £1. ls

Paris, 1664

107 ANCIENNES Tapisseries Historiees, viz., Tapisserie de Bayeux, representant la conquete de l'Angleterre par les Normands, de Berne, de Aix, d'Aulhac, de Dijon, de Rheims, de Valenciennes, de Nancy, de Beauvais, du Louvre, et de l'Eglise de Chaise Dieu, gravure au traite de SANSONETTI, Texte par JUBINAL, in 9 parts, complete, oblong folio, containing 123 fine plates in outline, and many wood-cuts, £8. 88 (pub. at £13. 158) Paris, 1838, &c.

This splendid book, which contains all the most celebrated figured tapestries in France from the twelfth century to the sixteenth, (including the celebrated tapestry of Bayeux, which has been the subject of so much discussion,) forms not only a most important illustration of ancient costume and manners, but by the subjects treated, it throws considerable light on the romantic and religious literature, as well as on the history of former ages. The plates are exact and minute copies of the original tapestries. The impression of this work being now exhausted in France, it will soon be out of print, and consequently rise in value.

108 LA TAPISSERIE de Bayeux representant la Conquête de l'Angleterre par les Normands avec Notes variorum, oblong folio, 24 plates, sewed, (only 100 printed) £1. 8s (pub. at £3. 108)


109 TAPISSERIES de Dijon et du Chevalier Bayard, oblong folio, 6 plates, 10s 6d

110 TAPISSERIE de Nancy, oblong folio, 6 plates, 108 6d 111 TAPISSERIES de Beauvais, oblong folio, 15 plates, 188 112 TAPISSERIES de Valenciennes, etc. obl. folio, 6 plates, 128

113 ANDR. vande Vennes; Tafereel van de Belacchende Werelt en des selfs geluckige Eeuwe goet rondt, 4to. very curious plates, neat, 14s In's Graven-hage, 1625 114 ANDREWS' (Bishop) Devotions, translated by Dean Stanhope, 12mo. very neat, 38 115 ANDREWS' (Capt.) Journey from Buenos Ayres through Cordova, Tucuman, and Salta, to Potosi, &c. 2 vols. post 8vo. bds. 4s 6d


1827 HO ANDERSON'S Essay on the State of Knowledge in the Highlands of Scotland, from 1745 to 1825, 8vo. bds. 28 117 ANDERSON'S (R. the Cumbrian Bard) Poetical Works,

including Ballads in the Cumberland Dialect, with Life by Sanderson, 2 vols. 12mo. half calf, 58 Carlisle, 1820 118 ANGLER'S Manual, or Concise Lessons of Experience, oblong, 12mo. with 12 plates by Howitt, half calf gilt, 58 119 ANGELO'S (Henry) Reminiscences, including Anecdotes of

the most celebrated Characters that have flourished during the last 80 Years, with Angelo's Pic-Nic or Table-Talk, 3 vols. 8vo. new, half calf, 10s 6d 1828-34

120 ANGELO'S Treatise on the Utility and Advantage of Fencing, with a Dissertation on the Broad Sword, oblong folio, 54 fine plates, bds. 98



121 AN INFALLIBLE Way to Contentment in the midst of Public and Personal Calamities, 12mo. FINE COPY, in old turkey morocco, gilt leaves, 58 122 AN INAUGURAL Lecture on the Utility of Anglo-Saxon Literature; to which is added, the Geography of Europe, by King Alfred, (Anglo-Saxon and English,) &c. by Dr. Ingram, Anglo-Saxon Professor, 4to. bds. 5s


123 ANSTEY'S New Bath Guide, edited by Britton, post 8vo. illustrated by Geo. Cruikshank, bds. 3s 6d 1832 ANTIQUITIES.

Feste D'Athenes representée sur une Cornaline antique de Cabinet du Roy, cuts, Par. 1612— Descriptions des Bas Reliefs anciens trouvez depuis dans l'Eglise Cathedral de Paris par Bandelot, cuts, Par. 1611, in 1 vol. 4to. bds. 38

125 ANTIQUITIES of Hawkstone in Shropshire, 8vo. plates, bds. 28 6d

126 ANTIQUITIES of St. Peter's Abbey Church, Westminster, with the Supplement, 8vo. plates, neat, 58 E. Curll, 1715 127 ANTIQUITIES in Westminster Abbey, Ancient Oil Paintings and Sepulchral Brasses, from drawings by G. P. Harding, with historical and heraldic descriptions by Moule, 12 plates, imp. 4to. bds. 9s 6d


128 ANTONINUS: that part of the Itinerary of Antoninus which relates to Britain, with a new Comment by Reynolds, 4to. maps, half calf, (little stained) 9s

1799 129 ANNUAL Register for 1843, thick 8vo. new, bds. 12s 6d 1844

130 A RELATION of a Journey of the Right Hon. My Lord Henry Howard to Vienna and Constantinople, 12mo. neat, 38 1671 131 ARBUTHNOT'S Tables of Ancient Coins, Weights, and Measures, 4to. neat copy, 6s 1727 132 Arcana Aulica, or Walsingham's Manual of Prudential Maxims for the Statesman and Courtier, 18mo. russia, gilt leaves, 4s 6d.

1655 133 ARCHAIACA and HELICONIA, containing Reprints of Scarce Old English Prose and Poetical Tracts, of the Elizabethan Age, edited by Brydges, Haslewood, and Park, 5 vols. 4to. FINE COPY, half russia, marbled leaves, £5. 58 134 ARCHEOLOGIST (The) and Journal of Antiquarian Science, 8vo. complete, with Index, pp. 490, with 19 engravings, cloth, reduced from 10s 6d to 5s 6d


J. R. Smith, 1842 Containing original articles on Architecture, Historical Literature, Round Towers of Ireland, Philology, Bibliography, Topography, Proceedings of the various Antiquarian Societies, Retrospective Reviews, and Reviews of Recent Antiquarian Works, &c. &c.

135 ARCHEOLOGIA, 4to. Vols. XIII. XIV. and XV. plates, sewed, uncut, 10s 6d each



136 ARCHÆLOGIA. Index from Vol. XVI. to Vol. XXX. inclusive, 4to. new, bds. 12s


137 ARCHERY. HARRISON (A. P.) on the Science of Archery, shewing its Affinity to Heraldry, 8vo. sewed, ls

1834 138 ARCHER'S (The) Guide, containing full Instructions for the use of that Ancient and Noble Instrument the Bow, 12mo. folding plate by R. Cruikshank, bds. 28 (pub. at 5s) 1833 139 ARCHITECTURA Ecclesiastica Londini, a Graphical and Historical Survey of the Churches of London, Southwark, and Westminster, by C. Clarke, royal folio, LARGE PAPER, with 122 fine plates by Coney, Shepherd, and others, fine impressions, leather back, uncut, £1. 8s (pub. at £12. 12s)

1820 140 ARCHIVES Historiques, Philosophiques et Litteraires, publie par MM. D'Hane, Huet, Lenz, Moke, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. half calf, uncut, 98 Gand. 1837 141 ARRIANI de Expeditione Alex. Magni, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis, folio, in old red morocco, gilt leaves, Charles IInd's copy, (stained) 58 H. Stephani, 1575 142 ARMENIAN LANGUAGE. Seventeen volumes of various sizes in the Armenian Language, comprising, Robinson Crusoe, Lives of the Apostles, Hervey's Meditations, and others I can't make out; also Father Aucher's Armenian and English Grammar, the whole sewed, for 178

143 ARMES (Les) et Blasons des Chevaliers de l'Ordre du St. Esprit creez par Louys XIII. Roy de France, folio, many plates, vellum wrapper, 10s 6d Paris, 1623

144 ARMITAGE'S History of Brazil, a Continuation to Southey's, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 4s


145 ARMSTRONG'S History of the Island of Minorca, 8vo. plates, neat, 28

1756 146 ART of Preserving the Sight, 12mo. plates, half calf, 28 1817

147 ART of Criticism, as exemplified in Dr. Johnson's Lives of the Poets, 8vo. very neat, 38 6d 1789 148 ART of Needle-Work, from the Earliest Ages, with Notices of Ancient Historical Tapestries, edited by the Countess of Wilton, post 8vo. cloth, 58


149 ARTIST (The), A Collection of Essays on Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, &c. by Hoppner, Northcote, Hope, Cumberland, Soane, Flaxman, &c. edited by Prince Hoare, 2 vols. 4to. half russia, 10s 6d


150 ARUNDELL'S Discoveries in Asia Minor, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, bds. 16s (pub. at £1. 128) 1834

151 ARUNDINES Cami sive Musarum Cantabrigiensium Lusus Canori collegit atque edidit Henricus Drury, 8vo. handsomely printed, new calf gilt, 98



152 ASHBURNHAM'S (John) Narrative of his Attendance on Charles I., now first printed, by Lord Ashburnham, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 58 153 ASHE (Simon) Living Loves betwixt Christ and Dying Christians, a Sermon preached at St. Magdalen, Bermondsey, on the Death of the Rev. John Whitaker, with his Life and Poems, and Elegies, by various Ministers of London, 4to. 38 6d 1656 154 ASKEW'S (Egeon) Brotherly Reconcilement, preached in Oxford for the union of some, and now published with larger Meditations for the unitie of all in this Church and Commonwealth, with an Apologie for the use of the Fathers and Secular Learning in Sermons, 4to. half calf, rare, 12s 1605 155 ATTORNEYS AND SOLICITORS—Act for the better Regulation of Attorneys and Solicitors, 2 Geo. II. 1728Lists of Attorneys, &c. 1729-Additional Lists, 266 pages, 1729-Tables of Fees, 1729-Lists of Officers belonging to the Courts of Westminster, and their Fees, 1731-Report relating to Fleet Prison, 1729-King's Bench, 1730, &c. &c. in 1 vol. folio, neat, a very curious collection, 10s

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156 ATCHESON'S Report of the Case of the Borough of Petersfield, in the County of Southampton, royal 8vo. plates of Charters, PRIVATELY PRINTED, bds. 58

1831 157 ATCHESON'S History of Churcher's College at Petersfield, Hants, with Life of the Founder, 8vo. bds. 2s (pub. at 20s)


158 ATHENÆUM (The), a Journal of Literature, &c. for 1839, 40, 41, 42, and 43, 5 vols. royal 4to. very neat in half calf, cloth sides, 18s 1839-45

Not the cost of binding; the year 1844 will be given with them in numbers, (with the exception of one.)

159 ATHERSTONE'S (E.) Fall of Nineveh, a Poem, 2 vols. 8vo. front. by J. Martin, bds. 3s 1828

160 ATKINSON'S (J. A.) Picturesque Representations of the Naval, Military, and General Costumes of Great Britain, with Descriptions, royal folio, numerous plates, with a duplicate set, COLOURED, half russia, uncut, £1. 1s 1807 161 ATKINSON'S Personal Narrative of the Expedition into Affghanistan, 8vo. map, cloth, 4s 6d (pub. at 12s) 1842 162 AUBREY.-Memoir of John Aubrey the Antiquary, embracing his Autobiographical Sketches, Review of his personal and literary merits, and Anecdotes of his Contemporories, bv John Britton, 4to. engravings, very few printed, cloth, 158 Wiltshire Topog. Soc. 1845 163 AUSTIN'S (W.) Hæc Homo, wherein the excellency of the creation of Woman is Described, 18mo. front. and port. of Mrs. Mary Griffith by Glover, very neat, 78 6d


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