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2614 THE VOCABULARY of East Anglia, an attempt to record the vulgar tongue of the twin sister Counties, Norfolk and Suffolk, as it existed in the last twenty years of the Eighteenth Century, and still exists; with proof of its antiquity from Etymology and Authority, by the Rev. R. FORBY, 2 vols post 8vo. cloth, 12s (original price £1. 18)



logues, Poems, Songs, and Ballads, by various Writers, in the Westmorland and Cumberland Dialects, now first collected, to which is added, a Copious Glossary of Words peculiar to those Counties, post 8vo. pp. 408, cloth, 98

This collection comprises, in the Westmorland Dialect, Mrs. ANN WHEELER'S Four Familiar Dialogues, with Poems, &c.; and in the Cumberland Dialect, I. Poems and Pastorals by Rev. JOSIAH RELPH ; II. Pastorals, &c., by EWAN CLARK; III. Letter from Dublin by a young Borrowdale Shepherd, by ISAAC RITSON; IV. Poems by JOHN STAGG; V. Poems by MARK LONSDALE; VI. Ballads and Songs by ROBERT ANDERSON, the Cumbrian Bard (including some now first printed); VII. Songs by Miss BLAMIRE and Miss GILPIN; VIII. Songs by JOHN RAYSON; IX. An extensive Glossary of Westmorland and Cumberland Words.

"Among the specimens of Cumberland Verse will be found some true poetry, if not the best ever written in the language of rural life this side the Scotch Borders. The writers seem to have caught in their happiest hours inspiration from the rapt soul of Burns. Anderson's touching song of wedded love, The Days that are geane,' is a worthy answer for a husband to Burns' 'John Anderson my Jo.'"

Gent.'s Mag.

"No other two counties in England have so many pieces, both in prose and verse, illustrative of the manners and customs of the inhabitants, and written in their own native dialect. The philologist will find numerous examples of words and phrases which are obsolete in the general language of England, or which have been peculiar to Westmorland and Cumberland from time immemorial. Nor are the pieces uninteresting in other respects. Some of the patois verses are rich in the true spirit and vigour of poetry."-Metropolitan.

"A charming volume: it contains some beautiful poetical effusions, as well as characteristic sketches in prose."-Archæologist. 2616 THE YORKSHIRE DIALECT, exemplified in various Dialogues, Tales and Songs, applicable to the County, with a Glossary, post 8vo. 1s

"A shilling book worth its money; most of the pieces of composition are not only harmless, but good and pretty. The eclogue on the death of 'Awd Daisy,' an outworn horse, is an outpouring of some of the best feelings of the rustic mind; and the addresses to riches and poverty have much of the freedom and spirit of Burns."

Gent.'s Magazine, May, 1841. 2617 THE BAIRNSLA FOAK'S ANNUAL, an onny body els as beside for't years 1840 and 1843, be TOM TREDDLEHOYLE; to which is added the Barnsley and Village Record, or the Book of Facts and Fancies, by NED NUT, 12mo. pp. 100, 1s

This almanac is written in the Barnsley Dialect, and therefore fits itself with peculiar emphasis to the understanding of all in that particular locality. Its influence, however, extends beyond this; for even those acquainted with the Barnsley peculiarities of speech, will find much amusement in perusing the witticisms of the author, through his curious mode of expression.

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2618 THE CURIOSITIES of Heraldry, with Illustratrations from Old English Writers, by MARK ANTONY LOWER, Author of "Essays on English Surnames ;" with illuminated Title-page, and numerous Engravings from designs by the Author, Svo. cloth, GULES, appropriately ornamented OR, 148

"The present volume is truly a worthy sequel (to the SURNAMES') in the same curious and antiquarian line, blending with remarkable facts and intelligence, such a fund of amusing anecdote and illustration, that the reader is almost surprised to find that he has learnt so much, whilst he appeared to be pursuing mere entertainment. The text is so pleasing that we scarcely dream of its sterling value; and it seems as if, in unison with the woodcuts, which so cleverly explain its points and adorn its various topics, the whole design were intended for a relaxation from study, rather than an ample exposition of an extraordinary and universal custom, which produced the most important effect upon the minds and habits of mankind."-Literary Gazette.

2619 ENGLISH SURNAMES. A Series of Essays on Family Nomenclature, Historical, Etymological, and Humorous; with Chapters on Canting Arms, Rebuses, the Roll of Battel Abbey, a List of Latinized Surnames, &c., by MARK ANTONY LOWER, second edition, enlarged, post 8vo. pp. 292, with 20 woodcuts, cloth, 68

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To those who are curious about their patronymic, it will be found a very instructive and amusing volume--mingling wit and pleasantry, with antiquarian research and historical interest.

"An instructive and amusing volume, which ought to be popular. Perhaps no subject is more curious than the history of proper names. How few persons are there who have not on one occasion or other been struck with the singular names which have fallen under their own observation, and who have not sought for the information as to their origin? Yet we know of no work of any value, much more a popular work, which treats on the subject. Mr. Lower has written a very good and well-arranged book, which we can with confidence recommend to our readers."—Archæologist.

2620 APPLICATION of Heraldry to the illustration of various
University and Collegiate Antiquities, by H. A. WOODHAM,
Esq. 4to. Part I, coloured plate, and 30 cuts of arms, 6s—
Part II, coloured plate, and 2 woodcuts, 38 6d

(Camb. Antiq. Soc.) 2621 A GENERAL Armory of England, Scotland, and Ireland; comprising a Registry of all Armorial Bearings, from the earliest to the present time, by J. BURKE, Esq. and J. B. BURKE, Esq., royal 8vo. THIRD EDITION, with Supplement, 1200 pages, in double columns, illuminated title-page, cloth, £1. 1s (pub. at £2. 2s)

The most useful book on Heraldry extant; it embodies all the arms of Guillim, Edmondson, Robson, Berry, and others, prefaced by a history of the art.


2622 A GENEALOGICAL and Heraldic History of the Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies of England, Ireland, and Scotland, by J. BURKE, Esq. and J. B. BURKE, Esq., medium 8vo. SECOND EDITION, 638 closely printed pages, in double columns, with about 1000 arms engraved on wood, fine portrait of JAMES I., and illuminated title-page, extra cloth, 10s (pub. at £1.88)

This work, which has engaged the attention of the Authors for several years, comprises nearly a thousand families, many of them amongst the most ancient and eminent in the kingdom, each carried down to its representative or representatives still existing, with elaborate and minute details of the alliances, achievements, and fortunes, generation after generation, from the earliest to the latest period. The work is printed to correspond precisely with the last edition of Mr. Burke's Dictionary of the Existing Peerage and Baronetage; the armorial bearings are engraved in the best style, and are incorporated with the text as in that work.

2623 PEDIGREES of the Nobility and Gentry of Hertfordshire, by WILLIAM BERRY, late and for fifteen years Registering Clerk in the College of Arms, Author of the "Encyclopædia Heraldica," &c. &c. folio, (only 125 printed), boards, £3. 108-reduced to £1. 5s

"These Collections of Pedigrees will be found of great utility, though not of sufficient proof in themselves to establish the claims of kindred set forth in them: but affording a ready clue to such necessary proof whenever it should be required, by pointing out the places of nativity, baptism, marriages, and burials, and such other legal documents, as localities will otherwise afford, and the modern entries in the Herald's College, are of no better authority, requiring the very same kind of proof for legal purposes. This observation will perhaps silence the illnatured remarks which have emanated from that quarter: and it is selfevident that the printing of 250 copies is a much safer record than one manuscript entry there, which might easily be destroyed."-Preface.



2624 A HAND-BOOK to Lewes in Sussex, Historical and Descriptive, with Notices of the Recent Discoveries at the Priory, by MARK ANTONY LOWER, 12mo. many engravings, cloth, 2s

2625 THE HISTORY of the Town of Gravesend in Kent, and of the Port of London, by R. P. CRUDEN, late Mayor of Gravesend, royal 8vo. 37 fine plates and woodcuts, a very handsome volume, cloth, 1843, reduced from £1. 8s to 10s 2626 HISTORY and Antiquities of Dartford, in Kent, with Incidental Notices of the Places in its Neighbourhood, by J. DUNKIN, Author of the "History of the Hundreds of Bullington and Ploughley in Oxfordshire;" History of Bicester;" 66 "History of Bromley," &c. 8vo. 17 plates, cloth, (only 250 printed), 21s


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2627 HISTORY of Banbury in Oxfordshire, including copious
Historical and Antiquarian Notices of the Neighbourhood,
by ALFRED BEESLEY, thick 8vo. 684 closely printed pages
with 66 woodcuts, engraved in the first style of art, by
O. Jewitt, of Orford, (pub. at £1. 58) now reduced to


"The neighbourhood of Banbury is equally rich in British, Roman, Saxon, Norman, and English Antiquities, of all which Mr. Beesley has given regularly cleared accounts. Banbury holds an important place in the history of the Parliamentary War of the Seventeenth Century, and was the scene of the great Battle of Edghill, and of the important fight of Cropredy Bridge. Relating to the events of that period, the author has collected a great body of local information of the most interesting kind. By no means the least valuable part of Mr. Beesley's work, in his account of the numerous interesting early churches, which characterize the Banbury district."-The Archeologist.

J. R. SMITH having bought the whole stock of the above very in-
teresting volume, invites the Subscribers to complete their copies in
parts without delay, the price of which will be (for a short time) 1s. 6d.
instead of 2s. 6d

2628 THE VISITOR'S Guide to Knole House, near Seven Oaks
in Kent, with Catalogue of the Pictures contained in the
Mansion, a Genealogical History of the Sackville Family,
&c. &c., by J. H. BRADY, F.R.A.S., 12mo. 27 woodcuts
by Bonner, Sly, &c. cloth, 4s 6d-Large Paper, 10s

"A very interesting guide to one of the most remarkable old Family
Mansions, or we might even say, palaces, of England. The biographical
notices of the portraits are very curious, and the description of old
trees, and other particulars in the park and gardens will amuse the
gardener; while the architect will be instructed by the engravings of
different parts of the house, and of the ancient furniture, more parti-
cularly of the fire-places, fire-dogs, chairs, tripods, masks, sconces, &c."
J. C. LOUDON, Gardener's Magazine, Jan. 1840.
2629 ILLUSTRATIONS of Knole House, from Drawings by
KNIGHT, engraved on wood by Bonner, Sly, &c. 8vo. 16
plates with descriptions, 58

2630 GREENWICH; its History, Antiquities, and Public Build-
ings, by H. S. RICHARDSON, 12mo. fine woodcuts by Bax-
ter, 18 6d

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2631 THE FOLKSTONE Fiery Serpent, together with the Hu-
mours of the DOVER MAYOR; being an Ancient Ballad full
of Mystery and pleasant Conceit, now first collected and
printed from the various MS. copies in possession of the in-
habitants of the South-east Coast of Kent, with Notes,
12mo. 1s
2632 A BRIEF Account of the Stowting, in Kent, and of the
Antiquities lately discovered there, by the Rev. F. WRENCH,
Rector, 8vo. three folding plates etched by the author, 28 6d
2633 HISTORY and Antiquities of the Hundred of Compton,
Berks, with Dissertations on the Roman Station of Calleva
Attrebatum, and the Battle of Ashdown, by W. HEWITT,
Jun., 8vo. 18 plates, cloth, (only 250 printed), reduced from
158 to 7s 6d

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2634 BIBLIOTHECA CANTIANA, a Bibliographical Account of what has been published on the History, Topography, Antiquities, Customs, and Family Genealogy of the COUNTY of KENT, with Biographical Notes, by JOHN RUSSELL SMITH, in a handsome 8vo. volume, pp. 370, with two plates of facsimiles of Autographs of 33 eminent Kentish Writers, 148 reduced to 58-large paper, 108 6d

Contents-I. Historians of the County. II. Principal Maps of the County. III. Heraldic Visitations, with reference to the MSS. in the British Museum and other places. IV. Tracts printed during the Civil War and Commonwealth, 1640-1660. V. A Chronological List of all the LOCAL, PERSONAL, and PRIVATE ACTS of Parliament (upwards of 600), which have been passed on the County, from Edward L. to Queen Victoria. VI. Works relative to the County in general. VII. Particular Parishes, Seats, Customs, and Family Genealogy, in alphabetical order. The work also comprises a notice of every Paper which has been written on the County, and published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Gentlemen's Magazine, Archæologia, Vetusta Monumenta, Topographer, Antiquarian Repertory, and numerous other valuable publications, with a copious Index of every person and place mentioned throughout the volume.

2635 THE LOCAL Historian's Table-Book of Remarkable Occurrences, Historical Facts, Traditions, Legendary and Descriptive Ballads, &c. &c., connected with the Counties of NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, NORTHUMBERLAND, and DURHAM, by M. A. RICHARDSON, royal 8vo. profusely illustrated with woodcuts, now complete in 8 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, 98 each, or the Divisions sold separately as follows:HISTORICAL DIVISION, 5 vols.-LEGENDARY DIVISION, 3 vols.

"The legendary portion will be found very interesting volumes by those who take no interest in the Historical portion.

"This chronology of local occurr nces, from the earliest times when a date is ascertainable possesses an especial interest for the residents of the Northern Counties; but, inasmuch as it records Historical events as well as trivial incidents, and includes Biographical notices of men whose fame extended beyond their birth-places, it is not without a value to the general reader. The work is divided into two portions, the larger consisting of the chronicle, and the lesser of the traditions and ballads of the country. Some of these are very characteristic and curious; they invest with poetic associations almos every ruin or plot of ground; and the earlier legends of moss troopers and border-strifes afford an insight into the customs and state of society in remote periods. The handsome pages are illustrated with woodcuts of old buildings and other antiquities."-Spectator.

2636 NEWCASTLE TRACTS: Reprints of Rare and Curious Tracts, chiefly illustrative of the History of the Northern Counties; beautifully printed in crown 8vo. on a fine thick paper, with fac-simile Titles, and other features characteristic of the originals, (only 100 copies printed), Nos. I. to XXX., £2. 178 6d

Purchasers are expected to take the succeeding Tracts as published.

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