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2637 TRAVELS of Nicander Nucius of Corcyra in England, during the Reign of Henry VII., edited by Dr. CRAMER, small 4to. cloth, 4s (Camden Soc.) 2638 A JOURNEY to Beresford Hall, in Derbyshire, the Seat of CHARLES COTTON, Esq. are celebrated Author and Angler, by W. ALEXANDER, F.S.A., F.L.S., late Keeper of the Prints in the British Museum, crown 4to. printed on tinted paper, with a spirited frontispiece, representing Walton and his adopted Son Cotton in the Fishing-house, and vignette title-page, cloth, 5s

Dedicated to the Anglers of Great Britain and the various Walton and Cotton Clubs, only 100 printed.

2639 HISTORY of Portsmouth, Portsea, Landport, Southsea and Gosport, by HENRY SLIGHT, Esq., 8vo. third edition, bds. 48 2640 HISTORICAL and Chorographical Description of the County of Essex, by JOHN NORDEN, 1594, now first printed, and edited by Sir H. ELLIS, very curious map, small 4to. cloth, 4s 6d (Camden Soc.) 2641 KEMP'S Nine Daies Wonder, performed in a Daunce from London to Norwich, with Introduction and Notes by the Rev. A. Dyce, small 4to. cloth, 4s 6d


"A great curiosity, and, as a rude picture of national manners, extremely well worth reprinting."-Gifford's Notes to Ben Jonson. 2642 HISTORIC Sites and other Remarkable and Interesting Places in the County of Suffolk, by JOHN WODDERSPOON, with Prefatory Verses by BERNARD BARTON, Esq., and a Poetical Epilogue by a "SUFFOLK VILLAGER," improved edition, fine woodcuts, post 8vo. pp. 232, closely printed, and containing as much matter as many 12s volumes, cloth, 6s 6d

Principal Contents:-Framlingham Castle; Staningfield; Rookwood; Mrs. Inchbald; Aldham Common; the Martyr's Stone; Westthorpe Hall, the residence of Charles Brandon; Duke of Suffolk; Ipswich; Wolsey's Gate and Mr. Sparrow's House; Rendlesham: Redgrave; Bury St. Edmunds, the Abbey; David Hartley; Bp. Gardiner; George Bloomfield; Wetheringset; Haughley Castle; Grimstone Hall; Cavendish, the Voyager; Framlingham Church, the burial place of Surrey, the Poet; Bungay Castle; Dunwich; Aldborough; Wingfield, and the Old Halls of Suffolk.

2643 A NEW Guide to Ipswich, containing Notices of its Ancient and Modern History, Buildings, and Social and Commercial Condition, by JOHN WOODDERSPOON, fcap. 8vo. fine woodcuts, cloth, 28 6d

"It is handsomely got up, and reflects great credit on Ipswich typography."-Spectator.

2644 SPECIMENS of College Plate in the University of Cambride, by the Rev. J. J. SMITH, 4to. 13 fine plates, 15s (Camb. Antiq. Soc.)

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2645 HISTORIA Collegii Jesu Cantabrigiensis à SHERMANNO, olim præs. ejusdem Collegii, edita J. O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. cloth, 28

2646 THE ARCHEOLOGIST and Journal of Antiquarian Science, edited by J. O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. Nos I. to X. COMPLETE, with Index, pp. 490, with 19 engravings, cloth, reduced from 10s 6d to 58 6d

Containing original articles on Architecture, Historical Literature, Round Towers of Ireland, Philology, Bibliography, Topography, Proceedings of the various Antiquarian Societies, Retrospective Reviews, and Reviews of Recent Antiquarian Works, &c.

2647 ROMAN and Roman-British Remains at and near Shefford, Co. Beds, described by Sir H. DRYDEN, Bt.; with a Catalogue of Coins from the same place, by C. KING, 4to. 3 plates, coloured, 68 6d (Camb. Antiq. Soc.) 2648 ROMAN-BRITISH Remains found at Warden, Co. Beds, described by Professor HENSLOW, 4to. 4 plates (ib.) 2649 NOTITIA BRITANNIE, or an Inquiry concerning the Localities, Habits, Condition, and Progressive Civilization of the Aborigines of Britain; to which is appended a brief Retrospect of the Result of their Intercourse with the Romans, by W. D. SAULL, F.S.A., F.G.S., &c. 8vo. engravings, 38 6d

2650 CALEDONIA ROMANA; a Descriptive Account of the Roman Antiquities of Scotland; preceded by an introductory view of the aspect of the Country, and state of its Inhabitants in the First Century of the Christian Era, and by a Summary of the Historical Transactions connected with the Roman Occupation of North Britain. By ROBERT STUART, 4to. many fine plates, plates, 18s

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"An able and highly readable (and cheap) volume on the transactions of the Romans in Scotland, and the remains they have left behind them in that part of the island. The little that is known of the acts of the Romans in Scotland, and of the state of the people in that age, is stated by Mr. Stuart in a graceful and flowing narrative. The view which he gives of the country, at the time when it was yet a sylvan wilderness, occupied by tribes not much different from those of Missouri and Araucania, is like a chapter in some beautiful romance. The roads and camps are all traced carefully, even unto Ptoroton and Bona, (Burghead and Loch Ness,) and an ample chapter at the end is devoted to the wall of Antoninus. The scholar has here a satisfactory account of the Roman Antiquities of Scotland, illustrated by numerous draughts (in Lithography); while the general reader is presented with a work which he may peruse for the sake of its information, without ever feeling it in the least dull."-Chambers's Journal.

2651 A VERBATIM Report of the Proceedings at a Special General Meeting of the British Archæological Association, held at the Theatre of the Western Literary Institution, 5th March, 1845, T. J. Pettigrew in the Chair. With an Introduction, by THOMAS WRIGHT, 8vo. sewed, 1s 6d

2652 BRITISH ARCHEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION. A Report of the Proceedings and Excursions of the Members of the British Archæological Association, at the Canterbury Session, Sept. 1844. By A. J. DUNKIN, thick 8vo. with many engravings, cloth, £1. 1s

"The volume contains most of the papers entire that were read at the Meeting, and revised by the Authors. It will become a scarce book as only 150 were printed; and it forms the first yearly volume of the Archæological Association, or the Archæological Institute.

2653 HISTORY of the Origin and Establishment of Gothic Architecture, and an Inquiry into the mode of Painting upon and Staining Glass, as practised in the Ecclesiastical Structures of the Middle Ages. By JOHN SIDNEY HAWKINS, F.A.S., royal 8vo. eleven plates, bds. 3s 6d (pub. at 128) 2654 ACCOUNT of the Sextry Barn at Ely, lately Demolished. With Architectural Illustrations by PROFESSOR WILLIS, 4to. plates, 38 (Camb. Antiq. Soc.) 2655 ARCHITECTURAL Nomenclature of the Middle Ages. By PROFESSOR WILLIS, 4to. 3 plates, 78 2656 REPORT of the First, Second, and Third General Meetings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, 8vo. 1s each (ibid.) 2657 EPITAPHS. A Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions, chiefly in Scotland, 12mo. bds. 58


The most extensive collection ever published relating to Scotland; it contains an entire reprint of the rare work entitled "Monteith's Theatre of Mortality, 1704."


2658 COINS of the Romans relating to Britain, Desscribed and Illustrated. By J. Y. AKERMAN, F.S.A., Secretary to the Numismatic Society, &c. Second edition, greatly enlarged, Svo. with plates and woodcuts, cloth, 10s 6d

The Prix de Numismatique' has just been awarded by the French Institute to the author for this work.

"Mr. Akerman's volume contains a notice of every known variety, with copious illustrations, and is published at a very moderate price : it should be consulted, not merely for these particular coins, but also for facts most valuable to all who are interested in the Romano-British history."-Archeological Journal.

2659 ANCIENT Coins of Cities and Princes, Geographically arranged and described, HISPANIA, GALLIA, BRITANNIA. By J. Y. AKERMAN, F.S.A., 8vo. with engravings of many hundred coins from actual examples, cloth, 188

2660 A LIST of Tokens issued by Wiltshire Tradesmen, in the 17th Century. By J. Y. AKERMAN, 8vo. plate, containing 13 specimens, 1s 6d

2661 ARIANA ANTIQUA; A Descriptive Account of the Antiquities and Coins of Affghanistan, with a Memoir on the buildings called Topes. By C. MASSON. Edited by H. H. WILSON, Sanscrit Professor at Oxford, 4to. many plates of antiquities, and many hundred coins, cloth, £2. 28

A very handsome and cheap volume. Printed at the expense of the East India Company. 2662 ESSAY on the Numismatic History of the Ancient Kingdom of the East Angles. By D. H. HAIGH, royal 8vo. 5 plates, containing numerous figures of coins, sewed, 6s 2663 LECTURES on the Coinage of the Greeks and Romans, delivered in the University of Oxford. By EDWARD CARDWELL, D.D., Principal of St. Alban's Hall, and Professor of Ancient History, 8vo. cloth, reduced from 8s 6d to 4s

A very interesting historical volume, and written in a pleasing and popular manner.

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2664 A HAND-BOOK of English Coins from the Conquest to Victoria. By L. JEWITT, 12mo. 11 plates, cloth, 1s

2665 NUMISMATIC Chronicle and Proceedings of the Numismatic Society, 5 vols. and 3 Nos. to Oct. 1843; a subscriber's copy, many plates, cloth, £2. 12s 6d (pub. at £3. 178)



2666 LECTURES on Dramatic Art and Literature. By AUGUSTUS WILLIAM SCHLEGEL, translated from the German by JOHN BLACK, Esq., Editor of the Morning Chronicle,' 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. SECOND EDITION, cloth,

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"The present work contains a critical and historical account of the ancient and modern drama-the Greek, Latin, Italian, German, Spanish, and English. The view which the author has taken of the standard productions, whether tragic or comic, is ingenious and just, and his reasonings on the principles of taste are as satisfactory as they are profound. The acute and sensible remarks-the high tone of moralityare very admirable and exemplary; and we refer those who desire to elevate their understandings to a guide so learned and philosophical as the author of these volumes."-Edinb. Rev.

"In a few pages we reap the fruit of the labour of a whole life. Every opinion formed by the author, every epithet given to the writers of whom he speaks, is beautiful and just, concise and animated." Mad. de Stael's Germany. "A work of extraordinary merit."-Quarterly Review, Vol. XII. pp. 112-46.

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2667 WHO WAS JACK WILSON the Singer of Shakespeare's Stage? An attempt to prove the identity of this person with John Wilson, Dr. of Music in the University of Oxford, A.D. 1644. By E. F. RIMBAULT, L.L.D., F.S.A., 8vo. sewed, 18

2668 ON THE CHARACTER OF FALSTAFF, as originally ex-
hibited by Shakespeare in the two parts of King Henry IV.
By J. O. HALLIWELL, 12mo. cloth, (only 100 printed), 28
2668* AN INTRODUCTION to Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights'
Dream. By J. O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. cloth, (only 250
printed) 38

2669 FIRST SKETCH of Shakespeare's Merrie Wives of
Windsor, with a collection of the Tales on which the Plot is
supposed to have been founded. Edited by J. O. HALLI-
WELL, 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d
(Shakespeare Soc.)
2670 AN ACCOUNT of the only known Manuscript of Shake-
speare's Plays, comprising some important variations and
corrections in the Merry Wives of Windsor, obtained from
a Playhouse copy of that Play recently discovered. By J.
O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. sewed, 18

2671 SHAKESPERIANA, a Catalogue of the Early Editions of
Shakespeare's Plays, and of the Commentaries and other
Publications illustrative of his Works. By J. O. HALLI-
WELL, 8vo. cloth, 38

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"Indispensable to everybody who wishes to carry on any inquiries connected with Shakespeare, or who may have a fancy for Shakespearian Bibliography."-Spectator.

"It ought to be placed by the side of every edition, It is the most concise, yet the most copious illustration of the subject which has been given to the public,"-Lit. Gaz.

2672 OBERON'S Vision in the Midsummer Nights' Dream.


lustrated by a comparison with LYLIE'S Endymion. By the Rev. J. HALPIN, 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d (Shakespeare Soc.) 2673 THE SHAKESPEARE Society's Papers, being a Miscellany of Contributions Illustrative of the objects of the Society. Vol. I. 6s, Vol. II. 6s 8vo. cloth (ibid.) 2674 REPORT Extraordinary of a late Meeting of the Society of Antiquaries, in a letter to "PUNCH," occasioned by a remarkable Omission in that Gentleman's Account of the Metropolis, post 8vo. 6d

the Library of the Priory of Bretton, Yorkshire. II. No-
tice of the Libraries belonging to other Religious Houses.
By the Rev. JOSEPH HUNTER, F.S.A., 4to. very few
printed, 58

2676 CATALOGUE of the Original Library of St. Catherine's
Hall, Cambridge, 1475. Edited by Prof. CORRIE, 4to.
18 6d
(Camb. Antiq. Soc.)
2677 CATALOGUE of the Contents of the Codex Holbrookianus.
By J. O. HALLIWELL, 8vo. 18

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