Algebra for Beginners

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Page 91 - The product is a2+2a6-}-62; from which it appears, that the square of the sum of two quantities, is equal to the square of the first plus twice the product of the first by the second, plus the square of the second.
Page 107 - Conversely, the difference of the squares of any two quantities is equal to the product of the sum and the difference of the two quantities.
Page 89 - It is evident from the Rule of Signs that (1) no even power of any quantity can be negative; (2) any odd power of a quantity will have the same sign as the quantity itself. NOTE. It is especially worthy of notice that the square of every expression, whether positive or negative, is positive.
Page 54 - Transpose all the terms containing the unknown quantity to one side of the equation, and the "known quantities to the other.

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