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1998 SPANHEMII (F.) de Veterum Propter Mortuos Baptismo diatribi, 8vo. calf, 28 6d

1673 1999 SPELMAN'S (Sir H.) Churches not to be Violated, 12mo. cloth, 28 6d

Oxf. 1841 2000 SPITTLEHOUSE'S Rome Ruin'd by Whitehall, or the Papal Crown

Demolisht, being a Confutation of the Three Degrees of Popery, viz.-
Papacy, Prelacy, and Presbitery, answerable to the triple crown of the

three-headed Cerberus, the Pope, 4to. neat, curious, 78 6d 1650 2001 SPOHN (G. L.) Lexicon Græco-Latinum in Novum Testamentum, 8vo. half calf, 38

Halæ, 1790 2002 SQUIRE'S (Dr. S.) Indifference for Religion Inexcusable, 12mo. very neat, 28

1763 2003 ST. FRANCIS. Histoire Admirable de la Vie du Pere Seraphic S.

Francois exemplair de toute la perfection Evangelique, 18mo. many very curious plates, 68

Anvers. 1648 2004 ST. GEORGE'S Archdeacon's Examinations for Holy Orders, accord

ing to History and Canons, 1751—Duncan Forbes on the Sources of Incredulity with regard to Religion, 1752—Leechmann on the Advantages of Prayer and the Character of a Minister of the Gospel ; in 1 vol. 12mo, very neat, 38

Glasgow, Foulis, 1749 2005 ST. PATRICK. La Vie admirable du grand St. Patrice, Patriarche

d'Hibernie, avec l'Histoire Veritable de son fameux et renommé Puro gatoire, 12mo. fine copy, in vellum, scarce, 98

Brux. 1640 2006 ST. PATRICK'S Purgatory ; or Essays on the Legends of Purgatory,

Hell, and Paradise, current during the Middle Ages, by THOMAS
WRIGHT, F.S.A., post 8vo. cloth, 68

1844 A very curious and amusing book. 2007 ST. JOSEPH. Reflections on the Prerogatives, Power, and Protection

of St. Joseph, spouse of the Blessed and ever immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, with several Devotions to the said most glorious Patriarch, 12mo. fine copy, calf, gilt leaves, 108 6d

1710 2008 STALHAM'S (J., Pastor at Terling, Essex ) Vindiciæ Redemptionis in

the Fanning and Sifting of Samuel Oates his Exposition upon Mat. 13, 44, 4to. neat, curious, 6s

1647 2009 STAPHYLI (F.) Apologia—de Vero Script. Sacræ intellectu-De Ger

manica Bibliorum Versione-De Luteranorum inter se Concordia, 12mo. very neat, 58

Colon. 1563 2010 STEELE'S Romish Ecclesiastical History of Late Years, with an Ac.

count of Convents, &c. for the English abroad, a List of the Fees paid for Absolutions, Indulgences, &c. 12mo. neat, 38

1714 2011 STEBBING'S (H., of Rickinghall, Suff.) Discourses, 8vo. neat, 2

1722 2012 STEPHEN'S (Thos., of King's College, London) History of the Church

of Scotland, from the Reformation to the present time, 4 thick vols. 8vo. many portraits, cloth, 168 (pub. at £2. 128)

1843 2013 STEPHENSON'S Christiology of the Old and New Testament, an His.

torical Developement of the Predicate Occurrences of Scripture, 2 vols.

8vo. bds. 58 6d 2014 STEVEN'S (Robt., Preacher of the Magdalen, 8c.) 16 excellent" Sermons, 8vo. bds. 28 6d

1814 2015 STILLINGFLEET'S (Bp.) Fifty Sermons, folio, port, neat, 148 1707 2016 STILLINGFLEET'S Origines Sacræ; or, a Rational Account of the

Grounds of Natural and Revealed Religion, folio, port. by White, neat and clean, 98



2017 STILLINGFLEET'S Unreasonableness of Separation, or the History

of the Present Separation from the Church of England, 4to. neat and clean, 68

1681 2018 STILLINGFLEET'S Origines Britannicæ, or the Antiquities of the British Churches, 8vo. new cloth, 68

1840 2019 STILLINGFLEET'S Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity, 8vo. neat and clean, 38

1697 2020 STOCKII (C.) Clavis Linguæ Sanctæ Veteris et Novi Tesaamenti cura Fischeri, 2 thick vols. 8vo. BEST EDITION, calf, 128

1752-3 2021 STONEHOUSE'S Sick Man's Friend, (Religious) 12mo. ninth edition, bds. 28

1818 2022 STREAMS of Eternity, or the Mystical Waters of Life and Death, in

twelve Discourses (by a Catholic), 8vo. with Autograph of W. Hone, curious, 38 6d

1763 2023 STURTEVANT'S Letters and Conversations on Preaching, 12mo. bds. 28

1822 2024 SUICERI (J. C.) Novi Testamenti Glossarium, Gr. et Lat. 8vo. sewed, 28

1744 2025 SUPPLICATION of certaine Mass-Priests, falsely called Catholikes,

directed to the King's most excellent Majesty, but scattered in corners to moove Malcontents to mutinie, published with a marginal glosse, 4to. very neat in calf, rare, 108 6d

1604 2026 SUPERVILLE (Dan de, de l'Eglise Wallonne de Rotterdam) le Vrai

Communicant ou Traite de la Sainte Céne, thick 12mo. half calf, 38

1744 2027 SUPREMACY and Jurisdiction of the Roman Pontiffs demonstratively proved from Scripture and Tradition, 8vo. bds. 38

1843 2028 SUTTON'S Godly Meditations on the Sacrament, 1630, edited by J. H. Newman, 18mo. cloth, 28

1839 2029 SWADLIN'S (Dr. T.) XXXV Questions propounded for resolution of

unlearned Protestants, in Matter of Religion, to the Doctors of the Prelaticall pretended Reformed Church of England, 4to. neat, 68

Printed by J. G. for the use of the Author, 1659 2030 SWADLIN'S King Charles his Funeral, who was beheaded by base

and barbarous hands, Jan. 30, 1648, and interred at Windsor, Feb. 9, 1648, with his anniversaries continued until 1659, 4to. neat, 68

For the Author, 1661 Neither of these curious works, or the author, are mentioned by Lowndes. 2031 SYDENHAM'S (Humphry) Well-tuned Cymball, or a Vindication of

the Modern Harmony and Ornaments of Churches against the murmurings of their discontented opposers, a Sermon on the dedication of an organ lately set up at Bruton in Somerset, 1637 ; also eleven other Sermons preached in Somersetshire, at St. Paul's Cross, including a funeral one on Sir John Sydenham at Brimpton, 4to. neat and clean, 108 60

1637 An interesting volume to the Somersetshire collector, 2032 SYKES on the Truth of the Christian Religion, 8vo. neat, 28 1725 2033 SYKES on the Principles and Connection of Natural and Revealed Religion, 8vo. very neat, 38

1740 2034 SYLLOGE Commentationum Theologicarum edita Pott et Ruperti, post 8vo. neat, 38

1810 2035 SYMMONS' (C. of Clare Hall) Sermons, 8vo. bds. 28

1787 2036 SYMONDS (Dr. J.) on the expediency of Revising the present Version of the Gospels and Acts, 4to. half calf, 38


2037 TATHAM'S (Dr.) Chart and Scale of Truth, the Bampton Lecture for 1789, edited by Grinfield, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 168

1840 2038 TAYLOR'S Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistle to the Romans, 4to. neat and clean, 98

1754 2039 TAYLOR'S (Jeremy) Collection of Polemical Discourses, folio, portrait by Lombart, neat, 108

1657 2040 TEALE’S Lives of English Laymen— Falkland, Walton, and Nelson, 12mo. portraits, cloth, 2s 6d

1842 2041 TEATE'S (Faithful, Minister at Sudbury) Scripture Map of Sin and

Way to Canaan, or the Sinner's Way to the Saint's Rest, 4to. neat, (wants a leaf) very curious, 6s

1655 2042 TENISON'S (Abp.) Examination of Mr. Hobbes' Creed, 12mo. neat, 28

1671 2043 TESTAMENTUM (Novum) Græcum cum Scholiis Theologicis et

Philologicis, cura Hardy, 2 vols. 8vo. neat and clean, 58 1768 2044 TESTAMENTUM (Novum) Græce plane Nova cum Notis animadver

siones Erasmus Schmidii, thick folio, neat, 98 Norimberg, 1658 2045 TESTAMENTUM (Vetus et Apoc. et Novum) Græce ex versione

Septuaginta juxta exemplar Vaticanum ex editione Holmesi et
Lamberti Bos, 4 vols. 12mo. cloth, 88 6d

Glasgue, 1822 2046 TESTAMENTUM (Vetus) Græcum ex versione Septuaginta interpre

tum—Testamentum (Novum) Græcum-Common Prayer, in Greek -Apocrypha, in Greek, together in 2 thick vols. 18mo. FINE COPY, in old morocco, gilt leaves, 108 6d

Camb. 1665 A correct and much esteemed edition. 2047 TESTAMENTUM (Novum) Græcum et cum versione Latina cura Leusden et Griesbach, 2 vols. in 1, 12mo. very neat, 38 6d

Glasgue, 1816 2048 TESTAMENT.-- The Critical New Testament, Greek and English, small 4to. beautifully printed, LARGE PAPER, folded, 128

Bagster & Sons, 2049 TESTAMENT (New) in Greek, with English Notes, Critical, Philologi.

cal, and Exegetical, by Dr. Bloomfield, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. £1. 28 (pub. at £2. 28)

1832 2050 TESTAMENT (New) Translated by William Tyndale, 1526, reprinted, with Life, &c. by G. Offor, 8vo. portrait, cloth, 78 6d

Bagster, 1836 2051 TESTAMENT (Nouveau) Charenton, 1669—Psaumes de David mis

en rime Francoise par Clement Marot et Theodore de Beze, with musical notes, Charenton, 1668, in 1 vol. 12mo. fine copy in old orna.

mented morocco, gilt edges, 6s 2052 TESTAMENT (New) an Improved Version upon the Basis of Abp. Newcome's, with Notes, post 8vo. bds. 2s 6d

1808 2053 THEED'S Sacred Biography, or Scripture Characters illustrated in Several Discourses, 8vo. neat, 2s 6d

1712 2054 THEOPHILACTI Simocattæ Questiones Physicas et Epistolas, Gr. et Lat. cum notis Boissonade, 8vo. sewed, 48 6d

Paris, 1835 2055 THOLUCK'S Doctrine of Sin and the Propitiator, translated from the German by Ryland and Dr. Pye Smith, 12mo. cloth, 38

1836 2056 THOUGHTS on Death, Sickness, and Loss of Friends, (by S. Dobree) 12mo. two curious wood-cuts from la Dance Macrabre,bds,

1820 2057 TILLOCH'S Dissertations, Introductory to the Study of the Apocalypse, 8vo. bds. 28 6d



2058 TILLOTSON'S (Abp.) Sermons, aud other Works, edited by Barker, 3 vols. folio, neat and clean in old calf, £1. 88

1735 2059 TIMPSON'S Church History through all Ages, post 8vo. cloth, 38

1832 2060 TINDAL.-A Collection of Tracts in reply to Tindal's “ Christianity

as old as the Creation,” by Gibson, Watts, Holbrooke, Chapman, Burnet, Jackson, Stebbing, &c. in 2 vols. 8vo. neat, 48 6d

about 1728-30 2061 TITELMANNI (P. Fr.) Elucidatio in omnes Psalmos, 3 thick vols. 12mo, neat, 88

Antv. 1689 2062'TODD (Archdeacon) on the Author of the “ Eikon Basilicon," 8vo. bds. 28

1825 2063 TODD'S Church of St. Patrick, an Historical Inquiry into the Inde

pendence of the Ancient Church of Ireland, 12mo. cloth, 38 1844 2064 TODD'S History of the Ancient Church in Ireland, 12mo. map, cloth, 28 6d

1845 2065 TOMLINE'S (Bp.) Elements of Christian Theology, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 98

1826 2066 TOPLADY'S (Rev. A.) Tracts : The Church of England Vindicated

from the charge of Arminianism ; the Doctrine of Absolute Predestination, translated from the Latin of Zanchius, with a Life of the Author; Letter to Wesley, relative to his pretended Abridgements of Zanchius; More Work for Mr. John Wesley ; and Free Thoughts on a Projected Application to Parliament for the Abolition of Ecclesiastical Subscriptions, 8vo. 48

1769-1772 2067 TOWNLEY'S (Jas.) Biblical Anecdotes, 12mo. bds. 28 6d 1813 2068 TRAPP'S (John, Pastor of Weston on Avon) Commentarie upon the

books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Songs, thick 4to. neat, 68 6d

1650 2069 TROLLOPE'S Questions for Examinations on the Acts, 12mo. 28

Camb. 1844 2070 TROP est Trop. Capitulation de la France, avec ses Monies et Religieux de tous les Livrées, 12mo. 38 6d

1767 A sensible description of the founders and customs of Religious Houses, shewing the injury they do to Society, and the good policy in reforming them, or their total

abolition.-MS. Note. 2071 TURRETINI (F.) Compendium Theologiæ, 4to. neat, 78 60 1695 2072 URSINI (J. H.) Arboretum Biblicum cum continuatione et Sylva

Theologiæ Symbolicæ, many plates, Norimb. 1685—Bartholini de

Morbis Biblicis, 1697, in 1 vol. 8vo. vellum, 5s 2073 URSINUS (Zach.) Summe of the Christian Religion, translated by Dr. Henrie Parrie, thick 4to. neat, 78 6d

1617 2074 USSERIO (Abp.) Gravissimæ Questionis de Christianarum Ecclesiarum Occidentis præsertim partibus, 8vo. neat, 4s

Hanov. 1658 2075 USHER'S (Abp.) Method for Meditation, or a Manuall of Divine

Duties, fit for every Christian's Practice, 12mo. curious portrait, very neat, 6s 6d

1657 2076 VAUGHAN'S (Edw.) Plaine and Perfect Method for the easie under

standing of the Whole Bible, 12mo. BLACK LETTER, half calf, 38 6d

1603 2077 VERSCHOYLE'S Sermons, 12mo. cloth, 28 6d

Dub. 1843 2078 VERTUE'S (Henry) Christ and the Church, or Parallels in three Books

on the Harmony between Christ and the foregoing Types by which he was foreshadowed in the Old Testment, both persons and things, 4to. half calf, 88 60


2079 VICCAR’S (Joanne) Decapla in Psalmos sive Commentarius ex decem

linguis MSS. et impressus, folio, fine frontispiece by Hollar, a presentation copy to Sir Edward Deering, with his autograph, FINE COPY, neat, 148

1639 2080 VINCENTI Lirinensis adversus profanas omnium Novitates Hæretico

rum commonitorium, adjicitur S. Augustini Liber de Hæresibus, 18mo. old red morocco, 4s 6d

1687 2081 VIRET'S Learned and Excellent Treatise, containing all the principal

grounds of Christian Religion, set doune by way of Conference in a most plaine and familiar manner, translated by Tho. Egerton, 12mo. vellum wrapper, 4s

1612 2082 WALLACE’S (Professor) Dissertation on the true Age of the World, in

which is determined the Chronology of the Period from the Creation to the Christian Era, 8vo. cloth, 6s

1844 2083 WALL'S (Dr. W. author of the History of Infant Baptism) Critical

Notes on the Old Testament, 3 vols. 8vo. neat and clean, 98 1734 2084 WALL'S History of Infant Baptism, 4to. neat, 78 6d

1707 2085 WARREN'S (E. Minister at Colchester) Jews' Sabbath Antiquated,

and the Lord's Day Instituted by Divine Authority, or the Charge of the Sabbath, from the Last to the First Day of the Week, maintained by Scripture Arguments, 4to. neat, 58

1659 2086 WARBURTON'S (Bp.) Sermons and Discourses, 3 vols. 8vo. calf neat, 6s 6d

1753 2087 WARBURTON'S Julian, or a Discourse concerning the Earthquake

and Fiery Eruption which defeated the Emperor's attempt to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem, 8vo, neat, 38 6d

1751 2088 WARBURTON'S View of Lord Bolingbroke's Philosophy, 4 parts, 8vo. neat, 28 6d

1756 2089 WARBURTON'S View of Lord Bolingbroke's Philosophy, 1754–

Hurd's Remarks on Hume's Essay on the Natural History of Re

ligion, 1757, in 1 vol. 8vo. very neat, 38 6d 2090 WARD'S (Samuel, of Ipswich) Woe to Drunkards, a Sermon, 12mo. curious wood-cut on title, half morocco, 68

1627 A very curious little book. 2091 WARD'S (Tho.) England's Reformation, from Henry VIII. to Oates's

Plot, a Poem in four Cantos, with Notes ( Catholic), 1716—Bramhall's (Bp.) Consecration and Succession of Protestant Bishops Justified, with a Refutation of the Nag's Head Ordination, 1716 (published to counteract the first), 8vo. neat, 98 6d

1716 2092 WARD'S(J., Professor of Gresham College) Dissertations upon several Passages of Scripture, 8vo. neat, 38

1761 2093 WARDLAW'S Lectures on National Church Establishments, 8vo. cloth, 38

1839 2094 WAST.-Memoirs or Spiritual Exercises of Elizabeth Wast, 12mo. curious, 38

Edin. 1724 2095 WATERLAND'S Eight Sermons at Lady Moyer's Lecture, 8vo. neat, 38

1720 2096 WATSON'S (Tho. a Nonconformist) Christian's Charter-God's

Anatomy of Man's Heart, &c. thick 12mo. (wants title and a leaf ) very neat, 38

1651 2097 WAY to True Happinesse leading to the Gate of Knowledge, opening the meaning of every Book and Chapter of the Bible, 12mo. half calf

, 28

(about 1600) 2098 WELLS' (Dr. Edw.) Historical Geography of the Old and New Testa.

ment, complete in l vol. 8vo. maps, cloth, 78 60 Oxford, 1840

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