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2481 CORRET (Latour d'Auvergne) Origines Gauloises ou Recherches sur

la Langue, l'Origine et les Antiquités des Celto-Bretons, 8vo. sewed, 88 6d

Hamb. 1801 2482 COTGRAVE'S French and English Dictionary, with another English

and French, by R. Sherwood, with Additions by James Howell, folio, BEST EDITION, calf, 8s

1673 Equally useful in explaining the obsolete words of both languages. 2483 COOTE’S English Schoole-Master, teaching all his Schollers soever,

the most easie, short, and perfect order of distinct reading and true writing of our English Tongue, 4to. Black letter, half calf, curious, 88 6d

1636 2484 CRENIUS, Museum Philologicum et Historicum complectens, 12mo. sewed, 28

1699 2485 CROFT'S (Herbert) Letter from Germany to the Princess of England, on the English and German Languages, 4to. half calf, scarce, 58

Hamburg, 1797 2486 CROMBIE'S Treatise on the Etymology and Syntax of the English Language, 8vo. bds. 38

1809 2487 DANKOVSZKY, Kritisch Etymologisches Worterbuch der Magyaris

chen Sprache, thick 8vo. (1000 pages,) sewed, 168 Presburg, 1833 2488 DELAMOTHE (G.) French Alphabet, teaching in a short time by a

most easie_way to pronounce French naturally, with the Rarest

Sentences, Proverbs, Apothegms, &c. 12mo. vellum, rare, 78 6d 1615 2489 DENKMÆLER Deutscher Sprache und Literatur, aus handschriften

dessten bis 16 ten Jahrhunderts zum erstem Male herausgegeben H. Fr. Massman, 8vo. sewed, 4s

Munchen, 1828 2490 DIALOGUE in the Devonshire Dialect, in three parts, with Glossary by J. F. Palmer, post 8vo. bds. 48

1837 2491 DICTIONNAIRE Roman, Walon, Celtique et Tudesque, 4to. half calf, scarce, 188

Bouillon, 1777 2492 DICTIONARIUM Latino-Armenum, super Sacram Scripturam, et

libros Divini Officii Ecclesiæ Armeniæ, compositum per D. N. E. T. 4to. vellum, 58

Rom. 1625 2493 DICK AND SAL, or Jack and Joan's Fair, a Doggerel Poem, in the

Kentish Dialect, 3d edition, 12mo. 6d 2494 DIEFENBACH, Ueber die Jetzigen Romanischen Schriftsprachen, 4to. sewed, 38 6d

Paris, 1831 2495 DOMBAY, Grammatica Linguæ Mauro-Arabice, juxta vernaculi idio

matis usum accedit Vocabularium Lat. Mauro. et Arab. 4to. very neat, 7s 6d-boards, 5s

Vind. 1800 2496 DULAURIER (Edw.) Memoire, Lettres et Rapports relatifs au Cours

de Langues Malaya et Javannaise, fait à la Bibliotheque Royale 1840-48, et à deux voyages litteraires entrepis en Angleterre, 8vo. sewed, 38 6d

Paris, 1843 2497 ELEGIE sur la Prise d'Edesse par les Musulmans; par Nerses

Klaietsi, Patriarehe d'Armenie ; publie pour la première fois en Armenien; par D. T. Zohrab, 8vo. sewed, 48

1828 2498 ESSAI, sur l'Origine et l'Antiquitie des Langues, 12mo, half calf

, 2s 6d

1767 2499 EXMOOR Scolding, in the Propriety and Decency of Exmoor (Devon

shire) Language, also an Exmoor CourtshIP, post 8vo. 12th edition, with Notes and a Glossary, ls 6d

1839 “A very rich bit of West of Englandism."-Metropolitan. 2500 FALLOT Recherches sur les Patois de Franche-Comté, de Lorraine et d'Alsace, 12mo. sewed, 58

Montbeliard, 1828

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2501 FALK, Volkspiegel zur Lehr' und Besserung, 8vo. sewed, 38 6d

Leip. 1826 2502 FEUTRY, Manuel Tironien, ou Recueil d'Abbreviations faciles et in

telligibles de la plus grande partie des Mots de la Langue Françoise, 8vo. calf, super extra, 128

1775 Useful in reading old manuscripts. 2503 FLORIO'S World of Words, or a most copious Dictionarie in Italian

and English, folio, neat, curious for old English words, 48 6d 1598 2504 FLORIO'S Italian and English, and English and Italian Dictionary, by Torriano, folio, neat, 48 6d

1688 2505 FORBY'S Glossary of East Anglia (the Counties of Norfolk and Suf

folk), with Introduction, &c. 2 vols: post 8vo. cloth, 128 (pub. at £1. 18)

1830 2506 FORESIAN DIALECT.-Ballet et Language Foresien de Trois Ber

gers et Trois Bergeres, 12mo, neat, 38 6d 2507 GAZOPHYLACIUM Lingua Persarum triplici Linguarum clavi

Italicæ, Latinæ, Gallicæ, authore P. Angelo à S. Joseph, folio, vellum, scarce, 88

Amst. 1684 2508 GENOVESE DIALECT.-Rhime Diverse, in Lingua Genovese, 12mo. (two leaves in manuscript) vellum, rare, 58

Pavia, 1588 2509 GLOSSARY of Provincial and Local Words, used in England, by

Fr. Grose, Esq. F.S.A., with which is now incorporated the Supplement by Samuel Pegge, Esq. F.S.A., post 8vo. elegantly printed, cloth, 48 6d

1839 2510 GLOSSAIRE Roman-Latin du XVe Siecle extrait d'un MS. de la

Bibliotheque de Lille par E. Cachet, 8vo. very few printed, 2s 6d 1846 2510*GLOSSOGRAPHIA Anglicana Nova; or a Dictionary interpreting such

hard words as are at present used in the English Tongue, with their · Etymologies, Definitions, &c. 8vo. neat, 38 1707—Another edition, neat, 38 6d

1719 2511 GOSPEL of St. John in Gothic. Auslegung des Evangelii Johannis in

Gothischer Sprache, aus Romischen und Maylandischen Handscriften nebst lateinischer Uebersetzung, belegenden Anmerfungen, geschichtlicher Untersuchung Gotischlateinschem Worterbuche und Schriftproben, 4to. sewed, 68

Munchen, 1834 2512 GOSPELS (The) in Gothic and Anglo-Saxon-Quatuor Evangeliorum

versiones perantique duæ Gothicæ scil et Anglo-Saxonica, edidit Julius et Mareshallus, accedit Gloss. Gothicum et Alphabeticum Gothicam,

Runicam, &c. thick small 4to. GOOD COPY, calf, £1. 88 1684 2513 GOSPEL of St. Matthew in the Carelian Dialect, 8vo. calf extra, 38

1820 2514 GRAFF (E. G.) Althochdeutsche Uebersetzung und Erklauterung der

Nuptiis Mercurii et Philologiæ 11ten Jahrundert, 8vo. sewed, 38 1837 2515 GRAMMATICA Anglo-Saxonica, et Hickesiano Thesauro excerpta, 8vo. bds. 4s 6d

1711 2516 GROSE'S Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, 8vo. bds. 38 60— half calf, 48

1796 2517 GROSE'S Provincial Glossary, with Local Proverbs and Popular Superstitions, Ato. bds. 4s 60

1811 2518 HA EX, Dictionarum Malaico-Latinum et Latino-Malaicum, 4to. very neat, 48 6d

Romæ, 1621 2519 HAGER'S (Dr. J.) Explanation of the Elementary Characters of the

Chinese, with an Analysis of their Ancient Symbols end Hieroglyphics, folio, finely printed, a very curious work, bds. 58


2520 HALLIWELL'S (J. O.) Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words,

Obsolete Phrases, &c. from the Reign of Edward I. ; forming a complete Key for the reader of the works of our Ancient Poets, Dramatists, and other Authors, whose works abound with allusions of which explanations are not to be found in ordinary dictionaries and books of reference, 8vo. Vol. I. containing 480 pages, closely printed in double columns, clolh, £1. 18 (To be completed in 2 vols. within the next three months)

" It forms a most comprehensive glossary to all our old English writers, from the beginning of the fourteenth ceutury to the time of the Stuarts, including the earlier chroniclers, the writings of Wycliffe, and a long range of poets, from Piers Ploughman, Chaucer, Gower, Lydgate, &c. to Spenser and his contemporaries, with Shakespeare and the dramatists of that age. Most of the words of the Dictionary are illustrated by examples, selected not only from printed authorities, but from the numerous early English MSS. scattered through public and private libraries, and these are extremely numerous and valuable. In addition to the obsolete portion of our language, this work may be said to lie a complete dictionary of the local dialects of the present day, and is one which will be an acceptable addition to every

library.”-Morning Herald. 2521 HARLESS (G. C.) Brevior Notitia Litteraturæ Græcæ in Primis

scriptorum Græcorum ordini temporis accommodata, 8vo. calf extra, 38

Lips. 1812 2522 HECART, Dictionnaire Rouchi-Francais, 8vo. sewed, scarce, 98

Valenciennes, 1834 2523 HEINRICH, Praktisk Larobok i Tyska Spraket, 12mo. half calf, 28 6d

Orebro. 1821 2524 HENNINII (H. C.) Dissertatio Paradoxa, qua legitima et antiqua

Linguæ Græcæ Pronunciatio et Modulatio demonstrantur, 8vo. scarce, 58

Utrecht, 1684 In this curious book specimens are given of Rhythmical compositions in Latin, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, and English. The English specimen is

a“ Sonnet of Sir P. Sidney's." 2525 HENRY (G.) Histoire de la Langue Françoise, 2 vols. 8vo. neat, marbled leaves, 8s

1812 2526 HENLEY’S (Orator) Compleat Linguist, No. 5, being a Grammar of the Latin Tongue, 8vo. very neat, 28

1720 2527 HEWES (Jo.) Perfect Survey of the English Tongue, taken according to the use and analogie of the Latin, 4to. very neat, in brown calf


Lond. Printed by Edw.-All-de, 1624 2528 HOFFMAN (Henrici) Horæ Belgicæ (containing a History of Ancient

Belgian Writers, in Latin); also a large collection of Ancient Poetry, with Glossaries, 5 parts in 1 thick vol. 8vo. half calf, 148

Vratislavia, 1830 2529 HOMEYER (C. G.) der Sachsenspiegel oder das sachsische Landrecht, 8vo. sewed, 78 60

Berl. 1827 2530 HOWSE'S Grammar of the Cree Language, with an Analysis of the Chippeway Dialect, 8vo. cloth, 78 6d

1844 2531 IRISH.—Reliques of Irish Jacobite Poetry, (in the Irish character)

with Historical Notes by Daly, and Translations by Walsh, 8vo. parts I and 2 (all out) 28

1841 2532 IRISH.—The two First Books of Genesis in Irish, by T. Connellan, 12mo. 28

1820 2533 JAMIESON'S (Dr.) Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Lan

guage, with Supplement, 4 vols. 4to. bds. £4. 148 6d 1808-25 2534 JAMIESON'S (Dr. J.) Dictionary of the Scottish Language, abridged by Johnstone, thick 8vo. cloth, 188 (pub. at 21s)

1846 In this abridgment every word in the Quarto Dictionary and Supplement is care. fully incorporated; the various meanings attached to each are given at much greater length than is usual in works of the kind, and, as far as space would allow, a succinct account of the old usages and manners of Scotland.

rare, 188

2535. JAMIESON'S Hermes Scythius, or the Radical Affinities of the Greek and Latin to the Gothic, 8vo. bds. 58

1814 2536 JENNINGS' Observations on the Dialects of the West of England,

particularly Somersetshire, with a Glossary of Words in use there, also Poems and Songs, 12mo. bds. 48 6d

1825 2537 JOHNSON'S (E.) "Nuces Philosophicæ, or Philosophy of Things as

developed from the Study of Words, thick 8vo. cloth, (a very ingenious book) 6s 6d

1842 2538 JOHN NOAKES and Mary Styles, a Poem, exhibiting some of the

most striking lingual localisms peculiar to Essex, with a Glossary, by СЕ RLES CLARK, Esq. of Great Totham Hall, Essex, post 8vo.

cloth, 28 2539 JOHNES' (A. J.) Philological Proofs of the original unity and recent

origin of the Human Race, derived from a comparison of the languages of Asia, Europe, Africa and America, 8vo. cloth, 128 6d-REDUCED TO 68

1846 Printed at the suggestion of Dr. Prichard, to whose works it will be found a

useful sopplement. 2540 JONES'S English and Welsh Dictionary, 12mo. half russia, 68

Denbeigh, 1811 2541 JUNII Etymologicon Anglicanum cura Lye præmittuntur vita auctoris

et Grammatica Anglo-Saxonica, folio, portrait by Vertue, neat and clean, £1. 68

1743 2542 KERDANET, Histoire de la Langue des Gaulois et par suite de celle des Bretons, 8vo. sewed, scarce, 58

Rennes, 1821 2543 KER’S (J. Bellenden) Essay on the Archæology of our Popular Phrases

and Nursery Rhymes, 2 vols. 12mo. new cloth, 4s (pub. at 128) 1837

A work which has met with great abuse among the reviewers, but those who are fond of philological pursuits will read it now it is to be had at so very moderate a price, and it really contains a good deal of gossiping matter. The author's attempt is to explain everything from the Dutch, which he believes was the same language

as the Anglo-Saxon. 2544 KERSEY'S English Dictionary, 8vo. neat, 38

1715 2545 KLAPROTH (J.) Beleuchtung der Forschungen des H. Schmidt, in St. Petersb. 8vo. sewed, 38 6d

Paris, 1824 2546 KLAPROTH, Vocabulaire et Grammaire de la Langue Georgienne, 8vo. sewed, 128

1827 2547 KNIGHT'S (R. P.) Analytical Essay on the Greek Alphabet, 4to. curious plates, bds. 38 6d

1791 2548 LANE'S Key to the Art of Letters, or English a learned Language, full of art, elegance, and variety, 12mo. turkey morocco, 38

1700 2549 LANGLEY'S Principia Saxonica, or an Introduction to Anglo-Saxon

Reading, comprising Ælfric's Homily on the Birth-day of St. Gregory, with a Preliminary Essay on the utility of the Anglo-Saxon, illustrations from Alfred, Bede, and the Saxon Chronicle, and a copious Glos12mo. bds. 28 6d

1844 2550 LANGUEDOCIEN DIALECT—FAVRE (M. Priou-Curat de Cellanova)

Recul d'Uvras Patoizas, 2 vols. 12mo. sewed, 108 6d Mounpeye, 1818 2551

ODES d'Anacreon traduits en Vers Languedociens par C. Aubanel, 12mo. sewed, 58

Nismes, 1802 2552 LANZI (Abbate Luigi) Saggio di Lingua Etrusca, e di altre antiche

d'Italia, per servire alla storia de'popoli, delle lingue e delle belle arti, 3 vols. 8vo.. plates, neat in russia, 158

Roma, 1789 2553 LAVELEYE (Emile de) Histoire de la Langue et de la Litterature Provençales, impl. 8vo. sewed, 98 6d



2554 LAW Dictionary, with Alphabetical Tables of Contractions (useful for old words), neat, 3s

1740 2555 LAW-FRENCH and Law-Latin Dictionary, by F. O. 8vo. neat, 58 1701 2556 LEBROCQUY (P.) Analogies Linguistiques—Du Flamand dans ses Rapports avec les autres idiomes d'origine Teutonique, Svo. sewed, 78

1845 2557 LEMON'S English Etymology, or a Derivative Dictionary of the Eng. lish Language, 4to. half russia, 78

1783 2558 LEWIS (Geo. Cornwall) Essay on the Origin and Formation of the

Romance Languages, containing an examination of M. Raynouard's Theory of the Relation of the Italian, Spanish, Provencal, and French, to the Latin, 8vo. cloth, 78 6d

1835 2559 LEXICON. Teutsch- Latin- et Russe, 4to. (wants a leaf,) neat, 58

St. Petersb. 1731 2560 LIBRI Psalmorum Versio antiquaLatina cum Paraphrasi Anglo-Saxonica nunc primum edita B. Thorpe, 8vo. cloth, 158 6d (pub. at £1. 18)

1835 2561 LIGEOISE DIALECT. Pasquee Critique et Calotenne sot les affaires

de l'medicenne (Ligeoise Dialect) 12mo. neat, 58 a Vise, n, D. 2562 LITTLETON'S (Dr. Adam) Latin and English Dictionary, with the

Law-Latin, very necessary for the understanding of Charters, to be

found in no other Dictionary of the kind, thick 4to. neat, 58 60 1735 2563 MACLEAN’S (L.) History of the Celtic Language, 12mo. cloth, 58

1840 2564 MACLEOD and Dewar's Gaelic and English and English and Gaelic Dictionary, thick 8vo. cloth, 128 (pub. at 30s)

1845 2565 MALCOLME'S Essay on the Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland,

designed as an introduction to a larger work, to shew the affinity of the Languages of the Ancient Britons and the Americans of the Isthmus of Darien, 8vo, neat, scarce, 58

Edinb. 1738 2566 MANGELSDORFII Lexicon Latinæ Linguæ novaratione digestum,

cura Reizii, thick 8vo. very neat, a valuable book, 58 Lips. 1777 2567 MARIN Dictionnaire Hollandois-Francois et Francoise-Hollandois, 2 thick vols. 4to. half calf, 8s

1793 2568 MARTINI Lexicon Philologicum, in quo Latinæ et a Latinis auctoribus

usurpatæ tum puræ, tum barbaræ voces ex originibus declarantur, &c. accedit Cadmus Græco-Phoenix et Glossarium Isidori cura Grævii, 2 vols. folio, fine copy in calf, £1. ls

1711 2569 MASON'S (Geo.) Supplement to Johnson's Dictionary, 4to. interleaved, leather back, uncut, 38 6d

1801 2570 MIEGE'S (Guy) Dictionary, English and French, and French and English, 8vo. vellum, 38 6d

1685 2571 MINSHEU'S Guide into NINE Tongues, folio, half bound, 58 1627 2572 MOLNAR, Lexicon Latino-Græco-Ungaricum, thick 8vo. sewed, 78 6d

Francf. 1645 2573 MOUSSAUD (Abbé) l’Alphabet Raisonné, ou Explication de la Figure des Lettres, 2 vols. 8vo. half russia, 48 6d

Par. 1803 2574 NEAPOLITAN DIALECT.- Il Miserere Salmo 50 parafrasi in Lingua Napolatana ottava Rima del D. Ant. Zappelli, 4to. half calf, 58

Napoli, 1822 2575 NEUMAN'S Marine Pocket Dictionary in Six Languages, s2mo. half calf, 48

1808 2576 NEWMAN'S (Selig) Hebrew and English Lexicon, containing all the words of the Old Testament, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 10s 6d


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