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2577 NORDFOSS'S Swedish and French Dictionary, 2 vols. square 12mo. half bound, 68

Stockholm, 1805 2578 ODHELII (Olaus Anderffon. W. Gothus) De Convenientia Linguæ

Persiæ cum Gothica, Upsal, 1723—WETHERLING (W. J. O. Gothus)
Fragmentum Linguæ Gothicæ ex Augustino, Upsal, 1736-in 1 vol.

12mo. half calf, 58 2579 PARROT (J. L. von) Versuch einer Entwicklung der Sprache, Abstam

mung, Geschichte, Mythologie und Burgerlichen Ñerhaltnisse der Liwen, Latten, Gesten, mit Hinblick aus einige benachbarte Ostseevolker, von den altesten zieten bis zur Einfuhrung des Christenthums, 3 vols. 8vo. large map, and Polyglot Atlas of the Esthonian, Scandinavian, Moeso Gothic, Romanish, Hungarian, and other Languages, 78 6d

Berlin, 1839 « On doivent faire regarder l'Essai sur la langue des Esthoniens comme un supplement indispensable du Mithridate d'Adelung, et comme un des ouvrages le plus

estimables que nous ayons sur les origines celtiques."- Remusat. 2580 PARKHURST'S Greek and English Lexicon to the New Testament, thick royal 8vo. neat, 58

1817 2581 PARSON'S (Dr. James) Remains of Japhet, being Historical Enquiries

into the affinity and origin of the European Languages, 4to. very neat, 128

1767 2582 PEGGE'S Anecdotes of the English Language, chiefly regarding the

Local Dialects of London and its Environs, 8vo. bds. 68 6d 1814 2583 PEGGE'S Anecdotes of the English Language, 8vo. with many manuscript notes, bds. 58

1803 2584 PEIGNOT, 'Amusements Philologiques, ou Varietes en tous genres, thick 8vo. sewed, 78

Dijon, 1842 2585 PELLETIER Dictionnaire de la Langue Bretonne, avec l'etymologie de

plusieurs mots des autres langues, folio, very neat, scarce, £1. 188 1752 2586 PERCEVAL'S Spanish and English Dictionary, with Pleasant Delightful Dialogues, by Minsheu, folio, fine copy in russia, 12s

1599 2587 PHILLIPS' (Edw.) New World of Words, or a General English Dic

tionary, folio, first edition, (very useful for obsolete English words) neat, 38 6d

1663 2588 PHILLIPS' (Edw.) New World of Words, or Universal English Dic

tionary, enlarged with 20,000 additional words by J. Kersey, folio, frontispiece, neat, 78 6d

1706 2589 PICARDIAN DIALECT.-Sermon d'un bon Cure Picard en Patois Picard, 12mo. sewed, 4s

Abbeville, 1787 2590 PIERQUIN de Gembloux, Histoire Literaire Philologique et Bibliographique de Patois, 8vo. sewed, 88 6d

1841 The most complete work on the subject, the bibliographical portion is particularly

copious. 2591 PITISCUS, Lexicon Latina-Belgicum, cura Westerhovii, 4to. calf, very neat, 6s

Dord. 1735 2592 POPULAR Treatises on Science, written during the Middle Ages in

Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and English, edited by Thos. WRIGHT, 8vo. cloth, 48 6d

(Historical Society of Science.) Contents :-An Anglo-Saxon treatise on Astronomy of the TENTH CENTURY, now first published from a MS. in the British Museum, with a translation ; Livre des Creatures, by Philippe de Thaun; now first printed with a translation, (extremely valuable to the Philologist, as being the earliest specimens of the Anglo-Norman remaining, and explanatory of all the symbolical signs in early sculpture and painting); the Bestiary of Philippe de Thaun, with a translation ; Fragment on Popular Science from the Early English Metrical Lives of the Saints, (the earliest piece of the kind in the English Language.) This volume cost the subscribers £1.

2593 POPULAR Errors in English Grammar, particularly Pronunciation, familiarly pointed out, by George Jackson, 12mo. 6d

1830 2594 POETICAL Calendar of the Anglo-Saxons, with a translation and notes by Fox, 8vo. bds. 58 6d

1830 2595 POESIES en Patois de Liege précédees d'une Dissertation Gramma:

ticale sur ce Patois et suivies d'un Glossaire par C. N. Simonon, royal 8vo, sewed, 58

Liége, 1845 2596 PROVENCAL DIALECT. Lou Boquet Provençaou vo les troubadours redionas, 12mo. sewed, 58

Marsello, 1833 2597 RELIQUIÆ ANTIQUÆ. Scraps from Ancient Manuscripts, illus

trating chiefly Early English Literature, and the English Language, edited by Wright and HALLIWELL, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2. 28—REDUCED TO £1. 48

1845 It contains a large number of pieces in Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and Early English ; it will be found of use to future Philologists, and to all who take an in

terest in the history of our language and literature, 2598 RICHARDSON'S New Dictionary of the English Language, combining Explanation with Etymology, 2 vols. 4to. bds. £2. 188

1835 2599 RICHELET, Dictionnaire de la Langue Francoise, Ancienne et Moderne, 3 vols. folio, neat, 10s 6d

1728 An extremely useful dictionary in reading Marot, Rabelais, Scarron, St. Amant,

Malherbe, &c. with large dissertations on most of the words. 2600 ROBERTSON'S (W.) Gate or Door to the Holy Tongue (the Hebrew) Opened in English, 12mo. neat, 38

1653 2601 RODRIGUEZ, Elemens de la Grammaire Japonaise, avec Supplement par Landresse et Remusat, 8vo. sewed, 88

1825 2602 ROMAN DIALECT—Il Maggio Romanesco ouero il Palio Conquistato

poema epicogiocoso, nel Linguaggio del Volgo di Roma ; di Gio Camillo Peresio, thick 8vo. neat, 108 6d

Ferrara, 1688 2603 SABLIER, Essai sur les Langues en General, 8vo. neat, 38 2604 SAHLSTEDT Grammaire Suedois, contenant les Regles de cette

Langue, Stockholm - Julius, Bibliotheca Germano-Glottica oder Ber. such einer Literatur der Alterthumer, Hamb. 1817, in l. vol. 8vo, bds.

68 2605 SAHLSTEDT, Dictionarum Suecicum, cum interpretatione Latina, 4to. clean in half calf, very scarce, £1. 148

Stockholm, 1773 2606 SANSCRIT. La Reconnaissance da Sacountala, Drame Sanscrit et

Pracrit de Calidasa, publié pour la première fois en original, accome pagné d'une Traduction Française, de Notes philologiques, critique et litteraires. Par A. L. Chezy, 4to. sewed, £1. 108

1830 2607 SCHLEUSNER, Lexicon Græco-Latinum in Novum Testamentum,

2 thick vols. 8vo. half calf neat, 128 2608 SCHULTENS, Institutiones ad Fundamenta Lingua Hebrææ, 4to. half calf, uncut, 4s 6d

1737 2609 SCHMITTHENNER (F.) Ursprachlehre, 8vo. sewed, 58

Frankfort, 1828 2610 SCHNEIDER (J. G.) Kiritisches Griechisch-Deutsches Worterbuch,

2 vols. in 1, 4to. very neat in calf, (an excellent Lexicon,) 158 2611 SCHERZII (J. G.) Glossarium Germanicum Medii Aevi, potissimum

dialecti Suevicæ edidit illustravit supplevit J. J. Oberlinus, 2 vols.

folio, FINE COPY in calf gilt, scarce, £2. 128 6d 2612 SEWELL'S Hora Philologica, or Conjectures on the Structure of the

Greek Language, royal 8vo. bds. 48 6d


Lips. 1792

Jena, 1805


Oxf. 1830

V. Y.

2613 SHARPE'S (Dr. Greg.) Dissertation upon the Origin and Structure of

the Latin Tongue, 1751 - Ditto, on the Origin and Construction of Languages, with a Hebrew Grammar and Lexicon without points,

1751, in 1 vol. neat, 38 2014 SHARPE'S Dissertation on the Origin and Structure of the Latin

Tongue, 1751—Sharpe's Two Dissertations upon Languages, 1751Balyly's (Dr. A.) Introduction to Languages, 1758–Harris's Hermes, a Philosophical Inquiry concerning Language and Universal Grammar,

1751-in 1 vol. 8vo. neat, 58 2615 SILVER'S Lecture on the Study of Anglo-Saxon, 1822–Vallancy's

Lecture on the Antiquity of the Irish Language, 1822– Tilbrook's Historical and Critical Remarks upon the Modern Hexameterists, and upon Southey's Vision of Judgment, 1822, in 1 vol. 8vo. very neat, 88

V. Y. 2616 SINCLAIR'S (Sir John) Observations on the Scottish Dialect, 8vo. bound, 38

1782 2617 SKINNER’S (Dr. S.) Etymologicon Linguæ Anglicanæ, folio, very neat and gilt, £1. ls

1671 2618 SMART'S (B. H.) Practical Grammar of English Pronunciation, on

Plain and Recognized Principles, calculated to assist in removing every objectionable Peculiarity of Utterance either from Foreign, Provincial, or Vulgar Habits, together with directions to Persons who Stammer in their Speech, 8vo. 490 pp. bds. 2s 6d (pub. at 98)

1810 2619 SMITH'S (J. R.) Bibliographical List of all the Works which have

been published towards illustrating the Provincial Dialects of England, post 8vo. 18

1839 Very serviceable to such as prosecute the study of our provincial dialects, or are collecting works on that curious subject. We very cordially recommend it to no

tice.”—Metropolitan. 2620 SOMNERI, Dictionnarium Saxonico-Latino-Anglicum accesserunt

Ælfrici Grammatica Latino-Saxonico cum Glossario, fol. (little stained), very neat, £1. 148

1659 2621 SPECIMENS of Cornish Provincial Dialect, collected and arranged by

Uncle Jan Treenoodle, with some Introductory Remarks and a Glos-
sary by an Antiquarian Friend, also a Selection of Songs and other
Pieces connected with Cornwall, post 8vo. with curious portrait of
Dolley Pentreath, cloth, 4s

1846 2622 SPELMANNI (Hen.) Glossarium Archaiologicum, folio, port. BEST EDITION, very neat, £1. 10s

1764 2623 STEPHANI, Thesaurus Græcæ Linguæ, editio nova auctior et emen

datior, cura Valpy, 8 vols. folio, cloth lettered, £7. 78 (it cost the subscriber £44. 108)

1816-29 2624 SUPPLEMENTUM Linguæ Latinæ seu Dict. abstrusorum vocab. à

Robt. Constantino Collectum, royal 8vo. calf, (interesting to the Naturalist), 38 6d

1573 2625 TABLEAU de Mæurs au Xe siècle, ou la cour et les lois de Howel-le

Bon, Roi d'Aberfraw de 907 a 948 avec cinq pieces de la langue Française telle qu'elle se parloit en Angleterre d'apres la Conquête, par Peignot, imp. 8vo. sewed, 10s

1832 2626 TESTAMENTUM (Novum) Syriacè, curante Greenfield, 12mo. cloth, 98

Bagster, 2627 THOMSON'S (John) Etymons of English Words, 4to. bds. 108 6d

Edin. 1826 2628 TIM BOBBIN'S Lancashire Dialeet, with a literal interpretation, and

a Glossary of Obsolete Words, post 8vo. plates by Cruikshank, cloth, 48 (pub. at 10s 6d)


2629 TOM CLADPOLE'S Journey to Lunnun, told by himself, and written

in pure Sussex Doggerel, by his Uncle Tim, 12mo. 5th thousand, 6d 2630 JAN CLADPOLE'S Trip to 'Merricur in Search for Dollar Trees, and

how he got rich enough to beg his way home! written in Sussex Dog.

gerel, 12mo. 6d 2631 TOOKE'S (Horne) Diversions of Purley, edited by Richard Taylor, 8vo. BEST EDITION, cloth, 12s

1840 2632 TOULOUSE DIALECT.-GOUDELIN (Pierre) Las Obros de, aug

mentados noubelomen de forco Pessos ambe le Dictionnari sur la Lengo Moundino, 12mo. neat, 88 6d

Toulouso, 1716 2633 GOUDELIN-Another edition, 12mo.fine copy in calf, 78 6d

Amst. 1700 2634 VAILLANT (J. A.) La Romaine, ou Histoire, Langue, Litterature

Orographie, statistique des Peuples de la Langue d'Or, Adraliens, Vallaques, et Moldaves, resumes sous le nom de Romans, 3 vols. 8vo. sewed, 188

Par. 1845 2635 VENETIAN DIALECT.-BERTOLDO Bertoldin e Cacasseno, traduzion dal Toscan en Lengua Veneziana, thick 8vo. plates, vellum, 98

Padoa, 1747 2636 VENETIAN DIALECT.-GAMBA (Bart.) Serie degli Scritti Impressi in Dialetto Veneziano, 12mo. sewed, 78 6d

Venet. 1832 2637 VERELI (Olai) Linguæ Veteris Scytho-Scandicæ sive Gothicæ ex

vetustis ævi monumentis, maximam partem manuscriptis collectus atque Olai Rudbecki editius, fol. very neat, rare, £1. 1·18 6d

Upsal, 1691 2638 VERNON’S (E. J., B.A. Oxon.) Guide to the Anglo-Saxon Tongue; a

Grammar after Erasmus Rask, with readings in Prose and Verse, and
Notes for the use of Learners, and an Appendix, 12mo. cloth, 58 6d 1846


HENSIVE, AND NOT LESS TRUSTWORTHY GUIDE TO THIS TONGUE THAN BAS 2639 VERON'S (Master John) Dictionarié, in Latine and English, set forth and enlarged by R. W., 4to. very neat, scarce, 148

1584 2640 VIGUER, Elemens de la Lanque Turque, 4to. half calf, 68

Constantinople, 1790 2641 VOCABULARIUM Anglo-Lusitanicum, folio, (no title, apparently a

portion of some larger work), very neat, 58 2642 VOCABULARIUS Rerum, 8vo. Lett. Goth. sewed, curious, 28 6d

Strasburgh, 1491 2643 VOLTAIRE, La Henriade mise en Vers Burlesques Auvergnats, 12mo.

sewed, 58 2644 WALLISII (Jo. Angli) Grammatica Linguæ Anglicanæ edente Hollis,

8vo. BEST EDITION, very neat, 4s-boards, 2s 6d 2645 WALLIS, Grammatica Linguæ Anglicanæ, 12mo. calf, 28 Oxon. 1674 2646 WASMUTH, Grammatica Arabica, 4to. bds. 38 2647 WEBER Knitisch-erklarendes Handworterbuch in Deutschen Sprache,

thick 8vo. sewed, 58 2648 WECKHERLIN (F.) Beiträge, zur altteutschen Sprache und Dickt

kunst, 12mo. sewed, 38 2649 WELSFORD'S Origin and Ramifications of the English Language, Sro.

cloth, as good as new, 78 2650 WESTMORELAND AND CUMBERLAND DIALECTS.

- Dialogues, Poems, Songs, and Ballads, by various writers in the Westmoreland and Cumberland Dialects now first collected, to which is added : copious Glossary of Words peculiar to those Counties, post 8vo. pp: 408, cloth, only 350 printed, 98




Amst. 1654

Lips. 1837

Stuttg. 1811



2651 WERENFELSIUS'S (S.) Discourse of Logomachys, or controversys

about Words, so common among learned men, 8vo. neat, scarce, 78

1711 2652 WETSTEIN (J. R.) pro Græca et genuina Linguæ Græca Pronunciatione, Orationes Apologeticæ, 8vo. 48

Ansterdam, 1681 At pages 116-117 the Apostle's Creed (Greek) is given as it is found written in

MSS. in Anglo-Saxon, and Latino-Gothick Characters. 2653 WHISHAW'S Law Dictionary, containing the obsolete Words as they

occur in old, legal, historical, and antiquarian writers, 8vo. bds. 98. (pub. at 148)

1829 2654 WHITER’S Universal Etymological Dictionary, 2 vols. 4to. calf, marbled leaves, 188

Camb. 1811 2655 WITHER’S (Dr.) Aristarchus , or the Principles of Composition, 8vo. bds. 38 6d

1822 2656 WILBRAHAM'S Glossary of Words in Cheshire, 12mo. ods. 38 6d

1836 2657 WILKINS’ (Bp.) Essay towards a Real Character and a Philosophical Language, folio, neat and clean, 58

1668 2658 WOOD'S Etymological Guide to the English Language, 12mo. bds. ls 6d

1833 2659 WOLSCHCOWA'S French, German, and Russian Dictionary, 2 thick vols. 8vo. sewed, 78 6d

1764 2660 YORKSHIRE Dialect, exemplified in various Dialogues, Tales, and

Songs, applicable to the County, with a Glossary, post 8vo. Is 2661 ZIEMANN (A.) Gotisch-hochdeutsche Wortlehre, 8vo. sewed, 3s 6d

Leip. 1834

CAMDEN SOCIETY PUBLICATIONS. 1838-46. All small 4to. in cloth, (Not printed for sale.)


2662 HISTORIE of the Arrival of Edward IV. in England, and the finall

recoverye of his Kingdomes from Henry VI. 1471, edited by Bruce, 9s 2663 KYNG JOHAN, a Play, by John Bale, (now first printed), edited by

J. P. Collier, 98 2664 ALLITERATIVE Poem on the Deposition of King Richard II., with

a Glossary-Ric. Maydestone de Concordia inter Rich. II. et Civitatem,

London, edited by Wright, 9s 2665 PLUMPTON Correspondence; a Series of Letters written in the Reigns

of Edward IV. to Henry VIII. by the Plumpton Family of Yorkshire,

edited by Stapleton, pp. 450, 168 2666 ANECDOTES and Traditions illustrative of Early English History and

Literature, derived from Manuscript Sources, edited by Thoms, 158 2667 POLITICAL Songs of England, from the Reign of John to that of

Edward II., edited and translated by Wright, pp. 426, 88 6d 2668 ANNALS of the First Four Years of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, by

Sir John Hayward, now first printed, and edited by Bruce, 38 2669 ECCLESIASTICAL DOCUMENTS, viz. 1. A Brief History of the

Bishoprick of Somerset to the year 1174. 2. Curious Collection of
Charters from the Library of Dr. Cox Marco, now first published, by

the Rev. Joseph Hunter, 38 2670 HISTORICAL and Chorographical Description of the County of Essex,

by John Norden, 1594, now first printed, and edited by Sir H. Ellis, very curious map, 4s 6d

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