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2671 CHRONICLE of the First Thirteen Years of the Reign of Edward IV.

by John Warkworth, now first printed, and edited by Halliwell, 38 2672 KEMP'S Nine Daies Wonder, performed in a Daunce from London to

Norwich, with Introduction and Notes, by Dyce, 48 6d

A great curiosity, and, as a rude picture of national manners, extremely well

worth reprinting."- Gifford's Notes to Ben Jonson. 2673 EGERTON PAPERS; a Collection of Public and Private Documents,

chiefly illustrative of the times of Elizabeth and James I. from the original MSS. the property of Lord Francis Egerton, edited by J. P. Collier,

pp. 518, 68

“Mr. Collier has fallen into a rich field, and full of pasture, among the Egerton Papers. They seem to be stored with abundant materials, and the single volume before us is a valuable sample of their national interest, and which throw a light

upon public events hitherto imperfectly appreciated.”Literary Gazette. 2674 CHRONICA Jocelina de Brakelonda, de Rebus Gestis Samsonis Ab.

batis Monasterii Sancti Edmundi : nunc primum typis mandata curante

J. Gage-Rokewode, 108 6d 2675 NARRATIVES illustrative of the Contests in Ireland in 1641 and

1693, edited by T. C. Croker, 48 2676 CHRONICLE of William of Rishanger of the Barons' Wars The

Miracles of Simon de Montfort, edited, from MSS. by J. O. Halliwell,

58 2677 LATIN POEMS, commonly attributed to Walter de Mapes, Archdeacon

of Oxford in the XIIIth Century, edited by T. Wright, pp. 420, 108 6d

The Appendix contains some very curious translations of the Poems, (many now first printed) in Anglo-Norman, French, Scotch, and English, from the 13th to the

16th century: 2678 TRAVELS of Nicander Nucius of Corcyra in England, during the Reign

of Henry VIII. edited by Dr. Cramer, 38 2679 THREE Early English Metrical Romances, (the Anturs of Arthur at

the Tarnewathelan ; Sir Amadace; and the Avowing of King Arthur, Sir Gawan, Sir Kaye, and Sir Bawdewyn of Bretan), with Glossary, &c.

by J. Robson, 58 2680 PRIVATE Diary of Dr. John Dee, and the Catalogue of his Library of

MSS. now first printed, edited by J. O. Halliwell, 58

It gives the reader a most curious insight into the “ sayings and doings” of this

celebrated man during his residence at Mortlake, in Surrey, 2681 APOLOGY for Lollard Doctrines attributed to Wicliffe, now first

printed, and edited by Dr. J. H. Todd, pp. 269, 78 6d 2682 RUTLAND PAPERS.-Documents relating to the Coronation of

Henry VII. the field of the Cloth of Gold, and the Interviews of
Henry VIII. with the Emperor, from the Duke of Rutland's MS.

Collections, edited by W. Jerdan, 4s 6d 2683 DIARY of Dr. Thomas Cartwright, Bishop of Chester, Aug. 1686, to

Oct. 1687, now first printed, edited by the Rev. Joseph Hunter, 48 6d

Cartwright was one of James the Second's creatures for the purpose of furthering Popery in England, and also principal commissioner for depriving Dr. Hough of

the Presidency of Magdalen College, Oxford. 2684 ORIGINAL Letters of eminent Literary Men of the XVIth, XVIIth

, and XVIIIth Centuries, from the Originals in the British Museum and the Bodleian Library, with Notes by Sir Henry Ellis, pp. 468, fac

similes, 108 2685 A CONTEMPORARY Narrative of the Proceedings against Dame

Alice Kytler, prosecuted for Sorcery in 1324, by Richard de Ledrede,
Bishop of Ossory, edited by Thomas Wright, 48 6d

This volume affords a curious picture of the turbulent state of Ireland in the Reign of Edward II. and an interesting chapter in the history of English super stition.

2686 PROMPTORIUM Parvulorum sive Clericorum, Lexicon Anglo

Latinum princeps, autore Fratre Galfrido Grammatico Dicto e Predicationibus Lenne Episcopi Northfolciensi, A. D. 1440, olim e prelis Pynsonianis editum, nunc ab integro, commentariolis subjectis, ad

fidem codicum recensuit ALBERTUS Way. Tomus prior, 108 6d 2687 A COLLECTION of ORIGINAL LETTERS relating to the DISSOLUTION

of the MONASTERIES, and some other points connected with the

Reformation. Edited by THOMAS WRIGHT, 10s 6d 2688 CORRESPONDENCE of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, during his

Government of the Low Countries in 1585 and 1586, edited by J.

Bruce, thick 4to. 500 pp. 10s 2689 POLYDORE VERGIL'S History of the Reigns of Henry VI. Edward

IV., and Richard 111., now first printed in English from a MS. in the British Museum, by Sir H. Ellis, 6s

1844 2690 A FRENCH Chronicle of London, from the 44th of Henry III. to the

7th of Edward III. with copious English notes, by J. G. Aungier, 6s

1844 2691 THE THORNTON ROMANCES.—The Early English Metrical Ro

mances of Percival, Isumbras, Eglamour, and Degrevant, edited by

Halliwell, 308 pp. 98 2692 VERNEY PAPERS.—Notes of_Proceedings in the Long Parliament,

temp. Charles I., taken by Sir Ralph Verney, Knt., edited by Bruce,

78 6d 2693 AUTOBIOGRAPHY of Sir John Bramston, K.B. of Screens, Co. Essex, 1611 to 1700, edited by Lord Braybrooke, 460 pp. 10s 6d

A most interesting piece of autobiography. 2694 LETTERS of James Earl of Perth to his Sister the Countess of Erroll,

&c. 1688-1696, edited by Jerdan, 4s 6d 2695 DE ANTIQUIS Legibus Liber-Chronica Maiorum et Vicecomitum

Londoniarum, 1178 ad 1274 nunc primum typis mandata curante
Thoma Stapleton, pp. 550, 88 6d

Preceded by a very interesting historical and biographical preface of nearly 300 pages, chiefly in English. 2696 CHRONICLE of Calais in the Reigns of Henry VII. and Henry VIII.

to the year 1540, by Richard Turpyn, now first printed, and edited by

Nichols, curious plates, 6s 6d 2697 POLYDORE VERGIL'S English History, translated, vol. I. (the

period prior to the Conquest) edited by Ellis, 6s 6d


Elegantly printed in post 8vo. (not printed for sale.) 2699 ROWLEY’S Search for Money, reprinted from the edition of 1609,

28 6d 2700 PAIN and Sorrow of Evil Marriage, from an unique copy, printed by

Wynkyn de Worde, 28 6d 2701 A SELECTION from the Minor Poems of Dan John Lydgate, edited

by Halliwell, pp. 284, 10s * 2702 THE KING and the Poor Northern Man, from the edition of

1640, 28

The old story of the Farmer's going to Windsor to see the King about a flaw in

the lease of his farm. 2703 STRANGE HISTORIES, consisting of Ballads and other Poems,

principally. by Thomas Denoney, 1607, 4s

2704 POLITICAL BALLADS, published in England during the Common

wealth, edited by Thomes Wright, pp. 300, 6s 2705 PLEASANT History of the two angry Women of Abingdon, with the

Humorous Mirth of Dick Coomes and Nicholas Proverbs, a Play by

Henry Porter, 1599, edited by the Rev. A. Dyce, 48 2706 THE BOKE of Curtasye, an English Poem of the XVth Century, edited

by J. 0. Halliwell, 2s 6d 2707 MEETING of Gallants at an Ordinarie, or the Walkes in Powles, edited

by Halliwell, 38 2708 KIND-HEART'S DREAM, by Henry Chettle, edited by E. F. Rim

bault, 4s 2709 SPECIMENS of Christmas Carols, edited by Wright, 38 2710 NURSERY RHYMES of England, collected principally from Oral

Tradition, by Halliwell, 58

Of this a FOURTH and enlarged edition is now ready, 12mo. price 48 6d-Vide

No. 12, page 3. 2711 HISTORY of Patient Grisell, with Introduction, 38 2712 SPECIMENS of Lyric Poetry, of the Reign of Edward I. edited by

Wright, 4s 6d 2713 MARRIAGE TRIUMPH on the Nuptials of the Prince Palatine and

the Princess Elizabeth, daughter of James I. by Thomas Heywood,

edited by Collier, 2s 6d 2714 A KNIGHT'S Conjuring done in Earnest, discovered in Jest, by

Thomas Dekker, edited by Rimbault, 3s 6d 2715 A PARAPHRASE on the Seven Penitential Psalms, in English Verse,

by Thomas Brampton, 1414, together with the Psalter of St. Bernard,

edited by W. H. Black, 4s 6d 2716 CROWN Garland of Roses, consisting of Ballads and Songs, by R.

Johnson, 1612, edited by W. Chappell, 38 2717 DIALOGUE concerning Witches and Witchcrafts, by George Gifford,

Vicar of Maldon, 1603, edited by Wright, 4s 6d

This dialogue was thought to merit reprinting, both as being an excellent specimen of the colloquial language of the reign of Elizabeth, and for the good sense with which the writer treats a subject on which so many people ran mad, and the

curious allusions which it contains to the superstitions of that age. 2718 FOLLIE'S ANATOMIE, or Satyres and Satyricall Epigrams, by

Henry Hutton, Dunelmensis, 1619, edited by Rimbault, 38 2719 JACK of Dover, his Quest of Inquirie, or his Privy Search for the

veriest Foole in England, a Collection of Merry Tales, 28 6d 1604

This tract is extremeiy curious, as forming one of the links between the wit of the middle ages, and that of modern times. There is scarcely one of the “ merry tales” contained in it, which has not its counterpart among the numerous Latin

stories of the monks, which were popular in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. 2720 ANCIENT Poetical Tracts of the XVIth Century, reprinted from

unique copies, edited by Rimbault, 3s 6d 2721 THE HARMONY of the Church, Spiritual Songs and Holy Hymns,

by Michael Drayton, reprinted from the edition of 1591, (and not in

his collected works); edited by Dyce, 38 2722 COCK LORRELL'S BOTE, a Satyrical Poem, from an unique copy,

printed by Wynkyn de Worde, edited by Rimbault, 28 2723 POEMS by Sir Henry Wotton, edited by Dyce, ls 6d 2724 A KERRÝ Pastoral, in Imitation of the First Ecloge of Virgil, edited

with Introduction, by T. C. Croker, wood-cuts, 28

A curious picture of Irish manners about the beginning of the eighteenth cen. tury.

2725 THE FOUR KNAVES, a Series of Satyrical Tracts, by Samuel Row

lands, 1611-13, edited with Introduction and Notes, by Rimbault,

wood-cuts, 48 6d 2726 A POEM to the Memory of William Congreve, by James Thomson,

edited by P. Cunningham, 18 60 2727 PLEASANT Conceits of Old Hobson, the Merry Londoner, full of

humorous discourses and witty merriments, whereat the quickest wittes may laugh, and the wiser sort take pleasure, 1607, edited by Halli

well, 2s 2728 MAROCCUS EXTATICUS; or Bankes's Bay Horse in a Trance :

anatomizing some abuses and bad tricks of this age (1595), edited by

Rimbault, 1s 6d 2729 OWL and the Nightingale, a Poem of the thirteenth Century; attri

buted to Nicholas de Guilford : with some shorter Poems from the

same MS. edited by Wright, 28 6d 2730 THIRTEEN Psalms, and the First Chapter of Ecclesiastes, translated

into English Verse by John Croke, temp. Henry VIII. with Docu

ments relative to the Croke Family, edited by Bliss, 2s 6d 2731 HISTORICAL Expostulations against the beastlye Abusers both of

Chyrurgerie and Physyke in oure Time, by John Halle, (with por.

trait,) edited by Pettigrew, 28 6d 2732 OLD BALLADS; illustrating the great Frost of 1683-4, and the Fair

on the River Thames, edited by Rimbault, 3s 2733 THE HONESTIE of this Age, by Barnaby Rich, 1611, edited by

Cunningham, 3s 2734 THE KEEN (Funeral Lamentations) of the South of Ireland, illustra

tive of Irish Political and Domestic History, Manners, Music, and

Superstitions, edited by T. C. Croker, 2735 POÊMS of John Audelay, a specimen of the Shropshire Dialect in the

XVth Century, edited by Halliwell, 38 6d 2736 ST. BRANDRÁN: a Medieval Legend of the Sea in English Verse

and Prose, edited by Wright, 3s 2737 ROMANCE of the Emperor Octavian, now first published from MSS.

at Lincoln and Cambridge, edited by Halliwell, 28 6d 2738 SIX Ballads with Burdens, from a MS. at Cambridge, edited by Good

win, ls 6d 2739 LYRICAL Poems, selected from Musical Publications, 1589 and 1600,

edited by Collier, 38 6d 2740 FRIAR BAKON’S Prophesie, a Satire on the Degeneracy of the

Times, 1604, edited by Halliwell, 28 2741 THE SEVEN SAGES, in English Verse, from a MS. at Cambridge,

edited by Wright, 48

One of the most remarkable collections of Stories current during the Middle

Ages. 2742 POPULAR Songs illustrative of the French Invasions of Ireland, Part

I. edited by Croker, 28 2743 POETICAL Miscellanies from a MS. of the time of James I., edited

by Halliwell, 28 2744 CROWN Garland of Golden Roses, from the Edition of 1659, Part II.

(see No. 2716), edited by Chappell, 38 6d 2745 THE Affectionate Shepherd, by Richard Barnfield, 1594, edited by

Halliwell, 38 2746 SCOTTISH Traditional Verses of Ancient Ballads, edited by J. H.

Dixon, 48 6d 2747 ROMANCE of Syr Tryamoure, from a MS, at Cambridge, edited by

Halliwell, 28 6d


2748 HAWE’S (Stephen) Pastime of Pleasure, an Allegorical Poem, re

printed from the edition of 1555, 68

One of the most remarkable productions between the age of Lydgate and that of
Wyatt and Surrey, and one of the links in the History of English Poetry. The old

editions are of excessive rarity. 2749 INTRODUCTION to the Seven Sages, by Wright, (see No. 2741) 38 2750 HEYWOOD'S (John) Dialogue on Wit and Folly, now first printed,

with an Account of that Author and his Dramatic Works, by Fair

holt, 48 2751 DENHAM'S Collection of Proverbs and Popular Sayings, on the

Seasons, Weather, &c. 38


(Not printed for sale), all 8vo. in cloth. 2752 A DEBATE between Pride and Lowliness, by Francis Thynne, edited

by J. P. Collier, 8vo. 4s 6d 2753 EXTRACTS from the Accounts of the Revels at Court, temp. Queen

Elizabeth and James I. with Introduction and Notes by P. Cunning.

ham, 6s 2754 NOTES on Ben Jonson's Conversations with William Drummond of Hawthornden, edited by Laing, 58

1842 2755 FIRST Sketch of Shakspeare's Merrie Wives of Windsor, with a Col.

lection of the Tales on which the Plot is supposed to have been founded, edited by Halliwell, 4s 6d

1842 2756 FOOLS and Jesters, with a Reprint of Robert Armin's Nest of Ninnies, 1608, edited by Collier, 4s 6d

1842 2757 THE Old Play of Timon of Athens, which preceded that of Shakspeare,

now first printed from a MS., edited by Dyce, 38 6d 2758 PIERCE PENNILESS'S Supplication to the Devil, by Thomas Nash,

1592 ; with Introduction and Notes, by Collier, 48 2759 HEYWOOD'S (Thomas) First and Second Parts of King Edward IV.

with Notes by Barron Field, 4s 6d 2760 THE First Sketches of the Second and Third Parts of King Henry the

Sixth, with Introduction and Notes by Halliwell, 58

The possessor of this volume will have the two Plays upon which Shakspeare founded his Second and Third Parts of Henry VI. both printed from unique copies in the Bodleian-one a small octavo, which cost at Chalmers's sale, £130.; the other, a very thin small 4to. which cost £64. several years ago, and would now pro

bably realize more than twice that sum. 2761 OBERON'S Vision in the Midsummer Nights' Dream, illustrated by a

comparison with Lylie's Endymion, by the Rev. J. Halpin, 48 6d 2762 “ HONOUR TRIUMPHANT;” and “A Line of Life," two Tracts

by John Forde, the Dramatist, recently discovered, 3s 2763 TARLTON'S Jests, and News out of Purgatory, with Notes and some

Account of the Life of Tarlton, by J. O. Halliwell, 4s 6d 2764 TRUE Tragedy of Richard III. to which is appended, the Latin Play of

Richardus Tertius, by Dr. Thomas Legge, both anterior to Shak

speare's Drama, with Notes by Barron Field, 48 2765 THE Ghost of Richard III. a Poem, 1614, founded upon Shakespeare's

Historical Play, reprinted from the only known copy, edited by Col.

lier, 38 60 2766 SIR THOMAS MORE, a Play, now first printed, edited by Dyce,

48 6d 2767 THE SHAKSPEARE SOCIETY'S Papers, being a Miscellany of

Contributions illustrative of the objects of the Society, Vol. I, 68

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