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2768 THE OLD TAMING of a Shrew, 1794, upon which Shakespeare founded his Comedy, to which is added, the Woman lapped in Morrel Skin, edited by Amyot, 4s 6d

2769 ILLUSTRATIONS of the Fairy Mythology of Shakspeare, by Halliwell, thick 8vo. 78 6d

2770 SHAKESPEARE'S Play of King Henry IV. printed from a Contemporary Manuscript, edited by Halliwell, 4s 6d


2772 MARRIAGE of Wit and Wisdom, an ancient interlude, to which are added, Illustrations of Shakespeare and the Early English Drama, edited by Halliwell, 4s 6d




2773 A CURIOUS Dutch MS. on the Life of Christ, with beautiful plates by Wierix inserted, 12mo. old morocco, gilt leaves, 68

2774 TYROCINIUM POESEOS; or Amours, the third Booke, (the two first having received a just fate from the flames,) by R. W(ALLER), 12mo. old red morocco, gilt leaves, 10s 6d

1683 2775 SURVEY and Plan of an Estate in the Parish of St. Olave, in Southwark, the property of the Earl of Romney, 1814, royal folio, finely written, (the plan is wanting,) half bound, 18s

2775*HISTORY of St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall, folio, 78 6d 2776 LIBER Proprietatum, a Manuscript on vellum of the 14th Century, finely written in double columns, with small rubricated capitals, (wants the first 9 leaves, also the 15th to the 18th,) very neat in russia, 16s 2777 ACTA Apostolorum cum Commentis, a Manuscript on Vellum of the XIVth Century, folio, IN FINE PRESERVATION, half bound in russia, £3. 38

From the Duke of Sussex's Collection; it will be found described in Vol. I, of the Bibliotheca Sussexiana, No. 42, p. cxvi. 2778 HISTORY and State of Sion College, London, with several matters relating thereunto, written by John Williams, D.D. President of the said College, 1693, 4to. 78 6d

2779 A CATALOGUE of the Knights Bachelors made by K. Henry VII. also of Knights Bannerets. By the Rev. Mark Noble, 4to. 78 6d 2780 KENT. Account of the Freeholders and Expenses at the Election for the County of Kent, May 1754, made by R. Seddon, 4to. 10s 6d

A very curious record; it appears the Countess of Guildford paid the expenses set forth in this book. "Mr. Boteler of Eastry, would not go at all, but took the pains to make one poor freeholder drunk, and carry him to Dane Court, where he was kept drunk until it was too late to go to Maidstone."-(Extract.) 2781 KENT. The Register of St. Paul's in Canterbury, beginning July T5621779-Wormshill Register, 1537-1699-Account of all the Lordships, Manors, &c. late belonging to divers Monasteries and Priories in the County of Kent latey dissolved, then in the King's hands by reason of the surrendry-Extracts from the Aldington Register-Extracts from the Graveney Register-Extracts from the Cosmus Blean RegisterExtracts from the Register of St. Augustine's, Canterbury, about the 16th of Rich. II. 1392-all in the handwriting of Hasted the Kentish Hisorian, 4to. bound in parchment, 15s

2782 SURREY. The Supplemental Book, containing the Poll for the hundred of Wokeing and Guildford in the Election for Surrey, Oct. 1812, 4to. bound in parchment, 58

2783 CUMMIN (Sir Alexander, Bart. of Culter) Some curious particulars of his hardships, his being appointed Chief of the Cherokee Nation, in America, &c. &c. in his own handwriting, 4to. 78 6d

1730 2784 EXERCICE de Rhetorique sur Demosthene et Ciceron, and other Classical subjects, a thick 4to. volume, BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN, calf, very neat, 10s 6d

2785 A TOPOGRAPHICAL Common Place Book, in a neat old legible hand, 8vo. 7s 6d

2786 REVERENDI in Xto Patris et Domini Guidonis, Episcopi Majoricæ, in Liber de Perfectione Vitæ et Conversationis Catholicæ, 4to. finely written alternately on vellum and paper, calf, very neat, £1. 58

2787 THE Mirror of Patience and Resignation, 4to. neat, 5s

Anni, 1467

This old MS. written by a Roman Catholic, seems to treat on the Doctrine of Quietism, and contains some very curious Popish Anecdotes.-Note inside.

2788 FLOS CÆLESTIS DOCTRINÆ. A very ancient Roman Catholic manuscript, containing several pieces, Orationes ad omnes artes sciendas, very curious, the ancient Quadrivium, and tracts on all the sciences, seemingly on mystics. The following very curious note occurs at the end: "Finitum per Jacobum Smith in die marcurii, A. D. 1522, primâ idus Decembris." This singular MS. is neatly written, and in good preservation, 4to. £1. 1s

2789, PROCEEDINGS at the Revenue Committee, 1645-Document concerning James Steward, stage player-Order respecting King Charles's Hospital at Westminster-The Garden Keeper's bill at Whitehall, 1684 5s 6d

2498 THE Statutis and Ordinancis of the most noble order of Saynt George named the Gartyr, reformed by the Prince Henry VIII. neat manuscript, folio, 98


2791 NOTES of the various Counties, Gentlemen's Seats, &c. in England, with other Miscellanies. Curious early MS. 12mo. 4s 6d

LACOBI Bonfadii de conjuratione Joannis Aloysii contra Rempublicam Genuensem, 1547. Early historical MS. 12mo. 7s 6d Ret 2702 PHYSIOGNOMY. A volume containing about two hundred drawings of heads, with lines their description. 17th cent. Very curious,

8vo. 12s


SOUTHWELL. A volume containing a large collection of Letters from Sir Robert Southwell to his son "Neddy," dated at Kingsweston, co. Somerset, 1685, &c. including much interesting matter, a curious account of Bartholomew Fair, Berkeley Castle, Notices of Pepys, Kneller, and many distinguished men of that period. Unpublished contemporary MS. 4to. £4. 48

+2795 HISTORICAL Diary, temp. James I. Modern transcript, 4to. 28 bd 2706 SERMONS. A volume by a divine of the Church of England, preached chiefly at Lewisham, about 1607, written in a very minute but beautifully legible hand, and containing numerous references to the Fathers; a Sermon preached when William Say did penance for his adultery, Nov. 1607, curious, 4to. 12s

2797 ST. AUGUSTINE. Regula de vita canonicorum edita absolutio Augustino episcopo cum statutis synodalibus et provincialibus; de dis tributione vestium, &c. MS. of the 15th century, ON VELLUM,

4to. 138

2798 CAMBRIDGE, &c. Sir Henry Yelverton's submission to the Starr Chamber; Petition of Lord Falkland on the behalfe of Sir Lucius Cary, then prisoner in the Fleet for sending a Challendge; the ViceChancellor of Cambridge to the Duke of Buckingham, and other letters, folio, 158

2799 PHILLIPS, ANNE BOLEYN, &c. A Letter to King James from Francis Phillips for the releasement of Sir Robert Phillips; then prisoner in the 0 Tower for Speeches in Parliament; a Letter from the Lord Chancellor Ellesmere to King James; the Catholiques of England letter to King James at his first entrance into England for approbation and tolleration of their religion; Queen Anna Bullen's letter to King Hen. 8, found amongst the Lord Cromwell's papers, folio. Early MS. £1. 11s 6d 2800 A BRIEF Collection of excellent instructions to be observed in the exercise of Military Discipline, 1597, folio, 12s

2801 GUIDONIS de Columma Historia Trojana, circa 1287 scripta. A MS. of the fifteenth century, on vellum and paper, folio, 15s

2802 A TREATISE concerning peace and warre with Spaine, and therein comprised the Castilian's advertissement to their King for the conquer

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ing of this Isle of England. MS. of the time of James I. folio, £1. 2803 EARL OF BRISTOL. Letters from the Earl of Bristol, when he was Ambassador in Spaine, to Kinge James, 1623-4. A curious and important collection. MS of the time, folio, £1. 11s 6d

THE State of Germany, the Revenews and Forces of every particular province, the form of the Emperor's sitting in the Diett, and a particular 0 of expences, how six thousand horsemen and two regiments are entertained for one whole yeare by the Kings of Fraunce and Spaine, &c. pp. Refs

Early MS. folio, 188

86. 2805 COMMENDAMS. Touching comendames att Whitehall on the 6th of June, anno 1616, very curious; a coppy of the Apologie of the Lord Viscount Faulkeland, Lord Deputie of Ireland, to the Lords of the Privie Councell, &c. 1628, folio, £1. 5s


2806 A COLLECTION off his Majestie's Court of Record, and of his Highness' most honourable household; the Councells of the North, of Wales and the Marshes, the Admiraltye, the Armorye, and the Mynte; His Majestie's townes of warre, castles, bullewarkes, and fortresses, with his Majestie's horses, parks, forrests, and chases, collected in the yeare 1616. A very curious and interesting MS. containing "copious accounts of all the Officers of James I.'s household, folio, £2. 128 6d 3807 A SHORT Viewe to be taken of Great Brittayne and Spayne; Heads to advised uppon the Councell of Warre, folio, 128

8208 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. The Universityes Lettre to the

Kinge uppon the Duke's death; King Charles I. to the University; the Earl of Hollande's lettre to the University of Cambridge; Two letters from the University of Cambridge to the Princes, 1628. A very curious early MS. folio, £1. ls


A letter to the Earl of Northumberland after he had been with the King; Letters on Irish affairs; a letter of expostulation to Sir Edw. Coke; to Mr. Tobie Mathew, imprisoned for religion; letters to the Earl of Salisbury, touching the Solicitor's place, at what time he stood but in doubtfull termes of favour with his Lordship: Letters to Lord Ellesmere, King James, &c.; Sir Thomas Bodley's letter on bookes; a letter of ceremony to Queene Elizabeth upon the sendinge of a New Year's guift, with several other curious papers, MS. of the time, folio, pp. 60, £1. 158


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King James, his letter to the Maior and Aldermen of London after he was proclaimed theire, by way of thankes for their love; the manner of the proceedings in Parliament against Francis Viscount St. Alban, late Lord Chancellor of England, together with his true confession and humble submission, fifty-one pages, folio, £1. 108

2811 HISTORICAL PAPERS AND LETTERS. A patent for the admiraltie of Ireland; the Earl of Desmond to the Earle of Ormond; Sir Henry Wallop's letter to the Earle of Essex of offer of his service when he was first enlarged to Essex house; two letters fram'd, the one as from Mr. Anthony Bacon to the Earl of Essex, the other as the Earl's answer thereunto, delivered with the advice of Mr. Anthony Bacon and the privitie of the Earl, to be shewn to the Queen upon some fit occasion as a means to work her Majesty to receive the Earl againe to favour and attendance; a letter of recommendation of his service to the Earl of Northampton a few daies before Queen Elizabeth's death; a letter to Mr. R. Kenny upon the death of Qu. Elizabeth; several letters respecting the entrance of James I. into England, very curious, £2. 12s 6d 2812 SAINTS. Very early MS. on vellum of the 13th century, beautifully written in double columns, on Theological subjects, the Saints, &c. folio, 188 2018-WALLIS (Dr.). Long autograph letter, dated Oxford, Jan. 21st, 1650, to the celebrated Hevelius, mentioning Hartlib, the Bodleian Library, &c. curious and rare, £1. 1s


2814 ADOLPHUS'S Life of John Bannister, the Comedian, 2 vols. 8vo. port. new half calf gilt, 9s 6d 1839 2815 ACCOUNT of the proposed Improvements of the Western part of

London, the formation of Regent's Park, &c. 8vo. plates, bds. 2s 1814 2816 ACCOUNT of the English Stage from 1660 to 1830, by the Rev. Mr. Genest, of Bath, 10 vols. 8vo. bds. £1. 1s (pub. at £5. 10s) Bath, 1832 2817 ACADEMIE Universelle des Jeux contenant les Regles des Jeux de Cartes permis, celles du Billard, du Mail, du Trictrac, du Revertier, &c. &c. 3 vols. 12mo. plates of cards, neat, 4s 6d 1786 2818 ACADEMICIANS (The) of 1823, or the Greeks of the Palais Royal, and the Clubs of St. James's Street, a complete View of Modern Gaming, 12mo. front. bds 28 6d

1823 2819 AIKIN'S Select Works of the British Poets, from Ben Jonson to Beattie, thick 8vo. bds. (wants 5 leaves) 68 1820

2820 AIRY'S (G.B.) Extracts of Papers respecting the Restoration of the Standards of Weights and Measures, 4to. NOT PRINTED FOR SALE, cloth, 10s 6d 1840 2821 ADAIR (Sir Robert) Memoires Historiques relatife a une Mission a la Cour de Vienne en 1806 traduits par Oct. Delpierre, 8vo. sewed, 4s 6d 2822 ALBERTUS de Eyb, Margarita Poetica, folio, very fine copy in calf, £1. 158 Without date or printer's name. A splendid specimen of printing in the fifteenth century, and in the most beautiful


Brux, 1845

2823 ALARME for Sinners, or the Confession, Prayers, and Letters of Robt. Foulkes, Minister of Stanton Lacy, Salop, executed at the Old Bayly, London, 4to. calf, 4s 6d


2824 ALEXANDER'S (W. Keeper of the Prints in the British Museum) Journey to Beresford Hall, in Derbyshire, the Seat of Charles Cotton, the celebrated Angler, crown 4to. fine frontispicce, and vignette title page, cloth, 58


2825 ALMELOVEEN (T. J.) de Vitis Stephanorum Celebrium Typographorum, 12mo. vellum, 38


2826 ALVES' (R.) Sketches of a History of Literature, 8vo. very neat, 38 6d

1794 1750

2827 AMADIS des Gaules, 4 vols. 12mo. plates, neat, 7s 6d 2828 Amboyna.-A True Relation of the Unjust, Cruel, and Barbarous Proceedings against the English in the East Indies, by the Dutch Governor thereof, with the Dutch Defence, &c. 12mo. front. very neat in brown calf, 58

1655 2829 AMBASSADE Extraordinaire de My Lord Fauconberg vers quelques Princes et Etats d'Italie, 12mo. very neat, 4s 6d Amst. 1671 2830 ANDR. vande Vennes; Tafereel van de Belacchende Werelt en des selfs geluckige Eeuwe goet rondt, 4to. very curious plates, neat, 14s In's Graven-hage, 1625 2831 ANGLER'S Manual, or Concise Lessons of Experience, oblong 12mo. with 12 plates by Howitt, half calf gilt, 58 2832 ANGELO'S Treatise on the Utility and Advantage of Fencing, with a Dissertation on the Broad Sword, oblong folio, 54 fine plates, bds.

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2833 ANSTEY'S New Bath Guide, edited by Britton, post 8vo. illustrated by Geo. Cruikshank, bds. 3s 6d 1832

2834 Arcana Aulica, or Walsingham's Manual of Prudential Maxims for the Statesman and Courtier, 18mo. russia, gilt leaves, 4s 6d 1655 2835 ARCHEOLOGIST (The) and Journal of Antiquarian Science, 8vo. complete, with Index, pp. 490, with 19 engravings, cloth, reduced from 10s 6d to 58 6d


Containing original Articles on Architecture, Historical Literature, Round Towers of Ireland, Philology, Bibliography, Topography, Proceedings of the various Antiquarian Societies, Retrospective Reviews, and Reviews of Recent Antiquarian Works, &c. &c.


2836 ARCHERY.-HARRISON (A. P.) on the Science of Archery, shewing its Affinity to Heraldry, 8vo. sewed, 1s 2837 ARCHER'S (The) Guide, containing full instructions for the use of that Antient and Noble Instrument the Bow, 12mo. folding plate by R. Cruikshank, bds. 2s (pub. at 5s)




2838 ARCHIVES Historiques, Philosophiques et Litteraires, publie par MM. D'Hane, Huet, Lenz, Moke, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. half calf, uncut, Gand. 1837 2839 ARMSTRONG'S History of the Island of Minorca, 8vo. plates, neat, 1756 2840 ART of Criticism, as exemplified in Dr. Johnson's Lives of the Poets, 8vo. very neat, 38 6d 1789 2841 ART of Needle-work, from the Earliest Ages, with Notices of Ancient Historical Tapestries, edited by the Countess of Wilton, post 8vo. cloth, 2842 ASHBURNHAM'S (John) Narrative of his Attendance on Charles I., now first printed, by Lord Ashburnham, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 58 1830 2843 ATHERSTONE'S (E.) Fall of Nineveh, a Poem, 2 vols. 8vo. front. by J. Martin, bds. 3s




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