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197 BERRY'S Pedigrees and Arms of Families in the Counties of Surrey, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire, folio, bds. £1. 188 (pub. at £5. 58)

1837 198 BERRY'S Pedigrees and Arms of Kentish Families, folio, bds. £3. 10: —ANOTHER COPY, half calf, £3.38 (pub. at £6.68)

1830 199 BERRY'S Pedigrees and Arms of Sussex Families, folio, leather back, uncut, £1. 18 (pub. at £6. 68)

1830 200 BERRY'S Pedigrees and Arms of Hampshire Families, folio, leather back, uncut, £1. 18 (pub. at £6. 68)

1833 201 BERRY'S Pedigrees and Arms of Hertfordshire Families, folio, bds. £1. 58 (pub. at £3. 108)

1844 202 BEST’S (J. R.) Personal and Literary Memorials (a very interesting

volume with many new particulars of Dr. Paley,) 8vo. bds. 48 6d 1829 203 BEVEROVICII de Calculo, Renum et Vesicæ, 18mo. vellum, 38 60

Elzevir, 1638 204 BIAMONTE Tiepolo, Poema Eroico di Cattuffio Panchiano Bubluco Arcade, 2 vols. 12mo. vellum, 58

No place, 1770 205 BIBLIA Hebraica cum interpretatione Pagnini, accesserunt libri Apo

cryphi et Novum Testamentum Græcum cum Vulgata interpretatione studio B. A. Montani, folio, CAPITAL COPY in calf, £1. 108

Antv. Plantini, 1584 A very valuable edition to the student, as the Latin is priuted interlineary both

with the Hebrew and Greek; the Hebrew also has points. . 206 BIBLIA Sacra, Vulgatæ editionis, 12mo. FINE copy in old Turkey morocco, gilt leaves, 68

Col. Ag. 1634 207 BIBLE (Holy) with Apocrypha, the Genevan translation by Coverdale and others, 4to, neat, 98

London, R. Barker, 1603 208 BIBLE (Holy), with Apocrypha, the present version, with the Genealo

gies by J. S. 4to. Black letter, woodcut title, newly bound in dark calf, and blind tooled, 14s

Barker, 1613 209 BIBLE (Holy), with Apocrypha, the authorized version, royal folio, SINE

LARGE TYPE in Black letter, in the original covers, with brass bosses on the sides (but with a new back,) in GOOD SOUND PRESERVATION, £3. 38

Barker, 1617






214 215

ECCLESIASTES and Solomon's Song, a new translation by Dr. B.
Hodgson, 4to. very neat, 4s 6d

1790-1786 JEREMIAH and Lamentations, translated with notes by Dr. Blay ney, 8vo, bds. 38 6d

1836 DANIEL, translated, with Notes by Dr. Wintle, 8vo. bds. 38 6d 1836 EZEKIEL, translated with Notes by Bp. Newcome, 8vo. bds. 38 6d

1836 ISAIAH, translated with Notes by Bp. Lowth, 8vo. bds. 48 1833 MINOR Prophets, from Jonah to Malachi, by Bp. Newcome and Horsley, 8vo. bds. 38 6d

1836 BOOK of Psalms, translated with Notes by Street, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 48 hd

1790 GENESIS, translated with Notes by Waldo Sibthorp, royal 8vo. cloth, 48

1835 BOOK of Job, translated, with Notes, by Thos. Scott, 8vo. very neat, 48





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219 BIOGRAPHICAL (The General) Dictionary, Supplement, (forming Vol. 12), 8vo. neat, 28 6d

1767 220 BIRD (Jas. of Framlingham) a Selection of his Poems, 12mo. bds. 28 221 BIRD (Master) -- The Magazine of Honour, or a Treatise on the several degrees of Nobility of this Kingdom, 8vo. half calf, 58

1642 222 BIRNIE'S Account of the Families of Birnie and Hamilton of Bromhill,

edited by Turnbull, 4to, only 60 copies privately printed, half crimson morocco, extra, £1. 18

Edin. 1838 223 BISSCHOP (Jani de) Chorus Musarum, 8vo. vell. 38 Lugd. Bat. 1700

This volume contains several historical pieces, among them are some curious ones relating to English History dnring the close of the 17th century, Epitaph on Waller

the Poet, &c. 224 BJORNSTJERNA'S Theogony of the Hindoos, with their Systems of Philosophy and Cosmogony, 8vo. cloth, 68

1844 225 BLAAW'S (W. H.) Baron's War, including the Battles of Lewes and

Evesham, thick small 4to. many plates, cloth, (a very interesting volume), 158

1844 226 BLACKMORE'S (Sir R.) Prince Arthur, an Heroic Poem-Paraphrase

on the Book of Job, some of the Psalms, and Isaiah, 2 vols. 1 2mo. neat, 38 6d

1716 227 BLAIR'S Grave, a Poem, illustrated by 12 etchings, after the designs of

W. Blake, imp. 4to. an original copy, half morocco extra, gilt top, £1.58

1813 228 BLOOMFIELD'S Banks of the Wye, a Poem, 12mo. plates, bds. ls 6d

1811 229 BLOMBERG'S Account of the Life and Writings of Dr. E. Dickenson, a celebrated Greek Scholar, 4to. half calf, 2s 6d

1737 230 BLOUNT'S Ancient Tenures of Land, and Jocular Customs of Manors, enlarged by Beckwith, 8vo. very neat, 78 6d

1784 231 BLUNDEVILLE'S (Thos.) Order of Dyeting of Horses—The Order of

Curing Horses' Diseases—The Arte of Riding, 3 vols. in 1, 4to. Black

letter, woodcuts, vellum wrapper, 14s London, W, Seres, n. D. 232 BOASE'S (Dr. H.) Treatise on Primary Geology, being an Examination both Practical and Theoretical, of the Older Formations, 8vo. bds. 28 6d

1834 233 BOCCACCIO'S Decameron, or Ten Days' Entertainment, with Remarks by Dubois, 8vo. new, cloth, 48 (pub. at 78 6d)

1845 234 BOETIE (S. de la) Discourse of Voluntary Servitude, 12mo. very neat, 28 6d

1735 235 BOID'S (Capt.) Concise History and Analysis of all the Principal Styles

of Architecture, post 8vo. plates, bds. 38 236 BOOK of Costume, or Annals of Fashion, from the earliest period to the

present time, by a Lady of Rank, (Countess of Wilton) medium 8vo. with numerous woodcuts by the most eminent artists, extra cloth, gilt edges, (a very handsome volume), 168

1846 237 BOOK for Boys and Girls, or Country Rhimes for Children, by J. B. 12mo, very neat, rare, 158


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FOREIGN BOOKS JUST IMPORTED. 238 ANCIENNES Tapisseries Historiées, viz. Tapisserie de Bayeux, repre.

sentant la conquête de l'Angleterre par les Normands, de Berne, de Aix, d'Aulhac, de Dijon, de Rheims, de Valenciennes, de Nancy, de Beauvais, du Louvre, et de l'Eglise de la Chaise Dieu, gravure au traite de SANSONETTI, Texte par JUBINAL, in 9 parts, complete, oblong folio, containing 123 fine plates in outline, and many woodcuts, £8. 88 (pub. at £13. 158)

Paris, 1838, &c. This splendid book, which contains all the most celebrated figured tapestries in France from the twelfth century to the sixteenth, (including the celebrated tapestry of Bayeux, which has been the subject of so much discussion, forms not only a most important illustration of ancient costume and manners, but by the subjects treated, it throws considerable light on the romantic and religious literature, as well as on the history of former ages. The plates are exact and minute copies of the original tapestries. The impression of this work being now exhausted in France, it will soon be

out of print, and consequently rise in value. 239 LA TAPISSERIE de Bayeux representant la Conquête de l'Angleterre

par les Normands avec Notes variorum, oblong folio, 24 plates, sewed, (only 100 printed), £1. 88 (pub. at £3. 108)

1838 240 TAPISSERIES de Dijon et du Chevalier Bayard, oblong folio, 6 plates,

108 6d 241 TAPISSERIE de Nancy, oblong folio, 6 plates, 108 6d 242 TAPISSERIES de Beauvais, oblong folio, 15 plates, 188 243 TAPISSERIES de Valenciennes, etc. obl. folio, 6 plates, 128 244 ARMORIAL General de Bretagne par Briant de Laubrière, 8vo. seved, 88

1844 245 BALBI (Chevalier) Essai Statistique sur les Bibliotheques de Vienne, 8vo. sewed, 38 6d

Vienne, 1835 246 BARBIER Nouvelle Bibliotheque d'un Homme de Goût, 5 vols. 8vo. sewed, 138 6d

1808 247 BARLAAM und Josaphat von Rudolph von Montfort, herausgegeben

und mit einem Worterbuch versehen, von Fr. Karl Kopke, 8vo. sewed, 58

Konisberg, 1818 248 BARROIS (J.) Elements Carlovingiens, Linguistiques et Litteraires, 4to.

(360 pages) fine plates, PRIVATELY PRINTED, sewed, £1.58 1846

A very interesting volume on the language and literature of the cycle of Charlemagne. 249 BATAILLE, Vie Politique et Religeuse de Thomas Becket Archeveque de Canterbury, 12mo. sewed, 48 6d

1842 250 BAYEUX Tapestry—Description de la Tapisserie conservée a la Cathe.

drale de Bayeux par Lethieullier, traduit par Léchaudé d'Anisy, 4to. with folding plates, sewed, 98

Caen, 1842 251 BERONIE, Dictionnaire du Patois du Bas-Limousin (Corrèze) et plus particulierement des Environs de Tulle, 4to. half calf gilt, scarce, 168

Tulle, N. D. 252 BIBLIOPHILE Belge, 2 vols. 8vo. sewed, 188

1845 An interesting miscellany of which only two volumes have yet been published. 253 BIBLIOTHEQUE de l'Ecole des Chartes, Recueil Historique, Philolo

gique, et Littéraire, Publié par la Societé de l'Ecole Royale des Char. tes, handsomely printed in royal 8vo. Vols. 2 to 5, 128 6d per vol.

Paris, 1839.44 254

Vols. 1 and 2, NEW SERIES, 128 6d each 1844-6 The succeeding volumes of the Society will be on sale by J. R. S., who has been appointed Agent to the Society for England. A Prospectus may be had on application,

FOREIGN BOOKS JUST IMPORTED. 255 BIBLIOGRAPHIE Douaisienne ou Catalogue Historique et Raisonné

des Livres imprimés à Douai depuis 1563 jusqu'à nos jours, par Duthilloeul, royal 8vo. sewed, 78 6d

Douai, 1842 256 BOISSEREE (S.) Monuments d'Architecture du septieme au treizieme

siecle dans les contrees du Rhin Inferieur, royal folio, with 72 fine plates on INDIA PAPER (three of stained glass coloured), extra cloth, and lettered, £2. 108

Munich, 1842 257 BOSQUET, La Norman die Romanesque et Merveilleuse, Traditions, Le

gendes, et Superstitions Popularies de cette Province, thick 8vo. sewed, 88

1845 258 BRUNET (J.C.) Notice sur les differentes editions des “ Heures Go

thiques” ornees de Gravures imprimees a Paris, royal 8vo. only 30 printed, sewed, 6s 6d

1834 259 BRUNET, Manuel du Libraire et de l'Amateur de Livres, 10 large 8vo. volumes, FINE AND THICK PAPER, (very few printed), sewed, £6. 6s

1842, &c. The fourth edition of the most important bibliographical work ever published; it

incorporates the three vols. of Supplement to the 3rd edition. 260 CAMBRY, Monumens Celtiques, ou Recherches sur le Culte des

Pierres, 8vo. folding plates of the extraordinary Stones at Carnac, half calf, scarce, 10s 6d

1805 261 CATALOGUE des Archives du Baron de Joursanvault, contenant une

precieuse collection de MSS. Chartres, et Documents originaux au nombre de plus de 45,000, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, sewed, 78 6d

1838 A curious history of this collection will be found in the Evidence before the House

of Commons on the British Museum. 262 CHAMPOLLION-FIGEAC, Louis et Charles Ducs d'Orleans leur

influence sur les Arts, la Literature et l'Esprit de leur siecle, 2 vols. 8vo. (the second volume comprises 48 plates from illuminated manuscripts,) 168

1844 263 CHAHO (J. A.) Etudes Grammaticales sur la Langue Euskarienne (the Basque), 8vo. sewed, 78

1836 264 CHASSANT, Paleographie des Chartes et des Manuscrits du XIe, au XVII. Siecle, royal 8vo. folding plates, As

1839 265 CHASSANT, Dictionnaire des breviations Latines et Francaises usites

dans les Inscriptions et les Manuscrits, et les Chartres du Moyen Age, 12mo, many plates, sewed, 78 6d


266 CHOPIN (D, M.) Revolutions des Peuples de Nord, (Norway, Sweden,

and . ,

Brux. 1843 267 CHRONIQUE du Bon Chevalier Messire Jacques de Lalain


Messire Georges Chastellain edite par Buchon, 8vo. neat, 68

Par. 1825 268 CHRONIQUES Anglo-Normandes ; recueil d'extraits et d'Ecrits relatifs

a l'Histoire de Normandie et d’Angleterre pendant les XIe et XIIe Siècles, publié pour la première fois d'après les Manuscrits de Londres, Cambridge, Douai, Bruxelles et Paris, 3 vols. 8vo. sewed, 158

Rouen, 1836 269 COLLECTION des Chroniques Nationales Françaises du XIII. et XIV.

Siecles avec notes par Buchon, 14 vols. of the Series, (each undermentioned author is complete) in 8vo. sewed, £1. 108 Paris, 1828

Contenant G. Ville-Hardouin, Philippe Mouskes, Chronique Grecque anonyme des Francais de Morée; Ramon Muntaner, Branche des Royaux Lignages chronique Metrique de Gul. Guiart; Godefroy de Paris et taille de la Ville de Paris; Georges Chastellain; et Jean Mulinet.

FOREIGN BOOKS JUST IMPORTED. 270 COLLECTION de Poesies, Romans, Chroniques, publiée d'apres d'an

ciens Manuscrits et d'apres les Editions des XVe et XVIe Siecles, Nos. 1 to 21, (all out) beautifully printed with gothic type and woodcuts, quite gems in their way, (very few printed), £5. 108 Paris, 1840-46

For a notice of this collection see the new edition of Brunet, Vol. I. pages 724 5. 271 CONTES du Bibliophile Jacob â ses Petits Enfans, 2 vols. 12mo. seved, 38

Brux. 1832 272 CONTES.-Les Cent Contes Drolatiques colligez es Abbaies Tourayne

et mis en Lumiere par le sieur de Balzac pour l'Esbattement des Panta

gruelistes et non aultres, 3 vols. 12mo. half calf, 108 6d ib. 1832 273 COREMANS (Dr.) L'Année de l'Ancienne Belgique, Memoire sur les

Saisons, les Mois, les Semaines, les Fêtes, les usages dans les temps an. terieurs, 8vo. (only 200 printed), sewed, 48

1844 274 CORRESPONDENCE Diplomatique de Bertrand de Salignac de la

Mothe Fénélon, Ambassadeur de France en Angleterre de 1568 à 1575, publiée pour la première fois sur les manuscrits originaux conservés aux Archives du Royaume, par Charles Purton Cooper, 7 vols. 8vo. sewed, £2. 178

Par. 1840-2 Cette collection composée de documents inedits, tous confidentiels et relatifs à une époque signalée par les plus grands évènements, est d'une importance incontestable pour l'histoire du XVIe siècle. On y trouve des reseignements nouveaux sur la guerre civile, les batailles de Jarnac et de Monconteur, la Saint Barthélemy, la siège de la Rochelle, la conspiration de la Môle et Coconas, etc., en France; la procédure contre Marie Stuart, la grande révolte de 1569, les démêles avec l'Espagne, les projets de marriage d'Elizabeth avec les ducs d'Anjou et d'Alençon, le procès et l'exécution du duc de Norfolk, etc. etc., en Angleterre; la guerre civile en Ecosse, les affaires d'alle

magne, et les guerres des protestants contre le duc d'Albe dans les Pays-Bas. 275 CURIOSITES Litteraires, 12mo. (a very interesting volume,) 38 6d

1845 276 DE COURCY, Nobiliare de Bretagne, ou Tableau de l'Aristocratie Bretonne, 4to. sewed, 168

1846 277 DE COURSON, Histoire des Peuples Bretons dans la Gaule et dans les

Isles Britanniques langue coutumes, mours et institutions, 2 large vols. royal 8vo. sewed, 148

1846 An interesting book to the English Historian and Philologist, the appendix contains a comparative Glossary of the Cornish, Amorican, and Welsh Languages, a Breton and French Glossary, the Laws of King Hoel, extracts from Cartularies; on the Nor.

man Invasion, &c. &c. 278 DE LAVELEYE, Histoire de la Langue et de la Literature Provencales, royal 8vo. 8s 6d

Brux. 1815 279 DE LA RUE (Abbé) Essais Historiques sur les Bardes, les Jongleurs et les Trouveres Normands et Anglo-Normands, 3 vols. 8vo. bds. £1. 68

Caen. 1834 280 DELEPIERRE, Examen de ce que renferme la Bibliotheque du Musee Britannique, 12mo. sewed, 2s

1846 281 DE QUINCY (Quatremére) Monuments et Ouvrages d’Art Antiques,

restitués d'après les descriptions des Ecrivains Grecs et Latins et accompagnés de Dissertations Archæologiques, 2 vols. royal 4to. fine plates, some coloured, sewed, £1.58 (pub. at £2. 10s)

1829 282 DEVILLE (Achille) Histoire du Château-Gaillard en Normandie, et du

Siege qu'il soutient contre Philippe-Auguste en 1203-4, royal 4to. plates, extra bds, 128

Rouen, 1829 283 DIDRON, Manuel d'Iconographie Chrétienne, Greque et Latine, avec

introduction et des Notes par M. Didron, traduit du MS. Byzantin, le Guide de la Peinture, par Paul Durand, thick royal 8vo. sewed, 108 6d

Imp. Royale, 1845

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