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753 D’ANVILLE, Considerations sur l'Etude, et les Connoissances que

demande la Composition des Ouvrages de Geographie, 8vo. very neat, 28 6d

1777 754 D’ANVILLE, Memoire sur la Chine, 8vo. very neat, 28 6d 1776 755 DAUBISSON'S Account of the Basalts of Saxony, with Observations on the origin of Basalt in general, 8vo. bds. 48

1814 756 D'AUTEROCHE'S (l'Abbé Chappe) Journey into Siberia, 4to. plates, bds. 38

1774 757 Atlas to D'Auteroche's Travels in Siberia, (the French edition),

atlas folio, bds. 58 758 DAVENANT'S (Sir W.) Dramatic Works and Poems, folio, (no portrait), neat, half calf, 108 6d

1673 759 DA VINCI, Traité de la Peinture, 12mo. many plates, neat, 38

Paris, 1716 760 DAVIES' (Tom) Dramatic Miscellanies, consisting of Critical Observa

tions on several Plays of Shakspeare, with Anecdotes of Dramatic Poets, Actors, &c. 3 vols. post 8vo. very neat, 68

1784 761 DAVIES'S Celtic Researches on the Origin, Traditions, and Language of the Ancient Britons, royal 8vo. boards, 128

1804 762 DAVIES' Mythology and Rights of the Druids, thick royal 8vo. bds. 88 6d

1809 763. DAVY'S Practical and Scientific Treatise on Artificial Foundations for Buildings, 8vo. plates, cloth, 4s 6d

1839 764 DAVIS'S Massacre at Benares, a Chapter in British Indian History, 12mo. cloth, 28 6d

1844 765 DAVISON'S (Francis) Poetical Rhapsody, (a Collection of Elizabethan

Poetry) edited by Sir Egerton Brydges, Vol. I. and Appendix, royal 8yo, half morocco, UNCUT, 78 60

Lee Priory Press, 1814-17 766 DAVISON'S Poetical Rhapsody, (a Collection of Elizabethan Poetry),

with Notes and Memoirs, by Sir Harris Nicolas, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 88 (pub. at 128)—ANOTHER, 2 vols. in 1, calf extra, marbled leaves, 118

1826 767 DAVISSONI (W. Nobilis Scoti, M.D.) Oblatio Salis sive Gallia Lege salis condita, 8vo. vellum, 58

Paris, 1641 768 DAYE'S (Edward) Works on Painting, Excursions in Derbyshire, Yorkshire, &c. 4to. fine plates, half calf gilt, 88 6d

1805 769 D’EWES' Journals of all the Parliaments during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, folio, neat, 10$ 6d

1682 770 DECANDOLLE (A. P.)

Astragalogia (a tribe of Plants,) large folio, 50 plates, bds. 10s

Paris, Didot, 1802 771 DECKER, Spectrologia, h. e. Discursus ut plurimum Philosophicus de

Spectris, 12mo. 2 plates, very neat, scarce, 78 6d Hamburgi, 1690 772 DEFOE'S History of Addresses, 8vo. neat, 3s 6d

1709 773 DEFOE'S Memoirs of Colonel Andrew Newport, a Cavalier, 8vo. por. trait of the Earl of Essex, neat, 38 6d

1792 774 DEFOE'S Life and Adventures of Mr. Duncan Campbell, the Deaf and Dumb Gentleman, 8vo. portrait and plates, 38

1720 775 DE LA BECHE'S Geological Manual, post 8vo. woodcuts, half calf, marbled leaves, 78 6d

1832 776 DE LA CEPEDE (Comte) Histoire Naturelle des Quadrupedes Ovi

pares et des Serpens, 2 vols. 4to. numerous fine plates, fine copy in blue morocco extra, gilt leaves, £1. 28

Par. 1788 777 DELLA BELLA.-JOMBERT (C. A.) Essai d'un Catalogue d'Etienne

de la Belle, (the Painter and Engraver), 8vo. half calf, 58 1772

778 DELLA CELLA'S Travels in Barbary, 8vo. bds. 28

1822 179 DELAMBRE Histoire, de l'Astronomie au dix huitieme siecle, thick 4to. sewed, £1. 18

Par. 1827 780 DE LUC, Histoire du Passage des Alpes par Hannibal, 8vo. map, seved, 28

1818 781 DE LUC, Traite Elementaire de Geologie, 8vo. half calf, 28 1809 782 DE LUC'S Elementary Treatise on Geology, by Dr. De la Fite, 8vo. cloth, 28

1809 783 DEMOSTHENIS et Æschinis Opera, Gr. et Lat. cum notis edidit J. Taylor, 4to. vols. 2 and 3, (Vol. 1 never published,) calf neat, 14s

Camb. 1748-57 An edition highly esteemed for the notes, and the beauty of the typography, 784 DENDY (W. C.) on the Phenomena of Dreams, 12mo. cloth, 28 1832 785 DENHAM'S (Commander) Sailing Directions from Point Lynas to

Liverpool, with charts, coast views, &c. of the Dee and Mersey, 8vo. cloth, 58

1840 786 DENINA, or the Revolutions of Literature, translated by Murdoch, 12mo. half calf, 28

1771 787 DENON (Vivant) Voyages dans la Basse et la Haute Egypte pendant les

Campagnes de Bonaparte en 1798 et 1799, 2 vols. royal 4to. and folio atlas of 109 fine plates, FINE COPY, half calf extra, marbled leaves, £1. 188

1807 788 DE QUINCY (Q.) on the Destination of Works of Art, and the use

to which they are applied, translated by Henry Thomson, R.A. 12mo. bds. 28 6d

1821 789 DERBYSHIRE. Vignettes of Derbyshire, (the Peak district), post 8vo. bds. 28

1824 790 DERHAM'S (Dr.) Treatise on Watch and Clock Work, and History of Clock Work, 12mo. plates, neat, scarce, 38 6d

1759 791 DESCAMPS, Voyage Pittoresque de la Flandre et du Brabant, avec

Reflections relativement aux Arts et quelques graveurs, augmentée par
Roehn, 8vo. calf extra, 68

1838 792 DES CARTES (Renati) Opera Philosophicæ, 4to. portrait, neat, 38 6d

Amst. Elz. 1672 793 DES CARTES (Renati) de Prima Philosophica, his adjuncto sunt varia

objectiones docto virorum in islas de Deo et anima demonstrationes cum responsibus Auctoris, 4to. neat, 38

Amst. Elz. 1670 794 DESCARTES, Tractatus de Homme et de Formatione Fætus, cura De la Forge, 4to. woodcuts, calf, neat, 48

Elzevir, 1677 795 DESCHAMP’S (J.) Scenery and Reminiscences of Ceylon, royal folio, fine tinted lithographic plates, half morocco, £1. Ils 6d

1845 796 DES MAIZEAUX’S Account of the Life and Writings of W. Chillingworth, 8vo. very neat, 3s 60

1725 797 DES MAIZEAUX'S Account of the Life and Writings of the ever memorable John Hales, of Eton College, 8vo. very neat, 48

1719 798 DE STAEL (Madame) Treatise on Ancient and Modern Literature, 2 vols. 8vo, new, half calf, 48

1803 799 DESTOUCHES (N.) Euvres Dramatiques, 10 vols. 12mo. neat, marbled leaves, 58

1758 800 DE TASSY, Histoire du Royaume d'Alger, 12mo, neat, 2s 1725 801 DE THOU. Memoires de la Vie de J. A. De Thou (the Historian), 4to. port. calf, 38

Rott. 1740 802 DEVONSHIRE. Reflections on Names and Places in Devonshire,

12mo. half morocco, yilt top, (a very curious volume), 68 1845

803 DEWEZ, Abrégé de l'Histoire Belgique, thick 8vo. séwed, 28

Brux. 1817 804 D'HERBELOT, Bibliotheque Orientale, ou Dictionnaire universel conte

nant tout ce qui fait connoitre les peuples de l'Orient, 6 vols. 8vo. neat, French calf, £l. 48

1781 805 DIALOGHI di Amore, composti per Leone Medico, 12mo. very neat, 38

Aldus, 1545 806 DIBDIN’S Bibliographical Antiquarian, and Picturesque Tour int

France and Germany, 3 vols. post 8vo. fine plates, new calf extra, marbled leaves, £1. 68

1829 807 DIBDIN’S Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Picturesque Tour in the

North of England and Scotland, 2 vols. royal 8vo. many fine plates, bds. #1. 158

1838 808 DIBDIN'S Descriptive Catalogue of the Books printed in the 15th

century, (the Cassano Library, now Lord Spencer's), imp. 8vo. cloth, 68

1823 It also forms a supplement to the Bibliotheca Spenceriana and Ædes Althorpiane. 809 DIBDIN'S (Chas.) Songs, with Historical, Biographical Notes, and the

Music of the best and most popular of the Melodies, with Piano-Forte Accompaniments, edited by Hogarth, thick royal 8vo. cloth, 138 6d (pub. at 258)

1844 810 DĪBDIN’S (Chas.) Complete History of the English Stage, 5 vols. 8ro.

new, half calf gilt, (Vol. 5 wants some leaves), 68 6d 811 DILLENII (Jo. Jac.) Historia Muscorum, in qua circiter Sexcentæ

Species Veteres et novæ ad sua Genera relatæ describuntur, cum Appendice et Indice Synonymorum, thick 4to. 85 plates, comprising about 1000 figures, bds. scarce, £1. 8s

Oxon. 1811 812 DILLON'S (Hon. Arthur) Winter in Iceland and Lapland, 2 vols. post 8vo. bds. 58

1840 813 DILLON'S (Capt.) Successful Voyage in the South Seas to discover the fate of La Perouse, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, bds. 128

1829 A most interesting Voyage. 814 DINOTHI (Ric.) de Bello Civili Gallico, Religionis causa suscepto, 4to. neat, 58

Basil, 1582 An impartial history of the wars in France between the Huguenots and Catholics. 815 D'ISRAELI'S Amenities of Literature, consisting of Sketches and Characters of English Literature, 3 vols. 8vo. bds. 138

1841 816 D'ISRAELI (the Younger) Contarini Fleming ; or the Physchological Romance, vols. 12mo. bds. 58

1834 817 DOBIE (James) on the Crawfurd Peerage Case, 4to. half morocco, 78 6d

Edinb. 1831 818 DOBLADO’S (i. e. Blanco White's) Letters from Spain, 8vo. bds. 48 6d

1822 819 DODDRIDGE (Judge)--His Law of Nobility and Peerage, wherein the

Antiquities, Titles, Degrees, are excellently set forth, with the Knights, Esquires, Gentlemen, and Yeomen, according to the Laws of England, 8vo. calf extra, gilt edges, 88

1658 820 DODDRIDGE'S (Dr.) Letters edited by Stedman, 8vo. bds. 38 1790 821 DODSLEY’S Collection of Old Plays, edited by Collier, 12 vols. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, bds. £3. 188

1825 822 DODSON'S Life of the Rev. Hugh Fariner, 8vo. half calf, 38 1801 823 DODWELL (Hen.) de Veteribus Græcorum Romanorumque Cyclis

, 4to, neat, 38

Oxon. 1701

824 DODSWORTH'S Historical Account of the Episcopal See and Cathedral of Salisbury, 4to. 21 fine plates, half calf, 14s

1814 825 DODSWORTH'S (Mrs. of Canterbury) Fugitive Pieces, post 8vo. PRIVATELY PRINTED, very neat, 38

Cant. 1802 826 DOLEMAN'S (i. e., Father Parsons the Jesuit; Conference about the

next Succession to the Crown of England, 8vo. neat, (no genealogical table), 78 6d

1681 827 DOMINICK.-Grant of Arms to Andrew Dominick of Great Marlow

in the County of Bucks, beautifully executed on vellum, the arms illuminated, and autographs of John Anstis, and Sir John Vanbrugh, with the seals attached, in a case, £1. lls 6d

1720 828 DON'S General System of Gardening and Botany, (containing the Dichlamydeous Plants), 4 thick vols. 4to. cloth, £1. 148 (pub. at £8. 88)

1838 829 DONNE’S (Dr.) Poems, with Elegies on the Author's death, 12mo. new, half calf extra, 58

1669 830 DONNE'S Poems, 12mo. neat and clean, 58

Tonson, 1719 831 DONI (A. F.) I. Marmi civé Raggionamenti fatta a i Marmi de Fiorenza,

4to. many exquisite woodcuts, fine copy in vellum, 158 Venet. 1552 832 DOUCE'S Illustrations of Shakspeare, and of Ancient English Manners,

with Dissertations on the Clowns of Shakspeare, the Gesta Romanorum, and the Morris Dance, thick 8vo. plates, cloth, 10s 6d

1839 833 DOUGLAS'S (Sir R.) Baronage of Scotland, containing an Historical

and Genealogical Account of the Gentry of that Kingdom, folio, neat, half calf, scarce, £2. 12s 6d

1798 834 DOVER’S (Lord) Life of Frederick the Second King of Prussia, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 148 (pub. at £1. 108)

1832 835 D'OYLY'S (Dr.) Remarks on “Sir W. Drummond's Edipus Judaicus,” 8vo. bds. scarce, 58

1813 836 DRAPERS' COMPANY.-History of that Company, principally com

piled from their own Records, by W. Herbert, 8vo. bds. 48 1837 837 DRAKE.—Life of the celebrated Circumnavigator Sir Francis Drake, imp. 8vo. 2 plates, bds. 3s 6d

1828 838 DRAYTON'S England's Heroical Epistles, 12mo. neat, 38 1737 839 DREWELL'S Philosophy of Physic, founded on one general and im

mutable Law of Nature, the necessarily relative Agency of Elementary Fire, 12mo. neat, 2s 6d

Marlbro'. 1785 840 DRUMMOND FAMILY.-Genealogy of the Noble and Ancient House

of Drummond, by W. Drummond, afterwards Viscount Strathallan, 1681, edited by D. Laing, thick 4to. ONLY 100 COPIES PRIVATELY PRINTED, half morocco, uncut, £1. 88

1831 841 DUBOIS'S “My Pocket-Book,” or Hints for a “ryghte merrie and

conceited Tour in Ireland," a Satire on Sir John Carr's Travels, 12mo. humorous plates, very neat, 38

1808 842 DUBOURDIEU'S Historical Dissertation upon the Theban Legion, plainly proving it to be Fabulous, 8vo. neat, 38

1696 843 DU CERCEAU’S History of the late Revolution of Persia, taken from

the Memoirs of Father Krusinski, Procurator of the Jesuits at Ispahan, 2 vols. 8vo. neat, 4s

1740 844 DUELS.-COCKBURN's (Dr. J.) History and Examination of Duels, 8vo. neat, 38

1720 845 DUELLING.-CHATAUVILLARD (Comte de) Essai sur le Duel, royal 8vo. half calf, gilt, 4s 6d

1836 1845

846 DUFRESNOY'S Art of Painting, with Graham's Lives of Celebrated Painters, 12mo. neat, 28 6d

1716 847 DUGDALE'S Monasticon Anglicanum: a History of the Abbies, Mo

nasteries, Hospitals, Friaries, and Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, in England and Wales, by Caley, Ellis, and Bandinel, A NEW AND CORRECTED EDITION,

in very thick vols. folio, with upwards of 250 fine plates, new in half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt, £25.

1846 The CLERGY, the LAWYER, the ANTIQUARY, the HISTORIAN, the ARCHITECT, and the TOPOGRAPHER, as well as the possessOR OP REAL PROPERTY, will find the Monasticon Anglicanum one of the most interesting and indispensable works that has

ever issued from the press of this country. 848 DUNCAN’S (J., Parson at Rattenden, Essex), Returns of Spiritual

Comfort and Grief in a Devout Soul exemplified in the holie life and death of Lettice Viscountess Falkland, 12mo. calf, 38

1649 849 DUNKIN'S History and Antiquities of Bicester and Alcester, in Os

fordshire, with Kennet's Glossary of Obsolete Words and Phrases in Customs, Laws, and Manners, 8vo. bds. 78 (pub. at 178)

1816 850 DUNKIN'S History and Antiquities of Dartford in Kent, thick 8vo. plates, cloth, 158

1844 Only one hundred and forty-eight copies printed. 851 DUNKIN'S (A. J.) Report of the Transactions and Excursions of the British Archäological Association at their first Congress at Canterbury

, September, 1844, thick 8vo. plates, cloth, only 150 printed, £l. 18 852 DUNLOP'S Memoirs of Spain, during the Reigns of Philip IV. and Charles II., 1621 to 1700, (a sequel to Watson's Histories), 2 vols

. 8vo. bds. 10s 6d 853 DUNOIS' Memoirs of the Court of Scotland, or the History of Earl

Douglas and Macbeth, and the Amours of Count Schlick, 8vo. 28 6d 854 DUPIN'S Universal Library of Historians (the Ancient), 2 vols. 8vo.

neat, 6s 855 DUPIN'S History and Actual State of the Military Force of Great Bri

tain, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. SCARCE, 78 6d 856 DUPUIS, Memoir Explicatif du Zodiaque ; Chronologique et Mytholo

gique, 4to. large folding plate, half calf, 6s 857 DUPUIS' Journal of a Residence in Ashantee, with Notes and Resear.

ches relative to the Gold Coast and the Interior of W. Africa, 4to.

plates, bds. 78 6d (pub. at £3. 38) 858 D'URBAN (Fortia) Considerations sur l’Origine et l'Histoire Ancienne

du Globe, (a very interesting volume, the title does not explain its contents), 1807—Moyse justifié d'apres l'explication physique qui cet historien donne luimeme de la creation de l'univers, par Delamardelle,

1803–in 1 vol. 12mo. half calf, 58 859 DUNTON'S (John) Athenian Sport; or Two Thousand Paradoxes, merrily

argued to amuse and divert the age, 8vo. neat and clean, 4s 6d 1707 860 DYCE'S Remarks on Collier's and Knight's Editions of Shakespeare,

8vo. new, cloth, 78 6d 861 DYDE'S History and Antiquities of Tewkesbury, post 8vo. plates, bds. 862 DYER'S (G.) Restoration of the Ancient Mode of Bestowing Names on

Local Places proving all our Etymologists are wrong, 8vo. ods. 6s 1805 863 EARLE'S Eastern Seas, or Voyages and Adventures in the Indian Ar:

chipelago, 8vo. cloth, 48 6d











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