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1 NUMISMATIC Illustrations of the Narrative Portions of the

New Testament, by J. Y. AKERMAN, F.S.A., 8vo. many engravings,

cloth, 58 60 2 ILLUSTRATIONS of EATING, displaying the Omnivorous

Character of Man, and exhibiting the Natives of various Countries at

feeding time. By a BEEF-EATER, fcap. 8vo. with wood-cuts, 28 3 THE DRUIDICAL TEMPLES of the County of Wilts.

By the Rev. E. DUKE, M.A., F.S.A., Member of the Archæological Institute, &c., author of the Hall of John Halle," and other works, 12mo. plates, cloth, 58

“Mr. Duke has been long honourably known as a zealous cultivator of our local antiquities. His collections on this subject, and on the literature of Wiltshire, are nowhere surpassed; while his residence on the borders of the Plain, and within reach of our most interesting remains, has afforded scope to his meritorious exertions. The work before us is the fruit of study and laborious investigation.”

Salisbury Journal. “ The book is an entertaining and instructive one, containing much topographical information, and in its more discursive pages, a good deal of antiquarian learning, as Mr. Duke's writings, despite his hypothetic hobby, always do; and it will, therefore, well repay perusal."- Poole and Dorset Herald.

“The work is entitled to an attentive and candid perusal, and even those who may not be convinced by the facts and reasonings of the writer, will thank him for having supplied them with a volume which cannot fail to afford them a considerable amount of mental recreation." - West Briton. “ The work is written with elegance-and his ingenuity is at least amusing."

Atheneum. 4 GUIDE to the Anglo-Saxon Tongue : on the basis of Profes

sor Rask's Grammar, to which are added Extracts in Verse and Prose, with Notes for the use of Learners, by E. J. VERNON, B.A., Oxon. 12mo, cloth, 58 6d

The student is furnished with a cheaper, easier, more comprehensive, and not less

trustworthy guide to this tongue, than has hitherto been placed within his reach. 5 LECTURES on Naval Architecture, being the substance of

those delivered at the United Service Institution. By E. GARDINER

FISHBOURNE, Commander R.N., 8vo. 6 plates, cloth, 58 6d 6 ELEMENTS of Naval Architecture, being a Translation of

the third part of a work entitled “ Traité Elementaire de la Construction des Vaisseaux,” par M. VIAL DE CLAIRBOIS. By J. N. STRANGE, Commander R.N., 8vo. with 5 folding plates, cloth, 58

Both these works on Naval Architecture illustrate the “ Wave system.” 7 A CRITICAL Dissertation on Professor Willis's Architec

tural History of Canterbury Cathedral. By C. SANDYS, of Canterbury, 8vo. 28 6d

“ Written in no quarrelsome or captious spirit: the highest compliment is paid to Professor Willis, where it is due. But the author has certainly made out a clear case, in some very important instances, of inaccuracies that have led the learned Professor into the construction of serious errors throughout. It may be considered as an indispensable companion to his volume, containing a great deal of extra information of a very curious kind."-Art-Union.

8 ESSAYS on Subjects connected with the LITERATURE, PoPULAR SUPERSTITIONS, and HISTORY of England in the Middle Ages, by Thomas Wright, M.A., F.S.A., 2 stout vols. post 8vo. elegantly printed, cloth, 168

Contents :- Essay I. Anglo-Saxon Poetry. II. Anglo-Norman Poetry. III. Chansons de Geste, or Historical Romances of the Middle Ages. IV. On Proverbs and Popular Sayings. V. On the Anglo-Latin Poets of the Twelfth Century. VI. Abelard and the Scholastic Philosophy. VII. On Dr. Grimm's German Mythology. VIII. On the National Fairy Mythology of England. IX. On the Popular Supersti stions of Modern Greece. x. On Friar Rush, and the Frolicsome Élves. XI. On Dunlop's History of Fiction. XII. On the History and Transmission of Popular Stories. XIII. On the Poetry of History. XIV. Adventures of Hereward the Saxon. XV. The Story of Eustace the Monk. XVI. The History of Fulke Fitzwarine. XVII. On the Popular Cycle of Robin-Hood Ballads. XVIII. On the Conquest of Ireland by the Anglo-Normans. XIX, On Old English Political Songs. XX. On the Scot

tish Poet Dunbar. 9 ENGLISH SURNAMES; a Series of Essays on Family No

menclature, Historical, Etymological, and Humorous. By M. A. LOWER, post 8vo. SECOND EDITION, wood-cuts, cloth, 6s

1844 To those who are curious about their patronymic, it will be found a very instructive and amusing volume-mingling wit and pleasantry, with antiquarian research and

historical interest. 10 CURIOSITIES OF HERALDRY, with Illustrations from Old

English Writers. By M. A. LOWER, with numerous engravings from designs by the author, (a handsome vol.) 8vo. cloth, GULES, appropriately ornamented or, 148

1845 “Mr. Lower's work is both curious and instructive, while the manner of its treatment is so inviting and popular, that the subject to which it refers, which many have hitherto had too good reason to consider meagre and unprofitable, assumes, under the hands of the writer, the novelty of fiction with the importance of historical truth."- Athenæum.

“The present volume is truly a worthy sequel (to the 'SURNAMES,') in the same curious and antiquarian line, blending with remarkable facts and intelligence, such a fund of amusing anecdotes and illustrations, that the reader is almost surprised to find that he has learnt so much, whilst he appeared to be pursuing mere entertainment. The text is so pleasing that we scarcely dream of its sterling value: and it seems as if, in unison with the wood-cuts, which so cleverly explain its points and adorn its various topics, the whole design were intended for a relaxation from study, rather than an ample exposition of an extraordinary and universal custom, which produced the most important effect upon the minds and habits of mankind."

Literary Gazette. 11 POEMS, partly of Rural Life (in national English) by Wil

LIAM BARNES, author of“ Poems in the Dorset Dialect,” 12mo. cloth, 5 12 THE NURSERY RHYMES of England, collected chiefly

from Oral Tradition. Edited by J. O. HALLIWELL, F.R.S. The FOURTH EDITION, ENLARGED, with 38 designs by W. B. Scott, Director of the School of Design, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 12mo. in very rich illuminated cloth, gilt leaves, 4s 6d

1846 The most extensive and curious collection ever formed of these old ditties, with explanatory notes, &c. 13 THE HAND-BOOK to Leicester, by JAMES THOMPSON,

12mo. SECOND EDITION ENLARGED, plates, bds. 28 14 THE LOCAL HISTORIAN’S Table-Book of Remarkable Oc

currences, Historical Facts, Traditions, Legendary and Descriptive Ballads, &c. &c., connected with the Counties of NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, NORTHUMBERLAND, and DURHAM, by M. A. RICHARDSON, royal 8vo. profusely illustrated with wood-cuts, now complete in 8 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, 98 each, or the Divisions sold separately, as follows :-HISTORICAL DIVISION, 5 vols.—LEGENDARY DIVISION, 3 vols.

Now that the work is finished, subscribers are respectfully desired to complete their sets,

15 ANCIENT COINS of Cities and Princes, Geographically ar

ranged and described-HISPANIA-GALLIA-BRITANNIA, 8vo.

with engravings of many hundred Coins from actual examples, cloth, 188 16 ENGLAND'S WORTHIES, under whom all the Civill and

Bloody Warres since Anno 1642 to Anno 1647 are related. By John
VICARs, author of England's Parliamentary Chronicle,&c. &c.
royal 12mo. reprinted in the old style (similar to Lady Willoughby'sh
Diary) with copies of the 18 rare portraits after Hollar, &c. hf. mor. 581

Copies of the original edition have been sold from £16. to £20. 17 SPECIMENS of Cornish Provincial Dialect, collected and

arranged by Uncle Jan Treenoodle, with some Introductory Remarks and a Glossary by an Antiquarian Friend, also a Selection of Songs and other Pieces connected with Cornwall, post 8vo. with curious portrait of Dolly

Pentreath, cloth, 4s BROCHURES, PRIVATELY PRINTED by C. CLARK, Esq. at

his Private Press, Totham Hall, Essex, all small 4to, and

very few printed. 18 HUMAN FATE, and an Address to the Poets, Wordsworth

and Southey ; Poems by the late Sir EGERTON BRYDGES, Bart., now first printed (verbatim) from the Author's MSS. in the possession of C. Clark, 8vo. 18 6d

1846 19 FALSE Prophets Discovered, being a True Story of the Lives

and Deaths of Two Weavers (late of Colchester), who affirmed themselves the two great Prophets which should come in the End of the World, 1641 - Account of the Inworth Prophetess, 1797, 18

1844 20 THE SCARCITY and Excellency of Virtuous Women, being

a Sermon preached on New Year's Day, 1710, at a Wedding at Maldon,

Essex. To which is added “The Voyage of Matrimony,” 18 1845 21 SOME Rejected Stanzas of Don Juan, with Byron's own

curious Notes, from an unpublished MS. in the possession of Captain Medwin, ls

1845 22 THE WILL of Thomas Thusser, author of the Five Hundred

Points of Husbandry, now first printed, with his Metrical Autobiography, 18

1846 BOOKS at REDUCED PRICES. 23 JOHNES'S (A. J.) Philological Proofs of the original Unity

and recent Origin of the Human Race, derived from a Comparison of the Languages of Asia, Europe, Africa, and America, 8vo. cloth, 68 (pub. at 128 6d)

Printed at the suggestion of Dr. Prichard, to whose works it will be found a useful supplement. 24 DUNSTER’S (Chas.) Considerations on Milton's Early

Reading and the prima stamina of his Paradise Lost, together with Extracts from a Poet of the XVI. Century (Joshua Sylvester), post 8vo. cloth, 28 6d (pub. at 58)

1800 25 SMITH'S (Jos. Toulmin) Discovery of America by the

Northmen in the Tenth Century, comprising Translations of all the most important original Narratives of this event, together with a Critical Examination of their authenticity; to which is added, an Examination of the comparative merits of the Northmen and Columbus, post 8vo. maps and plates, SECOND EDITION enlarged, cloth, 3s 6d

1842 A very interesting volume, principally translated from the Icelandic, Danish, and Latin, Antiquitates Americanæ," published by the Northern Antiquaries of Copenhagen.

26 TRANSACTIONS of the British Archæological Association

at its Second Annual Congress held at Winchester, 1845, thick 8vo. nu

merous plates, cloth, £1. 18 27 THE STRANGER'S GUIDE to the Roman Antiquities of

the City of Treves, translated with additions from the German of Wyttenbach, by Dawson TURNER, 8vo. many plates, new cloth, 48 (pub. at 88 6d)-A very interesting volume

1839 28 CALEDONIA ROMANA; a Descriptive Account of the

Roman Antiquities of Scotland ; preceded by an introductory view of the aspect of the Country and state of its Inhabitants in the First Century of the Christian Era; and by a summary of the Historical Transactions connected with the Roman occupation of North Britain. By ROBERT STUART, 4to. many fine plates, cloth, 188

1845 29 HISTORY of BANBURY in Oxfordshire, including Copious

Historical and Antiquarian Notices of the Neighbourhood, by ALFRED BEESLEY, thick 8vo. (684 closely printed pages), with 66 wood-cuts, engraved in the first style of Art, by 0. Jewitt, of Oxford, (pub. at 1. 58) now reduced to 148

1842 J. R. SMITH having bought the whole stock of the above very interesting volume, invites the Subscribers to complete their copies in Parts without delay, the price of

which will be (for a short time), 1$ 6d, instead of 28 6d. 30 BERRY'S Pedigrees and Arms of Families in the County of

Hertford, fol. bds. Only 150 printed, £3. 108-REDUCED to £1. 58 1844 31 AN ESSAY on the Archæology of our Popular Phrases and

"Nursery Rhymes, by H. B. KER, 2 vols. 12mo. new cloth, 48 (pub. at 128)

1837 32 M ÉNZEL'S (Wolfgang) History of German Literature, trans

lated from the German, with Notes by T. Gordon. 4 vols. post 8vo. ney', cloth, 138 6d (pub. at £2.)

Oxf. 1840 "The name of Wolfgang Menzel is now become familjar to the British public, as that of an acute and searching critic, His German literature is, ur ought to be, well known to every student of German ; comprising, within the space of four small volumes, a panorama of all the principal tendencies and characteristics of one of the most voluminous literatures of Europe.”— Extract from Translator's Preface.

33 A BRIEF Review of the most material Parliamentary Proceedings of this

present Parliament and their Armies in their Civil and Martial Affairs, from the 3rd of November, 1640, 4to. curious plates on the letter-press, half calf, rare, 158

London, Tho. Jenner, 1652 34 A PAPER :-of Tobacco, treating of the Rise, Progress, Pleasures, and

Advantages of Smoking, 12mo. plates by Phiz, boards, 28 6d 1839 35 ACCORDS (Le Seign. des i. e. Estienne Tabourot) Les Bigarrures et

les Touches, avec les Apophtegemes du Sieur Gaulart, et les Escraignes Dijonnoises, 5 parts in one thick vol. 12mo. curious woodcuts, calf extra, 98

Rouen, 1641 “Swift has poached deeply in these Bigarrures. The art of punning was, in great part, extracted from this whimsical production of Tabourot, which contains an extraordinary number of puns and clenches. The Apophtheyemes du Sieur Gaulart, contained in this book, have laid the foundation of some of our Jest books.”- Fer

riar's Illustrations of Sternc. 36 ACCOUNT of the Hospital for the Maintenance and Education of exposed

and deserted Children (The Foundling,) 8vo. portrait of Capt. Coram inserted, half russia, 38 6d

1749 37 ACTS relating to the Building fifty new Churches in and about London, 8vo. calf, 28 6d


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