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611 HOYLAND'S Historical Survey of the Customs, Habits, and Present State of the Gypsies, 8vo. bds. 4s 6d

1816 612 HUBER et Rost Manuel des Curieux et des Amateurs de l'Art, 4 vols. in 2, 12mo. (contenant les Ecoles Alleniande et Italien), vellum, 78 6d

Zurich, 1797 613 HUGEL'S (Baron) Travels in Kashmir and the Panjab, containing a

particular Account of the Sikhs, translated by Major Jervis, royal 8vo. plates, cloth, 168

1845 614 HUGHSON'S History of Religious Impostors in England from Henry

VIIIth, particularly of Brothers and Joanna Southcott, 12mo. bds. 28 6d

1814 615 HUMBOLDT Essai Geognostique sur le Gisement des Roches dans les deux Hemispheres, 8vo. hf. cf. 48

1823 616 HUNTER'S (Rev. Jos.) Life of Oliver Heywood, one of the Founders

of the Presbyterian Congregations in the County of York, 1630-1702, 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d

1842 616* HUNTER'S (Rev. Jos.) Hallamshire (Sheffield District) Glossary,

post 8vo. cloth, 38 (pub. at 98)

The appendix contains Thoresby's Catalogue of Words then heard in the West

Riding of Yorkshire (1703), and Watson's Uncommon Words used in Halifax. 617 HUTTON'S (W.) History of Derby, 8vo. plates, fine clean copy, hf. cf. uncut, from Strawberry Hill, 78 6d

1791 618 ILLIDGE. Short Account of the Life of Lieutenant Illidge, who was

in the Militia of the County of Chester near fifty years, 12mo. half calf, 58

1710 619 INTRATIONUM, liber omnibus legum Angliæ studiosis apprime neces

sarius, folio, BLACK LETTER, fine clean copy, neat, 7s 6d" Lond. 1546 620 IPSWICH. Account of the Gifts and Legacies relating to Ipswich, 8vo. very neat in calf, the Townley copy, 48 6d

1747 621 IRELAND'S (W. H.) New and Complete History of the County of Kent, 4 vols. 8vo. numerous plates, a subscriber's copy in parts, £1.1:

1831 622 IRVINE'S (Dr. W.) Letters on Sicily, royal 8vo. elegant in calf, 38 6d

1813 623 ISLEWORTH. Istleworth-Syons Peace, containing Articles of Agree

ment made between Algernon, Earl of Northumberland and others, and Sir Thomas Ingram and others, Copyhold Tenants of the said Manor,

8vo. reprinted from the edition of 1657, 38 624 IVES'S (E.) Voyage from England to India, with Historical Narrative

of the Squadron and Army in India, under Watson and Clive, also a Journey from Persia to England by Bussorah, &c. 4to. plates, very neat

, 78

1773 625 IVES'S Remarks on the Garianonum of the Romans, the Site and

Remains fixed and described, (Burgh Castle, Yarmouth) 12mo. plates, with an additional etched view inserted, bds. 58

1803 626 JACKSON'S (Dr. Thos.) Works—Comments on the Apostles' Creed

Divers Sermons, &c. &c. vol. 1, very thick folio, neat, 14s 627 JACKSON'S History of the Parish of Grittleton, Co. Wilts, with Britton's Essay on Topographical Literature, 4to. fine plates, cloth, 134

Printed by the Wiltshire Society, 1843 628 JACKSON'S (J. G.) Account of Morocco and Timbuctoo, 4to. plates, bds. 5

1809 629 JACQUEMONT'S Journey in India, Thibet, Lahore and Cashmeer. ? vols. 8vo. bds. 68 6d



n, d.

630 JAMES' (Bishop) Tour in Germany, Sweden, Russia, and Poland,

1813-14, 4to. plates, also etchings by the Hon. Heneage Legge, bds. 58 -half russia, 68 (pub. at £3. 38)

1816 631 JAMES I. (King) Works-Paraphrase on Revelation ; Demonologia ;

Basilicon Doron ; Counterblast to Tobacco ; Discourse of the Gunpowder Treason ; Speeches, &c. edited by Bp. Montagu, folio, port. of James I., Prince Henry, and frontispiece, neat, £1. 88

1616 632 JAMES'S (W. R.) Charters and other Documents relating to the Parish of Maidstone, 8vo. bds. 38 6d

1825 633 JAY'S (Rev. W.) Domestic Minister's Assistant; or Prayers for the Use of Families, 8vo. bds. 38 6d

1837 634 JEFFERSON'S History and Antiquities of Allerdale Ward, above

Derwent, in the County of Cumberland, 8vo. fine plates, bds. 88 1842 635 JEFFERY’S Natural and Civil History of the French Dominions in

North and South America, folio, maps and plans of Canada, Quebec,
Montreal, Nova Scotia, New Orleans, Louisburg, the West India
Islands, &c. neat in calf, 188

1760 636 JESTS. Polite Companion, or Wit a-la-Mode, adapted to the Recrea

tion of all Ranks and Degrees, 8vo. front. neat and clean, 88 6d 1760 637 JESTS. Laugh and be Fat, or the Merry Companion, containing Comi

cal Stories, Curious Poems, a long string of out-o'-the-way Conun

drums, &c, 12mo, half calf, 58 638 JESTS. Ben Jonson's Jests, 12mo. (no title) half calf, 68 6d 639 JESUITS. Regulæ Societatis Jesu Lugluni, 1607—Ravenspergero,

Artificium Mosaicum quo descriptum exstat Opificium totius mundi sex
dierum spatio absolutum, Groninge, 1615--Ibid. Adamus Prosper-
Adamus Miser-Abrahamus Miles—Isaacus Hæres-Jacobus Exul-
Josephus Præsul, ib. 1617, in 1 vol. 18mo. calf, 58

V. Y. 640 JEWEL'S (Bp.) Apology for the Church of England, 12mo. bds. 18 6d

1839 541 JOCKEY CLUB, or a Sketch of the Manners of the Age, 3 vols.

Female Jockey Club—Minor Jockey Club—Answer to the Jockey Club— Whig Club, or a Sketch of Modern Patriotism--together 7 vols. 8vo. uniformly half bd. in russia, marb. leaves, 158

1792-4 These works were exceedingly popular half a century ago. They present to us the characters of all the leading persons of the day; mixed up with as much scandal as could be procured by the writers, containing perhaps much that is not true with a good

deal that is. 542 JOHNSON'S (Dr.) Life of Richard Savage, Sir F. Drake, and Admiral Blake, 12mo. neat, 3s

1777 143 JOHNSON'S (Dr.) Journey to the Western Islands, 8vo. very nice copy in calf, 38

1785 544 JOHNSON'S Diary of a Journey into North Wales, 1774, now first printed with notes by Duppa, post 8vo. half calf, 38

1816 345 JOHNSON'S (Edward Lewis) Literary Remains, 8vo. PRIVATELY PRINTED, cloth, 3s

1844 146 JOHNSON'S (G. W.) Memoirs of John Selden and his Times, 8vo. port. bds. 38 6d

1835 517 JOLLEY'S (J. of Bug Lawton, Ches.) Head Constable's Assistant, or

a Maize Book for the County Palatine of Cheshire, 12mo. neat, 38 1726 348 JONES'S (Inigo) Most Notable Antiquity of Great Britain, vulgarly

called Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain restored, folio, folding plates, neat, 8s 6d

1655 According to Gough, there were but few copies printed, most of which were lost in the fire of London.

Oxford, 1818


649 JORTIN'S (Dr. John) Remarks on Spenser, (and Milton) 8vo. hf

. cf. 28 6d

1734 650 JORTIN'S (Dr. John) Tracts, Philological, Critical, and Miscellaneous, 2 vols. 8vo. port. bds. 78

1790 651 JUNIUS'S Letters, 18mo. fronts. calf extra, 28

1816 652 KEBLE'S Selections from Hooker, 18mo. cloth, 38

Oxf. 1839 653 KEBLE'S Christian Year: Thoughts in Verse, 12mo. hf. cf. 38 6d 1840 654 KELLY'S Complete Collection of Scottish Proverbs, 8vo. neat and clean, scarce, 78 6d

1721 655 KEMPE'S (A. J.) Historical Notices of the Collegiate Church and

Sanctuary of St. Martin-le-Grand, (since demolished) 8vo. plates, bds. 38

1825 656 KENNETT’S (Bp.) Parochial Antiquities attempted in the History of

Ambrosden, Burcester, and other adjacent parts in the Counties of Oxford and Bucks, greatly enlarged from the author's MS. notes, and edited by Dr. Bandinel, 2 vols. 4to. plates, neat in calf, marb. leares

. 2. 188 657 KENNETT'S (Bp.) Glossary of Obsolete Words and Phrases in our

Customs, Laws, and Manners, 8vo. bds. 4s 6d 658 KENNEDY'S Narrative of the Campaign of the Army of the Indus

in Sind and Kabul in 1838-9, 2 vols. post 8vo. plates, cloth, 128 1841 659 KENT. Causton (P.) Tunbridgialia : a Latin Poem, with an English Prose Translation in MANUSCRIPT, 8vo. hf. cf. 58

1704 660 KENT. Poll Books for the County of Kent, 1790, 38—1803, 36 1

Eastern Division of ditto, 1832, 28—Ditto, 1837, 28-Ditto, We

Kent, 1835 and 1837, 2s each 661 KENT. Reports of the Commissioners on the Charities of the County

of Kent, selected from numerous volumes, with a MS. Index, in 1 rok hf. bd. 188

183 662 KENT’S Grammar of Heraldry, with a large collection of Arms by wip of example, 8vo. half calf, 38 6d

1716 663 KEPPEL'S (Geo., now Lord Albemarle) Narrative of a Journey acres

the Balcan, and visit to the newly discovered Ruins in Asia Minor, ? vols. 8vo. plates, bds. 88

1831 664 KIMBELL'S (John) Account of the Legacies, Gifts, Rents, &c. apper

taining to the Church and Poor of the Parish of St. Alphege, Gret:

wich, 4to. with 20 plans of the estates, bds. 78 Greenwich, 1816 665 KINNEIR’S Journey through Asia Minor and Koordistan, 8vo.

russia (no map) 58 666 KINNEIR’S (Major) Journey through Asia Minor, Armenia, al

Koordistan, thick 8vo. large map, hf. cf. 98 667 KING’S (Col.) Twenty-four Years in the Argentine Republic, embrace

ing the Author's Personal Adventures, 8vo. cloth, as good as new, 8v bed

(pub. at 148) 668 KINSEY'S Portugal Illustrated, impl. 8vo. with numerous plates

costumes, landscape scenery, coins, antiquities, 8c. some coloured, hot

morocco extra, 108 6d 669 KIRKPATRICK'S (Col.) Account of the Kingdom of Nepaul, 4d.

plates, bds. 118-calf gilt, 138half red morocco, 148 670 KNIGHT'S (Rev. R.) Disquisition on the Conventual Church of Tewkes

bury and its Antiquities, royal 8vo. interleaved with additional plater

half russia, 10s 6d 671 KNIGHT'S Oriental Outlines, or a Rambler's Recollections of a Tour

in Turkey, Greece, and Tuscany, in 1838, 12mo. map, cloth, 38 1839


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672 KOLFF'S Voyages through the Southern and little known parts of the

Moluccan Archipelago, and along the previously unknown Southern Coast of New Guinea, translated by Earle, 8vo. new cloth, 48 6d (pub. at 148)

1840 673 KRIST. Das älteste von Otfrid im neunten Jahrhundert verfaszte,

hochdeutsche Gedicht, Kritisch herausgegeben von E. G. Graff, 4to. sewed, 148

Konisb. 1831 674 [LA HARPE]-Fragmens de Litterature et de Morale, 8vo. neat, 3s 1801 675 LAING'S (Major) Travels in Western Africa, 8vo. plates, bds. 68 (pub. at 188)

1825 676 LAIRD'S Account of Worcestershire (from the Beauties of England),

8vo. no plates, half calf, 2s 677 LAIRD'S Topographical Description of Rutlandshire, 8vo. plates, bds. 38 678 LAIRD'S Historical Description of the County of Nottingham, 8vo.

plates, bds. 4s 6d 679 LAKE'S (Lieut.) Journals of the Sieges of the Madras Army, 1817-19,

8vo. with 4to. vol. of plans, views, &c. 48° 6d-calf extra, (both vols.) 108 6d

1825 680 LAMB'S (Pat.) Royal Cookery; or the complete Court-Cook, 8vo. curious plates for laying out the Table, calf, 38

1710 681 LAMB'S (Sir J. Bland) Birth and Triumph of Love, a Poem, 12mo.

with plates from the designs of the Princess Elizabeth, bds. 38 1823 682 LAMBARDE'S Perambulation of Kent, conteining the Description, Hystorie, and Customes of that Shyre, 4to. BLACK LETTER, neat, 188

1596 683 LAMBARDE'S Perambulation of Kent, containing the Description,

Hystoire, and Customes of that Shyre, 8vo. a verbatim reprint of the edition of 1596, portrait and map, bds. 4s 6d (pub. at 128) 1826

A most amusing and quaint book: even at this day it may be opened with an interest that cannot be derived from the works of many of our modern topographical

writers. It has also the merit of being the first County History that was published. 684 LAMBARDE'S Eirenarcha, or the Office of the Justices of Peace, thick 12mo. BLACK LETTER, calf, 28 6d

1614 685 L'AMBASCIATA di Romolo a Romani, (a collection of Satires, Pas

quinades, Songs, Sonnets, &c. on the vacant See of Rome at the Death

of Clement IXth), 12ino. old red morocco, gilt leaves, 58 Brux. 1671 686 LAMBECIUS, Bibliotheca Acromatica, comprehendens Recensionem

Specialem Omnium Codicum Manuscriptorum in Bibliotheca Cæsareæ
Vindobonensis, thick 12mo, calf, 38

1712 687 LANCASHIRE'S Valley of Achor is England's Doore of Hope, set

wide open, in a brief History, of the Wise, Good, and Powerful Hand of Divine Providence, Ordering and Managing the Militia of Lanca

shire, (by J. Ainger of Denton) 4to. calf extra, gilt leaves, 10s 6d 1643 688 LANDOR’S (E. W.) Adventures in the North of Europe, 2 vols. post 8vo. bds. 78 (pub. at £1. 1s)

1836 689 LANDINI (Hor. Arrighi) Il Tempio della Filosofia Poema, 8vo. plates printed on blue paper, vellum, curious, 5s

Venez. 1757 690 LANDT'S Description of the Feroe Islands, their Manners, Customs, Natural History, &c. 8vo. plates, bds. 38

1810 691 LANEHAM'S Letter describing the Magnificient Pageants presented

before Queen Elizabeth at Kenilworth Castle, in 1575, post 8vo. bds. 2s 6d

1821 692 LAPLACE, Exposition du Systeme du Monde, 4to. third edition, sewed, 38



Oxf. 1840

693 LATIMER’S (Bp.) Sermons and Life, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. port. Fins

COPY, in calf extra, gilt and crinkled leaves, (a choice specimen of binding) 168

1788 694 LAUD'S (Abp.) Autobiography, 18mo. cloth, 38

Oxf. 1839 695 LAUD'S Three Speeches on the Liturgy, Episcopacy, and Church

Ritual, 18mo. cloth, 28 6d 696 LAURENT'S (P. E.) Classical Tour through Greece, Turkey, and Italy, 4to. coloured plates, bds. 4s 6d

1821 697 LAWS of the Stannaries of Cornwall, made at the Convocation or Par. liament of Tinners, 8vo. neat and clean, 38 6d

1752 698 LAW'S (W.) Demonstration of the Gross Errors of a late book, called

A Plain Account of the Nature and End of the Sacrament," 8vo. neat, 28

1738 699 LAWLESS'S Compendium of the History of Ireland to George I. Bro. bds. 48 6d

Belfast, 1815 700 LAWSON'S (J. P.) History of the Scottish Episcopal Church from the

Revolution to the Present Time, thick 8vo. cloth, 68 (pub. at 158) 1843 701 LE CLERK'S Reflections upon what the World commonly call Good. Luck and Ill-Luck with regard to Lotteries, 12mo. 28

1695 702 LECLUSE (M.) Elemens D'Odontologie, contenant l'Anatomie de la Bouche, 12mo. half calf, 38

1754 703 LEGENDÆ Catholicæ ; a Lytle Boke of Seyntlie Gestes, edited by

Turnbull, square 12mo. ONLY 40 COPIES PRIVATELY PRINTED, half morocco, uncut, £1. 48

1846 704 LEGONIDEC, Dictionnaire Celto-Breton, ou Breton-Français, 8vo. sewed, 78

Angouleme, 1821 705 LEGRAND Essai sur l'Histoire Generale de l'Architecture, 8vo. half bound, 2s

1809 706 LEIGH'S (W.) Great Britaines Great Deliverance from the great danger of Popish Powder, 4to. half calf, rare, 5s

1606 707 LEIGH'S (Edw.) Critica Sacra, or Philological and Theological Observations upon all the Greek Words of the New Test. 4to. neat, 48 bd

1646 708. LEMPRIERE'S Classical Dictionary, 12mo. half morocco, 28 6d 708* LEMON'S English Etymology, tracing the Etymology of those English

Words that are derived from the Greek, Latin, Saxon, and other

Northern Tongues, 4to. bds. 68 709 LENNOX Family. Napier's History of the Partition of the Lennor, 8vo. cuts of Arms, Seals, &c. cloth, 6s

1835 710 'LETTERS on Prejudice, 2 large vols. 8vo. bds. 38 T. Cadell, 182 711 LETTERS from the Cape of Good Hope, in reply to Mr. Warden, 870. half russia, 38

181: 712 LETTERS from the Caucasus and Georgia, with a Journey into Persia

, 8vo. plates, half calf, 4s 6d 713 LETTSOM’S Naturalist and Traveller's Companion, 8vo. plates, cala

gilt, 38 714 LEVCHINE (Alexis de) Description des Hordes, et des Steppes des

Kirghiz-Kazaks, ou Kirghiz-Kaissaks, traduite du Russe, par F. de Pigny, royal 8vo. large map and 11 plates, sewed, (a valuable book 128

Paris, Imp. Royale, 1840 715 LEWIS'S (F. C.) Picturesque Scenery of the Rivers Tamar and Tasy,

in Devonshire, royal 4to. 49 etchings, proofs on Indian paper, 188 1823 716 LEWIS'S (S.) History and Topography of Islington, Middlesex, large

4to. many fine plates and woodcuts, cloth, (a very handsome volumne £1. 48






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