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38 ADDISON’S (Jos.) Miscellaneous Works, 4 vols. 12mo. neat, 48 1726 39 ADOLPHUS'S British Cabinet, containing Portraits of illustrious Person

ages, from original pictures, with Biographical Memoirs, 2 vols. in 1, royal 4to. 50 portraits of persons mostly engraved for the first time, half russia, uncut, 188

1799 40 ADVENTURES of Abdalla, Son of Hanif, sent by the Sultan of the

Indies to make a discovery of the Island of Borico, 8vo. curious plates, 38

1729 41 ADVENTURES of Peregrine Pickle, 4 vols. 12mo. very neat, and gilt, 78 6d

1773 42 ADVENTURES of Mr. George Edwards, a Creole, 12mo. neat, 28 1751 43 ÆSOPI et aliorum Fabulæ cum Vitâ per Rimicium, folio, with many

curious and highly spirited wood-cuts, (wants the title.) A VERY RARE EDITION, vellum, £2. 128 6d

Sine ulla nota. “ The wood-cuts are of a most grotesque and ludicrous description, and are executed with a natural freedom and spirit that speak much for the talent of their

artist."- Vide Bibliotheca Spenceriana, Vol. I. p. 246. 44 AGOSTINI, Intorno alle Medaglie, Inscrittioni et altre Antichita, folio,

many hundred cuts of Coins, new, half calf extra, marbled leaves, 108 6d

1650 45 AITKIN'S (Dr. T. J.) Elements of Physiology, being an Account of the

Laws and Principles of the Animal Economy, especially in reference to the Constitution of Man, thick post 8vo. wood-cuts, cloth, 1s 6d (pub. at 98)

1838 Only a few copies now remaining of this very useful and interesting volume, which

is written in a plain and popular manner for the non-professional reader. 46 AIKIN’S Biographical Memoirs of Medicine in England, to the time of Hervey, 8vo. a very interesting volume, 38

1780 47 AIKIN'S (Dr.) Vocal Poetry, or a Select Collection of English Songs, post 8vo. half calf gilt, 38

1810 48 AINSWORTH'S Researches in Assyria, Babylonia, and Chaldæa, 8vo.

plates, cloth, with the autograph of B. R. Haydon on the title-page, 68 6d

1838 49 AKERMAN'S Coins of the Romans relating to Britain, 12mo. plates, cloth, 3s 6d

1836 50 ALBIN'S History and Antiquities of the Isle of Wight, thick 8vo. map, half calf, 2s 6d

1795 51 ALDI Pii Manutii scripta tria longe rarissime a Jacobo Morellio denuo edita et illustrata, 8vo. bds. 48

Bassani, 1806 52 ALDRICH'S Elements of Civil Architecture according to Vitruvius and

other Antients, translated by Smyth, 8vo. 55 fine plates, bds. 68 1824 53 ALMANAC. Companion to the Almanac, or Year Book of General In

formation, 1828 to 1846 inclusive, the first 11 half bound, in 4 vols., the remainder sewed, 13s 6d

C. Knight, 1828-46 54 AMHURST'S Terræ-Filius, or the Secret History of the University of Oxford, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, 38

1726 55 AMORUM Ismenes Ismeniæque Historia, ab Eustathio XI. libris comprehensa, 48mo. vellum, 3s

Lug. Bat. 1634 56 AMSTELREDAMS eer ende opcomen door de denck waerdighe miraklen

aldaer geschied aen ende door het H. Sacrament des Altaers anno 1345, 12mo. with 15 fine plates by Boetius a Bolswert, in red morocco gilt leaves, (stained,) £1. ls

Antv. 1639 This very curions book is dedicated to Sir P. P. Rubens the painter, and is a presentation copy to him, with his name on each side of the covers.

57 AN EXACT and particular description of the beautiful illumination pros

pect of the City of London, and Fire-works on the stage at Hamburgh, on celebrating the birth-day of George I. King of England, folio, two curious plates, half bound, 58

Hambro', 1727 68 ANCIENT Code of Military Laws for the government of the English

Army under Henry V. enacted at Manuce, with some additional Ordi. nances made by the Earl of Salisbury, royal 4to. cloth, 58

1784 59 ANDREWS' (J. P.) History of Great Britain connected with the Chrono

logy of Europe, containing Anecdotes of the Times, Lives of the Learned, and Specimens of their Works, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. half russia, 98 1794

Containing an immense deal of curious reading. 60 ANECDOTES of Books and Authors, 12mo. cloth, 2s

1826 61 ANSTEY'S Șix Lectures on the Laws and Constitutions of England, post 8vo. bds. 78 (pub. at 128)

1845 62 ANTES on the Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians, 4to. bds. 28

1800 63 ANTIQUARIAN Repertory, a Miscellaneous Assemblage of Topography,

History, Biography, Customs and Manners, edited by Grose, Astle, and other Antiquaries, a new edition greatly enlarged, 4 vols. royal 4to.

numerous plates, fine copy in calf extra, marbled leaves, £4. 108 1807 64 ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY. ROKEwODE's (J. Gage) Memoir of the

Painted Chamber in the Palace of Westminster in illustration of C. Stothard's drawings, (Vetusta Monumenta, Vol. 6, plates 26 to 39, the last part published,) 10 of the plates representing these ancient frescoes are highly finished in colours, £1. ls

The colouring the plates alone cost the Society. £1. Is. 65 ARCHÆOLOGIA, by the Antiquarian Society, Vol. XXVIII. half calf,

cut very large, £1. lls 6d—Vol. XXIX. half calf, cut very large, £1. 11s 6d-Vol. XXX. sewed, uncut, £1. 10s--Vol. XXXI. Part I.

sewed, uncut, 158 65%

various other volumes for sale, beginning with Vol. XIII. 66 ARCHÆOLOGICAL Journal of the British Archæological Association,

Parts 1 to 4, in 1 vol. 8vo. fine plates, cloth, 88 Parker, Oxford, 1844 67 ARETINO (Pietro) de Ragionamenti con il commento delle Fiche, e il

Ragionamento del Zoppini, 12mo. (wants 8 leaves) neat, rare, 58 1584 68 ARMORIAL de la Chambre des Comptes depuis, 1506, 4to. Tome I.

all printed, contenant Messieurs les Presidens, with the Arms emblazoned, 4to. neat, 5s

1769 69 ARMY LIST. The Succession of Colonels to all his Majesty's Land

Forces, from their rise to 1747, with a List of the Royal Navy, Pensions, &c. 8vo. neat, 3s 6d

1746 This very early Army and Navy List contains a good deal of curious information on the rise of the English Army and Navy, a list of the Castles and Fortresses of Eng

land in 1588, &c. &c. 70 ARTHUR. History of the valiant Knight Arthur of Little Britain, a

Romance of Chivalry, translated by Lord Berners, with Introduction by Utterson, 4to. with a series of 25 engravings from an illuminated MS. only 200 copies printed, bds. £1. 168 (pub. at £3. 38)

1814 71 ASCHAM (Ant.) on the Confusions and Revolutions of Governments,

12mo. best edition, with nine additional Chapters, neat, 2s 6d 1649 72 ATTI della solenne Coronazione fatta in campidoglio della insigne poetessa

Donna Maria Maddalena Moreili Fernandez, Pistojese tra gli arcadi Corilla Olimpica, 4to. large paper, finely printed with borders, very elegant in green morocco extra, gilt leaves, and gold border by Hayday, 16s

Parma, 1779

73 ASTLEY'S General Collection of Voyages and Travels, (particularly on Africa, China, and the East Indies,) 4 vols. 4to. many plates, neat, £l. ls

1745 74 AUTHOR'S (The) Printing and Publishing Assistant, 12mo. cloth, 18 6d 75 AYSCOUGH'S Comprehensive Index to Shakspeare, royal 8vo. boards, 158

1827 76 BACHELIER, Recueil de Cantates, 12mo. 28

La Haye, 1728 77 BACON'S (Lord) Sylva Sylvarum, the Phenomena of the Universe, translated by Shaw, 2 vols. 12mo. bds. 38 6d

1803 78 BAHUSII et Cabillavi, Epigrammata, 18mo. half calf, 28 Antu. 1634 79 BAILLY, Histoire de l'Astronomie Ancienne-Traite de l'Astronomie

Indienne et Orientale, together 2 vols. 4to. calf neat, 148 1781-7 80 BAKER'S (D. of Caius Coll. Camb.) Poems, 12mo. neat, 3s 1697 Dedicated to Sir R. Hare of Stow Hall, Norfolk : it includes the Latin poem

of Tom Hicathrift and the Giants. 81 BAKER'S Microscope made Easy, 8vo. plates, neat, 28

1754 82 BAKER'S (Thos.) Reflections on Learning, 8vo. very neat, 2s 1756 83 BALDUINUS (B.) de Calceo Antiquo et Jul. Nigronus de Caliga veterum,

12mo. many plates, neat, 58 Amst. 1667—Bynæi de Calceis Hebræorum, 12mo. plates, vellum, 3s 6d

Dord. 1682 Two curious treatises on the shoes, sandals, and stockings of the ancients. 84 BANKS' (Sir T. C.) History of the Ancient Noble Family of Marmyun, their singular office of King's Champion, 4to. plates, bds. 78 6d

1817 85 BANKS' History of the Dormant and Extinct Peerage of England, 8vo.

Vol. 1, all ever printed, bds. 38 6d-LARGE PAPER, royal 8vo. 48 6d 1812

This volume comprises the extinct Royal Families of England, and the Peerage, in alphabetical order, from Abergavenny to Banbury. The elaborate account of the last Peerage is worth the money, as the printed cases whence it was compiled are not now to be procured. This volume will be useful aside the 4to. edition, as it contains

many corrections of that edition. 86 BARBIER, Examen Critique et Complément des Dictionnaires Histo

riques le plus repandus, 8vo. A-J, (all printed) sewed, 4s 6d 1820 87 BARCLEI (J.) de Rebus Britanniæ Novis, 12mo. vellum, 28 Francf. 88 BARKSDALE'S (Clement) Memorials of Worthy Persons, in Five DE

CADES, 12mo. collected together and inlaid in 4to. newly half bound russia, uncut, £2. 28

1661-1670 89 BARLOW'S (Bp.) Gunpowder Treason, with a Discourse of the Manner

of its Discovery, an a perfect relation of the proceedings against the horrid Conspirators, 12mo. half calf, 48 6d

1679 90 BARR’S (Lieut.) Journal of a March from Delhi to Peshawur, Cabul, and Punjab, post 8vo. cloth, 78

1844 91 BARROW'S (Sir John) Travels in China, 4to. coloured plates, boards, 98

1806 92 BARROW'S Voyage to Cochin China, 4to. fine coloured plates, bds. 128

1806 93 BARRY'S (Sir Edw.) Observations, Historical, Critical, and Medical, on the Wines of the Ancients, 4to. half calf, uncut, 88

1775 94 BARTELL'S Observations on the Town of Cromer, and its Picturesque Scenery, 8vo. very neat, 3s

1800 95 BARTLETT'S Walks about the City and Environs of Jerusalem, royal 8vo. many fine plates and woodcuts, half morocco, 78 6d

1844 96 BARTHOLÍNI (Thomæ) de Bibliothecæ Incendio dissertatio ad Filios, 12mo. half vellum, 38

Hafniæ, 1670 97 BATES' (Ely) Christian Politics, 8vo. calf, marbled leaves, 28 6d 1806 98 BATTY'S (Capt.) Campaign of the Left Wing of the Allied Army in the

Western Pyrenees and South of France, 4to. many plates, etched by the author, bds. 108 6d


99 BATTEL.—Gleanings respecting Battel and its Abbey, 12mo. plates,
cloth, 38


100 BEALE'S Natural History of the Whale, with a Narrative of a South

Sea Whaling Voyage, post 8vo. plates, cloth, 58


101 BEECHAM'S Ashantee and the Gold Coast, with a Vocabulary of the

Fanti Language, 12mo, cloth, 38 6d


102 BEHN'S (Mrs.) Lycidus, or the Lover in Fashion, being an Account

from Lycidus to Lysander of his Voyage from the Island of Love, 8vo.

neat, 38 6d


103 BELCHER'S (Sir Edw.) Narrative of a Voyage round the World, per-

formed in H. M. Ship Sulphur, 1836-42, 2 vols. 8vo. many beautiful

plates, cloth, 168 (pub. at £2.)


Published under the authority of the Admiralty.

104 BELINDA, or the Kisses of Johannes Bonefonius of Auvergne, trans-

lated, with the Latin Text, 8vo. half calf gilt, 38


105 BERKELEY'S (Bishop) Metaphysical and other Works, with his Life

and Letters, 8vo. cloth, 58


106 BERRY'S (Miss) England and France, or a comparative View of the

Social Condition of both Countries, from the Restoration of Charles II.

2 vols. 8vo. bds. 68


107 BIBLIOTHECA Sussexiana, a Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts

and printed Books in the Library of the Duke of Sussex, by T. J.

Pettigrew, 3 vols. imp. 8vo. COMPLETE, many fine plates, bds. £1. 18s


108 BIOGRAPHICAL Dictionary of Musicians, 2 vols. 8vo. boards,

48 6d


109 BIRT'S Letters from a Gentleman in the North of Scotland to his Friend

in London, 1754-a new edition with Notes, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, (a

very curious book ), 58


110 BLACKBURNE'S (Archdeacon) Remarks on Dr. Johnson's Life of

Milton, to which are added Milton's Tractate of Education and Areopa-

gitica, 12mo. PRIVATELY PRINTED, half calf, 48 6d


111 BLAIR'S Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Letters, complete in 1 vol.

8vo. bds. 3s


112 BLOUNT (Sir Thos. Pope) Censura Celebriorum Authorum, folio, neat

and clean, 4s 6d


113 BLUMENBACH'S Manual of the Elements of Natural History, by

Gore, 8vo. half calf, 48


114 BOETHIUS, his Five Bookes of Philosophical Comfort, full of Christian

Consolation, translated by J. T., 12mo. very neat, 3s 6d


115 BOID'S (Capt.) History and Analysis of the Principal Styles of Archi-

tecture, post 8vo. plates, bds. 38


116 BOWRING'S (Dr.) Ancient Poetry and Romances of Spain, post 8vo.

bds. 4s 60


117 BRADY’S Clavis Calendaria, or a Compendious Analysis of the Calen-

vols. 8vo. calf extra, 10s 6d


118 BRANCH'S Collection of Maxims and Memorable Sayings in Law and

Equity, 12mo. half calf, 28 6d


119 BRIEF View of Greek Philosophy, up to the Age of Pericles, 12mo.

new cloth, 2s 6d


120 BRISTOL Memorialist, comprising Papers and Reprints, connected

with the History and Literature of Bristol and its Vicinity, 8vo. 2 plates,

bds. 38 6d


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121 BRITANNIA Depicta, or Ogilby improved, being an actual Survey of

all ye direct and principal cross roads in England and Wales, by Eman.
Bowen, 4to. the whole engraved, with Arms, &c. on the margins of the
maps, FINE COPY, in vellum gilt, curious, 78 6d

122 BRITANNIA Depicta, a Series of 129 Views in Beds, Berks, Bucks,

Cambridge, Cheshire, Cornwall, Cumberland, and Derbyshire, (all that
was published) from Drawings by Farington, Hearne, Turner, &c.

engraved by Scott, Pye, Middiman, &c. with descriptions, 6 parts,

oblong folio, VERY

IMPRESSIONS, in the original

wrappers, £3. 38 (pub. at £19. 158)


This series of plates also illustrate Lysons' Magna Britannia.

123 BRITISH Compendium, or Rudiments of Honour, containing the

Descents, Issues, Titles, &c. of the Nobility of England, Scotland, and
Ireland, 3 vols. square 12mo. Arms, neat, (Duke of Sussex's copy)
48 6d


124 BRITISH Satirist, comprising the best Satires from Pope to Byron,

12mo, bds. 28


125 BRITTON'S Dictionary of the Architecture and Archæology of the

Middle Ages, royal 8vo. 42 fine plates, by Le Keux, half green morocco,

gilt tops, £1. 48

126 BROOKE'S Discoverie of certain Errors (prejudicial to the descents of

the Nobility) in Camden's Britannia, 1594, with Camden's Answer, 4to.
half bound, 4s

127 BROOKE'S (W. A. Civil Engineer) Treatise on the Improvement of
the Navigation of Rivers, 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d


128 BROUGHAM'S (Lord) Historical Sketches of Statesmen, who flou-

rished in the time of Geo. III. 4 vols. 18mo. sewed, 2s 6d 1845

129 BROWNE'S (W.) Britannia's Pastorals, edited by W. Thompson, a new
edition, 12mo. bds. 28 6d

130 BROWN'S (Tom) Amusements, Serious and Comical, calculated for
the Meridian of London, 8vo. 28 6d


131 BROWN'S (Tom) Select Epistles out of Cicero, and other Authors,

adapted to the Humour of the present age, also Letters between an

Attorney and a dead Parson, 8vo. neat, 3s 6d


132 BRUCE'S (P. H.) Memoirs, with his Travels in the East, and several

very interesting private Anecdotes of Peter the Great, 4to. FINE COPY,

calf extra, 48 6d


133 BRUNET, Manual du Libraire et de l'Amateur de Livres, 3 vols. 8vo.
half russia, marbled leaves, 8s


134 BRUNET Manual, vol. 4 of another edition, being the “ Table Metho-

dique,” containing a Classified Catalogue of 25,000 Books, 8vo. half calf,

(very useful) 38 6d


135 BRUNET, Nouvelles Recherches Bibliographiques pour servir de Supple-

ment au “ Manual du Libraire,” 3 vols. 8vo. sewed, 168 Par. 1834

136 BUCKE (C.) on the Beauties, Harmonies, and Sublimities of Nature,

3 vols. 8vo. NEW EDITION, GREATLY ENLARGED, cloth, 10s 6d 1837

137 BUCKLAND'S Letters on the Importance and Advantages of Early

Rising, 12mo. sixth edition, cloth, 28 6d

138 BUCKLER'S Views of the Cathedral Churches of England and Wales,

with Descriptions, 4to. 32 fine plates, half morocco, 148


139 BUDÆI (G.) de Transitu Hellenisimi ad Christianismum, folio, vellum,

38 6d

Par. 1556

140 BULLETIN du Bibliophile, publie par Techener avec Notes par Brunet,

Leber, Peignot, Nodier, &c. first series, thick 8vo. sewed, 38 6d 1834-5

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