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WATSON'S OLD PALE SHERRY. Amontillado character, pure, very soft, and unbrandied, recommended vith confidence. Per dozen, 318.; bottles and cases 38. per dozen extra (if not returned). Three dozen, railway carriage paid, to all England and Wales. Per Octave-14 galls. (cask included) equal to 7 dozen, 111.48. A saving of 23. per dozen. Railway carriage paid to all England and Wales. Per Quarter Cask.-28 galls. (cask included), equal to 14 doren, 211. 143. A saving of 3s. per dozen. Railway carriage paid to all England and Wales. W.D. WATSON, Wine Importer, 72 and 73, Great Russell Street,

corner of Bloomsbury Square, London, W.C. Established 1841. Full Price Lists post free on application.

Terms, Net Cash.

Everyone should therefore provide against them!

1,0001. IN CASE OF DEATH, or
61. per Week while Laid up by Injury caused by

ACCIDENT OF ANY KIND (Riding, Driving, Bunting, Shooting, Fishing, &c.), may be Secured

by an Annual Puyment of from 31. to 6l. 58. to the
The oldest established and largest Company in the

World, insuring against

Offices :

WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary. THE PRETTIEST GIFT for a LADY is one of

JONES'S GOLD LEVERS, at 11l. Ils. For a GENTLEMAN, one at 102. 108. .Rewarded at the International Exhibition for “ Cheapness of Production."

Manufactory, 338, Strand, opposite Somerset House.

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LD MARSALA WINE, guaranteed the finest priced Sberry (ride Dr. Druitt on Cheap Wines). One guinea per dozen. A genuine really fine uld Port 36s. per dozen. Terms cash. Three dozen rail paid.-W.D. WATSON, Wine Merchant, 7: and 73, Great Russell Street, corner of Bloomsbury Square, London, W.C. Established 1841.

Full Price Lists post free on application. 36s. WARD'S PALE SHERRY 36s. At 36s, per dozen, fit for a Gentleman's Table. Bottles and Cases in. cluded. Terms cash, prepaid. Post-orders payable Piccadilly.

(Established upwards of a century), 1, Chapel Street West,


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JEDGES & BUTLER, Wine Merchants, &c.

have the pleasure to announce that they can now offer to connoisseurs of perfumes the famed and historical l.ign-aloe. Among Oriental nations no perfume is held in higher estimation than the Lign-aloe. -" The trees of the Lign-alots which the Lord hath planted."-Numb., c. 24, v. 6. The essence of Ligo-aloes will be sold in bottles, 28. 6d. and 58. the Lign-aloe wood, for sachets, will be 18. 6d. per oz. ; the Lign-aloe balsam and oil, 36. 6d.; the Lign-aloe soap, 18. per lb. Any prepuration of the Lign-aloe made to order.Royal Laboratory of Flowers, 2, New Bond Street, London.

NOTHING UM DOSSIBLEJ. The greatest and

SHERRY. Good Dinner Wine, 248., 308., 36s. per dozen ; Ane pale, golden, and Brown Sherry, 42.,

488., 548., 60s.: Amontillado, for invalids, cos.

CHAMPAGNE. Sparkling. 38., 428.: splendid Epernay, 488., 608., pale and brown Sillery, bls., 788.; Veuve Clicquot's, Perrier and Jouet's. Moet and Chandon's, &c.

PORT. For ordinary use, 248., 308., 368., 478.; fine old Beeswing," 488. 60s.: choice Port of the famed vintages 1847, 1840, 1834, 1820, at 728. to 1208.

CLARET. Good Bordeaux, 188., 208.: St. Julien, 248., 308., 368.: La Rose, 428. Leoville, 488.; Latour, 518.; Margaux, 608.,728.; Lafitte, 728., 848., 96s.

BURGUNDY. Macon and Beaune. 308., 368., 428.; St. George, 428.; Chambertin, 608., 728.; Cote Rotie, 608., 725., 18.; Cortoa, Nuits, Romanée, Clos-de-Vou. Reot, &c.; Chablis, 248., 3 s., 368., 12., 488.; Montrachet and St. Peray; Sparkling Burgundy, &c.

HOCK. Light I inre Hock, 28., 18.; Nie tein, 368., 428.; Hochheimer, 488. 605., 728.; Lie: fraumilch,608.,728.; Je wil nesberger and Steinberger, 72s. 845. to 1908.

MOSELLE. Still Moselle, 248., 308.; Zeltinger, 368., 428.; Brauneberger,488., 608.; Muscatel, 606.,728.; Scharzberg, 728., 848.; sparkling Moselle, 188., 608., 668.. 788.

Foreign Liqueurs of every description. On receipt of a Post-office order, or reference, any quantity will be forwarded immediately by


Brighton: 30, King's Road.
(Originally established A.D. 1667.)

most useful invention of the day, AGUA AMARELLA_Messrs. JOHN GOSNELL & CO., Red Bull Wharf, 93, Upper Thames Street (late Three King Court, Lombard Street), perfumers to Her Majesty, respectfully offer to the public this truly marvellous fluid, which gradually restores the human hair to its pristine huc no matter at what age. The Agua Amarella has none of the properties of dyes; it, on the contrary, is beneficial to the system, and, when the hair is once restored, one application per month will keep it in perfect colour. Price one guil ea per bottle ; halt bottles, 108. 6. Testimonials from artistes of the highest order, and from individuals of undoubted respectability, may be inspected. Messrs. John Gosuell and Co. have been appointed perfumers to H.R.H, the Princess of Wales.





SAUCE.-LEA AND PERRINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. This delicious condiment, pronounced by Connoisseurs


is prepared solely by LEA & PERRINS. The public are respectfully cautioned against worthless imitations, and shoud see that LEA & PERRINS' Names are on Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and Stopper. ASK FOR “LEA AND PERRINS'” SAUCE.

Sold Wholesale and for Export, by the Proprietors, Worcester; MESSRS. CROSSE and BLACKWELL, MESSRS. BARCLAY and SONS, London, &c., &c.; and by Grocers and Oilmen universally.

THE BEST REMEDY FOR INDIGESTION. TORTON'S CAMOMILE PILLS are confidently They act a* a powerful tonic and gentle aperient; are mild in their operation : sate under any circumstances ; and thousands of persons can now bear testimony to the benefits to be derived from their use.

Sold in Bottles at is. 19d., 28. Od. and 11s. each, in every town in the kingdom.

CAUTION!-Be sure to ask for "NORTON'S PILLS," and do not be persuaded to purchase the various imitations. OLLOWAY'S OINTMENT AND PILLS.

Few ailmente are more disheartening, and done more ominous, than ulceration, on the surface of the body. Wherever they are situated it is difficult to cure them unless treated judiciously with some onoling, healing, invigorating application like this never-failing Ointment. It has worked wonders in making bad legs 8 und and strong, even when the power of the blood-vessels had nearly been destroyed, and almost entire stugnation of the circulation had rendered every other curative meung abortive. No sore, wound, or ulcer can withstand it healing power, which can be most beneficially exerted whes winter is giving place to spring, and the circulation becoming Dore active and more readily controllable by proper purifying, soothing, and streng bening agents.


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This Day is published, price 98.





Strongly bound in half morocco, with ilexible back.

NOTICE. — This Atlas includes all the Countries of ., impression of the magnitude of different countries. The Europe in a series of Forty-eight Maps, drawn on the size suffices to show the Provincial Divisions, the Railsame scale, with an Alphabetical Index to the situation ways and Main Roads, the Principal Rivers and Mounof more than 10,000 places; and the relation of the tain Ranges. As a book it can be opened without the various Maps and Countries to each other is defined in a inconvenience which attends the use of a folding Map. general Key-map. The volume is small enough for a Plans of London and Paris are added, on scales suftraveller's wallet, or for a place on the writing-table. ficiently enlarged to designate the streets and public

The identity of scale in all the Maps facilitates the buildings. comparison of extent and distance, and conveys a just



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the Days of Elizabeth and James the Firs:; comprisinz Translations of the journals of the two Dukes of Wirtemberg in 159! and !610, both illustrative of Shakespeare : with Extracts from the Travels of Foreign Princes and others. With copious Notes, and Introduction and Etchings. By WILLIAM BRENCHLEY RYE, of the British Museum.

"A book replete both with information and amusement, furnishing a series of very curious pictures of England in the Olden Time."

Notes and Queries. London: J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.

Works of ROGER ASCHAM. Now first collected and revised, with Life of the Author, by the REV. DR. GILES. 4 vols. fcap. 8vo, cloth, 208.; large paper, 308.

Other Works in this Series on Sale are:1. Marston's Dramatic Works, by Halliwell, 3 vols. 15s. 2. Piers Ploughman, edited by Wright, 2 vols. 108. 3. Increase Mather's Remarkable Providences, 5s. 4. Seldeu's Table-Talk, edited by Singer, Third Edition, 54. 5. Drummond's Poetical Works, by Turnbull, 58. 6. Francis Quarles' Enchiridion. 38. 7. Wither's Hymns and Sonys of the Church, 5s. 8. Wither's Hallelujah-Hymns, Songs, Odes, &c. 6s. 9. Southwell's Poetical Works, by Turnbull, 4s. 10. John Aubrey's Miscellanies, 48. 11. Chapman's Homer's Iliad, by Hooper, 2 vols. 2nd edit. 128. 12. Chapman's Homer's Odyssey, by Hooper, 2 vols. 128. 13. Chapman's Frogs and Mice, Hymns, Muscus, &c. 68. 14. Webster's (John) Dramatic Works, by Hazlitt, 4 vols. 208. 15. Lilly's (John) Dramatic Works, by Fairbolt, 2 vols. 108. 16. Crashaw's Poetical Works, by Turnbull, 58. 17. Spence's Anecdotes of Books and Men, by Singer, 68. 18. Sackville's (Lord Buckhurst) Poetical Works, 4s. 19. Cotton Mather's Wonders of the Invisible World, 58. 20. Lovelace's Lucasta, &c., edited by Hazlitt, 5s. 21. History of King Arthur, edited by T. Wright, 3 vols. 158. 22. Remains of the Early Popular Poetry of England, edited by W.C.

Hazlitt. 4 vols. 209. 23. Sir Thomas Overbury's Works, by Rimbault, 58.

London: J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.


The Second Edition, 8vo, pp. 540, cloth, 158, MANUAL FOR THE GENEALOGIST, consisting of Descriptions of Public Records, Parochial, and other Registers, Wills. County and Family Histories, Heraldic Collections in Public Libraries, &c. By RICHARD SIMS, of the British Museum.

"This work will be found indispensable by those engaged in the studs of Family History and Heraldry, and by the Compiler of County and Local History, the Antiquary and the Lawyer."

London: J. RUSSELL SMITII, 36, Soho Square.

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Printed by GEORGE ANDREW SPOTTISWOODE, at 5 New Street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the County of Middlesex ;

and Published by WILLIAM GREIG SMITH, of 13 Wellington Street, Strand, in the said County.--Saturday, August 3, 1867.

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CROMWELL, and PITT. A Course of Lectures on the Political History of England. By GOLDWIN SMITH. Crown 8vo, cloth, extra gilt, 6s. 60.

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With the APRIL Number of the ART-JOURNAL appeared, without increase in the price of that popular and beautifully-illustrated Periodical, the FIRST PART of the ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE of the PARIS UNIVERSAL EXHIBITION, dedicated, by permission,

to the Emperor of the French, who has been graciously pleased to express personally to the editor, Mr. S.C. Hall, F.S.A., his most unqualified approbation of its plan and execution. Each number is illustrated with upwards of

ONE HUNDRED Highly-finished Engravings on Wood, by the first artists; and the publication will be continued in every month's issue of the ARTJOURNAL of the present year and of a portion of the next.

Besides these Engravings, forming a permanent record of the Paris Universal Exhibition, the ART-JOURNAL gives with each number two large Line-Engravings, after celebrated Pictures ; Articles on Fine Art, illustrated with wood engravings : Obituary Notices of Artists ; Criticisms on Art Literature and Productions i and all the Art-Gossip of the Day, &c. The Part for AUGUST, price 2s.6d., contains Engravings of Cabinet Work, Jewellery, Glass, Lace, Shawls, Silks, Porcelain, Carpets, Clocks, Pianofortes, &c. LINE ENGRAVINGS.-I. “The Novice," after J. C. Horsley, R.A., II. " The Seribes Reading the Chronicles to Ahasuerus," after H.O'Neil, A.RA.

LITERARY CONTRIBUTIONS.—The Glase_Domestic and Decorative, by George Wallis ; The Lace and Embroidery, by Mrs. Bury Palliser: Adaptations from the Antique, by Rev. C. Boutell, M.A.: The Knights of the Middle Ages, by Rev. E. L. Cutts, B.A., illustrated, Historie Devices and Badges, by Mrs. Bury Palliser, illustrated ; Rembrandt's Etchings: Obituary of Horatio M'Culloch, R.B.A. ; ArtGossip and Notabilia, &c.

London : VIRTUE & CO., %6, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row.



of ENGLAND ; ita Causes and its Results. By EDWARD A. FREEMAN, M.A., late Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. Vol. I., demy 8vo, cloth, 188.

The bold, clear, nervous English of the book is throughout in admirable harmony with the clear, definite treatment of its subject, the precision with which it expresses the principles on which its author works, and the vigour with which he works them out. Not less remarkable is Mr. Freeman's command over the enormous mass of facts which he has laid under contribution. The book is a perfect mine of learning on the subject which it treats."-Saturday Review.

"Few contributions to English history equal in value to this have come within our knowledge for many bygone years."

Athenaum. Oxford : Printed at the Clarendon Press, and Published by MACMILLAN & CO., London, Publishers to the University,

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Day, at every Library, in ? vols. RVILLE COLLEGE. A New Story. By Mrs.

HENRY WOOD, Author of " East Lynne," " The Channings," “Trevlyn Hold," &c.

TINSLEY BROTHERS, 18, Catherine Street.

TINSLEY'S MAGAZINE: an illustrated Monthly. for ATGŪST, ready this day.

CONTENTS: 1. The Adventures of Dr. Brady. By W. H. Russell, LL.D. (With sa Ilustration.) Chap. I. “Myself."-II. At Home.-III. Doubts and Fean.-IV. The Disillusion.-V. The Journey.

2. The shortest Way Home. (With an Illustration.)
3. Thespians Out of the Cart. (Illustrated.)
4. Aunt Anastasia on Society:

3. The Rock Ahead. By Edmund Yates. (With an Illustration.) Prologue Chap. I. Whispered.-II. Pondered. --III. Proposed-IV. Settled.

6. Rusticas at the Belgian Ball.
7. The Empire of Mexico.
The Recluse of the Iron Tower. By Shirley

Brooks. 9. The Hon. Alice Brand's Correspondence. No. l. 10. Starved at Spithead. 11. Paris Fashions. (With Coloured Plate and several Illustra

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London: TINSLEY BROTHERS, 18, Catherine Street, Strand. 3RD S. No. 293.

This day, the Third and Enlarged Edition, fcap. 8vo, cloth, 38.

Ready, 12mo, bound. 663 pages, price 6s. 6d.


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the Greek Language : containing a Series of Greek and English Exercises for Translation, with the requisite Vocabularies, and an Appendix on the Homeric Verse and Dialect. By DR. RAPHAEL KÜHNER, Co-Rector of the Lyceum, Hanover. Translated by S. H. TAYLOR, LL.D, A New Edition, revised and edited, with numerous Emendations and Additions, including upwards of One Thousand Examination Questions, and a Greek-English and English-Greek Lexicon. By CHARLES W. BATEMAN, LL.B., some time Scholar of Trinity College, Dublin, Inspector of Her Majesty's Schools.

“ of the merits of Kuhner's Greek Grammar, now so generally acknowledged, we need_hardly speak. The present edition, which is based on that of Dr. Taylor of America, has several explanatory Notes and upwards of a thousand Questions appended to it by Mr. Bateman. No student can have attentively worked through these exercises without attaining a very considerable knowledge of Greek ; and as the work combines Grammar, Delectus, and Lexicon, it may be confidently recommended as one of the best books which can be pat into the hands of the beginner." _Educational Times.

PARADIGMS OF THE CONJUGATION OF GREEK VERBS. Extracted from Bateman's Edition of Kühner's Elementary Greek Grammar. By CHAS. W. BATEMAN, LL.B.. rometime Scholar of Trinity College, Dublin. To which is added METRES OF THE GREEK PLAYS. Price 18.

Now ready, in one vol. 8vo. pp. 38a, printed in double columns, cloth,

108. 6d. containing more than 15,000 references, and forming a similar work to Sims' Index of Pedigrees, in the MSS. in the British Museum. What that is for Manuscripts, this is for Printed Books. N INDEX TO PRINTED PEDIGREES con

tained in County and Local Histories, the IIeralds' Visitations, and in the more important Genealogical Collections. By CHARLES BRIDGER.

London : J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.

Also ready, 12mo, sewed, 28. 6d. A KEY to the EXERCISES in KÜHNER'S GREEK GRAMMAR. By C. W. BATEMAN, LL.B. For the use of Tutors only.

NOTE.--Tutors and Principals desirous of examining Kühner's Greek Grammar as above, will be favoured with a single copy, post free, on receipt of 48.6d. in postage stamps, by inclosing a copy of their Testimonials or Scholastic Card, addressed to Charles Bateman, Esq., LL.B., care of W. B. Kelly, 8, Grafton Street, Dublin. London : SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, & CO.; Dublin : W. B. KELLY:

Edinburgh : OLIVER & BOYD.

FIFTH and CHEAPER EDITION, 2 vols. Svo, upwards of 1000 pages,

closely printed in double columns, cloth, 158. ICTIONARY of ARCHAICand PROVINCIAL

WORDS, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs, and Ancient Customs, from the Reign of Edward I. By JAMES ORCHARD HALLIWELL, F.R.S., F.S.A., &c.

It contains above 50,000 words, forming a complete key for the reader of our old Poets, Dramatists, Theologians, and other Authors, whose works abound with allusions, of which explanations are not to be found in oruinary Dictionaries and Books of Reference.

London : JOHN RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.


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In the press, to be published in a few days, price 123. COLLECTION of SEVENTY-NINE OLD

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ANGLO-SAXON AND ENGLISH LANGUAGES. ERSIONS of the HOLY GOSPELS in Gothic, parallel columns, with Preface, Notes, &c. By REV. DR. BOSWORTH and G. WARING, 8vo, above 600 pages, cloth, 128. 6d. A very low price has been fixed, to insure an extended sale among students and higher schools.

EV. DR. BOSWORTH'S COMPENDIOUS printed in treble columns, 128. cloth. EV. W. BARNES'S ANGLO-SAXON DE

LECTUS; serving as a First Class-book to the Language. 19mo, 28.6d, cloth.


& GRAMMAR founded on Rask's; with Reading Lessons in Verse and Prose, &c. 12mo, 5s. cloth. ) EV. W. BARNES'S PHILOLOGICAL

GRAMMAR, grounded upon English, mud formed from a Comparison of more than Sixty Languages; being an Introduction to the Science of Grammar of all Lauguages, especially English, Latin, and Greek. 8vo, 9s. cloth.


STEMS of the ENGLISH as a TEUTONIC TONGUE. Feap. 870, 58. cloth.

London: J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.


in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, between the Years 1359 and 1597, all of the highest interest and curiosity, presumed to be unique, and hitherto unknown. Reprinted from the celebrated Folio Volume formerly in the Library of the late George Daniel, Esq., accompanied with an Introduction and Illustrative Notes.

*** The above is beautifully printed by Messrs. Whittingham & Wilkins, on fine toned paper Bize, post 8vo, consisting of above 300 pages, to range with the Collections of Percy, Ritson, &c.

A Detailed Prospectus and Descriptive Catalogue of the seventy Ballads, consisting of sixteen pages Svo, may be had on application, or will be forwarded on the receipt of two postage-stamps.

Specimen Catalog of above 50,000 Volumes of Rare, Curious, Useful, and Valuable Books, Splendid Books of Prints, Picture Galleries, Illustrated Works, &c.. on Sale, at greatly reduced prices, mas also be obtained on application; or in the Country, for two postane stamps. JOSEPH LILLY, 17 & 18, New Street, and 5A, Garrick Street, Covent

Garden, London.


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A NEW and CHEAPER EDITION, in 2 thick vols. 8vo, cloth, 17. 18.

GLOSSARY; or, Collection of Words, Phrases,

Customs, Proverbs, &c. Hlustrating the Works of English Authors, particularly SHAKESPEARE and his Contemporaries. By ROLERI NARES, Archdeacon of Stafford, &c. A New Edition, with considerable Additions, both of Words and Examples, by JAMES O. HALLIWELL, F.R.S. and THOMAS WRIGHT, M.A., F.8.A. &c.

The Glossary of Archdeacon Nares is by far the best and most useful work we possess for explaining and illustrating the obsolete language and the customs and manners of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and it is quite indispensable for the readers of the literature of the Elizabethan period. The additional words and examples are distinguished from those in the original text by a + prefixed to each. The work containg between PIVE AND SIX THOUSAND additional examples, the result of original research, not merely supplementary to Nares, but to all other compilations of the kind.

London : JOHN RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.


Η Ε Ε Τ Η.

Free by Post Four Stamps,
Explaining the Painless System of Dentistry and self-adhesive

Artificial Teeth, without springs,

At half the usual charges.

56, Harley Street, Cavendish Square, London.

134, Duke Street, Liverpool.

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some loose papers in the Register House, when

Lord Hailes was preparing his admirable and unCONTENTS.-N° 293.

answerable case for the Countess of Sutherland. NOTES :- Battle of Harlaw: Heirs: Heirs Male, 101 This was in 1771, when his lordship (one of the

An old Newspaper: a Royal Marriage Custom Haber lady's guardians) prepared and printed an abdasber. 102 - Goethe's Sensibility, 103 - Pictures by West, 104 — Fly-leaves : Izaak Walton - Two Churches under

stract of it. Besides being a valuable historical one Roof - Naval Review at Portsmouth, 1778 – Salmon document, this pleading has another value in the Fishing Mr. Bright's Epigrammatic Saying -- Sale of estimation of Scotish lawyers : for it proves that Old Manuscripts and Books—"Thus!" Earl St. VincentLiverpool Shipowners and their Flags in 1793 - Seeing in

the word “heirs then had precisely the same the Dark, 109. QUERIES :- Bridt Clubs of London - Old Engravers

meaning it has now; that it never was presumed - First Coloured Jury in America - Furies – “Glue" for to mean heirs male, as, where such succession was “Glaze" - The Hamilton Family in Ireland -" High Life intended, the distinctive term “masculus” below Stairs" - Langmead Family - A Literary Trick added. “ Married on Crooked Staff" --- National and Family Por. traits - The Oath of Le Faisan - Obituary Medalet of The following is the abridgement: Edward V. - * Rev. Thomas Mierson, late Pastour of Brompton Brian, Hereford” – Quotation-- Royal Authors

“ Robertus Dux Albaniæ, etc., dedisse, etc., carissimæ -Ryder, Wyvill, and More Families-Michael Wiggins, 107. nepti nostræ, Eufamiæ, etc. etc., filiæ et heredi quonQUERIES WITH ANSWERS :- Lord Howard of Escrick

dam Alexandri de Lesley, Comitis de Rosse, totum et John Archer - Designation of Scotch Law Courts - Scot- integrum comitatum de Rosse, etc. etc., qui,

quæ, et quod ticisms, 109.

fuerunt dictæ Eufamiæ hæreditariè ; et quem, quas, et REPLIES:

-Lucifer, 110-Assumption of a Mother's Name quod eadem Eufamia, non vi et metu ducta, nec errore 111 - Junius, Burke, &c. - Poetic Pains, 113 - Surname lapsa, sed merci et spontanea et voluntate suâ, in sua of " Parr” – Calligraphy - Beauty Unfortunate - Quarter-Masters, &c. - 1 stuart of the Scotch Guard" - Quo.

pura et integra virginitate, in præsentia venerabilium in tation wanted - References wanted - Royal Arms of

Christo Patrum Domini Finlai, Episcopi Dunblanensis, Scotland Threckingham Font-inscription - Style of in castro de Strivlyne, die Mercurii, duodecimo die mensis "Reverend” and “ Very Reverend". Titles of the Judges Junii ultimo præterit., in manus nostras, etc., resignavit, - Immortal Brutes - Dole - Richard Dean - Waltham etc. Tenend., etc., prædictæ Eufamiæ, et heredibus suis Abbey - Philology – Battle of Baugé - Commander of

de corpore suo legitime procreatis seu procreandis ; quibus the Nightingale - Mottoes of Companies - Punning Mottoes – “Conspicuous from its Absence,” &c., 114.

forte deficientibus, Johanni Stewart, Comiti Buchanie,

filio nostro carissimo, et heredibus suis masculis de corNotes on Books, &c.

pore ejus legitime procreatis seu procreandis ; quibus forsitan deficientibus, Roberto Stewart fratri suo ger

mano, et heredibus suis masculis de corpore suo legitime Potes.

procreatis seu procreandis ; quibus forsitan deficientibus, BATTLE OF HARLAW : HEIRS: HEIRS MALE.

domino nostro Regi, et hæredibus suis regibus Scotiæ, de

domino nostro Rege, et hæredibus suis, in feodo," etc.* The battle of Harlaw, which has formed the

This resignation by the professed nun was nusubject of two old Scotish ballads-one of which gatory; for the succession was regulated by a from tradition has been given in “N. & Q.” charter of David II., dated October 23, 1370, of naturally created a great sensation in the district the earldom of Ross, where a remainder is given of Mar, where the onslaught of the Highlanders to Sir Walter Leslie and Eufamia de Ross (the and Men of the Isles was so very fierce, that the grantee's daughter): “et heredibus de ipsa Eumemory of the event was not likely to pass soon famia legitime procreatis, seu procreandis.” The away from the recollection of those who suffered possibility of a failure of male heirs is contemfrom their ravages; and the remembrance of plated, because there is a special provision that, which would be transmitted as a sort of heirloom upon the succession coming to females,“ semper from father to son, accompanied, no doubt, with senior heres femella” was to succeed without imprecations on the memory of Donald of the division. Isles, who had occasioned the mischief.

Leslie and Eufamia had a son, who married a Nevertheless, however bloody were the con- daughter of Albany, by whom he had a daughter sequences, they were caused by the illegal attempt also called Eufamia; who, either from mental of Robert Duke of Albany, who, in his endea or personal defects, was induced to embrace a revours to aggrandise his own race, was desirous to ligious life and become a nun. The consequence wrest the earldom of Ross from its lawful heir.

of this was that her aunt, the wife of Donald of In order to show how the case really stood, it the Isles, the instant Eufamia took the vows, may be necessary to state, that the attempt by became Countess of Ross by reason of the substithe Regent to get hold of the earldom appeared tution to “heirs” in King David's charter. under the guise of a legal instrument, executed, It was thus to vindicate the right of his wife or said to be executed, by Eufamia Countess of to the earldom that Donald had recourse to arms. Rossma lady who had taken the vows long be- That he was unsuccessful, was his misfortune. fore, was a professed nun, and in this way barred He might truly exclaim, from Lucan: from doing anything to the prejudice of the next

“ Victrix causa Diis placuit, sed victa Catoni.” beir to the earldom. Fortunately, the original deed has been preserved. It was found amongst

June 15, 1415. Page 29 of case. 1

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