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* Thou was bouxsome and bayne his body to tent, Court and Donore, and near the liberties of the

And to his byddyng bowandi to blysse that vs broghte, Earl of Meath. I have deeds relating to it in my
Thou servede that semly till hir sone sent
Aftir hir hym-selfene," &c.

office. The phrase, “Miss Spence on Crooked I. e. “ Thou wast obedient and ready to take care of Staff,” meant, I should think, that she lived there. His (Christ's) body, and bowing to His will who brought

Francis Compton, Solicitor. us to bliss; thou servedst that seemly one (the Virgin)

43, Dame Street, Dublin. till her Son sent after her Himself.”

“THE THREE PIGEONS” (3rd S. xii. 79.)-I This exactly agrees in sense with the first two

cannot think that the sign has any religious lines of the quotation, but I find nothing here as origin. Three is common on signs. Some threes to the burial of the Virgin in Gethsemane. are certainly connected with religion, e. g., “The


Three Kings," “ The Three Crowns, Cambridge.

Three Children,” “ The Three Women ” [Faith, The following, which I have extracted from Hope, and Charity ?). I have in England met the 8th chapter of Maundevile, shows that the

with " The Three Jolly Vicars, “ The Three tradition existed three centuries previously to the Jolly Butchers," " The Three Jolly Dogs," "The

Three Hats" verses cited by W. R. S.:

[Cardinals' Caps], “ The Three

Feathers,” &c. &c. In Manchester there used to “ Also in the myddel Place of the Vale of Josaphathe, be — it may still exist — a low public-house is the Chirche of oure Lady: and it is of 43 Degrees, which had for a sign three winged chamber vesundre the Erthe, unto the Sepulcre of oure Lady. oure Lady was of Age, when sche dyed, 72 Zeer. * sels! The house was called by a name that I In that Chirche were wont to ben blake Monkes, that cannot transfer to “N. & Q.' I have always hadden hire Abbot. . And besyde that Chirche is a

regarded this sign as a Royalist alteration of a Chapelle, besyde the Roche, that highte Gethesamany; Puritan sign of “Three Cherubs.”. Many of the and there was oure Lord," &c. &c.


threes may have had an heraldic origin. In arms Tonbridge.

where we have a chevren we often find three (3rd S. xii. 67.)

figures of some kind, as Or, à chevron gules be

tween three lilies proper, 2 and 1. Some years “ In the clear heaven of her delightful eye,” &c. ago, when travelling in Merionethshire, I rested The lines are by Montgomery, and occur in a

at “The Three Pipes," and on the following day poem of his which I think is entitled “ Home.” I dined at “ The Three Cross Pipes.”

F. E. TILL. I cannot enter on the question about doves and MARQUIS D'AYTONE (3rd S. xii. 65.)—If I mis- pigeons. However, I must remark that doves take not, the celebrated Francis Moncade's title

are certainly pigeons, and belong to the same

natural class, Columba. The Greeks and Ruswas Aytona, not Aytone, which is not more Anglo-Saxon than these other Spanish names:

sians, and I believe the Turks also, never eat the Solsona, Tarazona, Ossuna, Ocana, Almanza, &c. In this they are perfectly consistent.

dove. They abstain also from eating the pigeon.

S. J. Born at Valencia on Dec. 29, 1586, he held with much distinction, under Philip IV., the highest BATTLE OF BAUGÉ (3rd S. xii. 53, 54, 118.)— offices of the state : such as Counsellor of State, P. A. L. totally mistakes the nature of my arguAmbassador at the Court of Vienna, Governor of ment founded on the fact, that no person in holy the Netherlands, and General-in-Chief of the orders could have used a lance. The use of steel Spanish armies. Historians are unanimous as to harness—i. e. defensive armour-has bearing his political and military virtues. He died in the on the question. P. A. L. might have surmised zenith of his military glory, in the camp of Glock, that no writer connected with Lanarkshire would Duchy of Cleves, 1635, just after having routed be likely to overlook the reply of Gavin Douglas, two armies. Like Cæsar, he could wield the pen Bishop of Dunkeld, to his brother prelate: My as well as the sword. At the age of twenty-seven Lord, your conscience clatters.”' he composed a military history, which is much The objection is confined to the lance, sword, esteemed, entitled Expedition of the Catalonians or dagger, as offensive weapons. To use the and Aragonese against the Turks; likewise a life phraseology of the Scotch criminal courts, an of Manlius Torquatus; also, the history of the ecclesiastic might commit an assault “ to the celebrated monastery of Mount Serrat. A splen- danger of life," but not “ to the effusion of blood.” did equestrian portrait of him, by Van Dyke, is in Surely P. A. L. must recollect the case of the fact in the Louvre. It is one of its gems. warlike French bishop, who, to avoid this pro

P. A. L. hibition, rode into battle armed with a mace. MARRIED ON CROOKED STAFF (3rd S. xii. 108.)

GEORGE VERE IRVING. “Crooked Staff” is a portion of house and land QUARTER-MASTERS, ETC. (3rd S. xi. 501 ; xii. property in the county of Dublin-now, probabiy, 114.)-I can assure Sp. that I have again and in the county of the city. It is near Thomas again heard an officer of the Life Guards address

a corporal-major as simply major: of course, if Sallads. How to Dress them in one hundred different he was on parade, or if he was speaking to a third ways. By Georgiana Hill. (Routledge.) party, he would invariably use the full title.

How grateful at the present season will this addition to

our stock of knowledge on salad-dressing prove, if only GEORGE VERE IRVING, one tithe of the receipts turn out as palatable as they are


Messrs. Moxoy's Autumnal Announcements include SHiscellaneous.

Tennyson's “ Vivien and Guinevere,” illustrated by eigh

teen drawings by Gustave Doré, which are to be pubNOTES ON BOOKS, ETC.

lished as photographs, artist's proofs

, and line-engravings;

a new and revised edition, with important additions, of The Apocryphal Gospels, and other Documents relating to

the “Memorials of Thomas Hood," to range with that the History of Christ. Translated from the Originals in author's Complete Works; the Registrar-General of SeaGreek, Latin, Syriac, &c. With Notes, Scriptural men's edition of “ Dana's Manual of Seamanship;" a new References, and Prolegomena. By B. Harris Cowper, edition of Lord Houghton's “ Life and Letters of Keats ;" Editor of " The Journal of Sacred Literature.” (Wil the first volume of an enlarged and carefully-revised ediliams & Worgate.)

tion of “ Charles Lamb's Life and Letters ; " and that Curious and interesting as they are in many respects, author's “ Eliana," uniform with the “ Essays of Elia ; the Apocryphal Gospels are known to a large number of also Vol. II. of the popular “ Moxon's Standard Penny English readers only from the account which is given of Readings ;” and two new volumes of the “ Miniature them in Hone's wretched compilation, entitled the Apocry- Series,” being Selections from the Poems of Sir Walter phal New Testament ; the publication of which he after Scott and of Lord Houghton. wards so deeply regretted; and which has been so unscrupulously reprinted and mutilated. It has been said that the Churches once received these spurious Gospels; and

BOOKS AND ODD VOLUMES on the strength of this assertion, for which there is

WANTED TO PURCHASE. not the slightest foundation, they have been used as

Particulars of Price, &c., of the following books to be sent direct to weapons by the enemies of Christianity. But, as Mr.

the gentleman by whom they are required, whose name and address Cowper weil observes : “ Any statement made now, that are given for that purpose:the spurious Gospels were ever regarded in the Church as RUSKIN'S MODERN PAINTERS. 5 Vols. inspired and true, must arise from ignorance or malicious

NEWSPAPER Cuttings. Any coilections.

BEWICK's IL ISTORY OF Birds. 9 Vols. misinterpretation, and must be condemned as false and BOX TON MAGAZINE. 6 Vols. deceitful.” but these religious novels, fictions, (or what DUGDALE'S WARWICKSHIRE, by Thomas. 2 Vols. ever we may call them), being as we have said interesting

Wanted by Mr. Thomas Bect, Bookseller, 13, Conduit Street,

Bond Street, London, W. in many respects, the English reader is under deep obligations to a gentleman of the recognised scholarship of Mr. Harris Cowper for employing himself in the preparation

Notices to Correspondents. of accurate translations of them -- and accompanying

J. MANUEL (Newcastle). The sun-dial mottoes are by the Rev. W. L. those translations by valuable prolegomena, scriptural Boules, an i appeared inN.& Q." Ist s. xi. 184. references, and illustrative notes. As this is the first A FOREIGNER. The Popular Cyclopædia, vi. 206-209 (Lond. 1562 Ontime that the English reader will have had anything

tains a valuable article on "The Seren Years' War," irith references to

the principal works treating on it. Consult also Thomas Carlyle's Hislaid before him that can pretend to be a complete collec tory of Frederick the Great, 6 vols. 1859-65. tion of the False Gospels, we trust it will be received, as E. H. S. The last coinage of Guineas took place in 1913. it deserves, with such encouragement as will secure from ERRATUM.-3rd S. xii. p. 128, col. ii, line 16, for "sites" read" rites." Mr. Cowper his promised translations of the remainder of *** Cases for binding the volumes of "N.& Q." may be had of the the Christian Apocrypha.

Publisher, and of all Booksellers and Newsmen.

"NOTES AND QUERIES" is published at noon on Friday, and is also A Treatise on the Identity of Herne's Oak: showing the

issueil in MONTHLY PARTS. The Subscription for STAMPED COPies for

sir Months forwarded direct from the Publisher (including the Half. Maiden Tree to have been the real one. By W. Perry, yearly INDEX) is 118. 1d., which may be paid by Post Office Orders Wood-carver to the Queen. (L. Booth.)

payable at the Strand Post Office, in favour of WILLIAM G. SMITH, 43,

Wellington STREET, STRAND, W.C., where also all CommUNICATIONS Mr. Perry having been engaged in carving many FOR THE EDITOR should be addressed. Shakespearian memorials, including a magnificent casket "Notes & QUERIES" is registered for transmission abroad. for Miss Coutt's First Folio Shakespeare, out of the maiden tree known as Herne's Oak, and which fell from natural decay on the last day of August, 1863, was naturally

(EATH'S LIST OF SOME SECOND-HAND led to examine whether this oak or the one felled in

BOOKS in first-rate condition. Good useful books in most

classes of Literature. No. 4 for 1867 may now be had on rernitting 1796 was the tree immortalised by Shakespeare. His in stamp for postage. quiries have convinced him that the tree so lately stand

W. HEATH, 497, Oxford Street, London. ing was the true Herne's Oak. Whether he will succeed in bringing all his readers to the same conviction may be

Just published, price 12s. doubtful; but at all events he has produced a pretty

BLACK-LETTER BALLADS and BROADSIDES, printed in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, between the Years 1599 and 1397, all

of the highest interest and curiosity, presumed to be unique, and Black's Guide to Norway. Edited by the Rev. Robert

hitherto unknown. Reprinted from the celebrated Folio Volume

formerly in the Library of the late George Daniel, Esq., accompanied Bowden, Late British Chaplain at Christiania. (A. & with an Introduction and lustrative Notes. C. Black.)

*** The above is beautifully printed by Messrs. Whittingham &

Wilkins, on fine toned paper ; size, post 8vo, consisting of above 300 The ex-British Chaplain at Christiania has here pro pages, to range with the Collections of Percy, Ritson, &c. duced an unpretending little volume, which, wit' its A Detailed Trospectus and Descriptive Catalogue of the Seventy map, sketch of the language, and practical directions,

Ballads, consisting of sixteen puges svo, may be had on application, or

will be forwarded on the receipt of two postage-stamp3. will be found a compact and useful little volume by all intending Tourists of Norway.

JOSEPH LILLY, 17 & 18, New Street, and 51, Garrick Street, Covent

Garden, London,

little addition to the library of every Shakespeariancon A CALLECTION OF SEVENTY-NINE OLD

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WATSON'S OLD PALE SHERRY. Amontillado character, pure, very soft, and unbrandied, recommended with confidence. Per dozen, 348.; bottles and cases 38. per dozen extra (if not returned). Three dozen, railway carriage paid, to all England and Wales. Per Octave-14 galls. (cask included) equal to 7 dozen, 11l. 48. A saving of 28. per dozen. Railway carriage paid to all Eng. land and Wales. Per Quarter Cask.-28 galls. (cook included), equal to 14 dozen, 217. 148. A saving of 38. per dozen. Railway carriage paid to all England and Wales. W.D. WATSON, Wine Importer, 72 and 73, Great Russell Street,

corner of Bloomsbury Square, London, W.C. Established 1841. Full Price Lists post free on application.

Terms, Net Cash.

Everyone should therefore provide against them!

1,0001, IN CASE OF DEATH, or
61. per Week while Laid up by Injury, caused by

ACCIDENT OF ANY KIND (Riding, Driving, Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, &c.), may be Secured

by an Annual Payment of from 31. to 61. 58. to the
The oldest established and largest Company in the

World, insuring against

Offices :

WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary.

R. HOWARD, Surgeon-Dentist, 52, Fleet Street,

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OLD MARSALA WINE, guaranteed the finest prieed Sherry rich Dr. Druitt on Cheap Wines). One guinca per dozen. A genuine really fine old Port 368. per dozen. Terms cash. Three dozen ruil paid.-W.D. WATSON, Wine Merchant, 7 and 73, Great Russell Street.corner of Bloomsbury Square, London, W.C. Established 1811.

Full Price Lists post free on application.

TEETH, fixed without springs, wires, or ligatures: they so perfectly resemble the natural teeth as not to be distinguished from the original by the closest observer ; they will never change colour or decay, and will be found very superior to any teeth ever before used. This method does not require the extraction of roots or any painful operation, and will support and preserve teeth that are loove, and is guaranteed to restore articulation and mastication. Decayed teeth stopped and rendered sound and useful in mastication.-52, Fleet Street. At home from ten till five.-Consultations free.

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And by Agents throughout the Kingdom and Colonies.


HE PRETTIEST GIFT for a LADY is one of

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(EDGES & BUTLER solicit attention to their


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(Originally established A.D. 1667.)

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Retail, of every Dealer in the World : Wholesale, at the Works, Graham Street, Birmingham ; 91, John Street, New York ; and at 37, Gracechurch Street, London.

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most useful invention of the day, AGUA AMARELLA-Messrs. JOHN GOSNELL & CO., Red Bull Wharf, 93, Upper Thames Street (late Three King Court, Lombard Street), perfumers to Her Majesty, respectfully offer to the public this truly marvellous fluid, which gradually restores the human hair to its pristine hue--no matter at what age. The Agua Amarella has none of the properties of dyes; it, on the contrary, is beneficial to the system, and, when the hair is once restored, one application per month will keep it in perfect colour. Price one guinea per bottle ; half bottles, 108. 6. Testimonials from artistes of the highest order, and from individuals of undoubted respectability, may be inspected. Messrs. John Gosnell and Co. have been appointed perfumers to H.R.H. the Princess of Wales.

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in Sticks and Drops.
J. S. FRY & SONS, Bristol and London.

HOLLOWAY SPILLS dizer The truest philosophical

spirit of inquiry led to the discovery of this priceless medicine and the most unselfish labour and expense have been incurred in bringing so great a boon to the knowledge, and within the reach, of the afflicted throughout the world. Every invalid who can read will understand the plain directions in his own language, which are folded round the pills, which should be taken in the doses and at the times distinctly specified therein, while great attention should be paid to diet and many minor matters, all of which, however, are important, inasmuch as they angment the curative powers of the pills, prevent them from disagreeing with the most delicate, and spare time and suffering.

[blocks in formation]




REPORT OF THE DIRECTORS. For the Year and Quinquennium ending 30th June, 1867, read at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of

PROPRIETORS, 9th August, 1867. GEORGE RUSSELL, ESQ., Chairman of the Company, in the Chair.

The Report which the Directors have now to make to the Proprietors has ref-rence not only to the progress of the Company during the past year, but also to the more important consideration of its financial condition at the close of another quinquennium, and of the long term of Sixty years from the date of its establishment.

As regards the progress of the Company during the Year, it may be sufficient to state that the ordinary Receipts and Payments have been augmented by those of another small Assurance Society, the business of which has been transferred to the Eagle in this interval. Thus, the total Premiums received have

been £397,533, and the Interest from Investments, 2123.852 ; whilst, on the other hand, the Claims on decease of Lives Assured have amounted to £307,016, and the Expenses of Blanagement to £16,923_this last sum including €3,909, which will, for the most part, now cease.

An exception to this general augmentation is to be found in the case of the Premiums on New Assurances, which have amounted to £15,101-a less sum than they have reached in foregoin? years.

Adverting now to the results of the quinquennial investigation, which has been in progress for several months, and which has been conducted with au due care and circumspection, it appears, from the Actuary's statement, that there were in force on the 30th June last, the following Policies, viz. :

16.882 participating, assuring, with additions, 23,305,962, and paying Premiums amounting to 2274,517 per Annum;

And 4,096 non-participating, assuring £3,709,743, and paying Premiums amounting to £112,319 per Annum. The total amount Assured in these two classes_viz., £13,015,705_together with some annuities, is found, by the minute and laborious processes used in such investigations, to involve an immediate liability of £6,211,830.

The total Annual Premium receivable-viz., 238,836-—is shown, by the like processes, to be now worth £1,506,168, or nearly 12 years' purchase.

The net Liability arising under these large items_-viz., 21.738,669-is included in the following statement, which has been verified by the Auditors, and which comprises all the realised and unrealised Assets of the Company, and also all cluims ugainst it, immediate or remote. LIABILITIES. £ 8. d.


£ Interest due to Proprietors 3,533 7 6 Amount invested in fixed Mortgages

- 1,359,448 3 5 Claims on decease of Lives Assured, and additions thereto

Ditto ditto, decreasing Mortgages

191,919 8 2 unpaid 56,774 14 1 Ditto ditto, Reversions

585,972 10 7 Sundry Accounts 21.947 16 11 Ditto ditto, Funded Securities

347,502 11 11 Value of Sums Assured 6,914,829 14 6 Ditto ditto, Temporary Securities

123,227 13 9 Proprietors' Fund

- £177,650 0 0
Current Interest on the above Investments

28,987 3 3 Surplus Fund

981,314 13 9
Cash and Bills -

27,207 17 10 1,159,194 13 9 Advanced on Security of the Company's Policies

148.572 3 S Agents' Balances

28,017 03 Sundry Accounts

43,175 311 Value of Reassurances

100.0 12 O Value of Premiuins

- 4,506,167 18

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Deducting the Sums payable on demand, or at an early maturity, it Additions to the Sum of £1,000, assured under the Eagle will be found that the realised Assets above set forth amount to €1.897,856 108.3d., and the Proprietors will observe that of this amount

Policies of Twenty Years' standing. £177.650, their paid-up capital, is set apart exclusively for them ; £1,738,661 16s. 6d. exclusively for the Policyholders, and £981.514 13. 91. Age Additions prior

Additions now for both. This last item forms the provision for the present Bonus, and

at Entry
to 1867

the accumulating fund for future Bonuses and Expenses, and it is re-
commended accordingly that 1208.774 be now appropriated for imme-

£ 8 d.

£ 8. d. diate distribution, leaving £772,740 138. 9. to accumulate, and also to

23 meet the reductions of Premium in respect of the Policies transterred

235 00
67 12 0

302 12 0 by the National Mercantile Assurance Society, the first of which reduc.

221 5 10

62 16 0

284 1 10 tions, it muy be rernembered, is to take place in 1869.

213 15 10

59 10 0

273 5 10 The share of the present distribution pertaining to the Proprietors

193 19 7
64 13 0

248 127 will be paid to them, with the dividend, early in October. The portion

180 6 8

49 14 0

230 08 to be allotted to the Policyholders will be determined as quickly as

107 2 4
46 80

213 10 4 possible, and notices of the addition made in each case dispatched to

161 2 2

46 12 0

207 14 2 them; but this process will necessarily occupy considerable time. Meanwhile, some idea may be formed of the amount of these rever The additions to be made to the assurances of the Society just transsionary additions by an examination of the subjoined Tuble, which ferred, will be in the same proportion, but will be necessarily sinaler exhibits them in the instance of Assurances twenty years old, eff:cted in arnount, in consideration of the shorter time, that is to say, of the on lives of various ages ac commencement of the risk.

eighteen months only in which they have accrued. The Directors consider that these results are satisfactory, and they trust that the Proprietors will be of the same opinion, looking at the progress which the Company has made during the last twenty years, and the position which it has now attained, they feel themselves jusiified in anticipating that its future career will be a successful one. They will only add, that they hope in a few weeks to be enabled to remove from their Temporary Officer to the new premises in Pall Mall, and thenceforth to have more suitable accommodation for the carrying on of the Company's business than it has been their good fortune of late years to enjoy.


The Direction of the Company is now constituted as follows :










Printed by GEORGE ANDREW SPOTTISWOODE, at 5 New Street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the County of Middleser;

and Published by WILLIAM GREIG SMITH, of 43 Wellington Street, Strand, in the said County.-Saturday, August 24, 1867.

[blocks in formation]


Now ready, price One Shilling,


No. CCCCLIII. price 2s. 6d.

CONTENTS :The Late Prince Consort.

Sport in the

Nepaul with Maharaja
Fragment on the Reign of Eliza Sir Jung Bahadoor, G.C.B.
beth. -- V. Bishops. From the Lord Grey's Correspondence on the
Posthumous Papers of

Reform Act of 1832.

A Mandarin's Journey across The Marstons, Chapters XXXV. China in the Twelfth Century. -XXXVIII.

The Famine in Orissa. The Devil's Confession.

A Reminiscence of 1859. University Reform.

London: LONGMANS, GREEN,& Co., Paternoster Row.


1. Steven Lawrence, Yeoman. By the Author of " Archie Lovell."

Chap. XX. Coffee on the Terrace.

XXI. The Farm Garden,
XXII. An Offer of Love.

XXIII. An Offer of Marriage.
2. “Gup." By Florence Marryat.
3. A Real Good Thing.
4. Reminiscences of Bush Life.
5. The Bitterness of Job.
6. News About Comets. By Dr. Proctor, F.R.A.S.
7. A Lost Name. By the Author of " Uncle Silas." Chaps. XXXII

8. Ordered Abroad.
9. Tapas, the Notary of Argostoli.
10. La Haute Magie.
11. Lucia Neale. Carmen Eroticum. By James Hannay.

RICHARD BENTLEY, New Burlington Street.

This Day is published,


(for SEPTEMBER), price One Shilling.

CONTENTS. 1.-Silcote of Silcotes. By Henry Kingsley, Author of " Ravenshoe,"

* The Hillyars and the Burtons," &c.
Chap. LVIII.-Silcotes.

LIX.-The Last Ramble.
LX.-The Return.

. Conclusion.
2_Working-men and War: The Moral of a Recent Crisis. By Lord

Hobart. -Roman Flint-Sparks. By R. S. C. C. 4.- Personal Statistics. 5. On the Correlation of Force in its Bearing on Mind. By Professor

Bain. 6. Among the Portraits at Kensington : Notes Literary and Pictorial.

By F. G. Stephens. 7.- Old Sir Douglas. By the Hon. Mrs. Norton.

Chap. LXXI.-The barren barren Shore !

LXXII.-Gertrude made Jealons.
LXXIII.-Frere's Lodgings detected.

LXXIV.-Ailie baffled.
8.-Recent Foreign Fishery Exhibitions, and their Lessons. By J. G.

MACMILLAN & CO., London.
Sold by all Booksellers, Newsagents, and at all Railway Stations.

INSLEY'S MAGAZINE: an illustrated Monthly.
No. II., for SEPTEMBER, is now ready.

1. The Adventures of Dr. Brady. By W. H. Russell, LL.D. (With

an Illustration.)
Chap. VI The School.

VII. The Cruise.

VIII. The Return. 2. September in England. (With an Illustration.) 3. " Refusers." 4. Aunt Anastasia on Pretty Prayer-books. 5. Our Lake Land. 6. The Rock Ahead. By Edmund Yates. (With an Ilustration.). Book I. Chap. I. Rowley Court.

II. In Possession.

III. Carabas House.
7. Death: a Sonnet.
8. St. Ambrose.
9. At the Bains de Mer.
10. The Hon. Alice Brand's Correspondence. No. II.
11. Taking the Air.

12. Paris Fashions. (With Coloured Plate and several Illustra-
13. Tired.
London: TINSLEY BROTHERS, 18, Catherine Street, Strand.


With the SEPTEMBER Number is issued the SIXTH PART
HIBITION, containing upwards of ONE HUNDRED HIGHLY.
FINISHED ENGRAVINGS of the choicest specimens of Industrial

these Engravings, forming a permanent record of the Exhibition, the

Publishing in Parts, 28. 6d. each. ART-JOURNAL gives with each Number two large Line-Engravings, after celebrated Pictures ; Articles on Fine Art, illustrated with wood This Miscellany is engaged in the development of the antiquities of engravings: Criticisms on Art Literature and Productions ; and all Heraldry, and of Family, Local, and General History in connection the Art-Gossip of the Day.

with Heraldry,-" a beautiful department of our National Antiquities,

which (as observed by the late Joseph Hunter) has never yet been LINE ENGRAVINGS in SEPTEMBER Number :

investigatell with the attention it deserves." The Genealogical articles 1. " The Fair Correspondent," by J. Sant, A.R.A.

consist, principally; of materials previously unpublished. Current II.“ Christopher Sly," by W.Q. Orchardson.

topics of heraldic interest are discussed, and new works reviewed : London : VIRTUE & CO., 26, Ivy Lane, E.C.

together with a Retrospective Review in continuation of Moule's “ Bibliotheca Heraldica.

Progpectuses, including an abstract of the Contents of the published BOOKS BOUGHT, either the entire Library Parts, may be obtained on upplication at 25, Parliament Street.

or Small Collections. Full Value given, thereby saving the ruinous logs consequent upon Sales by Auction.- Apply to THOMAS

Volumes I., II., and III. are now ready, price 16s. each, BEET, Bookseller, 15, Conduit Street, Bond Street, London, W.

in cloth boards. Covers for binding the Volumes may be *. A Catalogue of RARE and VALUABLE SECOND-HAND had at 1s. BOOKS sent on receipt of a Stamp for the postage.

NICHOLS & SONS, 25, Parliament Street. 3RD S. No. 296.

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