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may rise in one locality, and fall as a shower at a A Complete Concordance to the Poetical Works of John few miles' distance. This subject has been well Milton. By Charles Baxter Cleveland, LL.D., Author treated by an artist in the Art-Journal, where he

of the “Compendiums of English, American, and Clas

sical Literature.” (S. Low.) presents studies of mist rising here and falling

What, the reader may exclaim, another Concordance there almost within compass of the same land to Milton! Yes, indeed, and not before it was wanted. scape.

A. H.

Dr. Cleveland tells us that, having occasion to consult Vis (3rd S. xii. 25.)-There are many examples first two references to which he turned to be wrong.

Todd's Index in connection with Lycidas, he found the to be met with in other languages, but I think all Further examination disclosed sixty-three mistakes in its may be traced up to the words of Solomon, Eccles. references to that short poem of 193 lines. More or less x. 19:-: 527 Os 1399 402 –“ Money answers

time daily, for upwards of three years, did the Doctor all things.

S. L.

devote to a Verbal Index of Milton's Poetical Works, in

the course of which he discovered no less than three CONSECRATION OF A CHURCH BY AN ARCH- thousand three hundred and sixty-two mistakes in the DEACON (3rd S. xii. 24.) — The archdeacon is the Index of his predecessor. This Concordance was originbishop's vicegerent or substitute, having eccle

ally published twelve years ago ; since that its accuracy

has been tested by private scholarship and public crisiastical dignity and jurisdiction next after the

ticism, and not found wanting. Mr. Low has therefore bishop. He examines candidates for holy orders, done good service by placing this handsome volume, which and inducts clerks, upon receipt of the bishop's is applicable to all editions, in the hands of the admirers mandate. (Wood's Inst.) EDWARD J. Wood.

of John Milton.


Particulars of Price, &c., of the following Books, to be sent direct
to the gentlemen by whom they are required, whose names and ad-
dresses are given for that purpose: -
ARCRROLOGICAL JOURNAL. Nor. 68, 74, 76, 79, 80, 81-88, 91, 92.
Sept. and Dec. 1861.
Wanted by the Rev. W. Sparrow Simpson, Rectory, Friday Street,

Cheapside, E.C.

SWIFT'S WORKS, by Scott. 19 Vols. Large paper.
Coork's SHIPPING AND CRAFT. Original copy.
Wanted by Mr. Thomas Beet, Bookseller, 15, Conduit Street,

Bond Street, London, W.

TACITUS, Delphin Edition. 4 Vols. 4to.
PLAUTUS, ditto 2 Vols. 4to.
AUSONIUS, ditto.

CLAUDIAN, ditto.
Or English 8vo reprints with Indices verborum to the above.
Ovip, Delphin Edition. 4 Vols. 4to.

Wanted by Mrs. Walter, Bookseller, Queen Street, Jer sey.


The Dirine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, translated by

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Inferno. (Routledge.)
The Ditine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, translated by

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Purgatorio. (Routledge.) The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, translated by

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Paradiso. (Routledge.)

The great works of great poets should be translated by masters of the art. George Chapman, Pope, and Cowper, busied themselves to tell in English the great Homeric story; and glorious John did not think it beneath him to translate for English readers the writings of the Mantuan Bard. In the same way Dante has here found an able and sympathising translator in one who has won his own wreath of laurel, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Mr. Longfellow has many qualifications for the labour of love which he has undertaken. In the first place he has the great one of true poetic feeling, which enables him to sympathise

with his author, and thoroughly enter into his
spirit and feeling. Next, he is well versed in the wide
range of Dantesque scholarship : so that the three
volumes before us present us, not only with an admirable
version of The Dirine Comedy, but a large body of notes
and illustrations, well calculated to make the English
reader understand and appreciate more fully the scope
and object of that mighty work.
A Martyr to Bibliography: a Notice of the Life and

Works of Joseph-Marie Querard, Bibliographer. Prin-
cipally taken from the Autobiography of Mar Jozon
D'Erquar (Anagram). With the Notices of Gustave
Brunet, J. Asseyat, and Paul Lacroix (Bibliophile
Jacob), and a List of Bibliographical Terms after
Perquin. With Notes and Inder. By Olphar Thomas,
Esq., &c. (Russell Smith.)

A little volume of great interest and value. Of great interest for the amount of information it contains relative to the life and labours of one who was in sooth a martyr to the art he loved so well; and of great value because it may awaken in all who read it a juster estimate of the importance of bibliography. Our readers will probably recognise in the anagrammatic name of the author a gentleman to whom “ N. & Q.” has been frequently indebted for valuable bibliographical communications.

Notices to Correspondents. Books WANTED. Our readers will share our satisfaction in knowing that the ingenious rogue, icho has turned this column to such account, has been so accurately described to the authorities in Scotland Yard, that they may possibly

have the pleasure of making his personal acquaintance.

CORSE or SCOTLAND. We must remind several correspondents that the Query (ante, p. 24) referred to the Knave of Clubs being so entitled. The Nine of Diamond, has been ulready very fully discussed in "N. & Q."

GEORGE LLOYD. Some notices of the French version of the Psalms by Clement Marot and Theodore Beza may be found in Warton's History of English Poetry, ed. 1810, iii. 142-144, and in Holland's Psalmist of Britain, i. 45, 47, 93.-The Introduction to Robert Parsons's Jesuits Memorial, 1690, is by Edward Gee, and not Charles Lee.

OXONIENSIS. Some interesting particulars of Dr. Deacon, the nonjuring bishop, are given "N. * Q." 1st $. xii. 85. Consult also and s.i. 175; íii. 479; iv. 476; 3rd S. iii. 243.

A Reading Case for holding the weekly Nos. of "N. & 9." is now ready, and may be had of all Booksellers and Newsmen, price 18. 6d.; or, free by post, direct from the publisher, for 1s. 8d.

* Cases for binding the volumes of "N. & Q." may be had of the Publisher, and of all Booksellers and Newsmen.

"NOTES AND QUERIES" is published at noon on Friday, and is also issued in MONTHLY PARTS. The Subscription for STAMPED Copies for sir Months forwarded direct from the Publisher (including the Halfyearly, INDEX) is 118. 4d., which may be paid by Post Office Orilere payable at the Strand Post Office, in favour of William G. SMITH, 43, WELLINGTON STRERT, STRAND, W.C., where also al COMMUNICATIONS FOR THE EDITOR should be addressed.

"NOTE & QUERIES" is registered for transmission abroad.

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Just published, imperial 16mo, cloth, red edges, 58. 6d. DR. OGILVIE'S SCHOOL DICTIONARY

of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, Etymological, Pronouncing, and Explanatory, for the use of Schools. Abridged from the Student's Dictionary," by the author JOHN OGILVIE, LL.D.

BLACKIE & SON, 44, Paternoster Row.

including a Genealogical Account of the Families of SUTTON and WARD. By CHARLES TWAMLEY, ESQ.

London: J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.

Imperial 16mo, cloth, red edges, 108. 6d.; half morocco, 138.


of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, Etymological, Pronouncing, and Explanatory, for the use of Colleges and Advanced Schools. By JOHN OGILVIE, LL.D. With about 300 wood engravings.

BLACKIE & SON, 44, Paternoster Row.

The Autograph and MSS. Collections of the late ROBERT COLE,


by AUCTION, at their House, 47, Leicester Square, w.c. (west side), on MONDAY, July 29, and three following days, the very interesting and valuable COLLECTION of AUTOGRAPHS and MSS. of the late ROBERT COLE, ESQ. F.S.A.: comprising Autograph Letters of Celebrated Persons of various Countries, from an early date to the present time, some of great rarity ; Autographs bound in volumes; highly curious Collection of Letters and Documents connected with Olivia Serres and her claims; Stanhope Family Papers, temp. Henry VIII., Mary, and Elizabeth ; very valuable Collection in relation to the Cotton-Spinning Inventions of Lewis Paul ; very extensive MS. Collections relating to Devonshire ; State Papers, and Miscellaneous Documents.

Catalogues will shortly be ready.

AINES'S LANCASHIRĖ. Edited by J. Har3?. 138. 6d.; large puper copies, 51. s. Order should be given imme: diately to a bookseller. A limited impression is being printed of both sizes, and the large paper copies are nearly all sold.

G. ROUTLEDGE & SONS, London and New York.


In the press, to be published at the end of June, price 128.

BLACK-LETTER BALLADS and BROADSIDES, printed in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, between the Years 1559 and 1597, all of the highest interest and curiosity, presumed to be unique, and hitherto unknown. Reprinted from the celebrated Folio Volume formerly in the Library of the late George Daniel, Esq., accompanied with an Introduction and Illustrative Notes.

JOSEPHI LILLY, 17 and 18, New Street (entrance also 5A, Garrick Street), Covent Garden, London.

... The above is beautifully printed by Messrs. Whittingham & Wilkins, on fine toned paper size, post 8vo, consisting of above 300 pages, to range with the Collections of Percy, Ritson, &c.

A Detailed Prospectus and Descriptive Catalogue of the Seventy Ballads, consisting of sixteen pages 8vo, may be had on application, or will be forwarded

on the receipt of two postage-stamps. A Specimen Catalogue of above 50,000 Volumes of Rare, Curious, Useful, and Valuable Books, Splendid Books of Prints, Picture Gal. leries, Illustrated Works, &c.. on Sale, at greatly reduced prices, may also be obtained on application ; or in the Country, for two postagestamps. JOSEPH LILLY, 17 & 18, New Street, and 5A, Garrick Street, Covent

Garden, London.

Highly Interesting, Important, and Rare Books. TESSRS. PUTTICK & SIMPSON will SELL

by AUCTION, at their House, 47, Leicester Square, W.C. (vest side), on TUESDAY, August 6, and following day, a Collection of SCARCE and CURIOUS BOOKS, Early Typography, English and Foreign : including some of the Productions of John Faust, W. Coxton, Machlinia, Wynkyn de Worde, R. Pynson, P. Treveris, w. Powel, J. Hereforde, T. Raynalde, II. Wykes, R. Caley, J. Tisdale, W. Copland, T. East, T. Berthelet, w. Hill, T. Gualtier, R. Stoughton, John Daye, Scoloker, Seres, Wyer. Godfrey. Wolfe, Petit, Cawood, T. Marshe, Rastell, &c.- Voyages and Travels - Works relating to America, &c.Purchas, bis Pilgrimes, 5 vols., a remarkably large and fine copy, with two cancelled leaves, unknown in any other copy-Hackluyt's Voyages, 3 vols. in 2, large paper, and another copy on small paper-Ramusio, Navigationi et Viaggi, 3 vols. original editions_Herrara, Historia General de las Indias, 4 vols.-Oviedo, Historia General de las Indias, 4 vols.--Navarette, Coleccion de los Viages, 5 vols.-Cotton Mather's Magpalia Christi Americana, with the rare Map-Jobson's Golden Trade-Thevenot's Voyages, first edition, complete, &c.-Curious Old English and American Ballads-Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, Fourth Edition, an unusually large copy-Chapoer's Entire Works, first edition, 1532_Milton's Paradise Lost, first edition Sir Thomas More's Works, complete-a Rare Psalterium, the first Book printed in Prussia-Sarum Hora, Liturgical Works, *C- Folio Missal, splendidly illuminated_Versions of the Scriptures- Bible Illustrations and Early Theological Trentises, by John Bale, J. Calvin, Myles Coverdale, D. Erasmus, John Fryth, Bishop Gardiner, Bishop Hooper, Geo. Joye, John Knox, Alex. Nowell, P. Nyccolis, B. Ochine, William Tyndale, J. Veron, John Wycliffe, &c.

THE celebrated CAMEO of the EMPEROR

the British Museum. A beautiful facsimile of this exquisite gem appears in THE INTELLECTUAL OBSERVER. No. 66, July, 1867. Price 1s. 6d. With a description of the Blacas Collection, by Thomas Wright, M.A., F.S.A.

* The Intellectual Observer, Review of Natural History, Microscopic Research, and Recreative science," is published monthly, price Is. 6d. Illustrated with coloured and tinted plates

Chemical Aids to Art. By Professor Church. See the new Number of The Intellectual Observer."

The Philosophy of Birds' Nests. By A. R. Wallace, F.Z.S. Various Modes of Propelling Vessels. By Professor M'Gauley. Sun Viewing and Drawing. By the Rev. F. Howlett, M.A., F.R.S. With a tinted plate.

“ The Intellectual Observer," No. 66, also contains:-Vegetable Monstrosities and Races.

Mr. Graham's Recent Discoveries. The Absorption and Dialytic Separation of Gases by Colloid Septa. The Occlusion of Gases. Progress of Invention.-Proceedings of Learned societies. Archæologia. Literary Notices. Notes and Memoranda. "The Intellectual Observer," price 18. 6d. monthly.

GROOMBRIDGE & SONS, 3, Paternoster Row, London.


PRICES and CARRIAGE PAID to the Country on all orders exceeding 208.

Good Cream-laid Note, 28., 38., and 48. per ream.
Super Thick Cream Note, 58. 6d. and 78. per ream.
Super Thick Blue Note, 18., 58., and 68. per ream.
Outsides Hand-made Foolscap, 88. 6d. per ream.
Patent Straw Note, 28. 6d. per ream.
Manuscript Paper (letter size), ruled or plain, 4s. 6d. per ream.
Sermon Paper (various

sizes), ruled or plain, 15., 58., and 6s. per ream. Cream or Blue Envelopes, 48.6d., 6s. 6d., and 78. 6d. per 1000. The Temple " Envelope, new shape, high inner flap, 18. per 100.

Polished Steel Cregt Dies, engraved by the first Artists, from 38. : Monogram, two letters, from 68. 6d.; Ditto, three letters, from &. 6d. Address Dies, from 48. 6d. Preliminary Pencil Sketch, ls. each. Colour Stamping (Relief), reduced to 18. per 100.


Manufacturing Stationers. 192, Fleet Street, Corner of Chancery Lane.-Price List Post Free.


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given, personally or by post, for Il. 18. the Complete Course of Lessons.

London: 20, Paternoster Row, E.C.

vate Sources. Information given respecting Armorial Bearings, Estates, Advowsons, Manors, &c. Translations of Ancient Deeds and Records. Researches made in the British Museum.-Address to M. DOLMAN, ESQ., 23, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C.


In the Press. Price 6s.


JONES'S GOLD LEVERS, at 117. Ils. For a GENTLEMAN, one at 102. los... Rewarded at the International Exhibition for “ Cheapness of Production."

Manufactory, 338, Strand, opposite Somerset House.


UN-INDEXED._ This Work is Supplementary to the various Indexes hitherto printed, and contains Pedigrees from Hasted's" Kent," Morant's "Essex," "Gentleman's Magazine," and a number selected from Biographical, Genealogical, Topographical, and other Works ; together with references to the PrixCIPAL GENEALOGICAL ARTICLES IN * NOTES AND QORRIES." Also a small List of Family Histories, Peerage Cases, &c. Subscribers' Names received by JAMES COLEMAN, 22, High Street, Bloomsbury, W.c., who will forward a Prospectus of the Work on application.


* BROWN'S ORIENTAL TOOTH PASTE. Established by 40 years' experience as the best preservative for the Teeth and Gums, The original and only genuine, 18.6d. and 28. 6d. per pot.

And by Agents throughout the Kingdom and Colonies.


U imported, free from acidity or heat, and much superior to low-


HAPPEN! Amontillado character, pure, very soft, and unbrandied, recommended

Everyone should therefore provide against them! with confidence. Per dozen, 343.; bottles and cases 38. per dozen extra

1,0001. IN CASE OF DEATH, or (if not returned). Three dozen, railway carriage paid, to all England

6l. per week while Laid up by Injury, caused by and Wales. Per Octave-li gallo. (cask included) equal to 7 dozen,

ACCIDENT OF ANY KIND 117.4s. A saving of 28. per dozen. Railway carriage paid to all Eng (Riding, Driving, Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, &c.), may be Secured land and Wales. Per Quarter Cask.-98 galls. (cask included), equal

by an Annual Payment of from sl. to 61. 58. to the to 14 dozen, 911. 148. A saving of 3s. per dozen. Railway carriage paid RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY, toall England and Wales.

The oldest established and largest Company in the W.D. WATSON, Wine Importer, 72 and 73, Great Russell Street,

World, insuring against corner of Bloomsbury Square, London, W.C.

Established 1841. Full Price Lists post free on application.

Officer :
Terms, Net Cash.


WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary. MARSALA WINE, guaranteed the finest

IGN-ALOE from MECCA.-PIESSE and LUBIN priced Snerty (ride Dr. Druitt on Cheap Wines). One guinea per dozen.

have the pleasure to announce that they can now offer to conA gennine really fine old Port 368. per dozen. Terms cush. Three dozen noisseurs of perfumes the famed and historical l.ign-aloe. Among rail paid.-W.D. WATSON, Wine Merchant, 72 and 73, Great Russell Oriental nations no perfume is held in higher estimation than the Street, corner of Bloomsbury Square, London, W.C. Established 1841. Lign-aloe. -"The trees of the Lign-alots which the Lord hath Full Price Lists post free on application.

planted."-Numb., c. 24, v. 6. The essence of Lign-aloes will be sold in bottles, 28. 6d. and 58.; the Lign-aloe wood, for sachets, will be

18. 6d. per oz.; the Lign-aloe balsam and oil, 38. 60.; the Lign-aloe 36s. WARD'S PALE SHERRY 36s. soap. 18. per Ib. Any preparation of the Lign-aloe made to order.

Royal Laboratory of Flowers, 2, New Bond Street, London. At 368. per dozen, fit for a Gentleman's Table. Bottles and Cases ineluded. Terms cash, prepaid. Post-orders payable Piccadilly.

CHARLES WARD and SON, (Established upwards of a century), 1, Chapel Street West,

most useful invention of the day, AGUA AMARELLA-Messrs.

JOHN GOSNELL & CO., Ked Bull Wharf, 93, Upper Tharnes Street MAYFAIR, W., LONDON.

(late Three King Court, Lombard Street), perfumers to ller Majesty, re

spectfully offer to the public this truly marvellous fluid, which gradually 36s, WARD'S PALE SHERRY 36s, restores the human hair to its pristine hue-no matter at what age.

The Agua Amarella las none of the properties of dyes; it, on the con

trary, is beneficial to the system, and, when the hair is once restored, H EDGES & BUTLER, Wine Merchants, &c. one application per month will keep it in perfect colour. Price one

guinea per bottle ; half bottles, 108. 6d, Testiinonials from artistes of recommend and GUARANTEE the following WINES :

the highest order, and from individuals of undoubted respectability, SHERRY.

may be inspected. Messrs. John Gosnell and Co. have been appointed Good Dinner Wine, 248., 308., 368. per dozen ; fine pale, golden, and

perfumers to H.R.H. the Princess of Wales. Brown Sherry, 428., 18., 548., 608.: Amontillado, for invalids, 60s.

Sparkling, 368., 428.: splendid Epernay, 488., 608.; pale and brown

Sillery, 688., 798.; Veuve Clicquot's, Perrier and Joâet's, Moet and
Chandon's, &c.

For ordinary use, 248., 308., 368., 478.; fine old “Beeswing," 488.
Sta.: ekoice Port of the famed vintages 1847, 1840, 1834, 1820, at 72s. to

Good Bordeaux, 188., 208.: St. Julien, 248., 308., 369.: La Rose, 428.

STEWED FRUIT. Leoville, 488.; Latour, 518.; Margaux, 608.,728.; Lafitte, 729., 848., 968.

Macon and Beaune, 308., 368., 128.; St. George, 428.; Chambertin, 608.,

SAUCE-LEA AND PERRINS' 738.; Cote Rotie, 608.,728., 18.; Cortoa, Nuits, Romanée, Clos-de-Vougeot, ke.; Chablis, 248., 38.,368., 428., 488.; Montrachet and St. Peray; WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. sparkling Burgundy, &c. HOCK.

This delicious condiment, pronounced by Connoisseurs Light Linne- Hock, 248., 318.; Nieltein, 368., 428.; Hochheimer, 488.

THE ONLY GOOD SAUCE, Sts., 72s.: Lie: fraumilch,608.,728.; JCJuAesberger and Steinberger, 728. 843. to 190s.

is prepared solely by LEA & PERRINS. MOSELLE.

The public are respectfully

cautioned against worthless imitations, and Still Moselle, 248., 308.; Zeltinger, 368., 428.; Brauneberger,488., 608.;

should see that LEA & PERRINS' Names are on Wrapper, Label, Muscatel, 60s.,728.; Scharzberg, 728., 848.; sparkling Moselle, 188., 60s. Bottle, and Stopper. Foreign Liqueurs of every description. On receipt of & Post-office

ASK FOR “LEA AND PERRINS" SAUCE. order, or reference, any quantity will be forwarded immediately by

Sold Wholesale and for Export, by the Proprietors, Worcester;


SONS, London, &c., &c.; and by Grocers and Oilmen universally.
Brighton: 80, King's Road.

ÖLLER'S COD LIVER OIL, at the Paris (Originally established A.D.1667.)

the T

Only SILVER MEDAL out of 27 competitors. ETALLIC PEN MAKER TO THE QUEEN. This Oil, renowned for its purity and excellence, has received the

commendation of the leading members of the medical profession and Commercial Public, and of all who use Steel Pens, to the incomparable the medical press. excellence of his productions, which, for QUALITY OF MATERIAL, Easy It is sold by all Chemists and Druggists in capsuled half-pint bottles, Action, and GREAT DORABILITY, will ensure universal preference.

at 28. 30. each. Retail, of every Dealer in the World; Wholesale, at the Works, See MÖLLER's" Name and Label on each bottle. Graham Street, Birminghamn ; 91, John Street, New York ; and at Circulars and Testimonials of PETER MÖLLER, 22, Mincing Lane. 37, Gracechurch Street, London.

*** Contractor to the North London Consumption Hospital.

HOLLOWAY SpoleSize="The truest philosophical



spirit of inquiry led to the discovery of these priceless medicines, sed the most unsellish labour and expense have been incurred in bringing so great a boon to the knowledge and within the reach of the

icted throughout the world. Every invalid who can read will understand the plain directions in his own language, which are folded round the Pills, which should be taken in the doses and at the times distánctly specified therein, while great attention should be paid to diet and many minor matters, all of which, however, are important, insengeh as they augment the curative powers of the Pills, prevent them from disagreeing with the most delicate, and spare time and mesering.

recommended as a simple but certain remedy for Indigestion. They act as a powerful tonic and gentle uperient; are mild in their operation ; safe under any circumstances; and thousands of persons can now bear testimony to the benefits to be derived from their use.

Sold in Bottles at ls. 1.d., 28. 9d. and 11s. each, in every town in the kingdom.

CAUTION!-Be sure to ask for “ NORTON'S PILLS," and do not be persuaded to purchase the various imitations.


By Appointment to H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES,

Sends a CATALOGUE gratis and post-paid. It contains upwards
of 600 ILLUSTRATIONS of his unrivalled Stock of Sterling Silver and
Electro Plate, Nickel Silver, and Britannia Metal Goods, Dish Covers,
Hot-Water Dishes, Stoves, Fenders, Marble Chimney-pieces, Kitchen
Ranges, Lamps, Gaseliers, Tea Trays, Urns, and Kettles, Clocks, Table
Cutlery, Baths, Toilet Ware, Turnery, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, Bedding,
Bed-Room Cabinet Furniture, &c., with Lists of Prices, and PLANS
of the

39, OXFORD STREET, W.; 1, la, 2, 3, & 4, NEWMAN STREET ;
4, 5, & 6, PERRY'S PLACE; and 1, NEWMAN YARD,




On the premises, and guaranteed by WILLIAM S. BURTON.

For Bedsteads, Wide


SILVER. The real NICKEL SILVER, introduced more than thirty years ago by WILLIAM S. BURTON, when plated by the patent process of Messrs. Elkington and Co., is beyond all comparison the very best article next to sterling silver that can be employed as such, either usefully or ornamentally, as by no possible test can it be distinguished from real silver.

A small useful set, guaranteed of first quality for Anish and durability, as follows:

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£s. d.
018 6
0 190
1 6 6
1 10 6
115 0
2 0 0
2 17 0
4 1 0
3 6 6
4 10 0
4 18 0
5 19 0

Fiddle or
Od Silver

Bead Thread
Pattern. Pattern.

£ 8. d. £ 8. d. Best straw palliasses...

0 13 6 0 16 0 Best French alva mattresses.

0 13 6 0 17 6 Best cotton flock mattresses.

018 6 1 2 6 Coloured wool mattresses ..

11 6 16 0 Best brown wool mattresses.

17 0 1 12 6 Best brown do., extra thick

1110 1 17 6 Good white wool mattresses

I 190 2 9 0 Extra super do. do.

2 17 0 3 13 0 Good horse hair do.

2 50 2 18 0 Extra super do.

3 10 3 18 0 German spring hair stuffing

3 8 6 4 40 Extra super do..

4 5 0 5 8 0 French wool and hair mattress for use over spring..

2 17 0 3 15 0 Extra super do. do. ......

3110 4 90 Feather beds, poultry, in good tick..

1 16 0 2 70 Do. do. grey goose, in bordered linen ticks.. 3 2 0 4 2 0 Do. do. best white do. in best linen...... 4 14 0 6 8 0

King's or Shell and Thread.

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4 7 0
5 00

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12 Table Forks..
12 Table Spoons
12 Dessert Forks
12 Dessert Spoons
12 Tea Spoons
6 Egg Spoons, gilt bowls
2 Sauce Ladles
I Gravy Spoon
2 Salt Spoons, gilt bowls
I MustardSpoon, gt.bwl.
1 Pair of Sugar Tongs..
1 Pair of Fish Carvers
1 Butter Knife
I Soup Ladle
1 Sugar Sifter

4 13 6
7 7 0

£ 8. d.
2 40
2 40
112 0


80 10 0 40 2 0

3 6 1 10 0

5 6 16 (

6 6 3

8 9 4 2



Feather Pillows, 3s. to 10s. 6d.; Bolsters, from 6s. to 17. 98. 6.1.
Down Pillows, from 10s. d. to 178. 6d.
Blankets, Coun terpades, and Sheets in every variety.

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BATAS AND TOILET WARE. WILLIAM S. BURTON has ONE LARGE SHOW ROOM devoted exclusively to the DISPLAY of BATHS and TOILET WARE. The stock of each is at once the largest, newest, and most varied ever submitted to the public, and marked at prices proportionate with those that have tended to make this establishment the most distinguished in this country. Portable Showers, 78. 6d.; Pillow Showers. 31. to 51. 128.; Nursery, 158. to 328. Sponging, 98. 6d. to 323.; Hip, 138. 3d. to 318. 6d. A large assortment of Gas Furnace, Hot and Cold Plunge, Vapour and Camp Shower Baths. Toilet Ware in great variety, from 159. ed. to 43s. the set of three.

Any article to be had singly at the same prices. An oak chest to contain the above, and a relative number of knives, &c., 21. 158. Tea and Coffee sets, dish covers, and corner dishes, cruet and liqueur frames, &c., at proportionate prices. All kinds of re-plating

doue by the patent

AD Assortment of TEA-TRAYS and WAITERS wholly unprece-

dented, whether as to extent, variety, or novelty.
New Oval Papier-Maché Trays, per
set of three..

from 209. to 10 guineas Ditto Iron ditto

from 10s. to 4 guineas Convex-shape ditto

from 78. 6. Round and Gothic Waiters, Cake and Bread Baskets,

equally low.

TEA URNS, OF LONDON MAKE ONLY. The largest Assortment of London-made TEA URNS in the world (including all the recent novelties, many of which are registered) is on sale at WILLIAM S. BURTON'S, from 308. to 6l.

Printed by GEORGE ANDREW SPOTTISWOODE, at 5 New Street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the County of Middlesex;

and Published by WILLIAM GREIG SMITH, of 13 Wellington Street, Strand, in the said County.-Saturday, July 20, 1857.

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(for AUGUST), price One Shilling.


1.-Old Sir Douglas. By the Hon. Mre. Norton.

Chap. LXIV.-Through the Mist.

L.XV.-The Boundless Mercy of God.

LXVI.-Gertrude has a new Trouble.
MEETING for 1867 will be held at

LXVII.-Lorimer writes about Kenneth.

LX I.-Traces f James Frere.

LXIX.--James Frere is recognised by another Person. Cammencing TUESDAY, 30th July, and ending TUESDAY, 6th

LXX. Ailie surprised.

2.-The Prophet of Culture. By Henry Sidgwick, Fellow of Trinity

College, Cambridge.

3.-Stephens's Essay on some of the Characteristics of Reynolds as a

Painter. By Francis Douce.

4.- Silcote of Silcotes. By Henry Kingsley, Author of “ Ravenshoe," PEESIDENTS OF SECTIONS.

"The Hillyars and the Burtons," &c.

Chap. LIV. The Princess's Talisman. Antiquities-Tre VENERADLE ARCHDEACON TROLLOPE.

LV.-The Colonel rides away into the Darkness. Architecture_SiR CHARLES ANDERSON, BART.

LVI.-The Battle of Palestro. History - The Right REVEREND THE Lord Bishop of Oxford.

" LVII. - Sunt Lachrymæ Rerum. 5.-Life at Thebes. By Lady Duff-Gordon.

6.-The Old Bardic Poetry. By William Barnes, B.D. Papers will be read at the Sectional Meetings illustrative of the place 7.- Shooting the Niagara Falls: and After ? zod district. Excursions will be made to Beverley, Hedon, Selby, Thornton, Drif

MACMILLAN & CO., London. field, &c.

A temporary Museum will be formed at the Public Rooms, Jarratt Sold by all Booksellers, Newsagents, and at all Railway Stations.

Tickets for Gentlemen (not transferable), 11. 13.; for Ladies (trans-
serable), 108. 6d., admitting to the
Museum, the Excursions, Soirées,


THE ART-JOURNAL Reception Room at the Town Hall, where every information may be obtained.

W.LODGE, Secretary,

For AUGUST, No. LXVIII., New Series, price 28. 6d. Offices of the Institute, 1. Burlington Gardens, w.

With this Number is issued the Fifth Part of the On Wednesday next, No. CCCCLII. price 2s. 6d. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE OF THE PARIS 'RASER'S MAGAZINE FOR AUGUST. EXHIBITION, containing upwards of CONTENTS :

ONE HUNDRED ENGRAVINGS Fragment on the Reign of Eliza. Cox's Mythology.

beth. From the Posthumous The Church and Land Question of Cabinet Work, Jewellery, Glass, Lace, Shawls, Silks, Papers of Mr. RCCELE.

in Ireland.
The Maratons, Chapters XXXII. Surmer. By Mrs. H. MILLER Porcelain, Carpets, Clocks, Pianofortes, &c. &c.

Harriage Laws By Francis W. Notes in South Germany in the

LINE ENGRAVINGS-I. "The Novice," after J.C. Horsley, R.A.: II. NYAR.

," after H. O'Neil, Autumn of 1866.

"The Scribes Reading the Chronicles to Ahasuerus,"

A Spanish and a Danish Novel. The Plot of the Mexican Drama.
Military Reform.-Y.

LITERARY CONTRIBUTIONS_The Glags-Domestic and Decorative, by

George Wallis ; The Lace and Embroidery, by Mrs. Bury Palliser ; London: LONGMANS, GREEN,& CO., Paternoster Row.

Adaptations from the Antique, by Rev. C. Boutell. M A.: The Knights

of the Middle Ages, by Rev. E. L. Cutts, B.A., illustrated; Historic Now ready, Part V., price 28. 6d.

Devices and Badges, by Mrs. Bury Pal iser, illustrated: Rembrandt's
Etchings; Obituary of Horatio McCulloch, R.S.A. ; Art. Gossip and

Notabilia, &c.

London : VIRTUE & CO., 26, Ivy Lane, E.C.
Dod Pedigree, compiled by Sir William Dugdale, Garter ; Continua.

AINES'S LANCASHIRE. Edited by J. HARtion of Ditto. from the Records of the College of Arms. Palmer of Wingbam: Extracts from Wingham Registers, &c. &c.

LAND, F.S.A. New Edition in the press. Two vols. demy 4to Henshaw (of Lockwood, co. Staffo,d) Pedigree; from an old Pedigree

31. 138. 6d.; large paper copies, 51. 58. Order should be given immeat Llannerch.

diately to a bookseller. A liinited impression is being printed of both Grant of Arms to the Broderers' Company.

sizes, and the large paper copies are nearly all sold. Humphrey. Pedigree, compiled by Griff-Hugher, 1958.

G. ROUTLEDGE & SONS, London and New York. Exemplification

of Arms and Grant of Crest to John Reyny of London, 1619; Funeral Certificate of John Rayne of London. Pedigree of the Family of Vavasour of Spaldington. Brooke Inscriptions from Huddersfied Church.

LVII. CATALOGUE OF Lawrence Pedigrees, from Visitations of Lancashire, Dorsetshire, DEEDS, PEDIGREES, HERALDRY, BIOGRAPHY, TOPO

Cambridgeshire, Somerset, Gloucester, London, Buckingham, Hert GRAPHY, PEERAGES, WOODCUTS, &c. &c., will be Ready on ford, 1565-1699.

AUGUST 1.-Be pleased to direct_to JAMES COLEMAN, GeneNotes and Queries relating to the following Families : Duncombe, alogical Bookseller, 22, High Street, Bloomsbury, London, W.C.

Legh of Stockwell (with Pedigree), Scott, Tuller (with Pedigree),
Challens, Paddy (with Pedigree), Bourchier, Pye, Martin, Cary, COLEMAN'S GENERAL INDEX to PRINTED
Beresford, &c.

PEDIGREES, one of the most useful Books ever published for the Printed and sold by J. E. TAYLOR & CO., Little Queen Street,

use of the Genealogist, &c., price 8s. 6d. may be had direct, or from any Holborn, and to be had of all Booksellers.

Bookseller in the kingdom. 3FD S. No. 291.




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