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I cannot supply a copy of "The Dark-looking

Notices to Correspondents. Man.” It is equal to any Ingoldsby Legend.

S. J. THE SHAKESPEARES or Rowington. We hope next week to lay before

our readers a very interesting paper on the subject of this branch of the

Shakespeare family.

G. 1. T. Mathematical queries do not come within the objects of


T. W. T. The line The English Archeologist's Handbook. By Henry God

" The modest water saw its God and blushed," win, F.S.A. (Parker & Son.)

is by Crashaw. Sec two interesting papers upon it in our Ist S. vi. 358,

and viii. 212. In a very judicious Introduction, Mr. Godwin points

C. B. (Ingrtestone) cill find no less than ton articles on Ampers and out the difficulties with which the student of archeology (&) and its derivation in our Ist S. ii. 230, 231, 318; piii. 173, 223, 254,327, is surrounded from the bulkiness and expense of almost 376, 324: ix. 43. all books which treat of this interesting science, and

C. W. F. F. Some account of the Freebench custom is given in

"N. & Q." 2nd S. vii. 219-222. shows that the student who may set forth to study our

A Reading Case for holding the weekly Nos. of "N. & Q." is now national monuments would require a very considerable ready, and may be had of all Booksellers and Newanen, price is. 6ch; outlay to secure the books, and then having expended a or, free by post, direct from the publisher, for 1s. 8d. camel-load of copper in their purchase, would require the ** Cases for binding the volumes of "N. & Q." may be had of the camel itself to transport them. But we will let Mr.

Publisher, and of all Booksellers and Newsmen. Godwin tell in his own words the object of the book be “ NOTKS AND QUERIES " is published at noon on Friday, and is also

issueil in MONTHLY PARTs. The Subscription for STAMPED Copies for fore us : “ The experience of some years of irksome and sur Months forwarded direct from the Publisher (including the Halj. humiliating, although unavoidable ignorance, has guided yearly INDEX) is lls. Ad., which may be paul by Post Office Orilers me in the selection of those subjects on which informa

payable at the Strani Post Office, in favour of WILLIAM G. Smiti, 13,

WELLINGTON STREXT, STRAND, W.C., where also all COMMUNICATIONS tion is most necessary, and most difficult of attainment; POR TUE EDITUR should be addressed. and this information I have with much labour, and at no "NOTES & QUERIES" is registered for transmission abroad. inconsiderable expense, endeavoured to collect, condense, and classify, rectifying as far as I could what I considered erroneous, and popularising, as far as the matter would allow, what appeared too recondite and abstruse." an English University, with a practical knowledge of business, Carrying out his object in this spirit, Mr. Godwin has

and having an office in the City, is open to an Engagement for Editing,

Preparing MSS. for the Press, or other Literary Work in connexion produced a little volume in which the English archæolo with Magazines or Newspapers. Great facility for Books of Reference. gist will find a mass of information readily accessible,

Address, M. A., care of Unwin Brothers, Bucklersbury, E.C. and we believe perfectly reliable, which will make it not only useful as a book of reference in the study, but really EQUIRED by a LADY experienced in Dowhat Mr. Godwin aimed at-a handbook to the archa mestic Management, a Re-engagement as COMPANION LO & ologist, a manual to the student of history, and an in

Lady, or as GOVERNESS to Pupils under twelve years. She has been

long accustomed to the care and instruction of Children, and can offer structive companion to the English tourist.

most satisfactory testimonials. Subjects taught - English, French,

Music, and Druwing. Address to Z. A., at Alexander's Post Office, Fine Arts Quarterly Review. No. IV. New Series. 5, Clifton Terrace, Fulham Road, S.W.Agents need not apply.

The new number of this journal, now so interesting to all lovers of art and art students, though late in its ap GENEALOGY AND FAMILY HISTORY.pearance, will be welcome for the variety and importance U Authentic Pedigrees deduced from the Public Records and Priof the articles it contains. Professor Kinkel's paper on

vate Sources. Information given respecting Armorial Bearings,

Estates, Advowsons, Manors, &c. Translations of Ancient Deeds and Holbein will greatly interest the nunerous admirers of Records. Researches made in the British Museum,- Address to M. the great Swiss artist. A notice of the Life and Works

DOLMAN, ESQ., 23, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. of Decamps is another valuable contribution to art bio


an efficient patronised by Charles II., and a New Ilistory of Painting in Italy. Art Criticisms, Notices of New Prints and New

sary bibliographical and literary knowledge. Indexes and translations

mude, and other literary assistance rendered to authors. The best Books, and other miscellanies, make up a capital number recommendations can be given.- Address BIBLOS, "N. & Q." Office, of the Fine Arts Quarterly Review.

Wellington Street, Strand, W.C.
We have

HORTHAND of the Worthies of Yorkshire, which it is intended should

given, personally or by post, for 17. 18. the Complete Course of Lessons. form one of the features of the Leeds Exhibition of next

London : 20, Paternoster Row, E.C. year. This happy idea originates with Edward Hailstone, Esq., of Horton Hall, near Bradford, whose collections of everything connected with his native county are

PAPER AND ENVELOPES. so widely known. It was proposed by him about fifteen THE PUBLIC SUPPLIED AT WHOLESALE years ago to the Yorkshire Philosophical Society, but PRICES and CARRIAGE PAID to the Country on all orders circumstances did not then permit of it. The Leeds Com exceeding 208. mittee, tinding their opportunities greater, have now Good Cream-laid Note, 28., 38., and 48. per ream. requested that gentleman to superintend the formation

Super Thick Cream Note, 58. 6d. and 78. per ream.

Super Thick Blue Note, 48., 58., and 6s. per ream. and arrangement of such a gallery in one of the principal Outsides IIand-made Foolscap, 88. 6d. per ream. corridors of their new infirmary: We understand that

Patent Straw Note, 28. 6d. per ream.

Manuscript Paper (letter size), ruled or plain, 48.6d. per ream. Mr. Hailstone has consented to undertake this task, and Sermon Paper (various sizes), ruled or plain, 48., 5s, and 6s: per ream. also that he has been fortunate enough to associate with

Cream or Blue Envelopes, 18. 60., 68. 6d., and 78. 6. per 1000.

The Temple" Envelope, new shape, high inner flup, 18. per 100. himself the Rev. James Beck, who is well known to our Polished Steel Crest Dies, engraved by the first Artists, from 58. readers by his connection with the National Portrait

Monogram, two letters, from 6s. 6.; Ditto, three letters, from gs. 6d.;

Addresy Dies, from 48. 6d. Preliminary Pencil Sketch, Is. each. Exhibition and the Soutli Kensington Loan Collections. Colour Stamping (Relief), reduced to Is. per 100. Under such care we are sure that the Gallery of “ York

PARTRIDGE & COOPER, shire Worthies” will not only be very attractive, but

Manufacturing Stationers. very valuable to historical students.

192, Fleet Street, Corner of Chancery Lane.-Price List Post Free.


WATSON'S OLD PALE SHERRY. Amontillado character, pure, very soft, and unbrandied, recommended with confidence. Per dozen, 34s.; bottles and cases 38. per dozen extra (if not returned). Three dozen, railway carriage paid, to all England and Wales. Per Octave-14 galls. (cask included) equal to 7 dozen, 117. u. A saving of 2s. per dozen. Railway carriage paid to all Eng. land and Wales. Per Quarter Cask.-28 galls. (cask included), equal to 14 dozen, 211. 143. A saving of 3s. per dozen. Railway carriage paid to all England and Wales. W.D. WATSON, Wine Importer, 79 and 73, Great Russell Street,

of Bloomsbury Square, London, W.C. Established 1811. Full Price Lists post free on application.

Terms, Net Cash.

Everyone should therefore provide against them!

1.0001. IN CASE OF DEATH, or
61. per Week while Laid up by Injury, caused by

ACCIDENT OF ANY KIND (Riding, Driving, Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, &c.), may be Secured

by an Annual Payment of from 31. to 6l. 5x. to the
The oldest established and largest Company in the

World, insuring against

Offices :

WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary.

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has introduced an entirely new description of ARTIFICIAL TEETH, fixed without springs, wires, or ligatures they so perfectly resemble the natural teeth as not to be distinguished from the original by the closest observer : they will never change colour or decay, and will be found very superior to any teeth ever before used. This method does not require the extraction of roots or any paintul operation, and will support and preserve teeth that are loose, and is guaranteed to restore articulation and mastication. Decayed teeth stopped and rendered sound and useful in mastication.-52, Fleet Street. At home from ten till five.-Consultations free.

36s. WARD'S PALE SHERRY 36s. At 368. per dozen, fit for a Gentleman's Table. Bottles and Cases ineluded. Terms cash, prepaid. Post-orders payable Piccadilly,

(Established upwards of a century), 1, Chapel Street West,



* BROWN'S ORIENTAL TOOTH PASTE. Established by 40 years' experience as the best preservative for the Teeth and Gums. The original and only genuine, 1s. 641. and 28. 6d. per pot.

And by Agents throughout the Kingdom and Colonies.



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noisseurs of perfumes the famed and historical lign-aloe. Among Oriental pations no perfume is held in bigher estimation than the Lign-uloe. - " The trees of the Lign-aloes which the Lord hath planted."-Numb., c. 24, v. 6. The esvence of Lign-aloes will be sold in bottles, 28. 6d. and 58.; the Lign-aloe wood, for sachets, will be 18. 60. per oz.; the Lign-aloe balsam and oil, 38. 6d.; the Lign-aloe soap, 4s. per Ib. Any preparation of the Lign-aloe made to order. Royal Laboratory of Flowers, 2, New Bond Street, London.

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EDGES & BUTLER solicit attention to their


At 188., 209., 248., 308., and 36s. per dozen.
Choice Clarets of various growths, 428., 188., 60s., 728., 848., 968.


At 248. and 30s. per dozen. Superior Golden Sherry

368. and 42s. Choice Sherry-Pale, Golden, or Brown ...... 488., 543., and 60s.


At 24., 308., 368., 428., 488., 60s., and 848. Port from first-class Shippers

308. 368. 423. Very Choice Old Port...

48. 60s. 728. 848. CHAMPAGNE.

At 368., 12., 188., and 608. Hochheimer, Marcobrunner, Rudesheimer, Steinberg. Liebfraumilch, 608.; Johannisberger and Steinberger, 728., 848., to 1206.; Bruunberger, Gruphausen, and Schurzberg, 188. to 843.; sparkling Moselle, 483., 608., 666., 78, very choice Champagne, 668., 785.; five old Sack, Malmsey, Frontignae, Vermuth, Constantia, Lachrymæ Christi, Imperial Tokay, and other rare wines. Fine old Pale Cognac Brandy, 60s, and 728, per dozen. Foreign Liqueurs of every description.

On receipt of a Post-office order, or reference, any quantity will be forwarded immediately by


Brighton : 30, King's Road.
(Originally established A.D. 1667.)

most useful invention of the day, AGUA AMARELLA-Messrs. JOHN GOSNELL & CO., Red Bull Wharf, 93, Upper Thames Street (late Three King Court, Lombard Street), perfumera to Her Majesty, respectfully offer to the public this truly marvellous fluid, which gradually restores the human hair to its pristine hue-no matter at what age. The Agua Amarella has none of the properties of dyes; it, on the contrary, is beneficial to the system, and, when the hair is once restored, one application per month will keep it in pertect colour, Price one guilea per bottle ; half bottles, 108.611. Testimonials from artistes of the highest order, and from individuals of undoubted respectability, may be inspected. Messrs. John Gospell and Co. have been appointed pertumers to H.R.H. the Princess of Wales.





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SAUCE.—LEA AND PERRINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. This delicious condiment, pronounced by Connoisseurs


is prepared solely by LEA & PERRINS. The public are respectfully cautioned against worthless imitations, and should see that LEA & PERRINS' Names are on Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and Stopper. ASK FOR “LEA AND PERRING'" SAUCE.

Sold Wholesale and for Export, by the Proprietors, Worcester; MESSRS. CROSSE and BLACK WELL, MESSRS. BARCLAY and SONS, London, &c. &c.: and by Grocers and Oilmen universally.


COUNSEL AND HELP.- When Diarrhea, Dysentery, or BiliousDess preveiis in any district, it behoves every one to be watchful, and to have at hand the means of checking those symptoms of general uneasiness, nausea, and vertigo, which foretell the threatening malady. This well-known Ointment, rubbed diligently and repeatedly on the pit of the stomach and over the abdomen, exercises the most powerful and sanitary effects in arresting

these morbid indications of the coming eril, and aided by uppropriate doses of the Pills, will secure safety to their employers, whilst the heedless are falling thickly around them. Every person at this critical time should subdue the first traces of disordered action by Holloway's regulating and purifying prepara

A New and Valuable Preparation of Cocoa.


In 1 lb., 1 lb., and } lb. packets.

Sold by Grocers and Druggists.
J. S. FRY & SONS, Bristol and London.

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By Appointment to H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES, Sends a CATALOGUE gratis and post-paid. It contains upwards of 600 ILLUSTRATIONS of his unrivalled Stock of Sterling Silver and Electro Plate, Nickel Silver, and Britannia Metal Goods, Dish Covers, Hot-Water Dishes, Stoves, Fenders, Marble Chimney-pieces, Kitchen Ranges, Lamps, Gaseliers, Tea Trays, Urns, and Kettles, Clocks, Table Cutlery, Baths, Toilet Ware, Turnery, Iron sed Brass Bedsteads, Bedding, Bed-Room Cabine: Furniture, &c., with Lists of Prices, and PLANS of the

39, OXFORD STREET, W.; 1, la, 2, 3, & 4, NEWMAN STREET ;
4, 5, & 6, PERRY'S PLACE; and 1, NEWMAN YARD, LONDON, W.




IS WILLIAM S. BURTON'S. He has eight large rooms devoted to WILLIAM S. BURTON invites inspection of his Stock of these, dis

the show of Iron and Brass Bedsteads and Children's Cots, with Bedpl yed in two large Show Rooms. Each article is of guaranteed is manufacturers of Paris, from whom William S. Burton imports Bedsteads from 128. Patent Iron Bedsteads, fitted with dovetail joints

lity, and some are objects of pure Vertu, the productions of the t' ding: Bed-hangings, and Bed-room Furniture, all manu actured by them direct.

'and patent sacking, from 118., and Cots from 158. 6d, each. Handsome Clocks, from.. 78. 60. to 45l. ns. Od.

ornamental Iron and Brass Bedsteads in great variety, from 11, 138. bit. Candelabra, from ... 138. 6d. to 16l. 108. Od. per pair. to 457. Illustrated Catalogues sent per post frte. Bronzes, from

las. Od. to 161. 168. Od. Lamps, moderateur, from 6s. Od. to 91. Os. Od. Pure Colza Oil 33. 7d. per gallon.



The real NICKEL SILVER, introduced more than thirty years ago by WILLIAM S. BURTON, when plated by the patent process of

Messrs. Elkington and Co., is beyond all comparison the very best On the premises, and guaranteed by WILLIAM S. BURTON. article next to sterling silver that can be employed as such, either use

fully or ornamentally, as by no possible test can it be distinguished

from real silver.
For Bedsteads, Wide
3 ft. 6 in. 4 ft. 6in. 5 ft.

A small useful set, guaranteed of first quality for finish and dura

bility, as follows:

£,. ds. d. £ 8. d. Best straw palliasses.. 0 13 6 0 16 0 0 18 6

Fiddle or Bead Thread

King's or Best French alva mettresses 0 13 6 0 17 60 19 0

0.d Silver
Pattern. Pattern.

Shell and Best cotton fick mattresses.. 018 6 12 6 1 6 6


Thread. Coloured wool mattresses ...

116 1 6 0 1 10 6 Best brown wool mattresses. 170 I 12 6 i 150

£ 8. d. 8. d. £ 8. d. € S. d. Best brown do., extra thick Il 0 1 17 6 2 0 0

113 0 2 12 Table Forks..

0 0 2


0 Good white wool mattresses 1 19 0 2 90 2 17 0

1 13 12 Table Spoons

0 2 0 0 2 4 0 2 10 0 Extra super do. do. ..... 2 17 0 3 13 0 4 10

1 4 0 12 Dessert Forks

1 jo 0 112 0 115 0 Good horse hair do. 2 5 0 2 18 0 3 6 6

1 4 0 1 10 12 Dessert Spoons

0 1 1 0 115 0 Extra super do. 3 1 0 3 18 0 4 10 0

16 12 Ten Spoons ...

0 1 0 0 1 2 0 3 8 6

5 German spring hair stuffing 4 18 0

0 4 40

10 0

12 0 6 Egg Spoons, gilt bowls

12 0 13 6 Extra super do... 4 5 0 5 80 5 190

2 Sauce Ladles

8 0

9 0 French wool and hair mattress for use over


9 0 10 0 I Gravy Spoon

o spring..... 2 17 0 3 15 0 4 7 0

3 4

4 2 Salt Spoons, gilt bowls

0 40

4 Extra super do. do...... 3110 4 90 5 00

1 8 Mustard Spoon, gt.bwl.

0 1 16 0 Feather beds, poultry, in good tick.

20 2 70

6 1 Pair of Sugar Tonge..

3 6 3 6

O Do. do. grey goose, in hordered linen ticks.. 3 2 0 4 3 0 4 13 6

1 Pair of Fish Carvers 1

0 1 10 0 4 14 0 16 8 0

1 100 Do, do. best white do. in best linen,.....

1 10
7 7 0
1 Butter Knife

2 6
4 0
5 6

6 0 1 Soup Ladle

10 0 12 0 16 0 17 0 Feather Pillows, 38. to 108, 6d.; Bolsters, from 6s. to 11. 98. 6d.

1 Sugar Sifter

4 6

6 0 Down Pillows, from los. Ed. to 178. 60. Blenkets, Counterpanes, and Sheets in every rariety.


919 9 12 9 0 13 9 6 14 17



BATHS AND TOILET WARE. WILLIAM S. BURTON has ONE LARGE SHOW ROOM devoted exclusively to the DISPLAY of BATHS and TOILET WARE. The stock of each is at once the largest, newest, and most varied ever submitted to the public, and marked at prices proportionate with those that have tended to make this establishment the most distinguished in this country. Portable Showers, 78. 60.; Pillow Showers. 31. to 5l. 123.; Nursery, 158. to 328.; Sponging, 98. 6d. to 328.; Hip, 138. 3d. to 318. 6d. A large assortment of Gas Furnace. Hot and Cold Plunge, Vapour and Camp Shower Baths. Toilet Ware in great variety, from 158. 6d. to 458. the set of three.

Any article to be had singly at the same prices. An oak chest to
contain the above, and a relative number of knives, &c., 2L 188. Tek
and Coffee sets, dish covers, and corner dishes, cruet and liqueur frames,
&c., at proportionate prices. All kinds of re-plating done by the patent

Ap Assortment of TEA-TRAYS and WAITERS wholly unprece-

dented, whether as to extent, variety, or novelty.
New Oval Papier-Mâché Trays, per
set of three....

from 20s. to 10 guineas Ditto Iron ditto

from 10s. to 4 guineas Convex-shape ditto

from 78.6d. Round and Gothic Waiters, Cake and Bread Baskets,

equally low.

TEA URNS, OF LONDON MAKE ONLY. The largest Assortment of London-made TEA URNS in the world (including all the recent novelties, many of which are registered) is on sale at WILLIAMS. BURTON'S, from 30s. to 61.

Printed by GEORGE ANDREW SPOTTISWOODE. at 5 New Street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the County of Middlesex ;

and Published by WILLIAM GREIG SMITH, of 43 Wellington Street, Strand, in the said County,- Saturday, July 27, 1957.

[blocks in formation]




Professor of Poetry in the University of Oxford. Extra fcap. 8vo, cloth, 6s. 6.1.

[This Day.

Oa the 18th August, price 6d. ; or by post 8 stamps, No. I. of
An International Magazine,

CONTENTS. 1.-Brakespeare; or. the Fortunes of a Free Lance. By the Author

of " Guy Livingstone" (with a full-page Illustration by G. A.

Pasquier). Chapters I. to V. 2.Charmian. By Robert Buchanan. 3.-Dramatic Critics Criticised. By John Hollingshead. 4-A Wonderful Crab. By Ernest Griset (with 8 Illustrations). 5.-- William Cullen Bryant and American Poetry. By W. Clark

Russell. 6.Flo's Fate. By Clement Scott. 7.-Holland House. By the Rev. J. C. M. Bellew (with a full-page

Nlustration by R. C. Hulme). Falling in love. By the Author of the " Gentle Life." 9_In the sea on. By Edmund Yates (with a full page illustration). 10.-English Stabilities. By the Rev. C. W. Denison. IL--Second Thoughts. By F.C. Burnand. Preface or Introduction.

Chapter I.
Post Preface.

Chapter II. 12.-Amaranth. By Savile Clarke.

GEORGE ROUTLEDGE & SONS, The Broadway, Ludgate-bill.


with Notes, by GUSTAVE MASSON, French Master at Harrow School. With Portrait of BÁRANGER, engraved by Jeens. 18mo, cloth extra, 18. 6d.

Admirably edited...... This volume will be welcome to all who are studying the French language, and to all who know it, and desire to possess a collection of the best productions of the French lyric muse."

Birmingham Daily Gazette. THREE ENGLISH STATESMEN: PYM,

CROMWELL, and PITT. A Course of Lectures on the Political History of England. By GOLDWIN SMITH. Crown 8vo, cloth, extra vilt, 6s. 6d. PEOPLE'S EDITION of the SAME, 2s. 6d.

MACMILLAN & CO., London.

Preparing for publication, JOHN KNOX'S LITURGY,



OF 1848.

By M. GUIZOT. * Crowded with information, with personal anecdotes, with weighty Observations of men and affairs. Upon the Spanish marriages, M. Guizot is highly interesting. The book, indeed, is full of secret letters from envoya, jutgments on individuals, and gossipy details about great events."-Spectator. * A most interesting volume."-Examiner.

RICHARD BENTLEY, New Burlington Street.

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Just pablished, imperial 16mo, cloth, red edges, 5s. 6d. DR. OGILVIE'S SCHOOL DICTIONARY

of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, Etymological, Pronouncing, and Explanatory, for the use of Schools. Abridged from the “ Student's Dictionary," by the author JOHN OGILVIE, LL.D.

BLACKIE & SON, 44, Paternoster Row. Imperial 16mo, cloth, red edges, 108.6d.; half morocco, 13s. DR. OGILVIE'S STUDENT'S DICTIONARY

of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, Etymological, Pronouncing, and Explunatory, for the use of Colleges and Advanced Schools. By JOIN OGILVIE, LL.D. With about 300 wood engravings.

BLACKIE & SOX, 44, Paternoster Row. The Autograph and MSS. Collections of the late ROBERT COLE,

ESQ., F.S.A.


In the press, to be published in a few days, price 123. COLLECTION of SEVENTY-NINE OLD

BLACK-LETTER BALLADS and BROADSIDES, printed in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, between the Years 1599 and 1897, all of the highest interest and curiosity, presumed to be unique, and hitherto unknown. Reprinted from the celebrated Folio Volume formerly in the Library of the late George Daniel, Esq., accompanied with an Introduction and Illustrative Notes.

*. The above is beautifully printed by Messrs. Whittingham & Wilkins, on fine toned paper size, post 8vo, consisting of above 300 pages, to range with the Collections of Percy, Ritson, &c.

A Detailed Prospectus and Descriptive Catalogue of the Seventy Ballads.consisting of sixteen pages 8vo. may be had on application, or will be forwarded on the recript of two postage-stamps.

A Specimen Catalogue of above 50,000 Volumes of Rare, Curious, Useful, and Valuable Books, Splendid Books of Prints, Picture Gal. leries, Illustrated Works, &c., on Sale, at greatly reduced prices, may also be obtained on application ; or in the Country, for two postagestamps. JOSEPH LILLY, 17 & 18, New Street, and 5a, Gar:ick Street, Covent

Garden, London.

[blocks in formation]

Highly Interesting, Important, and Rare Books.

Now ready, price 3s. 6d. free by post, cloth boards, uniMESSRSTPUTTIKOS SIMPSON will.SELL

form with Jesse's Memoirs of George the Third. by AUCTION, at their House, 47, Leicester Square. W.C. (west side), on TUESDAY, August 6. and following day, a Collection of


BOOKS, Early Typography, English and Foreign : including some of the Productions of John Faust, W. Caxton, Machlinia, Wynkyn de Worde, R. Pynson, P. Treveris w. Powel: QUEEN CHARLOTTE AND THE CHEVA. J. Hereforde, T. Raynalde, H. Wykes, R. Caley, J. Tisdale, W. Copland, T. East, T. Berthelet, w. Hill, T. Gualtier, R Stoughton, John

LIER D'EON. Daye, Scoloker, Seres, Wyer. Godfrey. Wolfe, Petit, Cawood, T. Marshe, Rastell. &c. - Voyages and Travels - Works relating to America, &c.Purchas, his Pilgrimes, o vols., a remarkably large and fine copy, with DR. WILMOT'S POLISH PRINCESS. two cancelled leaves, unknown in any other copy-Hackluyt's Voyagre, 3 vols. in 2, large paper, and another copy on small paper-Ramusio, Navigationi et Viaggi, 3 vols. original editions-Herrara, Historia

General de las Indias, 4 vols.-Oviedo, Historia General de las India«,
A vols.--Navarette, Coleccion de los Viages, 5 vois._Cotton Mather's

Magnalia Christi Americana, with the rare Map-Jobson's Golden
Trade-Thevenot's Voyages, first edition, complete, &c.-Curious Old

English and Americau Ballads --Shakes, eare's Comedies, Histories,

and Tragedies, Fourth Edition, an unusually large copy-Chaucer's
Entire Works, first edition, 15324 Milton's Paradise Lost, first edition-
Sir Thomas More's Works, complete_ Rare Psalterium, the first
Book printed in Prussia-Sarum Horse, Liturgical Works, AC - Folio
Missal, splendidly illuminated-Versions of the Scriptures--Bible Illus-

Opinions of the Press.
trations and Early Theological Trentises, by John Bale, J. Calvin,
Myles Coverdale, D. Erasmus, John Fryth, Bishop Gardiner, Bishop " We must, on the present occasion, content ourselves with adverting
Hooper, Geo. Joye, John Knox. Alex. Nowell, P. Nyceolls, B. Ochine, briefly to the curious and minute inquiry just instituted by Mr. Thoms
William Tyndale, J. Veron, John Wycliffe, &c.

into this tale."- Quarterly Review,

" The Romance which Mr. Thoms has dissected with ruthless YENEALOGY AND FAMILY HISTORY. thoroughness."-Saturday Review.

"Mr. Thoms. the able Editor of that successful little farrago of vate Sources. Information given respecting Artorial Bearings, learning, oddities, absurditier, and shrewdnesses. Notes and Queries, Estates, Advowsons, Manors, &c. Translations of Ancient Deeds and Records. Researches made in the British Musum.-Address to M.

perhaps the one weekly newspaper which will be consulted three

hundred years hence, has been trying very hard to get at the truth DOLMAN, ESQ., 23, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C.

of the Hannah Lightfoot story. It is nearly impossible to prove : negative, and quite impossible to prove a negative about the secret

history of Courts ; but Mr. Thoms has certainly succeeded in raising IBRARIES CATALOGUED in an efficient a violent presumption that the story is a delusion. probably based on manner by a person of thorough experience, possessing the neces

some intrigue carried on by one of the Royal Family." sary bibliographical and literary knowledge. Indexes and tran-lations

Spectator, June 92. made, and other literary assistance rendered to authors.-The best recommendations can be given.-Address Biblos, "N. & Q." Office,

A neat little volume, in which the tale of Hannah Lightfoot and Wellington Street, Strand, W.C.

George the Third are scattered to the winds.

Mr. 7 horns has in fifty pages--readable and well worth reading-corrected the credulities of a century's gossip, and contributed some very important his

torical facts." - Birmingham Journal. HARPER'S CATALOGUE OF BOOKS,

* These antiquated scandals are here blown to the winds by irresista on application.-32, Tabernacle Walk (near Finsbury square), London,

ible evidence." Invei ness Courier. E.C.

WILLIAM G. SMITH. 43. Wellington Street, Strand, W.C.

And all Booksellers and Newsmen. EQUIRED by a LADY experienced in Do

mestic Management, a Re-engagement as COMPANION to a Lady, or as GOVERNESS to Pupils under twelve years. She has been

no BOOK-BUYERS.- A New Catalogue is now long accustomed to the care and instruction of Children, and can offer most satisfactory testimonials. Subjects taught - English, French, most choice library condition. Many are extremely rare and curious. Music, and Drawing. Address to Z. A., at Alexander's Post Office, Send stamp for postage. --THOMAS BEET, 15 Conduit Street, Bond 5, Clifton Terrace, Fulham Road, S.W.Agents need not apply.

Street, London, W. Books purchased in any quuntity.

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PRICES and CARRIAGE PAID to the Country on all orders exceeding 208.

Good Cream-laid Note, 25., 38., and 48. per ream.
Super Thick Cream Note, 58. 6d. and 78. per ream.
Super Thick Blue Note. 48., 58., and 68. per ream.
Outsides Hand-made Foolscap, 88. 6d. per ream.
Patent Straw Note, 28. 6d. per ream.
Manuscript Paper (letter size), roled or plain, 48. 6d. per ream.
Sermon Paper (various sizes), ruled or plain, 48., 5., and 64. per ream.
Cream or Blue Envelopes, 18. 6d., 6s. 6d., and 78. 6d. per 1000."
The Temple " Envelope, new shape, high inner flav, 18. per 100.
Polished Steel Crest Dies, engraved by the first Artists, from 58.;
Monogram, two letters, from 6s. 6d. Ditto, three letters, from 8s. 6d.
Address Dies, from 48. 6d. Preliminary Pencil Sketch, ls. each.
Colour Stamping (Relief), reduced to Is. per 100.


Manufacturing Stationers. 192, Flect Street, Corner of Chancery Lane.-Price List Post Free.


ANTIQUARIES, &C.--A the Rolls Court, ad other biblical Repositories, conversant with several languages, ancient and inodern, and also a proficient in the IR ISR LANGUAGB, otters his services as a Searcher of Records, Translator, Collator, and Transcriber.

Lessons given in the Irish Language.
Address, JOHN EUGENE O CAVANAGII, Office of " N. & Q."

43, Upper Wellington street. W.c.

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T Ε- Ε Τ ΕΞ.

Free by Post Four Stamps,
Explaining the Painless System of Dentistry and self-adhesive

Artificial Teeth, without springs,

At half the usual charges.

56, Harley Street, Cavendish Square, London.

134, Duke Street, Liverpool.

THITE SOUND TEETH -JEWSBURY 40 years' experience as the best preservative for the Teeth and Gums. The original and only genuine, 18. 61. and 28.6d. ter pot.

And by Agents throughout the Kingdom and Colonies.

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