Neuer deutscher Hausschatz für Freunde der Künste und Wissenschaften, Volume 2

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Page 498 - Tried as thou wert, and with thy soul of flame ; Pleasure, while yet the down was on thy cheek, Uplifting, pressing, and to lips like thine, Her charmed cup — ah, who among us all Could say he had not err'd as much, and more...
Page 498 - Gone like a star that through the firmament Shot and was lost, in its eccentric course Dazzling, perplexing. Yet thy heart, methinks, Was generous, noble — noble in its scorn Of all things low or little ; nothing there Sordid or servile. If imagined wrongs Pursued thee, urging thee sometimes to do Things long regretted, oft, as many know, None more than I, thy gratitude would build On slight foundations ; and if in thy life Not happy, in thy death thou surely wert ; Thy wish accomplished...
Page 529 - Qu'on parle mal ou bien du fameux Cardinal, Ma prose ni mes vers n'en diront jamais rien : II m'a fait trop de bien pour en dire du mal, II m'a fait trop de mal pour en dire du bien.
Page 496 - Much had passed Since last we parted ; and those five short years — Much had they told ! His clustering locks were turned Grey ; nor did aught recall the Youth that swam From SESTOS to ABYDOS.
Page 498 - AH was enjoyment. Not a cloud obscured Present or future. He is now at rest, And praise and blame fall on his ear alike, Now dull in death. Yes, Byron, thou art gone ; Gone like a star that through the firmament Shot and was lost, in its eccentric course Dazzling, perplexing.
Page 710 - L'air que sa bouche respire, La fleur qui naît sous ses pas. Que ne suis-je l'onde pure Qui la reçoit dans son sein! Que ne suis-je la parure Qu'elle met sortant du bain Que ne suis-je cette glace; Où son minois répété Offre à nos yeux une Grâce Qui sourit à la Beauté.
Page 1004 - Si le rétablissement des Sciences et des Arts a contribué à épurer les mœurs, Paris 1750.
Page 763 - Par votre ange envolée ainsi qu'une colombe? Par ce royal enfant, doux et frêle roseau ! Grâce encore une fois ! grâce au nom de la tombe ! Grâce au nom du berceau ! 12 juillet.
Page 496 - Dante's sacred tomb He had so oft, as many a verse declares, Drawn inspiration; where, at twilight-time, Thro' the pine-forest wandering with loose rein, Wandering and lost, he had so oft beheld (What is not visible to a Poet's eye?) The spectre-knight, the hell-hounds and their prey, The chase, the slaughter, and the festal mirth Suddenly blasted.
Page 496 - Of Venice had so ably, zealously Served, and at parting thrown his oar away To follow through the world ; who without stain Had worn so long that honourable badge,* * The gondolier's, in a Patrician House Arguing unlimited trust.

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