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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1863, by

JAMES POTT, in the Clerk's Oflice of the District Court of the United States, for the Southern

District of New York.

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(Rev. Mr. Winslow to the Secretary.]

Stratford, January 2d, 1760. Reverend Sir :

Since the last occasion I had of paying my duty to the venerable Society and you ; through the good hands of God upon us, so fortunate a series of successes has attended our important enterprises on this continent, as has even ,exceeded our utmost hopes, and gives a prospect of such a security to the future happiness of these colonies, as that only our ingratitude to heaven can remove it from us. On these glorious events, as well as other successes granted to his Majesty's arms and those of his illustrious allies in Europe, I beg leave to congratulate you. I am confident, sir, I may assure you, that the Clergy of the Church of England in the Society's service in this Colony have not been wanting in their duty, to improve this happy occasion to impress upon the minds of the people of their respective charges, a sense of gratitude to Almighty God for these distinguishing vouchsafo ments of his providence, and also a sense of that duty, loyalty and affection they owe to his Majesty and the government at home, for that more than paternal care which has been taken

of us.

I have the pleasure still to confirm my former accounts of the steady adherence of the people of my particular charge to the worship and means of religion supported among them by the So ciety's bounty; of their being at peace among themselves ; of conducting with discretion and charity towards others, and towards some among us who are well known to be the most crafty

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