Travels in Europe Between the Years 1824 and 1828; Adapted to the Use of Travellers; and Comprising an Historical Account of Sicily, with a Guide for Strangers in that Island, Volume 2

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G. Masi, 1828 - Europe - 604 pages

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Page 778 - Dire Scylla there a scene of horror forms, And here Charybdis fills the deep with storms. When the tide rushes from her rumbling caves, The rough rock roars, tumultuous boil the waves...
Page 494 - Hamburgh, into his poultryyard, to be the companion of a tame one that he had long kept there; but the tame Stork, disliking a rival, fell upon the poor stranger, and beat him so unmercifully that he was compelled to take wing, and with some difficulty escaped.
Page 428 - This theatre stands on the side of a hill, according to the custom of the Greeks; and on the summit of this hill was an extensive colonnade (already mentioned), destined, perhaps, to shelter the spectators in wet weather, and likewise to serve as a public walk, the view it commands being delightful.
Page 365 - Borbonico, at Naples, contains an onyx measuring eleven inches by nine, representing the apotheosis of Augustus, and another exhibiting the apotheosis of Ptolemy on one side and the head of Medusa on the other; both are splendid specimens of the art, and the former is supposed to be the largest in existence.
Page 424 - ... (containing ham-bones and remains of fishes), together with the skeleton of a priest leaning against the wall, and holding in his hand a hatchet. Here also is a Refectory, where the priests were dining at the moment of the eruption which entombed their city ; and where chickens' bones, eggs, and earthen vessels •were discovered : burnt bread was likewise found here ; together with the skeletons of priests who either had not time to make their escape, or felt it a duty not to abandon their goddess....
Page 675 - ... The scope of it is to satisfy your friends, to whom returning, that you have spent much money, travelled many miles, endured great hardships, and taken extraordinary pains, to very little purpose. This college is divided into five distinct classes: Each of these has a several regent, who, from nine till twelve in the morning, and from two till five in the afternoon...
Page 474 - Villach is, however, clean and good; though tall people cannot sleep comfortably either here or in any part of Germany ; the beds, which are very narrow, being placed in wooden frames, or boxes, so short, that any person •who happens to be above five feet high, must absolutely sit up all night, supported by pillows ; and this is, in fact, the way in which the Germans sleep.
Page 357 - ... of the Chiaja, and extending its whole length, were the gardens of the Villa Reale, laid out with the most exquisite taste, and exhibiting in their walks some of the most splendid specimens of ancient sculpture ; such as the celebrated group of the Toro Farnese, which represents Amphion and Zethus, the sons of Lycus, King of Thebes, tying Dirce by the hair of her head to the horns of a bull. And lastly came the Bay itself, extending, with its broad, glassy, and transparent surface, for a circuit...
Page 408 - Torre-delGreco, which is only five horizontal miles from this new volcano, at whose mouth iss-.ied a column of smoke, that continually mounted, and increased in magnitude, till it formed itself into the shape of an immense pine. This column was sometimes clearly distinguished ; and at others obscured by ashes : it continued augmenting rapidly in circumference, till at length it began to decline downward; when, from the quantity of dense matter which composed the column being much heavier than the...
Page 39 - I. (prone to sacrilege) possessed himself of it, saying, The Son of Saturn had a garment too heavy for summer, and too cold for winter ; and should, therefore, be provided with one made of woollen cloth, fit for both seasons.

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